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afternoon everyone


well we have our first hiccup Ryans kidney levels have sky rocketed to what could be a very dangerous thing, they have stopped all fluid and he is limited to 40mls of fluid an chemo today as kidneys wont be able to handle it so at this stage things are put back 1 day possibly more :(

bogeyi (484 )    4:25 pm, 25 Jul




Oh no Bogeyi :o(


That's no good at all - what do they think caused this? Was it the radiation? He's having a terrible run of it, hope things improve ASAP (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    5:29 pm, 25 Jul




hi Sonia.......they dont know


they have spoken to the doc over at radiation and he has said that the dose he had shouldnt of effected the kidneys?????but then FA paitents organs have problems sometimes. His creatinine yesterday was 54 this afternoon it was 163....they are concerned. he will be having bloods about 8/9pm and we will hopefully see a decrease, fingers crossed.

bogeyi (484 )    5:39 pm, 25 Jul




All fingers crossed here...


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    5:44 pm, 25 Jul




Hi all,, I believe this article from the Herald, confirms our theories about stress and Cancer. My loving thoughts to you all....Di

kelsall (241 )    5:56 pm, 25 Jul




thanx boop :)


think its just getting to me today,normally I am really positive about it. Just after 4 months of medication and one hour a week with a psychiatrist, I had expected a lot more improvement instead of going backwards. No its not drugs, he had his stint trying them out when he was 15 and saw too many friends end up really messed up. This is just something that can happen to anyone, I think at some point last year when he was flatting it started so when he moved home in January he was well on his way down the slippery slope.I have just put dinner out and the boys all came to eat except him who was too busy playing a game to come eat grrrrr.. so now its going cold andnot much I can do coz if I say something he gets upset and reverts even further into his shell, its a vicious circle sometimes.

janetmk1 (39 )    6:36 pm, 25 Jul






I hope Ryan improves tonight, poor boy really deserves a break.

janetmk1 (39 )    6:44 pm, 25 Jul




Aww Janetmk


Sorry to hear - its a hard time growing up, thats for sure, glad I'm not going through it again?!!! Hope things improve for him soon... he's lucky having a mum like you that cares so much (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    7:22 pm, 25 Jul




Yep, thats interesting Kelsall


What we've deducted on our own, there in print. Maybe they should interview us LOL Interesting thing about the Massey Research - no stress questions in the whole thing !?!

soniat-d (153 )    7:23 pm, 25 Jul




Calling Paula


How'd you get on today hun? And hows Josh? xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    7:24 pm, 25 Jul




Sending positive vibes to Ryan


Hope the blood improves thing for him tonight.

soniat-d (153 )    7:27 pm, 25 Jul




Yuck - what a day for us all


My back has gone out a bit again (not as badly though) so I am returning to specialist tomorrow morning for another stab at it.

soniat-d (153 )    7:28 pm, 25 Jul






Go away for a day and I feel like I have missed so much! Firstly Ryan and Bogey - I am thinking of you all the time. The first thing Josh said this morning when he woke at the hospital was Mum I really feel for Ryan. I hope things start to improve for you!!!! Sonia - I hear your back has been giving you some grief! Thats not fair, hope its ok soon! Ok now me - this morning I snuck in to the mammogram cottage at Kew and had my first mammogram... continued ....

paulaxx (78 )    7:49 pm, 25 Jul






It only hurt on the left side, and I thought ok, that wasnt too bad, then I got called in for my ultrasound and I could see these black shadows on the screen and asked what they were. It appears I have about 6 cysts - one is quite a big one! They didnt aspirate or take a biopsy. But I am now awaiting a call back to clinic to discuss what next. I feel very releived tonight! LUCKY!!! The whole time I was waiting I was thinking of you all and I am humbled by the experience. So I will wait and see, he didnt seem to concerned so I am extremely grateful and thank you all for your love, support and kind wishes. I am feeling really tired and drained. I had a very special visitor today who was there with open arms before and after my appointment. I will never forget seeing her face. Thankyou JOYSTIK and again I am so thankful for the new friendships this thread has bought to my life. You are all so special to me. Thank you Sonia for encouraging me to go and see about this I will be eternally grateful!!! xoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    7:51 pm, 25 Jul






How was your Real Estate appointment this afternoon? Are you getting those business cards printed??

paulaxx (78 )    7:54 pm, 25 Jul




Thats great news Paula :o)


Yay for you! So is Josh home now?

soniat-d (153 )    8:19 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Sonia


Thanks hun, yes the dr's let us take him home late this afternoon. How are you feeling? Hows the back???

paulaxx (78 )    8:58 pm, 25 Jul




Boo hoo :o(


My back is sore again - waaaaaaaah I hate having a sore back - so NOT what I need right now...

soniat-d (153 )    8:59 pm, 25 Jul




Aww thats cool Paula


I'm sure he'll keep mending at home nicely in his own bed :o) Yay!

soniat-d (153 )    8:59 pm, 25 Jul




Hi everyone


One of my staff members is in a most unenviable position right now. Her 18 yr old daughter is about to go for an op to determine just what that lump in her neck is. I know there has been a needle biopsy and foolishly(?) assumed the worst could be diagnosed from that. is scheduled for 6 days after the appointment she just had, with needle biopsy results which are obviously inconclusive. Does anyone have experience with Hodgkins? That is the most likely scenario if positive. Blessed be this thread.xxxxxx

lynan (71 )    9:08 pm, 25 Jul




hello.......nurse has been an now we wait


will take an hour or so, i am so nervous..... Paula glad all went well today, was thinking of you guys, glad the kids like the gifts, my kids make the most bizzare things out of those DNA. Sonia i feel for you I hate sore backs. joystik how did it go today.

bogeyi (484 )    9:10 pm, 25 Jul




AWWW Bogeyi


I know what the waiting is like. The nurses seem so busy. Time probably flys for them but for us the waiting is hell!!!!!!! I am thinking of you all the time! You guys were the first things we talked about this morning. Thanks for thinking of us as if you dont have enough on your plate! How does Ryan seem in himself???

paulaxx (78 )    9:16 pm, 25 Jul






Sonia - can you take something for the pain hun! Not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you got a wheatbag or something you could put on it too????

paulaxx (78 )    9:18 pm, 25 Jul




Hello everyone..............Guess what??????



joystik (285 )    9:24 pm, 25 Jul






I am now a fully qualified Real Estate Sales Person........YAY!!

joystik (285 )    9:25 pm, 25 Jul




It was much harder than I thought it would be ....


but luckily I had spent the last few days studying it all over again. So Now on monday, I am going to approach a Real Estate Company for a job. Hope that is not too stressful. The poor chemo Brain was at its very worst for most of the assessment, but I still managed to get it together enough to pass. Thanks everyone for all your support.....

joystik (285 )    9:27 pm, 25 Jul




Sonia, I'm so sorry to see you are struggling with


your back giving you trouble. I have been there and done that too but not for years now. Back pain is dreadful, and sometimes there is little you can do to get any relief from it. Just take things easy wont you, and get plenty of rest, no rushing about, no lifting. You might need to get the meticulous Maids in a few more times. Hope you feel better tomorrow after a good sleep tonight.

joystik (285 )    9:30 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Sonia


My name is Marcelle. I've been reading your thread for a few days now - always with tears. I've also had a look at your own website. The picture you have next to the family tree link is of my relations too! (small world huh) So I was just wondering if the Bayers are on your side or your husbands? (ps your girls are just gorgeous)

musicmumofone (8)    9:33 pm, 25 Jul




That beautiful boy of yours Paula!! I would love


to bring him home. Josh is such a delight. I went to visit this morning before my Oncology Clinic, and spent some time with Paula and Josh before Paula went for her Mammogram, and then I stayed with Josh until 11.30 when I went for my appointment. What a gorgeous little boy Josh is. He and I sat chatting away about all sorts of interesting things. I was sad to have to leave him and go to my appointment. This young boy has so much going on in his life and has so much to put up with on a daily basis, and yet has the most wonderful personality. You ROCK Josh, I just love you to bits for who you are. What a terrific family - such a pleasure to be friends with these people.....

joystik (285 )    9:37 pm, 25 Jul




well done Joystik......randal was in real estate


for about 10yrs. Paula he seems brighter and not so heavy under the eyes. Like nurses said its good news he peeing but that dosent mean the level has come down as his pee is very diluted, its not flushing out the toxins...waiting.....waiting

bogeyi (484 )    9:37 pm, 25 Jul




So Pleased you hade good news from your.......


mammogram Paula. I just felt so happy for you. You too have more than your share to deal with right now. I'm so pleased to be able to call you a special friend too.....Glad Cass enjoyed the wee pressie...

joystik (285 )    9:39 pm, 25 Jul




Sorry Bogeyi that your day hasn't gone so well....


I thought about you lots during the day and wondered how Ryan was getting on. It so awful having to wait for stuff all the time isn't it. As soon as you are involved in the hospital system you learn all about waiting don't you. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him. I'll be thinking about you and send you and Ryan special hugs.....

joystik (285 )    9:42 pm, 25 Jul




So Bogeyi, I could get some hot tips and advice...


your hubby about the RealEstate industry if I needed too?? It was such a busy day. Only just got home hafl hour ago. Went visiting before Oncology, then at Oncology the Dr discussed with me the Gene testing thing, and thought it was a great thing for me and Lauren to have, given the family history. Then upstair for bloods, which were fine and I could have had Chemo today, 2 days early! Must be on the right diet now! The Lauren to the dentist at 1.30. I went to cancer society to sort out for prosthesis fitting next week. Then me to dentist for a filling repair. Then Real Estate exam, and then after I had passed we went to Zookeepers and shouted my friend in Real Estate, dinner and drinks. Home now and bushed!!

joystik (285 )    9:48 pm, 25 Jul




Wow joystik


Mrs-Real-Estate-Agent, congratulations. Not that I had any doubt that you would do it. You must go out for a celebratory dinner, and have a toast to your bright future. Way to go!!!

dize5 (490 )    9:49 pm, 25 Jul






I hope you can have a really good sleep tonight, and that you feel a bit better in the morning. Glad you are seeing the specialist again, what a bummer the back pain has returned. Sending ((((hugs))).

dize5 (490 )    9:50 pm, 25 Jul






Party!!! See told Ya!!I knew you would!!!! What an accomplishment!!Those business cards are not far away... Just read your message to Josh and he reckons you ROCK! So do I. He just loved being with you today, we ALL think of you so dearly! Thats it now we are friends forever!! Oh yay about your pass - ok now please find us our farm! No pressure, tee hee. Just loved seeing you today. Counting the days till the next time love to you, Kevin and Lauren xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:50 pm, 25 Jul






Not long now - they'll be back with news - hang in there!!!! Love and hugs xoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    9:51 pm, 25 Jul






What a lovely message you left on Joshua's guestbook. Thank you! Hopefully one day we will get to meet! Hope you are having a nice evening and a good day tomorrow.

paulaxx (78 )    9:53 pm, 25 Jul




Awww thanks trick is to get a job,so


I can get my licence and start selling. Got myself a 4wd lined up to buy. So I will have to start working to pay for what I'm going to be buying wont I. I even bought another ring today to celebrate, and that was before I had sat the exam!! The power of positive thinking aye!!

joystik (285 )    9:55 pm, 25 Jul




Aww Paula, you made me cry!!! Josh truly is the


nicest little boy, and he really did chat away to me once you had gone. The assessment was really hard, well much harder than I had imaginde it would be. I was so nervous too, which didnt help. Got my blood results back and I could have had the chemo today. Oh well off to town thursday again, Chemo at 10am, Lauren to get a filling at 2.15 and prothesis fitting now at 1.30. So new boobies coming my way in about a week or so. ha ha ha....Love to you and Chris and Cass and Josh, and big HUGS too....xxxxooooxxxxoooo

joystik (285 )    10:00 pm, 25 Jul




i have got butterflys........



bogeyi (484 )    10:02 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Janet, sorry to hear your son is causing you


so much anguish at the moment. Being a good parent is just not easy is it. Its finding that balance, toknow what to do with them when things like this come along. The no motivation thing is not so easy though is it. I dont know what to suggest for that. They have to want things to make them want to go out and get them dont they.Tomorrow is another day, and maybe a wee improvment every day will soon see things happening for him. I will be thinking of you with your struggle.

joystik (285 )    10:04 pm, 25 Jul






Try not to worry, I know its hard - not long now hun.... xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:05 pm, 25 Jul




Ohhh Bogeyi, Wish I could give you a hug or ....


something just now. Its so hard for you, much harder than I would know, but I am thinking of you, and wish I could do more to help you. Hopefully you wont have to wait too uch longer for the results.... Stay strong...Ryan needs you.....

joystik (285 )    10:07 pm, 25 Jul






Every time you pay us a visit at kew, I tell the nurses how amazing you are!!! They all say wow, is she having chemo, is that a wig???? They are so surprised! You are amazing! Keep up the wonderful work! ;o) xoxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:07 pm, 25 Jul






If you are allowed to rub a bit of oruval gel on it may give you some relief and as Paula said you really need a wheat bag. Also if its the middle of your back some posture exercises will really help... like sitting in a standard firm chair (office type) and put your arms around the back of the chair with your hands coming forward, if you do that regularly for a few mins at a time, it really helps your posture.. If this doesn't make sense I can send a pic of what I mean, but it really helps.

janetmk1 (39 )    10:08 pm, 25 Jul




Just been


Sitting here tonight counting my blessings, trying to catch up on the thread from when I went back to hosp with Joshi and I come across a lovely message from Polly, I hope you get to see this. Thank you - what a lovely post you added to this thread! That means so much to us!!!!! How special. Thank you hugs to you and your family (((((HUGS)))))

paulaxx (78 )    10:10 pm, 25 Jul




well done Joystik :))


After all you are coping with to do what you have done is an inspiration to everyone.Being positive and looking ahead really helps. Congrats !!!!

janetmk1 (39 )    10:13 pm, 25 Jul




Thanks for that Paula. The Oncologist was a


Lady from Dunedin today and she said much the same too. Actually she said that in all her years of Oncology, and all the people she has seen, she has never seem anyone that looks like they are not having Chemo when they are having such a HUGE dose of such nasty drugs. She even gave me a good look over and couldn't find a mouth ulcer or anything. It is making what could be such a horrid experience, more a walk in the park of life. I must admit that sometimes I feel rather guilty when I am in the Oncology dept and see how sick most people are there. Almost like a fraud to the system....

joystik (285 )    10:15 pm, 25 Jul




we have the results back...... 157


they have spoken to the doc and he says it hasnt really changed but is happy with his intake and output, so will see what the morning bloods say. Thanks for the support

bogeyi (484 )    10:18 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Boop, where are you tonight? I hope you are...


watching the netball that we are going to win!! I bet you have been busy in your garden getting those roses organised. Have you bought any more or just those two? I said I wasn't having any here and bought 15 one day!!

joystik (285 )    10:21 pm, 25 Jul




Oh Bogey


I can go to bed now happier that maybe you are a bit relieved!!!! You know like I do these kids are amazing! Joshi peed blood for a week and no explanation! Try and relax now and have a bit of rest. Will tune in tomorrow to see how you are both doing.It always amazes me that a hospital is a place for rest - yet the days are so long and early nights are a joke!!!! Take care Janine Loads of love to you. YOU ARE BOTH INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:21 pm, 25 Jul




Thats better news Bogeyi to sleep on.....Tomorrow


is another day and will no doubt bring further challenges for you. Thinking of you always and sending you lots of love too...

joystik (285 )    10:24 pm, 25 Jul




thanks paula


well im off to get some sleep....ha ha

bogeyi (484 )    10:25 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Maewest, I suppose you are not home from


work yet?? Soon I supose that will be me, as I roam around with cliets by day and write up contracts by night!! Well thats the plan anyway. Hows things Farmer lloyd? Any baby animals on the farm yet?? It was beautiful in Otautau this morning when we left for town and the closer we got to Invercargill, the worse it got until rain and cold wind greeted us in there. Hope its a nice day here tomorrow. I pan to do some gardening before I get busy. See you tomorrow.....

joystik (285 )    10:27 pm, 25 Jul




Righto, I'm off to bed now after a successful day.


