John Edwin Quiggin (1853 - 1932),
Caroline Ellen Robertson (Born 1860) and
May Winifred Rutherford (1872 - 1958)


John Edwin Quiggin was the 3rd son & child of John Quiggin & Hannah Vincent. John Edwin was born on March 21, 1853 at London, Ontario, Canada. John Edwin migrated to Australia with his parents, 4 brothers & sister Hannah Rosamund Quiggin on the American ship " Thos.W. House" on December 26, 1863.

John Edwin managed 14 of his father's saw mills in the Goulburn Valley. The timber was cut & floated down to the mills in Mooroopna, Telamba, Echua & Shepparton. John Edwin worked 14 hours or more a day driving around the hills in a buggy. One consignment of timber was used to pave the London streets.

John Quiggin & his sons were awarded 1st prize in the Melbourne world exhibition of 1883, for the best Red Gum Slab. The original block intended for the show was cut by Ned Kelly's cousin, but he requested that John Quiggin, John Edwin's father, let him have it as a headstone for his grave. John Quiggin let him have it, if Ned Kelly's cousin procured another tree as good. It was the 2nd one that won the prize. It was reported to John Edwin that Ned Kelly had been harbored at one of the saw mills one night.

At the request of the townspeople of Mooroopna, John Edwin Quiggin laid the water supply onto the town & laid the foundation stone to the dam.

John Edwin Quiggin was also the 1st Chairman of Directors of the company that opened up Brown coal mining. At his request, the Commission of Railways had a line laid to Morwell. John Edwin Quiggin was a partner in the firm of Johnston & Dunston that won 1st prize for the manufacture of candles at the Melbourne World Exhibition.

John Edwin Quiggin married Caroline Ellen Robertson (shown on left) at St.Lukes Church, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia on March 9, 1881.


Their family

John & Caroline had five children

Edwin Vincent J A Quiggin (shown right) was born 1882 and married a woman named Ethel - they had no children. On leaving school Edwin worked in his father's timber business & later on in the family business in Shepparton, Victoria. In 1916 he became a travelling representative for the well known hardware firm of Blockey & Stone with whom he was associated for many years. About 1930, Edwin and Ethel came to St. Arnaud as manager of the now defunct Cash & Carry Store. About 1937 Edwin and Ethel opened their own Hardware Business. They conducted the business until 1949. Edwin entered the Borough Council in July 1938 & in 1943 Edwin was elected Mayor of St. Arnaud, Victoria, a position which he held till 1950. He was President & Treasurer of St. Arnaud District Hospital. He died in 1963.

Albert Stanley Quiggin was born 1882/1883. As a child he lived with his grandmother in Carlton. Albert worked as an orchardist in the Macleay River area before & during the early years of World War 1. He then enlisted & served in France where he was gassed, after which his health was poor. On 23 November 1920 Albert Quiggin married Ruth Rowena Downes (born 18 March 1898) and they had three children William Stanley Quiggin, Charles John Quiggin, and Helen Hilda Quiggin.. Albert & Ruth had an orchard at Grahamvale near Shepparton, Victoria; then moved to Mordialloc in Melbourne, Victoria. Albert was put on a Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Pension from 1934. Eventually Albert & Ruth lived in Parkdale, Victoria for a number of years. Albert died in 1967.
John Charles Fairfield Quiggin (shown left) was born on 10 November 1884 and married Mabel Miller (born 1 July 1889). They had three children John Phillip (Jack) Quiggin, Harold Quiggin & Roma Quiggin. John, Mabel & family lived at Shepparton, Victoria. John C F Quiggin was a prisoner of was in Germany in World War 1. In about 1932, when The Great Depression was on, the John Quiggin and his family started a Fruit Processing Factory in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. Most of the family worked there. The factory continued till about 1960, when most of the family retired. John C F Quiggin died on 2 November 1959 and Mabel on 8 May 1978.
William Vincent Quiggin was born on 21 September 1886 and died on 7 September 1926.

