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Well done Bogey


Sonia must be busy!

landylass (48 )    3:18 pm, 29 Jul




sorry guys


couldnt resist...:)

bogeyi (484 )    3:19 pm, 29 Jul






On you Bogeyi xx

paulaxx (78 )    3:37 pm, 29 Jul




Hi Paula


were you guys at chch hospital for some of Josh's treatment???we have a male nurse Sam from oncology down there trialing up here, wonder if you knew him???

bogeyi (484 )    3:40 pm, 29 Jul




Yep busy resting ;o)


Good on ya Bogeyi - a well deserved thousy! Gotta go rous the girls - its late, they're both out-for-the-count!

soniat-d (153 )    3:40 pm, 29 Jul




well bogey that one bought tears to my eyes


1000 for Ryan so good. I just don't know what to say just roll on Tuesday and get it over. Poor wee Tyler you know where he is coming from. Hugs and prayers to your whole family and that beautiful green eyed little man. xxxxxxxx

boop2 (109 )    4:16 pm, 29 Jul






Radiotherapy isn't so bad. I had 25 treatments last year. They put tiny tattoos on you, to mark the radiation area, & you lie with your head & shoulders in a vac-sac, in the position in which you will be radiated, then they suck the air out of it and make a mould, & you lie EXACTLY in that position in "your" mould each time you have treatment. They move you around, millimetres even, under the machine, until you are in the right spot. It only takes 10 mins a day, it took much longer than that for us to find a car park at Waikato Hospital. Yes, it can burn if you don't slather the cream on, and it makes you tired. Some people get really exhausted, but I wasn't too bad. If you do burn, they give you special manuka honey which heals. I haven't had chemo, but from the sound of it, radiotherapy is a doddle compared to that.

dize5 (490 )    4:18 pm, 29 Jul




icarus hugs for you.


These lovely ladies will help in no time. My sister had the radiation the only thing I noticed with her was she was GRUMPY but who could blame her.

boop2 (109 )    4:18 pm, 29 Jul




Hi joystick and dize


I chickened out I don't think I spend enough time on here to justify that, a couple of hours a day if I am lucky.Have got lots of gardening to do yet never got the hydrangeas done. Sorry ladies. We went for a walk down to the river it was so nice for a change.

boop2 (109 )    4:22 pm, 29 Jul




poor wee Lydia


kids are funny who knows what they are feeling. Hope she is better now. You are certainly on the run sonia. Take care.

boop2 (109 )    4:28 pm, 29 Jul




Farmerlloyd we paid


nearly 2.00 for a small swede but worth it as we love them. Happy feeding

boop2 (109 )    4:31 pm, 29 Jul






Thanks for that dize5. Do they supply the cream or do I have to buy some. I had six rounds of chemo and that wasn't too bad but who's to say this time it may be different. Will just have to wait till onocology appointment on the 15th. I don't feel too bad at present, quite healthy just the bothersome lumps. It is so frustrating waiting for appointments when everything depends on them but things are worse for some people. Imagine having to wait for heperin for breast cancer and that arrogant women saying there is not enough data for Pharmac to pay for it. Other countries pay for it so I'm sure it works and nobody knows that better than the women who need it. Well must away now the household are due home and there is no dinner prepared. Oh shame on me. LOL. Will call back in later before the rugby. Love and hugs to you all. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    4:45 pm, 29 Jul






Radiation is a doddle. Reactions can differ too. I used very little of the cream, given on prescription, preferred to use aloe vera straight from the plant, a little bit 2-3x a day. I didn't burn, only got a slight colouring of the area. Also didn't feel tired during the treatment but felt an increase of energy after finishing.

nztrader2004 (498 )    5:11 pm, 29 Jul




hello everyone


(hi Sonia, its the Bombay nut here :-o ) The hay has been collected and is now all stacked in the shed so the cows should be happy for another six weeks, then hopefully the grass will have grown. Hope Lydia has a better night tonight, those nasties always seem a lot worst in the evening for some reason and it certainly makes sleeping difficult.

new2_u (65 )    5:25 pm, 29 Jul






Oh give Sam my love hun, he is cool!!!! We used to sit together and chat heaps, he used to play with Josh when ever he could spare the time!! Oh thats cool, I was just asking about him when we were at Choc. They told me he had come to Auckland.

paulaxx (78 )    5:34 pm, 29 Jul




had a wee cat nap and feel so refreshed


ryan had a good sleep, atg still going no reactions so far, bug has gained weight now 26kg holding to much fluid.

bogeyi (484 )    5:37 pm, 29 Jul




will do sonia, he was on last night


may be on tonight, he looks a hard case we have 3 male nurses now and all fn, its good for the boys.