I am so relieved the day is over and ended with such a pleasing result. I'm a bit tired tonight too so will sleep better than ever. Better have the alarm set cos I wont wake up otherwise. Thanks everyone....sleep tight........

joystik (285 )    10:29 pm, 25 Jul




Hi Bogey


glad ryan is holding his own tonight what a day you have had.Hope tomorrow is a better day for you all. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    11:54 pm, 25 Jul




paula and Joshi


great too have you home. It sounds like joystick could pinch your little boy Paula better watch her. So pleased abpout the mammogram that is one less worry.

boop2 (109 )    11:56 pm, 25 Jul




Who is a clever girl


well done joystick I never doubted that you would pass. You will have to line up some houses now.It is great that you are so well and no side affects. I have only bought two roses and have another two in pots one of those is called old westcoast rose it is pink. I got a lovely book on roses at the sallie army today for $2.00. I am thinking of ordering buff beauty to climb over my trellis. Night, we lost the netball and we didn't play well but we will come again.

boop2 (109 )    12:02 am, 26 Jul




Hi everyone,


I often come in to this and the previous thread to see how you're all going, and I have to say that you guys are such an inspiration. This is such an ugly battle for you all to be fighting, whether for yourselves or for your children, and you are going through everything with such grace. You guys are heros, and you make me realise everyday not to sweat the small stuff. I had Melanoma removed 6 months ago, and its very scary. I have a good prognosis, but it doesn't stop me freaking out. It seems silly when I see your stories. Love to you all and your brave, precious children xxxx

ceq (388 )    12:03 am, 26 Jul




sonia I hope you can sleep with your sore back


sometimes it is so hard to get comfy. Come on you have to get right for your holiday so get all the rest you can.

boop2 (109 )    12:03 am, 26 Jul




Hi janet


hope your day is better tomorrow and your son cheers up. Easier said than done I suppose. Has he got a girlfriend? Have a good night and I hope you sleep well.

boop2 (109 )    12:05 am, 26 Jul




Hi maewest


have you had a busy day? Looking down our street at the mountains it looks like more snow fell on the passes can you feel it where you live? Night

boop2 (109 )    12:08 am, 26 Jul






To everyone about to waken up and get on with today. Have only a spare min or so before I go off, but I've got to say Congrats to you Joystik on your pass yesterday. I can just imagine you becoming a real success in the real estate game. But I fear there will not be enough work if you stay confined to Otautau..Spread your net wide I think . And No lambs here at the moment, but that is another story

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:24 am, 26 Jul






I have some early chores to attend to now, but will look in later.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:25 am, 26 Jul




Hi musicmumofone


Small world alright - how I got that pic was pretty amazing too - I have a website in the states for my family tree and a lady contacted me through there and said she had some pics and stories for me of the bayers. So anyway - turned out she lived 2 blocks away from me! LOL Anyway, the Bayers are Brent's Mum's side. I just finished doing an excellent story on that side after interviewing Brents 91 year old great Uncle (Tom Bayer). Did you see that story on my website? If you go into my cancer diary, go down the bottom, drop me a line ;o) Thanks for posting and your kind words :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:58 am, 26 Jul




Morning all


I missed a busy night! I was an pain, not a happy camper. Managed to sleep though, lying flat on back with electric blanket on ;o) Yet I have wheat bags etc thanks. Know it all after 2 years of constant back pain?! Hopefully this will resolve in next few days.

soniat-d (153 )    9:00 am, 26 Jul




Yep we have the Maids coming bit after midday


Trouble is they clean, don't tidy. This will be interesting as the house is a bombsite LOL. Wish Brent would help out more grrrr

soniat-d (153 )    9:02 am, 26 Jul




Oh thanks Janet


My problem is actually a bad imbalance from the state my body is in now post operation, radiation, etc. I was told when using my mouse, to have my left arm tight to my side, pulling down. Hopefully today will fix it. Have got Em staying at Nanna's after kindy to give me a break as she always wants me to pick her up, which could throw things out again. Oh well, must go shower now ;o) Morning all.

soniat-d (153 )    9:09 am, 26 Jul




Morning All :))


I hope you all have a good day today especially Ryan and Bogeyi, being stuck in hospital is awful for you both but I hope you can both still find something to bring some joy into your day.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:23 am, 26 Jul




Thanks Boop :))


Yes he's a bit more cheerful today, still stuck in his room, same ol same ol... I did ring his doctor and left a long message with his nurse. So hopefully a change in meds and a bit more direction for him will change things.He doesn't have a girlfriend as with most people in this frame of mind he's cut himself off from everyone :(

janetmk1 (39 )    9:27 am, 26 Jul




morning everyone.....we had a good nights


sleep just waking for toilet stops, his level has come down to 107...phew still needs to drop so we are having a rest day again, at this stage infusion will be wed.

bogeyi (484 )    9:27 am, 26 Jul




Thats sounding more positive bogeyi :o)


Yay - I'll keep crossing my fingers that the levels continue to drop. Sending *positive vibes*

soniat-d (153 )    9:33 am, 26 Jul




Hey everyone forgot to say something important LOL


Yesterday, for the FIRST TIME, I was out ALL DAY in the nude ie no wig, cap, scarf, hat... kind of a la Kylie Minogue but without the brilliant hair stylists LOL. Takes a bit of getting used to (its a bgit chilly for one thing!) but I'm gonna stick with it - getting the stares from strangers, but complements from those who know me too, bless them.

soniat-d (153 )    9:36 am, 26 Jul




Good moning everyone, Hope you are all bright


eyed and bushy tailed this morning. Glad to see the levels have dropped for Ryan. You will be a little relieved about that Bogeyi. So was the infusion originally to be monday? Hi Paula and Josh, Hows things with you guys? Hope all is perfectly well. Beautiful day here again so I will do more washing and then get in the garden a bit I think. I've got Chemo tomorrow at 10. and then Lauren has dentist at 2.15, and Bra fittng at 1.30 for me as well. Oh what a busy life, oh and look for my new 4wd, for my job. And Monday I will go and apply for THAT job I want!

joystik (285 )    9:39 am, 26 Jul




Hi Boop, bad luck about the netball, but if you...


dont play well enough, then you dont win. Aussie were bound to come back fighting after losing last week. Yes, I think you should get Buff Beauty. It looks beaut over trellis, as does Dublin bay, especially near a White building. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. Hi Farmerlloyd, hope today treats you well too. I did see lambs at Lorneville yesterday. Awww they are so cute when they are that little, and actually I think romneys always look cute, even when they are big. Couldn't say the same for some other breeds like the perendale though! Have Hope allis well with you and you enjoy your day too. Hi Janet, thiking of you and your boys too. Maybe a change in meds will do something to improve the frame of mind at present. Does he take any supplements? I am such a believer in these things now, especially after having no side effects from my chemo. Keep smiling, things will improve...

joystik (285 )    9:47 am, 26 Jul




Sonia, thats great about the nude look. I guess


that wig is quite a security thing and because people dont realise often that it is a wig, it is strange when you stop wearing it and change your appearence quite a lot and suddenly. I have had lots of people say to me how lucky I am that I havent lost my hair! Thats my secret. Hope you get relief from your back today....not nice for you Sonia..

joystik (285 )    9:50 am, 26 Jul




A lot of people used to say that to me too


Joystik! Then I'd go "well I've lost it all actually" and would lift the corner of the wig and show them LOL Yep, MAJOR security blanket alright that wig, plus I just loved how I looked in it - now I'm back to no fringe #sigh# Oh well, in time I can grow a fringe hopefully, if the curl goes away LOL

soniat-d (153 )    9:53 am, 26 Jul






Its nice to be home, Joshis happy on the .......... you guessed it x-box. Hows your back feeling Sonia? Been thinking of you heaps. Bogey - glad you got a bit of sleep and hope today you do relax a tad! We are thinking of you and sending heaps of good thoughts your way! Boop, yes I will be very careful not to let Joshi out of my sight when Joystiks around lol. Oh sorry Joystik,did you see that...xx better go and sort out the washing and other household daily stuff. Love to you all xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:07 am, 26 Jul






You are amazing, good on you for doing the nude thing! Very brave indeed! Have a lovely day. xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:09 am, 26 Jul




sonia it took me over


30 years before I got Malc to do any house work he was hopeless. I made sure I bought my boys up differently and they are marvelous in the house. Hope your back improves today .

boop2 (109 )    10:38 am, 26 Jul




Hi bogey


so glad ryan had a better sleep and his count is going down. I will take time out tonight to read about his illness on his site. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:39 am, 26 Jul




hi paula and joshi


I would say those xboxes are worth their weight in gold the way the boys play them. Are they much different to play stations?Have a nice day.

boop2 (109 )    10:41 am, 26 Jul




Hi joystick


a beautiful day in the buller.I am going in the garden too have to work out something for the back garden. I hope you are very careful of prickles. Take care.

boop2 (109 )    10:43 am, 26 Jul




Hi Janet


it is a real worry for you let us hope the new med. will help him. Depression is so hard to deal with. I hope your day goes well

boop2 (109 )    10:45 am, 26 Jul




Hi farmerlloyd


I thought we shared the same name but one is a sir name and one is first. The price of lamb is like gold now isn't it? Have a good day.

boop2 (109 )    10:47 am, 26 Jul




Back is sore as


Had injections in it today, had popped out above what was popped out yesterday. Off to lie down. Give it a chance...

soniat-d (153 )    11:52 am, 26 Jul




Paula ...


I'm so glad that you can rest easy about your lumps. Will they take them out anyway? Congratulations on a good result!!!! Give your 2 babies a hug from me - it must be so nice to all be home again!

meridian1 (300 )    12:23 pm, 26 Jul




Joystick ...


C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S!!! I knew you would do it! Just think how you would have gone without chemo brain! You are a STAR - well done.

meridian1 (300 )    12:25 pm, 26 Jul




Sonia ...


Sorry your back is so sore ... that is so not good :-( I do hope it improves FAST!! Good on you for going nude though - well done, that is a big step! Gee, your holiday is creeping up quickly, wont it be nice not to wear your wig on the beach!

meridian1 (300 )    12:30 pm, 26 Jul




Bogeyi ...


I hope Ryan's levels are continuing to drop. Poor wee fella! I was quite upset for you both when I read of his setback, but it was nice to continue reading and find he is improving. He is one tough little boy (tell him I said that). I'm sending lots of positive cyber-vibes your way!!!

meridian1 (300 )    12:36 pm, 26 Jul




Hi everyone


Sorry I didn't get on here last night.....I was just too tired. So much to catch up on. Bogey I'm so sorry things are not quite going to plan A. The waiting game is not nice. Hope things are better for Ryan today. Staying strong is hard sometimes.You take care of you as well. XXX Paula, so pleased you are all back home again now. And so happy that your results were good....that's one thing you don't have to worry about any more. (((Hugs)))to you all.

maewest (79 )    12:36 pm, 26 Jul




Sonia, so sorry


to hear your back is so sore. I do hope this treatment you are having improves it for you. You just don't need this right now. My shoulder blade is sore too...I'm sure it's the way I sit at work!! Love and (((HUGS)))to you XXX

maewest (79 )    12:39 pm, 26 Jul




Joystik (aka Wonderwoman!)


Congratualtions and well done. You must be so proud of yourself. I don't know how you did it with everything else that is going on. You go girl!! I look forward to hearing about your first sale. May it be a huge one!I felt tired just reading about your big day yesterday! I worked back to back shifts....Monday night then all day yesterday. I just could not face the computer when I got home last night after staring at the ones at work for all that time. I sit in front of two to take bookings and the other to see what the fleet is up to. Hope you are having a more restful day today. XXX

maewest (79 )    12:44 pm, 26 Jul




Hiya Bettyboop


A gorgeous day here today. Have just stacked a load of firewood. More arriving today too. Don't the mountains look stunning? We are going for a drive soon (to find a new coffee shop!!) and maybe a walk. Should be doing housework......!!!! Hi Janetmk1. My man's oldest boy (he's 22) is also being treatment for depression. He's such a lovely kid..he just hit a brick wall. There has been some improvement, but he still has a long way to go. Hope your son is better is so hard.

maewest (79 )    12:49 pm, 26 Jul




There are so many people to say hi to on here!!


