Here is a list of all the personal/other specific contacts who have provided me with information that I have included in my family tree. All sources are listed in alphabetical order, rather than any order of importance. If I have missed anyone out - my apologies - please let me know).

It is the nature of family tree research that information is passed form one person, to another, to another. Much of the information received from the sources listed below originate from other sources before them. I have not listed these, as it was not always clear who had provided what (but I am happy to add any such additional sources if requested).

Everyone's help has been very gratefully received - thank you all again for your assistance - without it my family tree simply wouldn't be what it is!

Bayer, Lederer and Wech families

Alex (internet contact)
Valerie Hughes

Bowmaker Family

Bob Bowmaker
Cheryl Lorraine Guest (Bowmaker)
Graham Bowmaker
John Harrison
Julie Goulden
Keith Abbott

Hooworth Family

Martin Kulmar

Quiggin and Levett Families

Alastair Cormack
Christine Bowmaker
Frances Coll
Margaret Whealey

Simpson family

Noleine Tyler-Davies

Smith, Leonard William and Price, Mary Elizabeth

Bubs Presland-Tack

Tumut history

Tumut Map: http//

Tyler-Davies family

Davina Fleming
Glyn and Noleine Tyler-Davies

Webb, Matthew

"The Crossing The Glorious Tragedy of the First Man to Swim the English Channel" by Kathy Watson (Synopsis at http//

Wech, Josef and Schott, Dorathea

Extracts taken from the book "The Story of Puhoi, 1863-1963" by K Mooney

Other general sources

If you have any queries regarding these sources please email me