bogeyi (484 )    5:38 pm, 29 Jul




Tried calling him new2 u


No answer, it just rang and rang... tried calling at about 4.30pm... Lydia's still miserable, not a patch on poor Ryan however, glad you got some sleep bogeyi ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:48 pm, 29 Jul




poor lydia


i remember when i was pregnant with ryan i had an earache and the pain, i still remember it like yesterday and i was an adult, wonder how kids cope with them.....

bogeyi (484 )    6:13 pm, 29 Jul






I paid for my aqueous cream, they told me to go to a certain chemist and it was $5 (quite cheap) for a huge pot, but some hospitals may hand it out. The Oncology specialist at the hospital gave me the manuka honey, as I had one break-through burn in the crease under my boob, just from friction. (I didn't have a mastectomy). What Sonia said about getting comfortable when having your mould made, is very important, as you are lying with your arm around the back of your head, and can get cramps in that position for 10 mins if it is not comfy. It really is a doddle.

dize5 (490 )    6:32 pm, 29 Jul




Aloe Vera


Thanks NZtrader I am a fan of aloe vera for any kind of burn. It has saved me from a lot of minor burns, no sting and no scarring. Good to know that it can be helpful.I used to have a burst of energy after chemo but then crashed on day 3-6 afterwards but had very little side effects. Just hope this time is the same. Thanks for all the help. Love to all especially those little kids. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    6:37 pm, 29 Jul




oh drat drat drat,,,,,,,


I wonder where he was. He said he would be there until 6pm. I am sorry to hear you couldn't get hold of him. I know that he specificaly said to me that he would give me his direct number (not listed) so you could reach him immediately as 'time is always of the escence in matters like this' were his exact words, Just out of interest I phoned my mother to tell her about my visit today and she informed me that she referred someone to him early last year as their little boy hadn't been well. After his first visit he was told he had a hormonal inbalance that needed to be corrected in order for him to grow properly. (both parents are quite tall, but their son was very small for his age) He has been under treatment for 14mths now and has shot up in height and almost looks like a regular 9 year old, instead of still being extremely tiny. I will let you know how things are going for me as my treatment progresses.

new2_u (65 )    6:38 pm, 29 Jul






To date, (after 6mths) I now have use of my right arm again and the paralysis has almost gone. He says I should regain full use without any sign there was ever a problem. (I can't wait) its so great to be feeling like I am on the road to recovery).

new2_u (65 )    6:38 pm, 29 Jul




oops, typo, imbalance



new2_u (65 )    6:39 pm, 29 Jul




HI Dize5


I have aqueous cream it was required when I had Chemo, my skin was so dry and itchy the specialist recommended it to me. It worked a treat and I still use it now with dry skin.(One of the after effects of the chemo I am told)I have also had five major operations in the last two years so some of the problems are related to general anaesthetic, not eating etc. Glad to hear about the cream as it is not expensive and works better than some real expensive body lotions. I am a believer of manuka honey too before I got ill I worked as a nurse and it has healed bedsores in the elderly that you wouldn't believe. Thinking of you all. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    6:46 pm, 29 Jul






Glad you got some rest. Yes Sam is the nurse that I first met when I walked into the Childs Cancer Ward in Chch. He was our nurse a bit. But that day I remember him vividly because he had magenta hair, not pink he told us it was Magenta!!!!! He is cool. Hope you have a good night. Take care love Paula xoxox

paulaxx (78 )    7:14 pm, 29 Jul






Poor Lydia, tell her we are sending her cuddles for her poor ears. Josh had a bad ear once an dI remember him saying to me cant they just take my ear off? Think he was about four then. Hope you all get a better nights sleep tonight too. (((((HUGS))))) xo

paulaxx (78 )    7:16 pm, 29 Jul




HI everyone


Just popping in briefly. Worked til 2pm then spent the afternoon with my sons...they both flat in Chch city. Home to cook tea for extended family and now ready for bed!! Have 12 hour shift tomorrow 10-10. Need an early night.

maewest (79 )    7:37 pm, 29 Jul




Bogey I hope you and Ryan


have a better night tonight. I feel so sad reading your posts. Poor wee Tyler too. He is doing so well. How is Kisty coping with all that is going on? It must be hard for her too. All my love to you and your beautiful family. XX

maewest (79 )    7:47 pm, 29 Jul




Sonia, I hope


Lydia is feeling better tonight. She must have been in a lot of pain. How is everything with you? Hope the pains have eased in your chest and back. You take care....and take it easy!!!! XXX

maewest (79 )    7:50 pm, 29 Jul




Icarus, I'm sorry


to hear you have more treatment to look forward to. I can only agree with the others about radiation. It really is a doddle after chemo. I used aloe vera gel...worked a treat on the radiation area. Only a slight trace of sunburn after my treatments finished. I think I need some of those sleeping pills. I'm okay once I get to's just getting to that stage that is the hard part!! (((HUGS))) to you.