Boop, I hope you enjoy your gardening. It's a lovely day for it here (apart from being a bit chilly) - hope it is there to! Janet, sorry to hear about your son. He is lucky to have you! Hopefully he will find his way soon. Farmerlloyd, no lambs huh. I love seeing the new lambs, but I cant help feeling sorry for them when they are about this time of year - we have very heavy frosts her in the mornings, and that must make it a tough entry to the world. Maewest - you look after yourself, you are working some long hours and it sounds like your body might be protesting. Make sure you take some quality time out for just YOU xxx. Hugs for Luke and Koen, I presume they are still in Wellington. Sorry if I forgot anyone one - xxxx big group hugs xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    12:51 pm, 26 Jul




And hi to everyone else


Mereidian, Dize, Kiwikaz, Farmerlloyd....who have I missed?! Hey farmerlloyd how come you have no lambs? It will be only a few week until they are leaping around the paddocks. I love spring. Has anyone heard from Luke? Been wondering how wee Koen is going. A big week for them. Also Twinkies and Briyanna. Love and (((HUGS))) to you all XXX

maewest (79 )    12:53 pm, 26 Jul




I know what you mean Meridian


I must make a list!! So many people on here now. Isn't it great? I feel like I am getting to know you all. I may be without my computer for a while I have to return it to the fella who installed the DVD drive as it is not working properly. I'm ringing him shortly. He thinks it may need a new video card. Hmmm! Have a lovely day.

maewest (79 )    12:56 pm, 26 Jul




Do yo mean from when you whacked it with your


poor knee? Oh no .... how long will you be away. Not too long I hope - we would miss you otherwise.

meridian1 (300 )    1:02 pm, 26 Jul




Yip the DVD is not


working properly. I just rang them and they are coming out to have a look at it on Friday. Yay...I don't have to pull it all to bits again!!! And I son't be without the computer either. Off for a drive now. I will check in again tonight. XXX

maewest (79 )    1:10 pm, 26 Jul




Oops sorry Sonia


that hundee was meant to be yours! Talk to you all later.

maewest (79 )    1:12 pm, 26 Jul




we are starting chemo tomorrow


there is not point of return so we need to carry on, they have adjusted his chemo drugs so theres not so much strain on his kidneys, from what the docs have said its very serious and is going to be a bumpy ride....

bogeyi (484 )    1:37 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Maewest,


How long has your son had depression? seems to take forever to see some improvement. All the women I haveknown with it have seemed to come right gradually after starting medication. The males I have known with it seem to take a lot longer.... Just wondering if you have found the same? If you video card was fine before they installed the DVD rom then it won't be that, it will be something they have done.... don't let them con you into a new video card when you don't need one.

janetmk1 (39 )    1:38 pm, 26 Jul






I am really sorry to hear that. I really wish there was something we could do to help :(

janetmk1 (39 )    1:41 pm, 26 Jul






i'm really sorry that things are so tough going, and that you're in for a tough ride :( is there anything i can do to help, take the other kids or something for a few hours this weekend? my offer still stands .... hang in there love.

poohbearfan3 (79 )    1:58 pm, 26 Jul




sorry to hear that bogeyi


all the very best!!

tishie (60 )    2:00 pm, 26 Jul




Big sorry from me too Bogeyi


Maybe I can help? My back pain has gone for the mo, if it does settle down, I can definately help in any way. Let me know ;o) (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    2:17 pm, 26 Jul




Awww, you guys are just too much!! Thanks for all


the Congratulations you have all sent me. Actually I am proud of my achievement too, and for a while during my assessment,my brain just went offline, and I thought there is no way I can pass this. The examiner was very tough I thought, and covered every eventuality, twice, I think. I also had to insert 4 special clauses, as well as do 2 counter offers. But I'm not the only busy person on here am I?? Everyone is busy in there own way. Today I have been gardening, and then went round and had lunch with Kevin at the other house and did some major cleaning.

joystik (285 )    2:18 pm, 26 Jul




Ohhh Bogeyi, I am soooo sorry to hear that too....


I didnt want it to be even harder for you guys to cope with. Its enough already without the road getting any bumpier for you..((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    2:19 pm, 26 Jul




Love to you and Ryan Bogeyi



meridian1 (300 )    2:30 pm, 26 Jul




Hi everyone


Im sorry thats not a personal greeting but like you were saying before there are so many of us on here now. Hoping you are all having a good day. Sonia - glad your back is better! Take it easy if you can love to you xo

paulaxx (78 )    2:46 pm, 26 Jul






- my heart is aching for you. I know how you are feeling and it SUX everytime Josh has chemo into his spine it is at a risk and unfortunately everything with these darlings is risky! There are no alternatives so you just have to ride the wave my friend. Which doesnt help at all I know! We are here for you in the only way we can be at the moment. Sending you strength and love xoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    2:47 pm, 26 Jul




I've been thinking of Josh today Paula


I'm sorry but its such a glorious day here, simply devine. Not fair! Fingers crossed that when our day does come, it'll be just like this :o) You feel further away today, just because you should have been here. Noleine and Glyn were asking after Josh today, and you. They're thrilled your lumps are just cysts - yay for that!

soniat-d (153 )    2:52 pm, 26 Jul




Yep taking it real easy


I'm all drugged up on pain meds - feel I'm floating. Cleaners are finished - place looks fab. Nanny coming in an hour to look after the girls and I'll have another lie on the floor.

soniat-d (153 )    2:54 pm, 26 Jul






Your post for me bought tears to my eyes. I have been thinking the same things all day!!!! Had to go to the dr today - I now have a chest infection, so am on antibiotics too. I wondered if you were having a nice day up there! Thanks again, and please thank Noleine and Glyn too how kind of them! Enjoy your floor time hun lol. (Not funny about your back just the way what I said sounded) ;o) xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    3:01 pm, 26 Jul




maewest and janet


Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you too, depression is a sad and very hard thing to deal with daily. Hugs to you both xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    3:23 pm, 26 Jul




hi all


thanks for the offers of help, we are good at the moment Ryan is ok, gone into his shell a bit. I have a feeling hes not peeing as much ( i know to much info) could be me being to nervous as we know how serious it is. Sonia you are a doll thinking of us when you are in pain....sorry to sound odd but every time you say im off to lie on the floor it makes me laugh.... Paula hope your chest infection gets better quick. All i want is the chemo to start so we get closer to the infusion date, i know its going to be hard this time but i have my bloody great big sword raised and ready to battle!!!

bogeyi (484 )    3:27 pm, 26 Jul




hey everyone hope you are all ok


sonia I'm having a biopsy next wednesday so at least I will finally know what it really is :) then I get results a week after that.

wagon_styles (219 )    4:34 pm, 26 Jul




Thanks for the update wagonstyles


keep us informed ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:37 pm, 26 Jul




I just woke up! Painkillers zonking me ;o)


Still pain free, going back to lie down again ;o) Just grabbed Serendipity DVD, will be lying on Brents couch - its long flat and firm and feels good - floor didn't feel so great LOL

soniat-d (153 )    4:38 pm, 26 Jul






You are doing so well.Both of you! Please dont think of my silly cough when you are going through all this! Its nothing. Take care, love to you all xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    5:10 pm, 26 Jul




Hi everyone ;o)


How are you all? I'm feeling groggy but still pain free - thats the main thing! Bogeyi hope Ryan is OK this evening and that you are OK too :o) Paula and Josh - same for you guys :o) A belated congrats from me Joystik - damn shame you're not in Auckland - we've just decided to sell our rental property. Its a gorgeous villa on Queen St with awesome city and water views so should sell in a flash. Maybe we'll list it on TM?! Gotta fair bit of tidying up to do first though.

soniat-d (153 )    6:26 pm, 26 Jul




Hey Janetmk1


How's your son today? Our neighbours son had similar problems a few months back and is doing well now I hear, this too shall pass ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:27 pm, 26 Jul




Hey Tishie


Long time no see! Hows your dear wee boy - what did you decide to call him in the end? Did you see the U2 concerts back on? We'll have to hook up when you come up. Will you be able to make it then?

soniat-d (153 )    6:29 pm, 26 Jul




Thanks also to Maewest, Meridian and boop


Yay for the injection - what a difference :o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:31 pm, 26 Jul




Hi ceq


thanks for posting and your kind words - glad you were a lucky one - certainly makes you appreciate life all the better eh? I always loved and appreciated sunsets and rainbows but now even more than before ;o) Cheers xoxox

soniat-d (153 )    6:33 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Paula


Hi to you and all of yours esp Josh. I think you will be relieved at your scan results (I hope I have that correct )And it must be a double plus to have Josh home with you once more. My best wishes for Josh to have a smoother ride into the future.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:12 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan


and family ... I am sending you cyber hugs for that rough ride I fear you about to start. Praying for a successful outcome. Best wishes from Lloyd

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:18 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Maewest


Hi there, you seem to me to be always on the go Maewest. I wonder if you have returned from your drive. I think the snow covered mountains must be a real picture on a day as bright as today. The only problem snowy mountain tops give me is when that wind blows in our direction, chilling the air to very very cold . Hope your pc repairman is good at his work and you are back online in a flash.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:26 pm, 26 Jul






Hi there ... are you down from cloud nine yet LOL . You talk about seeing lambs and how the only ones for you are Romneys's. I am officially one of your greatest fans now cos you are saying the right thing. I was brought up with stud romneys and continue to see them a the mainstay breed BUT so many breeders have been lost since wool prices tumbled early 90's

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:32 pm, 26 Jul




To all


my friends on this fabulous thread,have a fabulous evening. Off for a very early and much needed night. Love and hugs to you all xoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    7:33 pm, 26 Jul




You clearly live for farming Farmerlloyd ;o)


Good on you :o) We got the girls a designer nursery when they were babies respectively, and it was all "Barnyard" theme with cows, sheep, pigs etc all over the place. It was soooo cool (I went overboard as usual, had everything from curtains, cot sets, lampshades, cushions... LOL). Anyway sold the whole lot on TradeMe for a song to a family on a farm expecting a new bubba. I thought that was so cool ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:07 pm, 26 Jul




Just quickly checked


in to see how Ryan was doing... THINKING OF YOU GUYS XOXOXO

paulaxx (78 )    8:53 pm, 26 Jul




hello where is everyone......i have good news


ryans creatinine was 82 and urea is normal that came back about 7.30, hes having another test done to make sure its still coming down......I MA SO HAPPY..sorry had to yell it

bogeyi (484 )    8:54 pm, 26 Jul




Evening all


Went up country and had lunch at an old country pub. Sat out in the sunshine. It was beeoootiful.Sonia, so pleased you back is not giving you any grief. My shoulder blade is still out with you in sympathy. Probably mouse overuse lol! Good on you for going out without your wig. The first time it feels really strange. My hair was very short when I first went out without headgear. When you look around you though there are heaps of women with really short 'dos' by choice. People were probably looking at you thinking how fab you looked! A 'new'friend of mine texted me with her progress the first time she went without her wig. She went to a shopping mall and headed straight for the loos and txt me from there!!

maewest (79 )    8:54 pm, 26 Jul




farmerlloyd thnk you for thinking


of us..........

bogeyi (484 )    8:55 pm, 26 Jul




Bogey I have been


thinking about you and Ryan all day. What great news for you tonight. Onward and upward from here. I am so happy for you both XXX

maewest (79 )    8:56 pm, 26 Jul




Janet it is my


partner, Paul's son who has depression. I do think it seems to be more prevalent in young males.... I think I mentioned in the other thread that my husband suffered from depression for many years..on and off with medication and counselling. Years when he was okay and then back down the black hole. Tragically he chose to end his own life nearly four years ago. My younger son who was 17 at the time found him. Hard times! We were just coming right when I was diagnosed with BC. I do believe stress is one of the triggers as do others on here.

maewest (79 )    9:05 pm, 26 Jul




hiya maewest



bogeyi (484 )    9:18 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Bogeyi


That is great news. I am another who reads here almost every night to catch up on all the new happenings, but rarely post as I don't have anything I could contribute, although I am on a promise to Sonia to deal to a certain passport. Like most of us these days, my life has been touched by cancer...I nursed both my aunt and my best mate through their journeys. Tonight I am worried sick about a young friend of my daughters who is being sent for tests in a big hurry. It seems as though this blimmen monster is just all too prevalent at the moment, rearing its ugly head everywhere it is not wanted.

sonja2 (307 )    9:28 pm, 26 Jul




hi sonja2, nice to see you in here


hope you hear good news :)

bogeyi (484 )    9:43 pm, 26 Jul




good night everyone


i am buggered so going to hit the sack...

bogeyi (484 )    9:46 pm, 26 Jul




yes I totally agree about


the stress factor in cancer. I asked my specialist what/how/why had caused it and he worked it out to be caused just after my sons birth, which, due to various circumstances was by far the most stressful time in my life. Thankyou all for your comments about my sons illness and maewest I am so sorry to hear of the tragedy it caused for your family. It is very hard to live with especially knowing the suicide factor is never far from their thoughts.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:57 pm, 26 Jul






I am pleased to hear things are looking a bit brighter for you guys.I hope you both have a really good nights sleep :))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:59 pm, 26 Jul




hi bogey


that is real great news. It must be so hard for you. Good on you Ryan have a really good sleep tonight.

boop2 (109 )    10:20 pm, 26 Jul




YAY!! Bogeyi, I am so pleased for you. Good news


for you to sleep on tonight. Hope you have a good nights sleep and a much better, less worrying day tomorrow. I have been thinking about you off and on all day, wondering how things are for you. I've got a few things to send for your kids but still not in the post. Chemo for me tomorrow at 10am, thn other stuff to do in town, so another busy day. Hugs to you and Ryan....

joystik (285 )    10:21 pm, 26 Jul




Hi sonia


what a pain for you keep resting . Have a good sleep

boop2 (109 )    10:21 pm, 26 Jul




night paula


hope you are feeling better tomorrow, drink plenty of fluids.Love to joshi and cassie

boop2 (109 )    10:23 pm, 26 Jul




hi maewest


sounds like you had a nice day (apart from stacking firewood)Don't work so hard be like me. Have a good sleep

boop2 (109 )    10:24 pm, 26 Jul




have I



boop2 (109 )    10:25 pm, 26 Jul







miked10 (273 )    10:25 pm, 26 Jul




Paula, I pleased that Josh is better today too,


hope your cough continues to improve as well. It was such a beautiful day today and I did so much out side that I have been wanting to do for ages, but was studying instead. I have at least started on my roses,must remember to pick up the gardening sleeve tomorrow, (Naughty Me, but I was careful, promise!!) The Cancer society give you a gardening sleeve here!! And a compression sleeve also! Thats pretty good for little old Southland isnt it?? I've well and truly missed everyone tonight, but I thought of you all anyway. See you tomorrow after Chemo....Hugs to you .....

joystik (285 )    10:25 pm, 26 Jul




Hi joystick


We have had a great day here it is so good to be able to go outside.Did you watch the netball? We have to wait till October now to see Aussie again their coach is a shocker.Looking forward to the rugby.When are you getting your new car?We don't have open homes in Westport not enough people I think. I am off too bed, sleep well.

boop2 (109 )    10:29 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Janet


it seems quite common in young men doesn't it.Has he got his new medication? Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:31 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Boop and Maewest, looks like its only us three


hardy souls left tonight?? And I'm on my final rounds before I head off too. Maewest is that you stacking firewood?? I suppose you had the day off work and did that instead?? Or maybe it was you Boop? Stacking firewood in the lovely warm sunshine of Westport. Actually is was 19 deg here in Otautau this afternoon. I was in the garden and I got so hot in my long sleeves. Even got hot riding my bike! Chemo tomorrow so that will slow me up for a day or so I suppose. Hopefully I will have a Job interview on Monday. Maewest, I was sad to read of the tragedy you had suffered losing your husband so recently. Suicide is an awful thing isnt it. My hubby went through a phase of severe depression, but luckily was able to pull himself out of it again. Its very distressing to watch someone going through bad depression. Have a good night ladies.... Take care and see you tomorrow too...

joystik (285 )    10:32 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Janet, hope you have had a good day today...


