Ethel Grace Miller (1905 - 1986)

Ethel was born November 26, 1905 in London, England and had three brothers and two sisters. She moved with her family to New Zealand when she was aged only 4, in abt 1909 and grew up on a farm in Pupu. She was not too keen on the country life, and really came into her own once she moved with her family to Auckland City.

Ethel worked as a hairdresser in Smith and Caugheys for some time. While working there, one of her clients was Mary Smith (formerly Price, Tyler-Davies).

On one of the occasions that Ethel was doing Mary's hair, Mary invited her, and her best friend Pearl Denby, up to their Kaipara Flats home to stay over a long weekend (no doubt with the intention of introducing her son Alun to Ethel!). Ethel accepted, and it was on this visit that Ethel and Alun met, and in fact did begin dating.

Right: Ethel with her best friend Pearl Denby

Left: Ethel perfects her golf swing

Ethel began playing golf with her friend Pearl before her marriage and continued playing for many years. She also played tennis (and at one stage it is believed that she played for Rodney).

Right: Ethel plays mixed doubles.

Alun and Ethel enjoyed boating - many photos in her album are of her with Alun and with friends on yachts and dingys.

When Ethel's sister Dora had her second son Lyndon he was born prematurely and was quite ill. Ethel sailed to Australia to stay with them in Canberra (travelling via Sydney). She was in Sydney at the time that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was being built (nearing completion) and photos of the bridge are included in her album. From these photos it appears that she was visiting Sydney sometime around September 1930.

Above: The ship she sailed on to Australia, and watching the Harbour Bridge being built

Alun and Ethel were married on July 3, 1937 in the Methodist Church in Pitt Street. Pearl Denby was Ethel's bridesmaid.

Their family

Alun and Ethel had two children and six grandchildren:

Davina Faye Tyler-Davies was born in 1938 and married Ian MacKinnon in 1959 (they later divorced). They had four children, Stephen MacKinnon, Andrew MacKinnon, Graham MacKinnon and Owen MacKinnon.

Glyn Alun Tyler Davies was born in 1940 and married Noleine Robena Simpson in 1962. They had two children, Brent Alun Tyler-Davies and Donna Marie Tyler-Davies.

Right: Ethel with their two young children, Glyn and Davina

They lived in a house in Kaipara Flats for about 12 years before purchasing a property in Orewa in 1950/1951.

Left: House being built at Orewa

Davina was then boarding at St Annes High School, and after a year at Silverdale School Glyn also began boarding, at Mt Albert Grammar School.

Ethel kept herself busy playing lots of golf, becoming an accomplished golfer and playing in tournaments.

She also spent a fair amount of time gardening and took great pride in her garden.

Right: Golf draw in 1966

After Alun retired they both played bowls together and went on a boat cruise to Tonga.