maewest (79 )    7:53 pm, 29 Jul




hi all


just popping in to say gidday have had computer probs in my house so no computer. sorry to see the other thread disappeared but great this one is up and running. bogeyi good to hear u had a catch up on some sleep hugs to you and your wee man. hope josh is doing better too?? hi to sonia,maewest , landy lass sorry i miss you on the phone at mums to day:( joystik how is your treatment doing? i having some r and r this weekend. have a good nite.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    7:54 pm, 29 Jul




Oi...where is everyone???


I'm lonely here talking to myself!!! Lol! Hiya Bettyboop, Joystik, Landylass, Paula, Janet, Meridian, Farmerlloyd. There are so many people to remember now! Joystik, so pleased you are still feeling okay. What a woman!! Landylass, hope all the bugs have disappeared from your family. Bet it feels good to be home. Paula and Josh...hope you are having a good day and things are settling back to 'normal' for you all. How are Cassie's ears. Have they given her any problems? Hope not. Hope all your sheep are baaing away happily Farmerlloyd. They will be with your tender care!

maewest (79 )    7:57 pm, 29 Jul




Hiya Kwikaz


I wondered where you had gone. Computers aye??!! Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy your restful weekend XX

maewest (79 )    7:59 pm, 29 Jul






i'm here

bogeyi (484 )    8:00 pm, 29 Jul




Hey Bogey


How are things going tonight? Did you get my email last night?

maewest (79 )    8:01 pm, 29 Jul




yep i did thanks


better day no reaction so far, infusion nearly finished.

bogeyi (484 )    8:04 pm, 29 Jul




Oh, thank goodness


That will make you feel better too. I do hope you both manage a bit more sleep tonight. How's the XBox going? Has Ryan been feeling well enough to use it? Are three more days of infusions? Sorry I forget.

maewest (79 )    8:07 pm, 29 Jul




xbox is being used but not for long


tomorrow chemo and atg, mon/tues atg along with mega other drugs then wed

bogeyi (484 )    8:21 pm, 29 Jul




Hi all


Lydia has been miserable all day, poor thing. Just gone to bed. Tomorrow afternoon I'm supposed to be taking her to the Swan Lake on Ice show, so here's hoping she improves drastically overnight! My back is very niggly, and my chest painy, problem is I'm tired as - got NO sleep last night, so its an early one for me... Brent spent the afternoon doing major gardening so he's feeling sorry for himself, so he won't be much use?! *sigh* So sorry, hi everyone, but must love you and leave you, and take care of me for a bit. See you tomorrow ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:36 pm, 29 Jul




Hiya Maewest,


I hope you had a nice time with your sons... you work long hours, you must be very tired, I hope you get a good sleep :)

janetmk1 (39 )    8:51 pm, 29 Jul




sonia, kirsty went with her nana


on thurs and loved it...

bogeyi (484 )    8:59 pm, 29 Jul




poor maewest being lonely


you are probably gone now I am here. You do work long hours don't over do it. Allblacks on soon it should be a good game.

boop2 (109 )    9:47 pm, 29 Jul




Bogey and sonia


hope you both get a goodnights sleep and the kids as well. Take care.

boop2 (109 )    9:48 pm, 29 Jul




night all


I am off to watch the rugby. Come on the allblacks.

boop2 (109 )    9:49 pm, 29 Jul




Hiya Boop


I'm back again now, but not for long. Better hit the hay soon. How's your day been?

maewest (79 )    9:49 pm, 29 Jul






thought was going to have an early night but about an hour ago Ryan starte to feel cold, then he got the shakes........probally a reaction to the ATG but are also starting antibiotics as well....

bogeyi (484 )    10:21 pm, 29 Jul




Paula, Sam says HELLO I have a message


he said hes still waiting for his ducks....

bogeyi (484 )    10:24 pm, 29 Jul




Hi everyone, I've ben out socialising with some...


people from a church group that we know. It was a lovely evening actually and we met a few new people as well. I love people and mixing with others too, especially new people. I suppose thats why I mail out over 100 cards at christmas time each year. Sounds like you have all had a pretty busy sort of a saturday. Rugby tonight but I will listen to hear that the All Blacks again worked their magic, in the morning when I wake up. But late for me tonight - feeling a bit tired, but at least no nausea. Pleased things are better for you Ryan tonight. I was very concerned for you last night. Hope you sleep better tonight too Lydia and you can enjoy your show tomorrow.