Sometimes it takes so long to see even the most minute improvement where depression is concerned doesn't it? But where there are even the tinyest of advances there is hope for a full recovery in time. I think males dont talk through their feelings like us females do, and it all gets stored up and turns to baggage for them, that they cant deal with. I hope and pray you son can sort this out for himself in time....Hugs to you too....

joystik (285 )    10:35 pm, 26 Jul




Hi meridian


where do you live, North or the mainland? It is so hard to avoid stress in our lives I feel it hits my joints when I am stressed sometimes I can hardly move with arthritis and I always know why. Hugs boop

boop2 (109 )    10:36 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Sonia, you are really having a rough spin with


your back aren't you? Seems like it has given you problems in different areas before this too. Hopefully with plenty of rest, not too much stress, no lifting, faith, hope and love, you will soon be back together again. I'm pleased the maids made a lovely job of your house work for you. One less thing to worry about. Goodnight for now, sweet dreams, and I wish for a pain free day for you tomorrow...((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:38 pm, 26 Jul




Wow joystik


Fancy being GIVEN both the gardening sleeve and compression sleeve. Good old Southland!!! All the best for tomorrow.

dize5 (490 )    10:43 pm, 26 Jul




Hi farmerlloyd, I'm pleased to know we have ....


something in common, apart from cancer. We both like Romney sheep. They are so lovely. The neighbours here have a Suffolk stud, and their lambs are very cute but not as cute as the woolly faced romney!! Hope you have had a lovely day on the farm anyway. Another good day tomorrow I see too. Hi meridian, thanks for your message for me. I'm looking forward to gettting a job now and starting to work at this Real Estate thing. Hi tishe, nice to see you again. Hows the little baby?? How old now?? Hello wagonstyles, sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully the news will be good from the tests. I'll be thinking of you anyway. Hi sonja2, nice of you to pop in and post too. Lots of people come in and read this thread, and its just great encouragement when people like yourself say a few friendly words as well.

joystik (285 )    10:46 pm, 26 Jul






As soon as I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my oncologist asked what stress I had in my life. I had been nursing my elderley mother for years, and she had the last 3 years in a nursing home, but was 91 at the time, and very demanding, as I am the only daughter in N.Z. (She passed away 6 months ago). I also have a lot of worry with my eldest daughter who is 38 and lives in Australia. She has been anorexic, then bulimic, since she was 15, and has a wild lifestyle and I worry continually. I only told the oncologist about my mother, not my daughter, and she said my cancer was DEFINITELY caused by stress. I was supposed to have radiotherapy 5 - 6 weeks after surgery & had to wait 11 weeks because of a long waiting list, so that stressful too. My husband did not handle my cancer well either.

dize5 (490 )    10:50 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Dize, thanks for your good wishes. Yes I was..


very surprised when I phoned about the prosthesis fitting, and asked if they sold the gardening sleeve and pressure sleeves, and was told No, we Give them away!! See, there is still some good in the world...just a matter of , finding it!! Have you had a good day?? I hope so. I have been busy out in the garden. Was thinking I might start some new potatoes off in the glasshouse, and have them really early. I grow all my spuds on buckets. Just a couple of seed spuds to a bucket of well and you can get them away early, because you can move them out of the frost!! Smart aye?? Better get to bed...Chemo at 10am....Take care Dize...see you tomorrow...

joystik (285 )    10:51 pm, 26 Jul




Yep my cancer was definately stress induced too


and fed my low melatonin levels. Thats my deduction. My backs pretty good thanks - fingers crossed for a good daty tomorrow - night all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:53 pm, 26 Jul




Hello Landylass, are you home tonight or is it ...


tomorrow? You will be pleased to get back to a more familiar routine at home again, and not have to travel on those icy roads. Hope you treatment has all worked out well, and you didn't have too many side effects. That will be me in about 3 months time. I Have my 3rd chemo transfusion tomorrow, so I am half finished after that. Looking forward to seeing that you are home safe and sound. Hi to you Kiwikaz too. Hows things with you? I hope not seeing you on here doesn't mean anything bad, more that you are just busy with your children. I hope your hubby is getting along ok at the moment without extra problems. Take care and (((((hugs))))) to you both.....

joystik (285 )    10:58 pm, 26 Jul




I tried to tell my self that I hadn't had much....


stress in my life, well not enough to cause me to get cancer anyway! But when I started to add up all the things that had happened over the last 20 years, there had been major incidences of great stress, including the deaths of close family members etc. It definately causes cancer, no two ways about that in my mind.

joystik (285 )    11:01 pm, 26 Jul




Hi Luke and Twinkies, are you guys out there???


I have been thinking of you and your little kiddies too during the day, and hope that your treatments are all going to plan. Everyday is a step forward and a day closer to the time you will be able to say WE BEAT THE MONSTER!!! Dont forget to keep your swords held high and FIGHT,FIGHT, FIGHT......((((HUGS)))) to you all and your little kiddies......

joystik (285 )    11:03 pm, 26 Jul




Nite Nite everyone especially anyone I have missed


off the list....Have a good sleep and a great day tomorrow.....

joystik (285 )    11:05 pm, 26 Jul




night joystick


good luck for your treatment tomorrow. How do you avoid stress I ask? Life goes smoothly for awhile and then it jumps up again and slaps you in the face. Wouldn't it be lovely if everything went as you wanted it too. Nite

boop2 (109 )    11:12 pm, 26 Jul




for the ladys



miked10 (273 )    11:14 pm, 26 Jul




Good morning to everyone this morning


and I am sorry I was unable to reply to a few of you nice people who mentioned my name yesterday. With the demands of High School homework on one computer here we all have to fit in as best we can.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:08 am, 27 Jul




To you Meridian , Maewest and Joystik


Some of you were commenting on why I have no lambs here. Well, I sold all the breeding ewes at the time I was sick and have replaces them with young stock. So at the moment I have almost 3000 last seasons lambs running around on this farm and although they are as much work during the winter. It is when the spring comes along that I get the benefit, because I miss out on all the drama of lambing, and all the workload that comes with that . So I hope that explaains it well enough.... and in keeping with the theme of yesterdays posts, the thinking behind missing out on lambing was to reduce the stress, and hopefully get some benefit from that But all is not lost

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:18 am, 27 Jul




My stock Agent


has talked me into having 100 in lamb ewes here this year. Just for fun.Should be able to handle them I think. I alwys enjoy springtime especially when the days are nice ones

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:21 am, 27 Jul




Oh Hi Boop


Another lovely day for all of us in the mainland today. Yay for the name Lloyd. Well that is my take on it and I hope yours as well !!

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:32 am, 27 Jul




And to you Sonia


Good morning to you from the South of the south. I do hope your back pain has gone away, or at least is getting better.I think most farmers could relate to that crippling condition and from one who knows, I wish you a speedy recovery.

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:36 am, 27 Jul




To Bogeyi, Ryan and all your family


Thinking of you as you begin another day... Best wishes the treatment goes smoothly. Hope you get through today with no major hiccups. Cyber hugs to you all up there

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:39 am, 27 Jul




Finally to Paula and Josh


Hi Neighbouram running outta time to chat but sending you my good wishes for your day today .. chase those bugs away Paula ... See you later. Off to feed out .

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:41 am, 27 Jul




good morning all...i am the bearer of good news


ryans creatinine has come down more 66 and is in the normal range, his urea is normal as well.....phew..I feel like a huge load has been lifted I know it will shoot up again but at least we know they can hopefully deal with it...... Thank you to everyone that has left messages for us.

bogeyi (484 )    8:39 am, 27 Jul






YAHOO YAHOO YAHOO - THAT IS THE BEST NEWS! Gonna be a good day! I hope you got some sleep too. Give Ryan a hug from us! Awesome. Love and hugs to you xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

paulaxx (78 )    8:51 am, 27 Jul






Hi neighbour tee hee, Chris has gone off to move the cows today our staff member is off again, so I am unable to do a lot with things the way they are. Still, mum is coming down in Aug for the start of calving so I will be able to help with the feeding of the calves. Seems like its been raining a fair bit overnight. I saw some lambs on the way to Gore yesterday, they are just too cute. have a lovely day and thanks for all the kind words.

paulaxx (78 )    8:54 am, 27 Jul




hi paula


yep we both had good sleeps, just waking for pee pee as they are hydrating him. Hows your cough today, hows josh.

bogeyi (484 )    8:54 am, 27 Jul




Sonia,Boop,Joystik,Luke,Maewest, Meridian,twinkies


and anyone else too, sorry. Have a lovely day and love and thoughts are coming at ya xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    8:55 am, 27 Jul




goodmorning :))


Its a lovely day here, so hopefully I will get the chance to get outside for an hour or so. Dize, I am really sorry to hear about your daughter,it must be terrible for you with her so far away. It sure makes me thankful my son is here so I can keep an eye on him. He sees the dr Monday so hopefully the dr can change his meds and make a few suggestions. I had better run, I have a sick cat so taking him to the vet as hes dehydrated. hugsss to you all,you all sound happy today :))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:47 am, 27 Jul




great news about Ryan


at least you can relax for awhile bogey. When does the actual marrow trasplant take place? Hugs to you all today.

boop2 (109 )    10:24 am, 27 Jul




Hi farmerlloyd


way to go to avoid stress try anything. We have great farms in the Buller , Karamea is mainly dairy I think and it always looks so lovely up there with all that beautiful cattle grazing away.Sun is shining and it really is a lovely day here.

boop2 (109 )    10:28 am, 27 Jul




Hi joystick,


thinking of you this morning hope all goes well.

boop2 (109 )    10:29 am, 27 Jul




Hi paula and joshi


Hope you two are feeling better today. hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:30 am, 27 Jul




Hi Janet


wish you well with your cat today. How are you feeling? Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:31 am, 27 Jul




Hi sonia


are you upff the floor and rearing to go, I hope you are a lot better. How are the wee girls ? Have a nice day. love boop

boop2 (109 )    10:33 am, 27 Jul




Hi maewest


what are you doing today?I have a story very similar to yours but can't talk about it.Don't work too hard. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:35 am, 27 Jul




chemo has just been started


actual transplant is now wed 2nd as we are 2 days behind because of the hiccup.

bogeyi (484 )    10:53 am, 27 Jul




Good morning everyone


Sorry I vanished off here last night. Have just been so tired. Had a good sleep and didn't wake up until 10.15. Bogey, brilliant news. Hopefully now all will proceed as planned. Love and (((HUGS))) to you and Ryan. Paula I hope you are feeling better today and things are settling back down at home for you all. (((HUGS))) to you too.

maewest (79 )    11:05 am, 27 Jul




Hiya Boop


Yes. the stress factor is an interesting subject. The specialists here fobbed me off when I asked and said NO WAY!! Yeah right! Interesting too that affects your arthritis. Hope we can get to chat one day. Sounds like you have had an episode with suicide too. I am coming over to Greymouth the weekend 9/10 September. I will only be in Greymouth (are you far from there?) for the Saturday night. Coming over on a steam excursion.Paul (my bloke)will be working on the train (I will probably end up having a job on it too!) I'm having the weekend off work...can't wait.

maewest (79 )    11:16 am, 27 Jul




Sonia, how's the back


today. Hope you are still pain free. My shoulder has eased up a little bit, thanks to the purple stuff and wheatbag.Have a lovely day and take it easy XXX

maewest (79 )    11:18 am, 27 Jul




Joystik you will be


finished your chemo now. Halfway!! Hope you keep feeling okay this time round. Good on Southland for supplying the sleeves. I haven't started the roses week!!!Housework is on the menu for me today. I can't put it off any longer!!! I have heard of spuds being grown in buckets but I haven't tried it. I haven't got a glasshouse but will try a few and put them in the garage. Look forward to hearing from you later.

maewest (79 )    11:22 am, 27 Jul




Good morning Farmerlloyd


I know how much work lambing is after spending time on friends' farms. It just doesn't happen all by itself (I always thought it did before that!!!). I remember being amazed seeing lambs with dead lambs'skins on their backs so they could be mothered. It will be lovely for you to have some lambs romping about next year. I hope you are having a lovely day too.

maewest (79 )    11:27 am, 27 Jul




I need a lesson in farming!!


