Thomas James Price (1859 - 1921),
Hannah Jane Williams (1860 - 1888) and
Jane Griffiths (died 1946)

Thomas James Price was born May 31, 1859 in Long Ashton, Bristol, Somerset. One of his eyes was blue, and the other half brown [It is believed that he was born too early].

At the time of the 1871 census, Thomas Price, aged 11, was living with an uncle and an aunt. Thomas and Mary Jones, aged 41 and 40. Thomas was the blacksmith at Bwlch and was born in Cwmdu. Mary was born in Talgarth, and they also had living with them one Jesse Prichard, age 23, a blacksmith born in the parish of St Mary, Monmouth.

The 1871 census also shows Anna Jane Williams (spelt thus), aged 11, a scholar, and living at Penlan Vawr with an uncle and aunt. Daniel Williams, age 47, a limeburner and occupier of pastureage, and his wife Joan Williams, age 59 and born in Llangynidr. Daniel Williams' birthplace could not be deciphered.

When Thomas was 20 he married Hannah Jane Williams (born January 31, 1860) on January 31, 1880 (Hannah's 20th birthday!). Their marriage certificate shows that Thomas was living at Bwlch, in the parish of St Michael Cwmdu and that his father was dead. Hannah was living at Penlan Vawr, Llangynidr, and her father, John Williams was also dead. Thomas' occupation was given as Baller and this is thought to be related to the making of wrought iron. He made iron railings at entrance to the Chapel Church Yard in Bwlch. He was also Choirmaster at the chapel.

Thomas built Mt Pleasant for his first marriage (The upper house in the photo on left). It was here that his children were born. [Note: This photo was taken near the house where the Tyler-Davies' lived - The Manse. To get to Bwlch from Crickhowell, head North-west and turn right near Craig Lwyd]. The back half of this house was built on the road - The road is seen in its full width further down (near the workhouse and behind Belmont). The Mail Coach actually made one of their stops at their wash house.

Their family

Thomas and Hannah had 4 children:

Mary Elizabeth Price was born January 11, 1881 in Bwlch, Wales. She married David Tyler-Davies January 14, 1903 and they had two children, Eirlys Tyler-Davies and Alun Tyler-Davies. After David's death she met and later married Len Smith. They had one daughter, Bubs Smith.

William Frederick Price was born July 4, 1883 in Bwlch, Wales. He married Augusta (last name unknown), who was known as Gussie. They had one son, Derek Price.

Margaret Price was born August 9, 1885 in Bwlch, Wales. She married Thomas Herbert Lewis September 15, 1916 in Vancouver, Canada. They had 3 children, Sylvia Megan Lewis, Constance Maer Lewis and Wenonah Eirlys Lewis.

Cecilia Price was born May 20, 1888. Hannah died of Tuberculosis in 1888 when Cecilia was just 3 months old. Baby Cecilia died 7 months later on April 2, 1889 aged just 10 months.

Thomas Price eloped with his second wife Jane Griffiths. Her stepmother had found the stepdaughters useful on the farm and didn't encourage marriage. One winter Sunday evening the old lady proceeded into the chapel. Jane should have followed her in but by the time her absence was noticed, she was in the pony and trap with Thomas to cross Llangynidr Mountain to the Registry Office in Brynmawr.

Thomas Price died November 6, 1921 aged 62 years. Jane died 24 years later on April 3, 1946. They are buried together and rest at the cemetery in Bwlch.

This photo shows Thomas James Price's parents, Thomas Price and Cecilia Jones, with their grandchildren (from left) Margaret Price, William Frederick Price and Mary Elizabeth Price.
It is estimated that this photo was taken circa 1898.