joystik (285 )    10:25 pm, 29 Jul




To everyone else, Nite Nite, and I will see you


all again in the morning after a jolly good nights sleep. Hope you are still feeling well Josh, and hi to Cass, Mum and Dad too. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, Boop, Meridian, Maewest, Bogeyi and Ryan,Luke and Koen, Twinkies and Briyanna, Incarus, Farmerloyd, landylass, kiwikaz, dize, janet.onia and family, who have I missed???? No one I hope. Love to you all.......((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:29 pm, 29 Jul




Gee another fifty........just like that aye......


soon be up to 5000 again Sonia.....

joystik (285 )    10:30 pm, 29 Jul




You are amazing joystik


the way you remember everyones' names, and what each problem each. It is no wonder you flew through your Real Estate exam, as you are certainly a "people person." It is mostly thanks to you that this thread is up so high, with all your little personal notes to everyone. I take my hat off to you!!!!!

dize5 (490 )    10:57 pm, 29 Jul






cancer brings us into reality

challenga (13 )    11:00 pm, 29 Jul




nite Joystik


I hope you sleep well :))

janetmk1 (39 )    11:14 pm, 29 Jul




Hi Kiwikaz... hope you are enjoying


your weekend childfree! Bit worried about you taking your mum back for 2-3 weeks..... just not sure what you two will get up to when you get together! Just enjoy having her there. KJ has made a miraculous recovery today... played netball this afternoon, been out to pizza place with her mates for tea and then had the house rocking with singstar. They have all just called it quits and headed home... surprising for a Sat night but great cause now I can go to bed in peace and so can she!

landylass (48 )    11:19 pm, 29 Jul






morning, yes had a good weekend got the bugs 2 but i will survive, enjoyed going to bed when i want, ma could be lambing soon our sheep are fat. thats going to be a learning curve for a townie:) might have to get farmerloyld to give me some pointers as its up to me and mr 13 now.hubby very up and down and not really have the energy for take it easy and get over your radation. :) catch up soon. and morning to you all hope you all had a nice sleep in .

fifie (139 )    8:24 am, 30 Jul




Good morning everyone ,


This post might bump the thread to page one. Good morning Maewest, you have a long shift ahead of you today. I hope it goes smoothly. we have a very grey sky overhead at the moment. I would not be surprised if the rain is falling over Joystik's home as I type this. Good morning to you Joystik. I hope you have an enjoyable day also.

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:26 am, 30 Jul






landylass i forgot to sign in under my user name . off to help dad and get organised to go home. I"ll keep you posted whats happening ma will be in contact i dearsay:) got my puter back on friday before i went away. miss neecy already she is such an angel. and loved catching up with us all again, thank god for special friends. :)

kiwikaz3 (10 )    8:28 am, 30 Jul




Hi fifie,


Good morning to you also. Am happy to help if asked. And all my advice comes with no guarantees LOL. But it is free. I came across one local man on a small few acres who kept calling the vet to help with lambing problems !! I would happily have helped him if he had rung me. It would have saved his bank balance by lots I would think !!

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:34 am, 30 Jul






How is it going with you today? I can only hope that you are well rested and will get through today, with little or no, drama! But you have to take each hour as it comes I know .. All the best for the rest of the day and I will call back in to check on your posts. Loving thoughts are sent to you today

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:39 am, 30 Jul




A quick hello from me


I have half an hour to have a shower and get out the door. Bogey you said that Sam was in Chch oncology. Not sure but is he youngish and insists on wearing shorts under his white coat, leaving his lovely legs exposed! If so, I know who you mean. He's lovely. Have a super day everyone. Gotta fly. XXX

maewest (79 )    8:50 am, 30 Jul




Well good morning everyone :o)


Paulaxx, bogeyi, Landylass, Joystik, Kelsall, Maewest, Dize5, Boop2, sunbeamnz, meridian1, farmerlloyd, janetmk1, kiwikaz3, globalandworlds, yawhat, justbrowsing99, Luke and Koen, Twinkies and Briyanna, persioux, cole2, icarus1989, new2 u, fifie and the silent ones ;o). Sorry my posts have been so fleeting - this back has irked me something chronic, back pain sucks! :o/ We all had a good sleep thanks - Lydia is much more like her normal self today so looks like the show is on ;o) Hey Joystik, its a damn shame you aren't up here, our rental property has just vacated and Brent has decided to sell it (gorgeous villa with harbour views) - I would have soooo loved to give you the sale ;o) Sure hope you get the job you want. Distraction is paramount at times like this - the scrapbooking is my new distraction, pretty lame eh? Not that I've progressed far with it LOL still assembling paper supplies, pens etc etc - quite a setup cost!