It doesn't happen all by itself? LOL I feel so naive!

janetmk1 (39 )    11:31 am, 27 Jul






I hope things are better in your house today. It does sound like they need to do something about your son's drugs. It's a hit and miss game until they get the levels right. I think one of the hardest things is getting them motivated to do anything.. Josh (yes another one) just sits around all day doing nothing. He really needs a job (in my opinion) but then who is going to employ him. A vicious circle.

maewest (79 )    11:41 am, 27 Jul




Hi Janet


I'm sorry...the above message was meant for you!!!! I think I need some brain pills!!! My brain has never quite recovered from the chemo. I live in hope!

maewest (79 )    11:49 am, 27 Jul




Anyway Meridian


this one's for you. I hope you are having a lovely day also. Also Dize, Kwikaz, Landylass (are you home tonight??). My love and thoughts to Luke and Koen, and Twinkies and Briyanna.XXX

maewest (79 )    11:59 am, 27 Jul




Where is



maewest (79 )    12:00 pm, 27 Jul




Hi everyone ;o)


Backs still pretty good thanks, bit achy but nothing like before, taking the pain meds, hopefully it'll stay sorted. I went to an impromptu scrapbooking class (I'm down on hold for any day when noone books for the set classes they call me up and I can come in. How sweet is that? Bought more tools for it also so all set :o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:13 pm, 27 Jul




Boop & Bogeyi


My cough is ok thanks. Taking the antibiotics will help, just takes a couple of days. Thanks for your care. Like you havent got enough to worry about. xoxoxo p.s Bogey I am still smiling over Ryans levels of creatinine xo great

paulaxx (78 )    12:13 pm, 27 Jul




Hey Bogeyi


Excellent, excellent news! YAY!!!! *Dances round the table for Ryan* Woohoo! Tell him I think he is just fabulous and I wish him all the best today :o) OK I gotta go make Em her lunchj, back later, thanks all for thinking of me. Back injury sux, cancer sux more, but back pian is up there man, no doubt about it.

soniat-d (153 )    12:15 pm, 27 Jul






Cool... that sounds like heaps of fun! Maewest and Meridian - Hi hope you are both ok. (((((HUGS))))) to everyone

paulaxx (78 )    12:15 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Paula :o)


Glad your coughs OK - I still have mine, but the phlemy chesty thing's all gone, so its not nearly so bad. Lydia's still got the cough too but otherwise fine, she is constipated badly though, getting her to school this morning was quite a drama, the walk there seemed to help thank goodness though still no action when we got there - hopefully she's "moving" again now, otherwise we've got an interesting afternoon ahead!?!

soniat-d (153 )    12:18 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Sonia


Poor Lydia, thats such a yucky feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would she eat a kiwi fruit that might help? You probably know all the remedies anyway so I m not going to go there. Did I tell you I got Cass's ears pierced on Tuesd. She looks ever so cute and thinks she is so clever cos she didnt even cry! Had to be purple earrings of course lol. Have a good afternoon hun, hope Lydia 'goes' soon ;o)

paulaxx (78 )    2:03 pm, 27 Jul




paula tell cass shes a brave girl


I got kirstys done when she was about 4, but this year she decided she didnt want them pierced so shes left them out....Ryan on the other hand has been wanting to get his ear done for about a year and cant yet..

bogeyi (484 )    2:34 pm, 27 Jul




sonia like paula said you probally know the


tricks but you can buy kiwicrush from the frozen section at the supermarket, part of FA is constipation badly lucky he only had it when he was little.

bogeyi (484 )    2:46 pm, 27 Jul




Hey Bogey


How you doing today? I will tell Cass thanks. I told Josh he could have a tattoo or get anything??? pierced when he has his next general anaesthetic so when hes a teenager its all ready done tee hee. Hes not keen!! LOL. I just told him Ryan wants his ear pierced and he said really...! We are still with you in there every single day ok!!!!! Lots a love Paula and Josh oxoxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    2:49 pm, 27 Jul




Hi everyone


great news bogey I hope the path too the transplant is smoothe now. How is the xbox going is it in use? Well done ryan you are so brave.

boop2 (109 )    3:40 pm, 27 Jul




Hi paula, sonia, janet, maewest and joshi


I hope you have got great weather like ours and are enjoying your day. Great sleep maewest I did too slept right through till 8.15.Don't dance and hurt your back again sonia, poor wee Lydia that is horrible does she eat well?Hi janet how's your day been?Hi paula and joshi enjoying being home?Joystick should be home now might be resting.

boop2 (109 )    3:46 pm, 27 Jul




Hi everyone ;o)


Yes well Lydias good at eating apples and carrots, eats them constantly but variety is the problem - she's picky and unadventurous. ONLY drinks water, but not enough to do the trick. Won't do kiwifruit etc... Have sent her out with nanny to the park for a good run around. My lumpy area is sore as today, could be about 3 different reasons (Vit C attacking the lumps, dammaged flesh healing/not, lumps getting bigger... who knows? But yowsa! Throb throb throb... Backs good. Off to take some more pain meds. How is Ryan Bogeyi? And how is Josh Paula, wouldn't have been such a good fishing day today - very cold and gloomy, may have been good for actually catching fish, but wouldn't have been much fun ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:01 pm, 27 Jul




I feel sad today


it is a year today that I lost my big sister with lung cancer she was so brave at the time. We miss you m.

boop2 (109 )    4:27 pm, 27 Jul




boop sending you some big


(((((cyber hugs))))).......

bogeyi (484 )    4:55 pm, 27 Jul




i have


been following this thread for the last 3 months.My mum was diagnosed 3 months ago with small cell lung cancer.She has a tumor in her right breast.She also has cancer spots down her spine and on her liver.She had radiation on the tumor and had chemo for the last 3 months.Was told on monday that the chemo was unsuccessful and they have stopped all treatment.:(I just wanted to say thank you for this thread as it has given me support (silly i know)and i wanted to wish everyone the best with beating this disease.Ange

rickcoffey (1411 )    4:59 pm, 27 Jul




Ryan is good, so far no more hiccups


hes having a sleep at the moment, chemo went well today..

bogeyi (484 )    5:00 pm, 27 Jul




Oh Bettyboop


I feel sad for you. First anniversaries are so hard.Big (((HUGS))) coming your way.

maewest (79 )    5:23 pm, 27 Jul




Bogey I'm pleased


everything went to plan today. Poor Ryan, he will be too no doubt. Big (((HUGS))) to you both.

maewest (79 )    5:24 pm, 27 Jul






Sorry to hear that! This thread is a great place to come for support! Hang in there (((((HUGS)))))

paulaxx (78 )    5:27 pm, 27 Jul






Glad today is going ok... hope you have a decent night and a restful sleep you guys xoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:28 pm, 27 Jul






OOOH feeling sad for you. Sending you lots of loving thoughts and hugs ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) xoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:29 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Ange


So sad about your Mum. As you know there is a great support network here and it is a good place to vent your feelings. Big (((HUGS))) coming your way.

maewest (79 )    5:31 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Paula


How are you feeling today. Is that cough getting any better? Everyone around me seems to have the bot at the moment. So far, so good! Don't like my chances though. How is Josh today? Is that XBox still getting a thrashing?

maewest (79 )    5:33 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Maewest


Im feeling yucky!! Just the bot tho as you say nothing like what you all have to deal with and Josh. He is feeling a lot better in himself. Yes thank the lord for x-box! It is his salvation!!!! Nice to hear from you xo

paulaxx (78 )    6:17 pm, 27 Jul




Paula there are


some nasty bugs around just now. Funny, all the ones at work who had the flu jab have come down with something. I'm the only healthy one so jab!!! Better not speak too soon. Good on the XBox! So pleased Josh is feeling better today. ((((HUGS))))

maewest (79 )    6:30 pm, 27 Jul




MMMM Maewest


We were all made to have flu jabs in this house too. Does make you wonder huh????? Have a lovely evening - off to have a soak in the bath and another early night.xo

paulaxx (78 )    6:40 pm, 27 Jul




ok guys if anyone wants to see some pics


of ryan in here i have done some on photobucket but i need your email addys so i can invite you. Hes got 3 machines on his pole, ones a double, he has 5 lines with different things in them...

bogeyi (484 )    7:32 pm, 27 Jul




nurse just came in and Ryans creatinine


has dropped more yahoo 51

bogeyi (484 )    7:34 pm, 27 Jul




GREAT NEWS BOGEYI!!! Thata the sort of news


we want to hear out of your camp. I've been thinking about you all day and hoped to arrive up to good news, and it happened....Glad the chemo went ok too.

joystik (285 )    7:44 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Boop, Thinking of you especially on a sad day..


for you. The anniversaries are difficult times for a few years, but it does get easier with time. You never forget, it just becomes more a part of things in your life which you learn to accept. Special hugs for you...

joystik (285 )    7:46 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Paula, glad your cough is improving. I missed


being able to visit you today at Kew. I was there from 10am until 4pm!! Long story! Tell Cass she is a brave little girl for getting her ears peirced and not even crying. Glad things are well with Josh too. Shame about the worker!!When's he likely to return?? Poor Chris, its huge when theres so much to do and no help on the farm, and then theres all the home stuff to add to his concern. I feel for you all. Is it 100 or 200 acres you want?? Special hugs for you all too....

joystik (285 )    7:50 pm, 27 Jul




Sonia, Hi to you too. Glad the back is feeling a


little better today, but sorry to hear the lump are causing you concern and pain. Did you have Vit.C today too?? Or tomorrow. Nice you were able to get in to an extra scrapbooking class. You're really getting into it arent you? I hope you post some pics of the finished product. Poor little Lydia. I hope she feels better soon. The chemo that I am on is bad for that and so are the steroids and the Ondansteron (Zofran). I was eating kiwifruit, but they got a bit to acid when I was neutropenic and split the corner of my mouth! Ahhh Stingy! Better now though, but I got some herbal product called Nuclense. I just take one at night when I go to bed and They work really good. I will take 2 for the next few days while I'm on all these other drugs. Hugs to you all up there.

joystik (285 )    7:58 pm, 27 Jul




hey sonia - do you realise that apples


can actually make you more constipated? They can actually work either way depending on the individual - but if your daughter is already constipated and they aren't helping they could be making it worse.

mimi1 (226 )    8:02 pm, 27 Jul




Rickcoffey, I am so sorry to read about your Mum..


All I can do is send my love and best wishes to you and your Mum. I know you will be there for her and support her as she goes through this time. We are all here for you, to lend you support and hugs, and I will be thinking about you daily too. Take Care....

joystik (285 )    8:02 pm, 27 Jul




Gee Maewest, that was a BIG sleepin for you!!


That post sounded more like me actually. Hope your day has gone according to your plans. Have you seen that add on TV, when that wee toddler picks the wee girl up in the new car and takes her to the beach?? Its for Hyundai 4WD I think and its just sooo cute. Well nothing like getting side tracked by tele is there. I've got an interview for a Real Estate position on Monday at 11am.........

joystik (285 )    8:06 pm, 27 Jul




Good to see you back


Joystik. Boy that was a long time at the hospital. Hey we must be watching the same're not watching Coro St again are you???? lol. Yes it is good ad. Do you know the people in the real estate office? Good on you for getting on to it. I'm sure you will be real estate person extraordinaire by next Tuesday!

maewest (79 )    8:10 pm, 27 Jul




hi joystik im sure i had your email??


can you send me anything through an will send these pics of ryan.

bogeyi (484 )    8:12 pm, 27 Jul




Farmerlloyd, what a lovely post outlining your....


farming practices. I can see why you have done what you have. Lambing can be such a busy time, especially if the weather is dodgy, and thats when they usually choose to arrive up. I grew up on a dairy farm, but we did have about 100 romney sheep, mainly for eating!! ( Sorry,did I say that??) They seemed to always choose the wettestnight of the week to lamb, and it is so easy for them to be mis mothered with lots of mud and muck about. They quickly dont smell right to the mum, especially if thee are lots of others wandering about. A farm near us up in Oamaru used to put a plastic bread bag over each lamb to keep it dry and warm I suppose. You could glance over the paddock and see Holsums, moelnbury, Thick, Thin, wholemeal.....quite cute really I suppose...and funny I thought. Hope you have had a great day anyway.

joystik (285 )    8:14 pm, 27 Jul




Bogeyi, I have sent am email through now...Cheers


for that...Look forward to the pics....

joystik (285 )    8:18 pm, 27 Jul




Bogey thanks


your email has come through but need the password for photobucket to view the pics. Tried guesswork but no luck

maewest (79 )    8:18 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Janet, Hope your cat is OK? They end up being


like another child dont they. My boy just loves me and tonight he's here sniffing me all the time cos I smell funy from the chemo and hospital I suppose. He always sniffs my head and pulls away like its a terrible smell. The chemo must smell to a you think. It doesnt smell to me, or taste either. Hope the Dr can provide so more help for you son on Monday. Its not a great time for you is it. I think about you everyday, send you prayers an hugs for a positive outcome to all this.

joystik (285 )    8:22 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Dize, yes I am impressed about what they do


at the Cancer society here in Southland too. I got 2 breast pillows when I first had the surgery,(they are made and donated by the Inner Wheel Club)As well they sent a soft prosthesis, gardening gloves, vouchers for complimentry underarm waxing, and now the pressure sleeve and the gardening sleeve as well. SOUTHLAND does ROCK!! I didnt get them today because I had to cancel the appointment, but theres next week. Hope you have had a great day in Hamilton. It was lovely at home but showery and not so nice in town....hugs to you too dize..

joystik (285 )    8:28 pm, 27 Jul




maewest sent you an email


joystik sent you one as well can you tell me if the password is on the email???it should be.

bogeyi (484 )    8:31 pm, 27 Jul




Maewest, I am watching Coronation Street actually!


Its about the only thing I do watch at the moment and most tuesdays I miss it cos someone always phones up just when its starting. I am getting a bit sick of the Shelly and Charlie thing I have to say....

joystik (285 )    8:32 pm, 27 Jul




Bogey, there is no hope


for me!!! Yes the password is on the email...I didn't read the fine print!!! I will go back now and look at the pics. Thanks you so much.

maewest (79 )    8:34 pm, 27 Jul






yip I'm an avid Coro watcher too...a new storyline would be good at the mo, I agree.

maewest (79 )    8:36 pm, 27 Jul




Ohh Bogeyi, Your family are just beautiful.......


It just made me cry to sit here looking at Ryan and thinking about what he has got ahead of him. CANCER SUX! Special love to you all....

joystik (285 )    8:42 pm, 27 Jul




glad its working



bogeyi (484 )    8:45 pm, 27 Jul




If I have missed anyone, its because my brain has


gone offline for a wee while. But I think of you all every day, and wonder what you are all up to in you corners of the country. Hi luke and Koen, hope treatment is going as planned. Thanks for you email update. And you too Twinkies and Briyanna. I hope things are progressing favourably for you as well. I pray for you all every day. Hi Meridian, hows things with you today? Hope all is good up there. I have had such a busy few weeks and have sort of clocked out a wee bit today.. Take care too amd ((((HUGS)))) to you all....

joystik (285 )    8:47 pm, 27 Jul




Sonia, where are you???.....


another fifty!!!

joystik (285 )    8:47 pm, 27 Jul




Ryan has started his NG feeding tonight


only 10mls an but what a different boy in the last hour much more talkative, he hasnt eaten since monday afternoon after radiation, just wasnt hungry so he was feeling sick because of an empty stomach.

bogeyi (484 )    8:49 pm, 27 Jul




Bogey thanks for the


photo. I too feel really makes it all the more real.You have a beautiful family Bogey. It must be hard on them all. I'm so pleased Ryan has perked up tonight. ((((HUGS))) to you all XXXX

maewest (79 )    8:54 pm, 27 Jul




Well my day has been a very long and quite ....


eventfull one in lots of ways. I went for Chemo transfusion at 10am. Announced my arrival to the receptionist, and was told to take a seat. I waited for 45 minutes, and Kevin was saying'she hasn't told them you're here??' And he was right, she hadn't! Wrong foot straight off aye? Then in to start the proceedure, first one through the Port with a new needle insertion. The last one was done the day I had the port put in, and the needle was put in while in theatre. The Oncology nurse put the needle in just fine, no emla patch, and it didnt hurt. She flushed it, and then tried to get blood back, but nothing. So she flushed it again about 4 times, still nothing coming back. Got the Head nurse to check it, and she couldn't see any problem, so hooked the machine up for a 200ml flush! That went through, but when she stopped the machine, it wouldnt keep dripping which indicated resistance, and maybe going somewhere else. At this stage its only saline........

