Rev David Tyler Davies (1867 - 1917)

David was born at Barly Mow Lampeter and it is assumed that his brother Thomas (shown on right) and sister Elisabeth (known as Lisa) were also born there.

David entered the Calvanistic Methodist Ministry and became a minister at Bwlch in 1902 where he met Mary Elizabeth Price.

They were married in 1903 and lived at the Manse at Bwlch, where their two children, Eirlys and Alun were born. Eirlys was born on the 2nd February 1904 and Alun on the 22nd April 1907.

Below: Alun, David and Eirlys Tyler-Davies

Above: David, Lisa and Thomas Davies

In 1909 David, Mary and their family moved to London where David preached at the Beachon Road Church at Battersea (near Clapham) - Mary Price was the organist - until David's death on July 20, 1917.

Above: David Tyler Davies standing where he preached inside the church in Bwlch.

Above: David standing outside his church in Bwlch (he can be made out standing outside the entrance).

The actual residence of David and Mary at time of David's death was noted on his death certificate as 67 Alfriston Road, Clapham Common, London. His death certificate shows the cause of death as "Phthisis" (Consumption). He contracted this while giving last rites to terminally ill patients. He died at 18 Bridge Street, Lampeter and as far as can be ascertained, he was visiting there at the time of his death.

The evolution of the surname "Tyler-Davies"

During David's years of higher education, there were five other "David Davies" in his class, as the names were both very common in Wales. David took his middle name, Tyler, and added it to his surname to distinguish himself from the others, so in future he was always referred to as "David Tyler Davies".

It is interesting to note that his name never officially included the hyphen when written, neither in his later marriage or death certificates, nor in printed articles such as that shown above. His wife Mary, however, did adopt the hyphenated surname Tyler-Davies, and used this name on her marriage certificate in her second marriage to Len Smith. David and Mary's children, Eirlys and Alun, were also given the hyphenated surname Tyler-Davies on their birth certificates.