soniat-d (153 )    9:26 am, 30 Jul




Hi icarus


It was good to hear from you again, even though the news ain't the best - I was thinking of you this morning and wondering whether brachytherapy has been mentioned for your big lump? Just wanted to check. They told me it was a no-go for me, but I have to say I'm not letting it go, I may go for second opinion... this waiting to see if all my lumps grow or not really messes with my head - any doc who says its fine (as mine do) clearly don't have such lumps sitting inside them bothering the hell outta them :o/!!! (((((hugs))))) to you, please stay in touch on here and vent away, I hear you! Best of luck xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:31 am, 30 Jul




morning all


we had an ok night, as i posted late last night he ended up spiking a temp and getting the shakes bad, the temp ran all night just under 40, but did he complain....NO. We never went to bed till midnight (ryan sleeps on and off) and of course up and down all night. Sonia i now have that panda look... Ryans in the shower now, loves his showers all his counts are good kidneys still down.

bogeyi (484 )    9:35 am, 30 Jul




Hi Bogeyi


How's Ryan this morning - golly he's got a battle going hasn't he with all these side effects?! Poor man... the fact that Xbox isn't getting much of a look-in indicates just how bad he's feeling?! Hope you both managed some shut-eye - is there ANYTHING I can do/bring? You're only 10 mins away (and my cough is history!)

soniat-d (153 )    9:35 am, 30 Jul




Awww bogeyi


Glad you got some sleep Panda, its great he enjoys his showers - I can soo relate to that - soothes my back soooo much I stay in there for ages!?! So do they give him pamol/whatever to try and get the temp down, or is the temp a "good thing" they allow to ride out? (Does that question make sense?)

soniat-d (153 )    9:38 am, 30 Jul




oh sonia you are so sweet


other than new eyeballs we are doing ok, thanks for asking and thinking of us. Did you see my post last night kirsty went to swan lake on ice the other day and loved it.

bogeyi (484 )    9:39 am, 30 Jul




He has pamol and a barrage of other drugs


all day they cycle every 4,6,8 hrs depending on what it is. We have one on one nursing as he is classed sick, i know hes really sick but hes doing better than what I thought he would of done so far....does that make sense. I tell the nurses at least he wont be into drugs when hes a teenager he will be so sick of them he wont want to try

bogeyi (484 )    9:43 am, 30 Jul




Excellent humour you have there Bogeyi


So true! Yes I guess you told us all the docs were saying he was going to be REALLY sick this time, so I guess we shouldn't be so disappointed. But hey, as I used to say when I was sick as during chemo, "as long as its working!" That is the goal after all?! Its amazing how little he complains - what a star trouper he is. Hey I was thinking, does he like watching DVDs when he's not up for xbox (I know he's sleeping a lot) I was just thinking we have the entire Thunderbirds series on DVD has he ever watched that? Think it'd be perfect for his age? Just a thought... Yes thanks I did see your post about Swan Lake, thats neat! Lydia is really looking forward to it, hey she soves the Swan Lake classical music, ballet, and ice skating, soooo.... seems like a sure thing to me!

soniat-d (153 )    9:50 am, 30 Jul




whoops that should've read


"she LOVES the Swan Lake..."

soniat-d (153 )    9:52 am, 30 Jul




Hi Maewest


Still got problems getting to sleep? I've found melatonin a big help, take it an hour before bed, and turn a lot of the lights off, and bam! I'm out when I hit the pillow! And that's with a sore lumpy area and back ;o) Only thing is Melatonin is quite hard to obtain - not many people sell it for some strange reason #shrugs# I know Paula got something else that induces your natural melatonin production, maybe thats an option? Sorry, just trying to help... not being able to get to sleep is a major bother!

soniat-d (153 )    9:57 am, 30 Jul






Hi Sonia - been thinking of you and your rough week with backs and ears :( This will has to be a better one for you - starting right now! Hugs (((((HUGS)))))

paulaxx (78 )    10:00 am, 30 Jul






That cracked me up ... Sam hasnt forgotten, Tell him when he comes down here they are waiting for him. Chris is out there now geting some more. How are you doing and how is Ryan this morning? Sending you lots of positive vibes xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:02 am, 30 Jul




Hi Joystik, Landylass, Meridian, Maewest


Boop, Dize5, Janet, KiwiKaz, Farmerlloyd, Twinkies, Luke and anyone else Ive forgotten. Hope you are having a good weekend. Quite a yucky day here so not venturing far. Just going to stoke up the fire and then relax. This flu that I have is really taking a while to shake. Josh on the other hand is really feeling a lot better. Thanks for all your love and support. Luke and Twinkies hope your little ones are doing ok. Love and thoughts xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:05 am, 30 Jul