joystik (285 )    8:54 pm, 27 Jul




maewest thanks for the email


i am good,happy everything is going to plan so far, its a big releif. Does anyone have koens site addy i cant get in..

bogeyi (484 )    8:55 pm, 27 Jul




Bogey, Koen's


caringbridge site is password protected at the moment. I hope we hear from Luke soon. He and Koen will be having a big week. Hopefully at the weekend.

maewest (79 )    9:00 pm, 27 Jul







bogeyi (484 )    9:02 pm, 27 Jul




The head nurse was called again and decided I....


should go down for a chest xray just to make sure the port and catheter were ok and positioned correctly. So off I went, and after 30 minutes I was back with the 'Ok its the same as post surgery, and it worked then so It must be ok'. So they flushed it again, but still couldn't get any blood back. Then the IV Nurse was called. They tried the lifting the arms, laying the bed flat, rotating the head, but nothing would draw off. I explained that I do have some Scottish blood and maybe giving blood was out of the question!! But No, the IV Nurse wasnt happy and said he wouldn't like to see a transfusion go ahead without knowing exactly what was happening first. So he booked me for another Xray, this time with contrast, so they could see if it was going where it should be. Back I went to xray amd gowned up again, in with the contrast and it was perfect, and running out into the vein where it was supposed to be going.

joystik (285 )    9:04 pm, 27 Jul




OH Joystik


What a performance. You poor thing. Its bad enough being in that place for an hour without being there for that long. Exhausting!

maewest (79 )    9:07 pm, 27 Jul




They could see on the xray that the needle was


running right downthe side of the port, and somehow creating its own vacuum and stopping fluids from being able to be drawn back. They took the needle out in X-ray and put a new one in, and got blood instantly. Problem solved, and off back to Oncology and started the transfusion about 2.15 and finished about 3.45. So It was a very big day at the hospital, and I had to cancel the fitting appointment with the Cancer Society Prosthesis Lady. Never mind, theres next week. Kevin and Lauren had to leave me there an go to her dentist appointment, and arrived back as I finished. I feel very heady tonight, and know I wont sleep because of the steroids so thats not 'turning me on' much either.

joystik (285 )    9:10 pm, 27 Jul




Hi joystik


Thank you for the message. I too had the soft underarm pillow. I had my op privately, and the hospital gave it to me, and it had a note saying it was made by the Inner Wheel Club of Fairfield, Hamilton. I used it in bed for 6 months, it was SO comfy. I wrote to the Inner Wheel Club and thanked them and gave them a donation of $20, so they could make lots more!!!

dize5 (490 )    9:11 pm, 27 Jul




I remember that 'heady'


feeling like it was yesterday Joystik. Hard to explain, isn't it. Have your eyes stopped running? I hope you manage to get some sleep. Only three more to go....YES!!!! XXX

maewest (79 )    9:13 pm, 27 Jul




Might take a couple of panadol before I go to bed.


for my head as well, that could help. Got a few flowers to put in the garden tomorrow if the mood takes me. And have my appointment on Monday to focus on as well. Hopefully this will feel better by the morning. It was so hot in there too, and apparently, the heating is controlled from AUCKLAND!!! I must have had at least 2 litres of water as well as all the chemo drugs and the extra flush.

joystik (285 )    9:14 pm, 27 Jul




Sonia, I love this thread of yours so much.


I wish it had been around when I was having surgery and treatment. I had no one really to talk to. My elderly mum didn't want to know, she thought if you didn't mention it, it wasn't there. My husband Tom was supportive, and took me to every appointment and every radiotherapy treatment, but he wouldn't talk about it either. My two daughters who live in Hamilton were great, but they have their own lives and families, and you don't want to be forever dwelling on it to them, and I didn't ever want them to know I was afraid. Oh, if only there had been a thread like this to share stories, fears, treatments, etc. I am always clicking on during the day to see the latest news of everyone. Swords up, one and all.

dize5 (490 )    9:16 pm, 27 Jul




I have never had runy eyes Maewest,and have....


never had this heady feeling before either. Only thing I have had is a sort of a feeling like I have Parkinsons or something and a bit of a shaking of the head. Thats what it feels like to me, but I have asked Kevin if I am shaking and he says I'm not! Interesting aye. Also a flash or a star about a foot away out of the right eye!!

joystik (285 )    9:17 pm, 27 Jul




oh joystik what a long day


I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight.

bogeyi (484 )    9:17 pm, 27 Jul




One good thing about


having all that fluid Joystick, is that it will flush all the chemo drugs out of your system really fast....hopefully. The panadol should do the trick for your head. Hope it feels better tomorrow.

maewest (79 )    9:17 pm, 27 Jul




Hi all :o)


Sorry - busy busy! Lydia's all fine and dandy - things got going after dinner, then she was bouncing around full of beans! Thanks for the apples tip Mimi but they don't affect her that way - bananas are a big no no for my two, for that reason ;o) Anyway, my breastless area is still throbbing, painkiller makes no difference - aarrgh! I made a frippery bracelet for myself today - anyone know what those are? Anyway, its cool, has pics of my girls and Brent and me on wedding day etc. I love it - love all my bling, but this new one is super-special :o) Wow Paula pierced ears at 5! Lucky Cass! I wasn't allowed, period, so I went and did it myself when I was 18 and my mum didn't speak to me for days LOL *rolls the eyes*.

soniat-d (153 )    9:19 pm, 27 Jul




Hi everyone


I'm feeling rather sad today. We had to have our dog of 11 years put to sleep. I'm feeling rather sorry for myself.

meridian1 (300 )    9:19 pm, 27 Jul




Sorry Joystik


I thought you mentioned a wee while ago that your eyes were running. Mine ran the whole time...had to use eyedrops so I could see!! It seems to affect everyone differently. Even six months down the track I'm sure my memory isn't as good as it used to be..but then it could just be old age!! lol

maewest (79 )    9:21 pm, 27 Jul




I think its much like that for lots of us Dize....


on here we all have this thing in common and can discuss it freely with out being boring, because we all have empathy for one anothers situations. With some family and friend, it somehow seems differentbecause until you have experienced it yourself, you really dont know how it feels. I have people say to me, 'oh you are so brave', but they haven't seen me when I have been on my own, and in the early stages just crying for my life, and begging to be spared from this monster. In the early stages it was hard, but my sword is held up all the time now and with a more positive attitude, I will win. My positivity had largely been increased from being on here talking to others and from searching for information. Hugs to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:23 pm, 27 Jul




Oh joystik


what a terrible day you had. I bet you are glad that is over. I didn't have chemo, so read your reports with great interest. You are great the way you include us all, with your personal comments. It has been a lovely sunny day here in Hamilton, with a cold nip in the wind. Tonight is supposed to be Minus 2 - brrr. I LOVE Coronation Street and have been watching it for 40 years, and yes, I am totally fed up with Shelley and Tracey. Sleep well tonight Heather.

dize5 (490 )    9:23 pm, 27 Jul




So true Dize5 :o)


This thread has been my lifesaver, such support, perspective, knowledge etc etc. Brent used to criticise me for dwelling in the thread, but has seen how happy it makes me - now he shows genuine interest ;o) My mum is just like yours Dize - pretend its not happening and then maybe it isn't LOL Frustrating... (((((hugs))))) to all my friends on this thread - xoxoxoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    9:24 pm, 27 Jul




meridian sorry to hear that


big hugs to you..

bogeyi (484 )    9:26 pm, 27 Jul




meridian sorry to hear that


big hugs to you..

bogeyi (484 )    9:27 pm, 27 Jul






Boop anniversaries are always hard especially the first as it only feels like the other day you saw them. I have been thinking of you since you posted the message about your sister as I know its very hard when you lose a close brother or sister.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:27 pm, 27 Jul




Oh no Meridian, that is a sad time too. I have...


never had to do that, but when my beautiful Abyssinian boy got run over, I cried for a week. It was worse than being diagnosed with Cancer almost. He was my friend, and when Kevin way away for a long time, that cat never left my side. I was suffering with fibroids at the time, and was losing lots of blood, and twice got up in the night and fainted in the bathrom, and came round to find that cat nudging my forehead trying to wake me up. Sounds like rot probably but it is absolutely true. He was amazing. I feel for you, you will miss him. (((HUGS)))) to you.

joystik (285 )    9:28 pm, 27 Jul




Oh Joystik


What a day you've had - yikes! All good now? I get the brave statement heaps too ;o) I say "thanks, I have my moments believe me!" We all despair at times, I certainly am not enjoying the unexplained pain in the bad area today - always cause for concern... but what to do? Have to wait for next scan... been planning Brents 40th this afternoon - which will also be the day I discovered my first cancerous lump. So been battling the monster for almost a year - 8/8 is my anniversary, but hey, I'm still here ;o) Swords up one and all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:30 pm, 27 Jul






SO sorry about your dog, :(((

janetmk1 (39 )    9:31 pm, 27 Jul




Bogeyi, I'm so pleased to hear that Ryan has....


perked up a bit. Is he having Chemo every day? What sort does he have?? Will he go through the hair loss and all that again? Hes such a handsome wee dude....

joystik (285 )    9:31 pm, 27 Jul




Thanks Bogeyi


I am so pleased to hear that Ryan is improving! I'd love to see the pics to (if that's okay with you)! My email addy should be in Ryan's caringbridge guestbook. Love and big hugs to you!!!!!

meridian1 (300 )    9:31 pm, 27 Jul




sonia thats Randal birthday 8/8


meridian will do that now.

bogeyi (484 )    9:36 pm, 27 Jul




Thanks Janet and Sonia for your kind thoughts.


Elle was such a loyal and beautiful dog (a blue heeler) and we loved her to bits. It's going to be really odd not having her around. She was struck by the nasty monster too - in the liver. Poor old girl was in a lot of pain near the end, but we bought her home from the vet clinic (pain meds topped up) and the lovely vet came by at 5pm to end her suffering. She went with lots of cuddles and love.

meridian1 (300 )    9:36 pm, 27 Jul




I'm sorry about your dog too Meridian :o(



soniat-d (153 )    9:36 pm, 27 Jul




I can understand you totally Sonia. Once you have


had it, its hard to totally stop thinking about it and be convinced that its gone away completely, never to return, and even harder for you with the local re-occurance. I hear tonight that Pharmac will make there decision about the Herceptin subsidy tomorrow. I await their decision with great interest, not becauce it will help me, because it wont. The Oncologist told me on tuesday that my HER2 status results came in at 0.1 which is considered to be negative. Over 0.3 is considered positive. So that will save me worring about where that $100,000 will come from to pay for that wont it. Special hugs to all my support on here too.....(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    9:37 pm, 27 Jul




Wow Bogeyi


Our hubby's are twins LOL - he's not turning 40 as well per chance?

soniat-d (153 )    9:38 pm, 27 Jul




Sonia ...


Sorry you are in pain honey. That's not good! I hope it subsides soon. BIG HUGS! (im in a BIG HUG mood!!)

meridian1 (300 )    9:38 pm, 27 Jul




Sonia I do


hope that pain doesn't linger for long. Are you sure that it is not all connected to the back pain that you are having?? Sounds a bit stupid I know...just a thought. Seems strange that it has come about at the same time. Hope you are sleeping okay. I think we all go through down times. You just have to pick yourself up and get on with it. And coming on to this thread certainly helps.Cyber ((((HUGS))) to you XX

maewest (79 )    9:38 pm, 27 Jul






Thank you for the email and the chance to see the gorgeous pics. Awesome. Made a lump in my throat tho. Dear boy, hope you have a good night xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:38 pm, 27 Jul






That is so sad. I really feel for you, losing a best friend whether its fluffy or not is just the pits!!!! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:40 pm, 27 Jul




Thanks to you too joystick...


... man, what a day you've had! Maewest, Farmerllyod, Boop, everyone else I have forgotten .... BIG HUGS TO ALL YOU FABULOUS PEOPLE - yes, I just had to shout that!

meridian1 (300 )    9:40 pm, 27 Jul




Wow Joystik - thats bizarre


I thought you were HER2+?! Yes its wierd eh, I'm -'ve too, and nurse said to me, thats a shame, the 100K stuff won't work on you and I was thinking "thats good isn't it?" but no, odds-wise, not so good. Oh well.

soniat-d (153 )    9:40 pm, 27 Jul




Oh Joystik


What a day!!!! Hope the panadol help, and that you can get some sleep. You poor thing, now you know your way around that part of the hospital really well too ah? Hugs to you (((((HUGS)))))xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:41 pm, 27 Jul




Meridian so sad


about your dog. You will miss him terribly. We had a golden retriever who lived to good old age, but it was me who had to take him to the vet to have him put down. Nobody else could do it! It is so hard as they are part of the family. (((HUGS)))

maewest (79 )    9:41 pm, 27 Jul




Sorry I didn't mention you paula ...


