Arthur William Hume Bowmaker (1889 - 1959) and
Nellie Agnes Hooworth (1889 - 1957)

Arthur William Hume Bowmaker was born May 31, 1889 in Glebe, NSW, Australia.
Arthur married Nellie Agnes Hooworth (born March 30, 1889) on March 15, 1913 in Leichhardt, NSW.

Their family

Arthur and Nellie had four children

Arthur Raymond Bowmaker (known as Ray) was born December 21, 1913 in Sydney, Australia and married Esma Beryl Wailes August 31, 1940. They had three sons, Graham Arthur Bowmaker, Alan Raymond Bowmaker and Geoffrey William Bowmaker.

Amy Lydia Bowmaker was born August 25, 1916 in Leichhardt, NSW and married Arthur Leslie Wright September 29, 1945.

George William Hume Bowmaker 0was born September 2, 1919 in Leichhardt, NSW.

Jack Hooworth Bowmaker was born November 2, 1922 in Five Dock, NSW. His wife's name is not known, but he had a son, Denzel Bowmaker.

(Right and below right) Arthur and Nellie with their grandson, Graham Arthur Bowmaker.

Arthur is believed to have been an accountant (he had a desk job). Arthur was quite active in the Methodist Church in Five Dock, Sydney. One one occasion there was a big celebration at the church (a special anniversary event for the church) and Arthur got up and did a comedic entertainment act on stage before the more formal part of the event took place.

Nellie seemed to have missionary contacts in Tonga (possibly someone previously associated with their Methodist Church). Nellie used to give her grandsons the stamps she received from there. Their grandson Graham recalls them being very interesting big stamps.

Graham recalls that they had a Ford 8 motor car which was considered a pretty good car in those days (it looked better than the other cars around at that time). Graham remembers their house being a fairly standard house (not so interesting for the grandkids!) with a lawn out the back which was broken into two parts a well-kept section, then a hedge, with a rougher section at the very back.


Arthur and Nellie started the family's tradition of going for regular annual camping trips up at Toowoon Bay. Quite a few family members used to come along, including their son Ray's parents-in-law Arthur and Bertha Wailes. Their son Ray and his family took this tradition over, using the same large family tent. Their second son Alan in turn took this tradition over, moving the location after a while to Lake Conjola (as this was closer to their home).

Camping at Toowoon Bay. From left Nellie Agnes Hooworth, (Woman seated unknown), George Bowmaker, Esma Beryl Wailes, Alfred Ernest Bowmaker (back), Arthur William Hume Bowmaker (seated in front of Alf), Alf's wife (TBC), Jack Bowmaker, Fred Wailes, Arthur William John Wailes, (Child seated at front unknown), Bertha Sampson.