Thats great that Josh is feeling so much better


Paula :o) Noleine asked after him again on Friday. They are thinking of him constantly also. So what is next for Josh? What's in the upcoming plans for him now he's recovering well?

soniat-d (153 )    10:11 am, 30 Jul






Thats a very good question, I have been wondering when we are going to get a phone call from our nurse as to next step. I have phoned her but no go. Its been nearly 4 weeks of no treatment and to be honest that kinda scares me. He hasnt had a blood test since Tuesday and we are supposed to go to hospital on Wednesday for chemo and tests so will find out then i guess. This Friday his Oncologist from Christchurch comes to see us and have a meeting and catch up about everything - yay bring it on... thanks hun, you guys are so special, please thank Noleine and Glyn and you too of course xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:17 am, 30 Jul




Sonia thanks for the offer


but hes not watching his favourite dvds we have here (not like him) maybe because he sleeps then wakes etc but will keep it in mind. Randal just rang to check on him and was saying to him as well how I thought he would be far worse at this stage meaning sleeping al day and vomiting heaps etc. I tell him he must be one of the x-men he is so tuff in the way his body takes a battering.

bogeyi (484 )    10:19 am, 30 Jul




Oh well Paula


At least you've got the big meeting on Friday - I find oncology meetings are usually the catalysts for renewed action. They must just be giving his body time to fully recover, guess thats better than starting something now and having to stop again for a few weeks? Guess you're keeping him in isolation to avoid any other colds etc? How does Cass like her pretty ears? I'm lost without my earrings, have amassed quite a collection lately (used to just wear the one pair over and over and over - BORING!) ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    10:54 am, 30 Jul




Oh BTW I hear you on the scary no action thing


I can soooo relate. (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    10:55 am, 30 Jul




Hey no worries bogeyi


You say such great things to him - you're the BEST mum :o) What a lucky man he is to have you ;o) OK I'd better get back to my girls - Brent's disappeared to the other property again *sigh* Em's dressed up as Dorothy again (mask and all today) sooooo cute. Her little immune system is going great guns (touch wood) Lydia's disappeared into her room, so off now to check she's still OK.

soniat-d (153 )    10:58 am, 30 Jul




Thanks Sonia


Yes, I have faith they know what they are doing. Cass loves her wee ears. Just so cute!!!! Just going back to bed now xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    11:50 am, 30 Jul




docs have just been and really pleased


with him, liver count has come down as well he looking and feeling good ATG will be starting in abot 45mins so im sure things will change, will put a pic on here if i can.

bogeyi (484 )    12:22 pm, 30 Jul




Where are you


today joystik? Horrible day in Hamilton, cold, grey and bleak, yuk!! Hope everyone is having a good a day as possible. I had my almost-5-year-old grand-daughter to stay last night. Her name is Madison and she is lovely, but can she talk!!!! It was nice to have her though. She asked to go home at 10 a.m. as she said she "had Sunday stuff" to do at home!!

dize5 (490 )    12:27 pm, 30 Jul




here we go

bogeyi (484 )    12:37 pm, 30 Jul






Bought tears to my eyes seeing him in bed like that knowing things might turn yucky again for him. Hope it doesnt. Give him our love!!!! ((((((HUGS))))))

paulaxx (78 )    2:24 pm, 30 Jul




aw bogey that wee smile


I felt like blowing a rasberry on his tummy he is just so lovely please give him a big hug from me.So pleased he is doing well. xx cheers bogey you are doing so good

boop2 (109 )    2:26 pm, 30 Jul




hi sonia,paula,joshi, maewest,joystick,


landylass, farmerlloyd,meridian, janet,icarus, dize we are having a cold wet day today and I have just had friends pull up so wish you all well and have a great day.

boop2 (109 )    2:29 pm, 30 Jul




Fingers crossed for you bogey


all keeps going well for Ryan. Glad to hear Josh better and hope you are soon too Paula. I ached all day yesterday and did nothing but got more energy today so getting food sorted for family tea tomorrow night for the Miss now 17s birthday. Just realised Mr14 is going to be in Dunedin at a mathletics competition. If I have a bad day tomorrow it might be fish & chips with yummy desserts I have made today! Good luck tomorrow Joystik with the interview. Take care everyone.

landylass (48 )    4:40 pm, 30 Jul




Hope you enjoyed that


performance this afternoon Sonia. Thats the worst of living in the provinces.... we get very few shows here and its always a night away to go to anything.