... that's just not on!! Thank for your kind thoughts and special hugs for you Chris, Joshi and Cassy

meridian1 (300 )    9:42 pm, 27 Jul




Dize. Cool


another Coro St fan! I think I have been watching from near the beginning too. Even my kids watch it!!! Yip time for Charlie to take a hike!!

maewest (79 )    9:43 pm, 27 Jul




Nah, Maewest


Totally different kind of pain! Seems I'm just being dealt a lousy week. But my girls were just sooooo happy this evening, takes it all away ;o) Feeling tired now, so better go sort the dishes and take it easy. Brents gone back into work, so I can watch whatever I want hee hee hee :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:44 pm, 27 Jul




Oh wait a minute, I can't go now


another hundee is approaching!

soniat-d (153 )    9:45 pm, 27 Jul






Hope the pain eases for you hun. Yeah I know ears pierced at 5, I wasnt allowed mine down till I turned 12 or so... just wanted to do something especially for Cass, something that I could hold her hand over and give her that proud feeling when it was all over. it worked she thinks she is the coolest. Hugs to you my friend ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) xoxoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    9:46 pm, 27 Jul




thankyou all


for the comments about depression,I felt a bit funny after I had mentioned it on this thread coz you guys are all suffering so much with cancer or relatives with it. But I was feeling soooo frustrated and your comments really helped. Hopefully next week the doctor can motivate him enough so he can at least make a small step. The cat is still with the vet but hes managing to hold down food now so if he has a good night he will be home tomorrow :) I have a day at the hospital with my youngest tomorrow as he has regular tests before the vertigo sets in for a month.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:46 pm, 27 Jul




Paula, every time I walked past childrens area, I


kept wanting to turn in for a visit! I missed you, but boy I was bust going back and forth to xray. HUGs to you guys.....

joystik (285 )    9:46 pm, 27 Jul




Hey Bogeyi


I just had another squiz in your photobucket and saw the new piccies ;o) Golly what a lot of machines! Poor man looks out to it. What a trouper xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:47 pm, 27 Jul




Sorry Sonia, I didnt mean to sttel your thunder on


the hundy.....

joystik (285 )    9:48 pm, 27 Jul




Shame about the typo's too....The brain is offline



joystik (285 )    9:49 pm, 27 Jul




No worries ;o)


I've scored more than my fair share LOL That 5000 was special, won't forget that for a long time ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:49 pm, 27 Jul




You are such a lovely mummy Paula. Cas would have


really enjoyed that special treat just for her. I couldn't stop thinking about that wee dot, when you told me what she said to the dog. Made me cry and then I told the neighbour and we were both bawling....

joystik (285 )    9:51 pm, 27 Jul






Sorry to be a pain, but when you have a mo can you email me again. I got your email in my mailwasher, and was really looking forward to opening it, but somehow it disappeared in the transfer. My brother sent me some really big files, and two of them didn't turn up either - I suspect his emails were the problem.

meridian1 (300 )    9:53 pm, 27 Jul




Janet a tough


week for you too. That depression really is the hidden disease. It is so cruel. I do hope your moggy makes a full recovery too. (((HUGS)))

maewest (79 )    9:53 pm, 27 Jul




Dize that was a great Idea sending the Inner Wheel


people a donation for the lovely pillows. I will do that too. They are very good and were very comfortable for the first few weeks when I still had tender wounds. Haven't used them again for a while, but might try one again tonight.

joystik (285 )    9:53 pm, 27 Jul




Oh Joystik


I know Im sheddig a tear now just thinking about it. Im sorry you've had such a run around day. Have a restful day tomorrow???? I managed to have a long talk to Josh's teacher today and said just how much this all affects wee Cass and how alot of it is inside her! So I think she may just watch her a wee bit more for now? They are so wonderful at that school. xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:53 pm, 27 Jul




What did cass say to the dog???



soniat-d (153 )    9:54 pm, 27 Jul




Paula you are such a


lovely Mum. Cassie will remember today for a long time. I bet she feels really grown up with her pierced ears. So cute XXXX

maewest (79 )    9:54 pm, 27 Jul






Cancel that request ... it didn't disappear after all. I have to wait for my brother's big emails before i can look at yours though.

meridian1 (300 )    9:56 pm, 27 Jul






I was rushing to get packed up last week and take fresh clothes etc to the hospital and Teddie my pup was looking at me like Where the heck are you going? I said Oh Teddie I have to go to Josh and Cass picked him up and said I know how you feel darling it happens to me all the time.... Sniff sniff - poor little cherub

paulaxx (78 )    9:57 pm, 27 Jul




Yah, I'm finished and home in my


own beddy byes tonight! Have spent the last hour catching up! What a roller coaster ride so many of you are having this week. Knew you could pass that exam Joystik, congrats!!!!! So glad Joshi is home and Ryan on the improve. Can sympathise with the back pain Sonia... slipped a disc about 8 years ago and pain was awful. Acupuncture cured it for me and saved me a back op. BIG THANKS Sonia, I'm finished an d thanks to your advice have only a slight red tinge under armpit over scar area where I obviously wasn't getting the cream high enough. It has worked a treat and no sunburn. Just a slight colouring where treatment area was. Tiredness has kicked in and I have come home to two sick kids. Miss16 been crook all week and I hated leaving her on Monday and now Mr14 gone down with it and been off school today. Looks like both will be home again tomorrow. Maybe I should have stayed the weekend in Dunedin!!!!

landylass (48 )    9:57 pm, 27 Jul




Thanks maewest


Hopefully it will be nothing like joystiks day at the hospital, you must have been glad to see the back of that place today. Not the nicest of places anyway but when things don't go well ughhhh it seems to take forever to get to where you were at the start.... if that makes sense?

janetmk1 (39 )    9:58 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Landylass


Lovely to see your back (((((hugs)))))

paulaxx (78 )    9:58 pm, 27 Jul




I'd forgotten about those pillows


I could do with one still, believe it or not. Thanks for reminding me, I'll ring the Cancer Society tomorrow and ask them, could also do with the gardening gloves too. No freebies up here in the big smoke it would seem!?!

soniat-d (153 )    9:59 pm, 27 Jul






I went for a blood test and they couldn't get blood thru my port. I was in all sorts of positions and when it finally started coming thru had to hold this weird position until they got enough! Great your chemo is going so well. Will catch up tomorrow, got to get to bed.

landylass (48 )    9:59 pm, 27 Jul




Awww Paula


this hideous disease justs affects everybody. The poor wee mite. Love to you all XXXXX

maewest (79 )    10:00 pm, 27 Jul




Paula so glad to hear


your tests had a positive outcome. You have enough to cope with at the moment! For what its worth my s-i-l in her 30's had heaps of cysts and is now in her 50's and had no further problems.

landylass (48 )    10:00 pm, 27 Jul




Welcome back Landylass


but a shame you have come home to sick kids!! Still your own bed will feel wonderful after being away for so long. We have missed you XXX

maewest (79 )    10:01 pm, 27 Jul






everyone - i have been feeling really low today, its when you get home from the hospital that it all hits you! You are all my saviours, thanks - yea it sure does affect everyone! xxxxx

paulaxx (78 )    10:02 pm, 27 Jul




Oh god Paula


Thats so sad and such a sweet mental picture. It must be so hard on the little siblings - at least with my two its affecting them both equally, makes it easier in a way. (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    10:02 pm, 27 Jul




sonia dont feel sorry for him


he was wide awake joking around, as i type this i am telling ryan and he is laughing.....if you want a good laugh look at ryans web site on todays entry...little bugger Sonia he will be 39 (hubby)

bogeyi (484 )    10:03 pm, 27 Jul




Cheers to you Landylass


Glad it went so well, glad I could help ;o) I'm feeling whacked too, so time for me to sign off, nightie night all :o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:03 pm, 27 Jul




Haven't had a decent sleep


this week. Helipad at hospital is just across the road and one night rescue chopper came in at midnight and again at 1am and woke me up both times. Was noise from a party somewhere last night. haha I found I have almost become a city slicker. Last weekend when home I struggled to sleep thru the dogs barking and trains.

landylass (48 )    10:04 pm, 27 Jul




Well all you lovely


people. I'm off to bed. Early (7am) start at work in the morning. Hope you all have a good sleep. I will talk to you again tomorrow. Nitey night. XXX

maewest (79 )    10:04 pm, 27 Jul






I love it. Josh said he has just one wish now that he and Ryan get to play on the x-box together. I think that is so cool. The two of them together could have the best time!!! Gorgeous - tell him we think he is great.

paulaxx (78 )    10:06 pm, 27 Jul




whaaaaaaaaaaaaa paula


bought a tear to my eye, just showed him and his smile said it all....forgot to say hes sitting here eating popcorn, first thing in 3 days must be the small amounts going in the NG tube that have got his stomach working....yipee

bogeyi (484 )    10:09 pm, 27 Jul






Im off to hit the hay, love to you all and thanks for the support somedays I think its all a bit much and then I come on here and you all chase away my clouds -thanks and nanite xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:09 pm, 27 Jul






Thanks for the link - you have 3 absolutely gorgeous children!! Re the journal entry for today - don't you just love cheeky little boys! He's soooo KOOL! Have a good night!

meridian1 (300 )    10:12 pm, 27 Jul




Paula ...


I'm sorry you have had a low day. You are such a special Mummy. What a lovely thing for Cassielle having her ears pierced. Such a neat idea for 'the girls'. You tell her that your T/M pals are so proud of her!! I'm please that plugging into the M/B gives you a well earned and needed lift.

meridian1 (300 )    10:18 pm, 27 Jul






I know that losing a dog in no way compares with what everyone else on here is going through, but it was nice for me to share my feelings with you all, and receive so many kind thoughts. Thank you all for allowing me that. I'm off now - goodnite everyone! LOVE AND HUGS ALL ROUND!

meridian1 (300 )    10:19 pm, 27 Jul




gosh this has moved tonight


took ages catching up. Hope everyone is a bit brighter tomorrow. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:30 pm, 27 Jul




Hi Landylass, pleased to see you are home safe


and sound,but sorry its to 2 sick teenagers!! I will catch up tomorrow. Need to try for some sleep after the day I have had. Have a good sleep everyone and see you all tomorrow. You are all very special to me and I share your daily trials and tribulations in the same way you share mine, with much love and caring. Thank you all for being my REAL friends.....(((HUGS)))) Nite nite everyone.....

joystik (285 )    10:46 pm, 27 Jul




nite joystik


my little cherub is full of beans chatting away to me.

bogeyi (484 )    10:56 pm, 27 Jul




good morning everyone


what a crap sleep i had, wasnt tired last night so watched tv, nothing on. With machines beeping and Ryan peeing was up and down like a yoyo, then 6am wide awake......Ryan had a good sleep, still sleeping. Hope everyone had a good nights rest.

bogeyi (484 )    7:23 am, 28 Jul




Hi All and special Hi to you Bogeyi


I have let myself get to late for chatting here but want to send you my best wishes each and every day you have to endure in room 10 Hope Ryan gets through today OK and you can all stay strong for this journey .... Hugs to you .. Lloyd

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:54 am, 28 Jul




thanks for the thoughts


farmerlloyd, Ryan is having more chemo today and another drug ATG which they can have nasty reactions, of course Ryan didnt have any last time so am prepared for it to happen ths

bogeyi (484 )    7:58 am, 28 Jul




Good morning everyone, had the best sleep ever,


decided to take a couple of panadol with all the other stuff and was out like a light until 3.10am, woke up, looked at the clock and thought 'I have been asleep a long time, then went back to sleep soundly and feel like a box of fluffy ducks just now. Beautiful sunny frosty day here. Just going to have a shower, do some house work and washing and then plant the plants I bought yesterday and look as alive as I feel. God is good!! Take care veryone and see you all again real soon.

joystik (285 )    8:58 am, 28 Jul




Hi Bogeyi, sorry you didn't sleep well, but


pleased Ryan di. He needs to be wellrested for what he has to go through. Hope today is not too taxing for either of you. I just sent you some forwards. Let me know if you get sick of all that. Some of it is funny and just makes my day....better than no tele to watch. Take care and love to you both....

joystik (285 )    8:59 am, 28 Jul




Hi farmerlloyd, off to toil in the frost with your


animals?? Bet its lovely in Gore today too. Think we might get 2 morelike this before the clouds come again. We have had almost a week of this beautiful weather, and town has beed grotty each time we have been in this week. Chemo went well and I'm fine today. Quite heady and head achey last night but thats gone now. Take care and enjoy your day.

joystik (285 )    9:02 am, 28 Jul




Morning Paula anf Josh, hows things with you??


Hope the cough has disappeared by now. Josh are you fit and frisky? Been for a roll in the frost this morning yet? Brrrrrrr....bit chilly for that aye, but a real white one here too, and now brilliant sunshine. You guys have a great day and take good care of each other, OK? (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    9:04 am, 28 Jul




Hi Sonia, how are you this lovely morning?? Hope


your back is feeling a lot better today and not putting you through pain and agony like I know they can do. Hows Lydia? She feeling better today too. The day here would make you feel better even if you weren't. Talk again soon. Love to you all....Lots of birthdays in August, special people like Me too....ha ha ha...

joystik (285 )    9:06 am, 28 Jul




Hi Landylass, hope you are still tucked up in your


own bed after a good nights sleep. I bet its good to be back home, except fot the sick kids. You have a good relaxing day, and dont over do stuff will you. Take care....

joystik (285 )    9:07 am, 28 Jul




Hi Boop, Hows things in Buller today?? Got your


new hub caps yet?? Beautiful sunny day here. I'm off in to the garden as soon as I have dragged myself away from this computer and showered, and the frost has thawed. Have a great day.

joystik (285 )    9:09 am, 28 Jul




Morning Maewest, you'll be at work I guess by now,


slaving over a comouter screen or 2. Can you log on to the message board at work or just too busy?? Be good if you could. Have a good day and dont over do things will you. Take care....

joystik (285 )    9:11 am, 28 Jul




Hi Meridian, hope you are feeling better this


morning. I've been thinking about you and send you big (((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:12 am, 28 Jul




Hi Dize, Hows Hamilton?? You got fog this morning


We've got a hard white frost here and a stunningly beautiful sunny day. What more could one want? And I feel on 'Top if the world' Hope you do too. Love and take care......

joystik (285 )    9:13 am, 28 Jul




boop.....thank you so much or the gift


eyes were wide as saucers when the nurse bought the package in, Ryan loves the mag and my favourite frangipani I just love it makes me feel like im back in the islands. Your right about the skin all these hand lotions we need to use strip all moisture out....thankyou boop

bogeyi (484 )    9:15 am, 28 Jul




And another Fifty Sonia!!! Hi Janet,hope thing


are all ok at your place today, and oe day closer to you son feeling much more positive about life. I just wish I could send him some of mine via email, I have plenty!! Take care and enjoy your day.....

joystik (285 )    9:15 am, 28 Jul




Wow I feel alive today....


amazing what a whole nights sleep in your own bed does for you! Will send you up some bogey! Hang in there and have a cat nap sometime if you can. Glorious day here and its going to be hard not to go mad and do things. Like gardening! Amazing how much mess 2 bored teens made yesterday. Done a little bit of housework this morning, but thats enough for the day. Feels great to be home and know I don't have to go anywhere. Hope everyone is on the mend in your household Paula and Sonia that you get some progress with that back. Have a good day everyone.

landylass (48 )    10:05 am, 28 Jul




Just checking on everyone


will be back later. So pleased to hear Ryan is a bit better hope today goes well for him.

boop2 (109 )    10:33 am, 28 Jul




Morning all


Finally got my stuff done so can pop in here. Josh behind me hooning around the streets on his need for speed x-box game. Bogey I know what its like about day 3 in the hospital for me Josh slept fine - me no no no... b***** beeping machine, we're in isolation so nurses dont hear them I have to push call button, then 40 mins later beeep, time for flush then 10 mins beeeeeeeeeeep time for next drug bla bla bla - hang in there!! The mornings are early and the nights are long! not easy! Have you got a nice place you can grab a decent coffee, I spoilt myslef to a mocha each day. Became a ritual! Thinking of you all the time - love to you guys xoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    11:09 am, 28 Jul




yep good coffee place here


weird night just wasnt sleepy, sure it will catch up on me in a few days.

bogeyi (484 )    12:13 pm, 28 Jul




Hi all


Well, silly me did the old socks on carpet steps trick last night grrr and landed heavily on my left arm - exactly NOT what I should be doing at the mo, so back is a bit off today - not big pain, just off, niggly, so booked to see the guy again on Monday afternoon. Vit C wasn't much fun again this morning - I just get very distresseed with it for some reason, veins are slow, so the fluid builds up in my arm and hand and then my whole body goes into distress. Aaarrrgh! My vit c levels had dropped which means my body's sucking it up, so they upped my dose again to 140mg.

soniat-d (153 )    1:53 pm, 28 Jul




Ryan is having his ATG now


its been going for nearly an hour and so far no probs, will run for another 5 hours yet.

bogeyi (484 )    1:54 pm, 28 Jul




OK so whats ATG is that chemo?


