Arthur Wellesley Levett (1853 - 1933) and
Emma Lander Webb(1853 - 1918)

      Arthur Wellesley Levett was born in 1853 in Grogan, NSW, Australia. He was known to everyone as Claire.

      He married Emma Lander Webb on 8 October 1872 in Bombolee, near Tumut, NSW. Arthur noted his birthplace as "Bland District" on their marriage certificate.

      Matthew Webb, the first man to swim the English Channel is believed to have been a relative of Emma's (Based on the facts to hand, he was either her uncle or a much more distant relative - TBC).

Their family

Arthur and Emma are believed to have had as many as 12 children

Mary Anne Levett was born in 1873 in Tumut, NSW and married Ernest A Anderson in 1901. She died sometime after 1945.

John Thomas Levett was born 16 November 1875 in Tumut, NSW. He married Mary Frances Howe in 1898 and they had eight children Arthur John Levett, Vera M Levett, Kathleen Levett, Clare Doreen Levett, Mary Bridget Levett, Joseph How Levett, Dulcie G Levett, Vincent Patrick Levett. John died sometime after 1945.

Arthur Wellesley Levett was born in 1877 in Tumut NSW. He died in 1896 in Tumut aged about 19 years.

Josiah Henry Levett was born in 1879 in Tumut, NSW. He also died in 1896 aged about 17 years. It has not yet been determined whether Josiah and Arthur died at the same time, or as the result of seperate incidents.

Florence V Levett was born in 1882 and died in 1898 aged 16 years.

Emily E Levett was born in 1886 and died sometime after 1945.

Emeline A Levett was born in 1889 and died that same year, either stillborn or as a young infant.

Amy V Levett was born in 1890 and died in 1907 aged 17 years.

Annabel (Annie) E Levett was born in 1893 and died in 1908 aged 15 years.

George M Levett was born in 1893 and died sometime after 1945.

      Relatives have identified the following two children as also being born of Arthur and Emma, however no birth, death or marriage records have been found to confirm this

William Levett

Clifford Levett

      It is interesting to observe that almost half of Claire and Emma's children (two boys and three girls) died between their 15th and 19th birthdays - the reasons are as yet unknown.

      Arthur Wellesley Levett's occupation in 1933 was listed as an Old Age Pensioner. He died on 16 June 1933 in Tumut District Hospital, Tumut Shire, NSW. Causes of death were Myocarditis and Auricular Fibrillation - he had been sick for 8 years. He was last seen by his medical attendant TB Clouston the day before his death. His firstborn daughter Mary was listed as the informant. He was buried on 17 June 1933 at Church of England Porton, New Cemetary, Tumut. The minister was Fredk W Rettie of The Church of England, the Undertaker was Charles William Burt and the witnesses J Emery and Ernest Anderson.