landylass (48 )    4:41 pm, 30 Jul




kiwikaz... hope you had a safe trip


home. Make sure you send me some photos of you and ma doing the lambing beat.... this I have to see!!!!

landylass (48 )    4:42 pm, 30 Jul




very quiet in here now


It is still raining and yuk here today. Bogey hope ryan has a goodnight. sonia hope Lydia is feeling better and paula great Joshi is having some good days. Off to get tea.

boop2 (109 )    5:15 pm, 30 Jul




Hi All :o)


The show was fabulous :o) Wow! Lydia burst into spontaneous applause at all the right times, so was clearly enjoying it - and would ask things like "which one's Odille?" when each lady appeared at the prince's party etc. Yep, I know this is the benefit of living in the big smoke - shows like this at our doorstep. Cool :o) Have a good evening all, I'm tired and sore and off to make dinner. Have a good one ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:47 pm, 30 Jul




Oh Sonia


I had a little mental picture of you guys at the show and wee Lydia clapping her heart out - that is so cool. Have a lovley night. :o)

paulaxx (78 )    6:25 pm, 30 Jul




Hey Landylass


Thanks Im just giving myself some time to get over this. Joystik - thanks for the very cute email xxx Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend xo

paulaxx (78 )    6:26 pm, 30 Jul






Thinking of you guys and hoping your day is still going ok???? xo

paulaxx (78 )    6:27 pm, 30 Jul




An old work colleague of mine from my last job


(which I loved - the job, not the colleague LOL) emailed me out of the blue a few weeks ago after finding my webpage and seeing my latest. She's visiting me here tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it :o) Then back specialist will fix me up again late afternoon. Lydia's still flat out on her bed poor lamb, wonder if she'll be up for school tomorrow?

soniat-d (153 )    6:34 pm, 30 Jul




our day has been better today


he fell to sleep about an hour ago, first sleep for today, body is getting used to the drugs, ATG is finished looking quite red but rash no where as bad as the first time, blood pressure is high again, and temp rising....expecting to spike tonight again. Hes in good spirits though.

bogeyi (484 )    6:55 pm, 30 Jul




Hey guys I ne here hoping I might


be able to get some info..just been diagnosed with breast cancer on friday 37,3 kids,going for a mastectomy with reconstruction bring on implants. That about all I know doing it all private so soon as hopefully. Anyone got any tips they can offer me?

nicolaas3 (31 )    6:59 pm, 30 Jul




Where is joystik


She is never off-line for this long. I miss the newsy chats.

dize5 (490 )    7:21 pm, 30 Jul




Couldn't resist


trying for the 2,000. Wahoo.

dize5 (490 )    7:22 pm, 30 Jul






Meant 1,100. Blushes of shame.

dize5 (490 )    7:23 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Nicholas3


Sorry to hear of your diagnosis, you're the same age I was when I was first diagnosed - I'm now a year older... Are you sure you want to do the reconstruction straight away? Will you be having radiation? I'm glad I didn't reconstruct, as new lumps appeared and I wouldn't have realised for much longer if we'd reconstructed - just a thought. (((((hugs))))) and welcome to this thread - visit here anytime and let us know how you're getting on ;o) xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    7:33 pm, 30 Jul




Other tips would be...


Call the Cancer Society if you haven't already, they are awesome, will arrange weekly home care to help you while recovering, going through chemo etc, can provide counselling, information, massages etc etc. They'll also help you sign up for the awesome "Look Good Feel Better" course which we highly recommend :o)

soniat-d (153 )    7:36 pm, 30 Jul




What else would you like to know Nicholas3?


I'll pop back in later...

soniat-d (153 )    7:37 pm, 30 Jul




Well hello everyone, what a busy day!!! And it


was so lovely and sunny for most of it too. I got up feeling like crap actually, sore face, jaw, shoulders, neck, top of my back and arms, just not like me at all. Decided I should get out of bed at 9am and take the 'bull by the horns' and do some stuff. Had breakfast and then made a swift decision to go to Church! Well, I thought tht was quite a reasonable thing to do on a sunday morning. It was very enjoyable - we all went, actually we have been before a few tmes and know a few that go. Got home about 12.45 and had lunch and by then was feeling heaps better, so I figure I slept a bit out of kilter or something. After lunch I did washing and a bit of house work and then into the garden, my very favourite place to be.......

joystik (285 )    9:04 pm, 30 Jul




I weeded all along the front of the house and....


then planted 24 polyanthus in flower - ohh soo pretty. Then I put freisias, spraxias, and Ixias bulbs in to 2 pots for the wee deck, and also 3 lovely pink asiatic lily bulbs. It was so lovely out in the sun pottering around, I just love being in the garden. I have some asparagus and new potatoes to plant tomorrow in the tunnel house. See I have been busy....Then after dinner my friend came to see me about my job interview tomorrow. I'm going to her boss and she has already told him that she needs someone to work with her, so regardless of whether that approach works or not, I have an Interview at 11am. If that is unsuccessful, I have had another 2 positions offered too me.

joystik (285 )    9:10 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Dize, I think its so lovely that you missed me!