Marguerite Iris Quiggin (shown left) was born on 7 April 1888. She married Charles Stuart Hudson on 14 October 1916. They had two children Henry Laurie Hudson (who later changed his name to Charles (Bill) Stuart on 30 November 1916) and Joan Hudson.


John and Caroline later divorced.

John married May Winifred Rutherford August 25, 1897 in High Street, Windsor, Victoria, Australia when he was aged 44 and she was 24 (May was born May 28, 1872).

Their family

John and May had five sons:

Sidney Rupert Quiggin was born January 25, 1896. His name was changed to David Murray. He died just two years later in 1898.

Arthur Vincent Mackay Quiggin was born on 14 August 1899. He was a very bad asthmatic who spent most of the time in the country as the coastal atmosphere affected his asthma. He studied hard & became a Clerk of Petty Sessions. In 1924 he married Annie Lila Davies (born 2 September 1901). They had 3 children Edna Madge Quiggin, Mollie Nola Quiggin and Robert John Quiggin. Arthur became a Chamber Magistrate. He died from an asthma-induced heart attack on 8 July 1954.

Wilfred (Bill) Charles L Quiggin was born on 25 March 1907. As a boy he bought an 18ft rowing boat which his younger brother, Laurie, turned into a sailing boat. Bill played the saxophone & used to play in a band called the "Jack Cale Federal Band", with his younger brother, "Clarrie". Bill had a grocery shop in one of the two shops his mother bought (May had a drapery business in the first shop). On 28 November 1933 Bill married Daphne Huntriss. They had one child Pamela Quiggin. Bill became a Customs Agent in a firm called Brambles Ltd.

Clarence Quiggin (known as Clarrie) was born on 10 January 1910. He was a born musician and used to play the trumpet. He played with his brother Bill in the B.H.P brass band. "Clarrie" had a racquet re-stringing business at the back of his mother's shops. He then took a job in Dark's Ice Works, where his brother Bill was employed as a book keeper. "Clarrie" had a horse & cart in which he used to take ice blocks to all parts of Newcastle. He married Beryl Alberta Blandford in 1936 and they had 3 children John Leslie Quiggin, Peter Edwin Quiggin & Susan Joy Quiggin. "Clarrie" then became a Security Officer in the B.H.P. Steel Works. Clarence Edwin Quiggin died in 1980.

Laurence Rutherford Quiggin was born July 28, 1913 and married Clare Doreen Levett February 22, 1939 in Sydney, Australia. They had three daughters, Margaret Clare Quiggin, Christine Mary Quiggin and Frances Maria Quiggin. Clare died 1964 from injuries received in a car crash. Later, Laurence was briefly married to Elaine Potts before marrying Vera Bogie. Vera died after a long illness in 1993.

Sometime, near the commencement of World War 1, John Edwin and May, together with their sons moved to Newcastle N.S.W, where John Edwin became a commercial agent for various manufacturers, selling to the wholesale & retail trade. John Edwin had a store in Bolton St, Newcastle, N.S.W, which had a residence above it & in which the family of his second marriage lived until they bought their house in Able St, Newcastle.

During World War 1 John Edwin supplied face masks to prevent the spread of influenza. John Edwin & May Winifred bought a house in Able St, Mayfield West where their sons grew up. John Edwin was aged 60 years when his youngest child Laurence Rutherfurd was born.

May Winifred was 19 years younger than her husband. May Winifred was a good business woman & was manageress of a Dress Shop in Maitland Rd, Mayfield. May Winifred was the first woman to get an advance from the bank to build shops in Maitland. May Winifred, being very enterprising, went out to a place called "Pommy Town", near the Newcastle steelworks, to sell fur coats made out of rabbit skin. From the profits she bought 2 blocks of land - one in Wangi & one in Arcadia where she built a weekender. Later on in her life May Winifred Rutherfurd went into millinery supplies, providing berries & flower arrangements for hats. May Winifred Quiggin (nee Rutherfurd) died at May's Hill, Newcastle, N.S.W. on 8 June 1958. She is buried at Sangate Cemetery, Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia.

John Edwin died in his Bolton St. Residence on November 12, 1932. John Edwin was buried in Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle, N.S.W. Australia.