Hope it continues to go well Bogeyi - sorry you had such a lousy night :o/!!!

soniat-d (153 )    2:05 pm, 28 Jul




Hey Landylass


So how are you feeling now that your treatments are over? I'm feeling more positive after my vit C after talking to the lady beside me today - she had double mastectomy and no chemo or radiation, ended up with cancer in her bones, and since vitc started last September, the cancer is disappearing! Woohoo! Thats what I like to hear ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:08 pm, 28 Jul






Sonia - that sounds great!!! Hi Bogeyi - Thats a long infusion. Is the x-box getting a hammering?

paulaxx (78 )    2:31 pm, 28 Jul




sonia ATG is a drug that lowers the immunity


wipes out lymphocytes, I spoke to soon started shivering now hes asleep, hes had phenergan and hydrocort this morning then another lot before infusion to try and stop any reactions. Reactions are fevers,shivering,rash,breathing difficulties and im sure there was some more.

bogeyi (484 )    2:45 pm, 28 Jul






Oh Bu***er hope he's ok...

paulaxx (78 )    3:06 pm, 28 Jul




Hi joystik


I am here belatedly. Beautiful sunny crisp day in Hamilton after our big frost. Our two spoilt cats were trying to drink out of the fountain and it was frozen solid. (Lovely fresh drinking water for them inside!!). My daughter came around this morning and installed broad-band on my internet. Wow!! I now realise how long I have sat here waiting - waiting - waiting for things to appear on my dial-up system. Why didn't I do this ages ago!! Such a small thing has made me very happy. You ladies (and farmer Lloyd) have probably always had broad-band, so don't realise what a difference it makes. Hope you are all having as good a day as possible. Thinking of everyone.

dize5 (490 )    3:11 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Dize5


Broadband is great isnt it. We had a very slow modem before - had lots to do with living rurally. Now its so quick - love it. Good on you!!

paulaxx (78 )    3:26 pm, 28 Jul




Oh hey Janetmk1


Are you around? I'm so sorry - with the old thread disappearing I completely forgot about you asking where near Tawa you can get Vitamin C infusions. I just called my lot, they weren't there, but I left a message asking the question so hopefully Monday afternoon they'll let me know (they only start working at 1pm on Mondays ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:25 pm, 28 Jul




Sonia what are you trying to do to yourself?


Are you trying to create enough pain somewhere else to forget about the back! Great when you hear about someone that is having success isn't it. My worry is I have not met a single person yet that had a lumpectomy that hasn't been back for a mastectomy within a short space of time. Grr wish I had been stronger in demanding one now. Now I have finished radiation I'm going to look at some form of supplements/nutrition too.

landylass (48 )    4:30 pm, 28 Jul




Big {hugs} to Bogey & Ryan...


stay strong and you will look back one day and wonder how you did.

landylass (48 )    4:31 pm, 28 Jul




I know Landylass - dumb eh?


After the fall, I yelled out an expletive, couldn't help it, was so p'd off at myself for being so stupid, my back had been fantastic for over a day :o/!!! Hey try not to worry about whether it will come back or not - that alone can make it do just that! I personally feel you're sweet as now, that's my gut feel ;o) definately go supplements though ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:35 pm, 28 Jul




Hugs to bogeyi and Ryan


Sorry things went downhill again - how are things now? We'll be leaving in an hour - family dinner elsewhere. Have a good evening all ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:37 pm, 28 Jul




I'm not worrying about re-occurances


just going to get out and get a life back now and see what happens! Have met quite a few people that had the lumpectomy and it didn't work for them but they are fine now after mastectomy. Guess when it comes time for my first mammagram the worry will kick in again!

landylass (48 )    4:39 pm, 28 Jul




Sonia you have got to get that


back right.... you are heading to Fiji soon are you not?

landylass (48 )    4:39 pm, 28 Jul




I know ;o)


Yes Monday pm have appointment - that should do it as long as I don't do anything else stupid?! Yep Fiji's approaching fast - woohoo :o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:47 pm, 28 Jul






Not everyone who has a lumpectomy has to have a mastectomy later!! I had a lumpectomy & a few lymph nodes out in April last year, radiotherapy in June/July, then got another little lump which was pre-cancerous in Sept. Had that removed. In April this year I found 2 more lumps, but they are absolutely fine. Apparently my scar tissue tends to compress. I have had my yearly mammogram and have passed with flying colours. See the specialist again in Sept. to check on the 2 lumps, but I would say that my cancer has gone for good. Have 4 more years of taking Arimidex, but that is no hassle.

dize5 (490 )    5:30 pm, 28 Jul






Hope you have a lovely dinner. Take care. Thinking of you :o) p.s finally got around to ordering my pink wrist bands - cant wait. I bought some extras too give to friends ;o) xo

paulaxx (78 )    5:33 pm, 28 Jul




Oh and Sonia


No more Tom Cruise impersonations with the socks and the skidding around the house! What was that movie again??? I have a mental picture but cant think of the name??? Anyway You take care. xoxoxo Hope the next vit c infusion is better :o( you dont need any more pain!!!!!!!!!

paulaxx (78 )    5:36 pm, 28 Jul




Thanks Sonia :))


I didn't want to remind till your back pain had eased. I am looking forward to giving it a go.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:01 pm, 28 Jul






How did Ryan go? did he stop shivering?

janetmk1 (39 )    7:04 pm, 28 Jul




Cats home :)


and hes eating everything except the diet hes supposed to be on and the other cats are glad to have him back. Didn't get to the hospital for Jordans tests etc as the paediatrician had double booked his entire day :// So Jordan and I were both happy about that as they do the same tests over and over and never have any answers or helpful suggestions. Danny is still the same in his room 24/7 but I did speak to his doctor today so hes going see if he can get anywhere on Tuesday with him. I just have to watch him to make sure he doesn't harm himself etc. I had a much more positive day though, did the office work, then housework, shopped then assisted my 13 year old to make dinner..hes doing really well and he made a lovely steak for dinner :))

janetmk1 (39 )    7:12 pm, 28 Jul




Any Ideas?


I have an aunt in England who has just has a second stroke, shes 87 and my uncle whos 93 just wrote to tell me. I would really like to send something to them but have no idea what to send... I send flowers to my aunt on her birthday so don't really want to send them. Any ideas? pleaseeeeee

janetmk1 (39 )    7:18 pm, 28 Jul




Will be interesting tonight to see the debate


on Pharmac develop. Already a couple of threads. Easy for me to say as I am negative and its of no use to me, but my pick is pharmac is trying to put pressure on the drug coy to reduce the cost. I talked to a lady about 3 months ago who is on a clinical trial of it and she said there were concerns there could be heart damage implications. Have been there with chemo drugs and I took my chance and ended up with damage but given the choice I would do the same again and would with Herceptin if it was of use. Pharmac could have at least looked at providing some subsidy if they couldn't fully fund it.

landylass (48 )    7:19 pm, 28 Jul




quick update, the ATG is still running


had to slow it down cause he had a reaction got the really bad welts, running a slight temp as well....poor wee man feels miserable. Hes had 2 lots of chemo, ATG drug, NG food, 2 lots phenergan and hydrocort, losec, pamol, antibiotics and soon will be more phenergan and platelets. His white cell count this morning was 1.69 results just come back are now 0.12

bogeyi (484 )    7:21 pm, 28 Jul




Hope he is feeling better


tomorrow Bogey. Hang in there! I always reckon its easier to go through something yourself. Its so hard to watch someone you love go thru it.

landylass (48 )    7:27 pm, 28 Jul






Feel for you both. (((((HUGS)))))

paulaxx (78 )    7:48 pm, 28 Jul




Oh well, Its No funding for Herceptin!! So I ....


suppose that means,if you are rich you live and if you're poor you do the other thing, does it?? They could affored to do thingd with micro chipping dogs and waste money innother directions, but not things that really matter to a section of woman in the communtiy. Fortunately for me I got my results on tuesday and I am also HER2 neg as well, so its not a worry for me, but I would like it not to be a worry for anyone in that position. Initially they said I was positive, but you have to be greater that.3 to be positive and mine was .1....YAY

joystik (285 )    7:49 pm, 28 Jul






at the thread called PHARMAC YOU SUCK. A lot of angry people out there.

dize5 (490 )    7:59 pm, 28 Jul




Hi bogey


poor Ryan Hope he comes right the wee chap. I really feel for you all , god bless and xtra hugs for Ryan.

boop2 (109 )    8:26 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Landylass


good to see you on here again and doing so well. My sister had a lympectomy nearly 7 years ago and she is fine I am pleased to say. Keep well

boop2 (109 )    8:28 pm, 28 Jul




Sonia you don't do things by halves


do you? Take care and stop knocking yourself around we have to get you on the plane for Fiji so take it easy. How is Lydia today?

boop2 (109 )    8:30 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Paula


Hope you are feeling better today. We had a nothing day here really, grey and overcast. Have a nice weekend with the family.

boop2 (109 )    8:32 pm, 28 Jul




Hi maewest


I live about an hour and a half from Greymouth. You will enjoy that trip on the train I done it with my friends years ago I think it was called tranzalphine express then it was great. WE had our meals and hot flannels to wash after I really enjoyed it except when I lifted my friends case in I am sure she had every thing but the kitchen sink in it cause I ended up in Hos. with a hernia. How are you have you had a good day? I can't really be bothered with the rugby tonight. Off to bed.

boop2 (109 )    8:37 pm, 28 Jul




boop did you see my post at the end of


the other page..

bogeyi (484 )    8:39 pm, 28 Jul




hi joystick


Glad you came through again okay. I am off to bed the rugby is boring Cant. ahead 31 nil at half time. I have had no end of trouble with Telstra clear and spam mail you have to hang on the phone for 20 mins or more. I am moaning aren't I but you get so tired of it. What you doing for the weekend.? Night

boop2 (109 )    8:41 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Janet


Pleased your cat is better. I hope Danny comes right they are such a worry. Have a nice weekend. hugs

boop2 (109 )    8:42 pm, 28 Jul






Hi have dial up too the other is pretty dear for us old pensioners I think. I guess when you don't know the difference is doesn't seem slow.Does it? Have a nice weekend.

boop2 (109 )    8:45 pm, 28 Jul




I think everyone has worn them selves


out and gone too bed. I guess I had better too. Night all

boop2 (109 )    9:04 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Boop


Im getting there thanks. Lovely day here sun shine, quite warm really. You have a nice night and a good weekend and thanks. Im off to bed now nanite all. Lots a love to you all xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:06 pm, 28 Jul




Goodnight all you lovely ladies :o)


Awww bogeyi, poor sweet Ryan (((((hugs))))) Hope things improve overnight xoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    9:14 pm, 28 Jul




We had a nice evening


The kids got hyper though LOL Its going to be interesting getting them up early tomorrow (Lydia's first ever ballet lesson :o) Emily's second ever swimming lessson :o) I have to have Lydia at hers by 9am and Brent has to get Emily to hers by 9.30am! A stretch for us LOL

soniat-d (153 )    9:16 pm, 28 Jul




Well this hundy's


just beckoning me...

soniat-d (153 )    9:17 pm, 28 Jul




Hundee :o)


Have a lovely sleep all, think I'll join you ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:17 pm, 28 Jul




Hi boop2


My broadband connection is on a special which runs until Sunday, free modem and free connection. It costs me $39 per month against $20 per month for old dial-up. I tell myself it is worth $5 per week for the extra speed!!! My husband and I are retired from the work force too, but this is my little treat, I spend a lot of time on the net (too much, my husband thinks) but at least I am not tying up the phone line anymore.

dize5 (490 )    9:49 pm, 28 Jul




Looks like I'm the last one standing tonight.....


been such a busy day oday. Ended up not doing any gardening,but instead decided to 'dung out' Laurens bedroom. She's such a terrific horder of all sorts of wonderfull things, especially things from the beach and outdoors. I found bags of pretty stones, shells, dried elephant fish egg cases, heart shaped stones, numerous different types of pine cones etc. So I cleaned and dusted, and then decided to go through her drawers and chuck out heaps of clothes that she doesnt wear as well. Took almost all day, by the time I polished the furniture as well and cleaned the windows. So now I'm ready for bed......

joystik (285 )    9:53 pm, 28 Jul




Dize, broadband is brilliant. We only got it...


about a year ago and I dont know how I ever put up with the old dial up. You deserve a special treat all of your own anyway....

joystik (285 )    9:54 pm, 28 Jul




Sonia!!! PLEASE stop knocking your self about!!


You don't need any broken bones to take to Fiji in two weeks time do you?? Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow with the wee chickens at their swimming and Ballet lessons. Take care and sleep tight.....

joystik (285 )    9:56 pm, 28 Jul




hi joystik im still


here.....must be a girl thing kirsty is the same every few weeks i have to go through her room shes a hoarder, even chippie packets she says to me i might be able to make something out of those, shes very hands on, creative.

bogeyi (484 )    9:56 pm, 28 Jul




Hi all


better late than never. Just popping in before I head to bed. Just got the computer up and running again. Was having trouble with new DVD drive. All good now. Joystik do you ever stop???

maewest (79 )    9:58 pm, 28 Jul




Hi Bogeyi, Lauren is too....chocolate papers that


turn into something beautiful to hang on the xmas tree!! Sequins and tiny wee prickly pom poms all over the place. Sometimes it does my head in,but not so much lately!! I have learned there are bigger things to worry about and at least while she's happy doing that, shes not doing other stuff! After all she is nearly 15, so I dont suppose this will last forever wil it?? Hows the wee man now?? Hope he's not feeling too bad. I was sad to read he was struggling a bit before. Must be awful for you to watch your baby going through all this stuff. Hang in there Bogeyi, we are all here for you, and he will come through it all ok in the end. Just these bumpy patches that don't help. Nite Nite to you both... Hope you sleep better tonight...(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:01 pm, 28 Jul




Maewest, I must be much like you aye??? Like


to get stuff done and get on these missions and have to see it through. Have a goodsleep and see you tomorrow ((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:02 pm, 28 Jul




Nite Nite Paula and Josh.....Hope things are lots


better at your place tonight. I'm off to bed now but will talk again tomorrow. Sleep tight (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:03 pm, 28 Jul