Nice you have the wee poppet to stay. Dont they come up with such funny things sometimes. That was one thing that I just loved, having the Barnardos kids, was all the funny wee expressions they come up with. Shame you didn't have a beautiful sunny day like here....tomorrow is going to be good too by the look of the sky now. Bit of 'wild fire' out there tonight thought. You know blue lightening?? You have it up in Hamilton???

joystik (285 )    9:13 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Farmerlloyd, we didnt get any rain here today,


did you get much over in Gore?? There was a shower of two in Riverton but it was beautiful , here in the afternoon, while I was busy in the garden. Hopefully it will be fabulous tomorrow too, I love these sunny spring like days, dont you??

joystik (285 )    9:16 pm, 30 Jul




Hello Joystik


You are just too busy to be sick!! It is just an inspiration to read how much you pack into each day. I want to wish you all the best with your interview tomorrow and am sure it will go well for you. Turned out to be a springlike day today after all. Get some good rest tonight so you wake up bright eyed tomorrow ... All the best .

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:17 pm, 30 Jul




Hi joystik


What is blue lightning? The weather was far too bleak in Hamilton today to do any gardening, maybe tomorrow..... All the best for your interview tomorrow, you will sail in. I think we all missed you today but glad you had a good reason for your absence here.

dize5 (490 )    9:17 pm, 30 Jul




In the latest NZ Woman's Weekly


dated 7 August, there is a very interesting article about a family whose women (nearly all of them) have the rogue breast cancer gene. Not happy reading.

dize5 (490 )    9:19 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Paula and Josh, glad things are going pretty


sweet as for you guys at moment. Shame I dont have an appointment at the hospital wednesday or friday - I could have come for a visit. I think my next one will be about 15th August, for Oncology and then 17th Aug for Chemo again. Your cough is being a bit of a pain in the bum isnt it?? It must be a bad bug Paula. Hope it improves a lot this week. Has Cass got lots of different ear-rings all lined up ready to wear?? She is so cute....

joystik (285 )    9:20 pm, 30 Jul




Blue Lightning seems to be a an atmospheric


thing that goes on, and on a clear night such as it is tonight, while standing out side seeing our visitors off, we saw 2 big blue flashes. Our visitors said that down here is sometimes preceeds bad weather, like a snow storm,but thats not the case tonight that I have heard. It is very pretty and bright blue and the flash can last a second or more. I love being out in the dark watching the satelites tracking backwards and forwards across the night sky. Most interesting. Have you ever seen Blue lightening Dize???

joystik (285 )    9:30 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Sonia, pleased to hear you and Lydia had a....


time at the show. Obviously something that really takes her fancy. Lucky like you say to have great shows like that so handy that you can go to them. Most thing like that here would only come to Christchurch or Dunedin. Christchurch is about 7 or 8 hours drive and Dunedin about 3 I suppose. Hope your back shows a much bigger improvement during the week. But you will have to be careful with it too and not over do things and no more falling over etc, OK??

joystik (285 )    9:38 pm, 30 Jul






I can't say I have ever seen blue lightning. I am very interested in the sky and beautiful clouds and pretty sunsets, etc. My girls laugh at me indulgently when I comment on a gorgeous sunset, and say "Oh, Mum" in despairing voices. However I have got my little grand-daughter Madison interested, so I will win out yet.

dize5 (490 )    9:39 pm, 30 Jul




Gee Sonia, how much I would love to be able to


market a property such as yours up there. Do you have a pic you can post of it? Hopefully you will engage a good salesperson that will achieve the desired result, price wise, in no time for you. Have property prices firmed a bit up there now or still rising?? They are still rising here, but a long way to go to get to Auckland levels. Still a great place in New Zealand to live though. All I have to do just now is, secue me a good position with a good Company and then start working to provide that 'distraction' that you talk about. I hear you Sonia and know exatly what you mean. Once your life has been bruised by Cancer, things take on a whole new meaning don't they.....

joystik (285 )    9:43 pm, 30 Jul




Oh yes definately Dize, nothing beats a beautiful


sunrise or sunset for that mattter. I think its just lovely for children to be interested and shown beautiful nutural things like that.

joystik (285 )    9:45 pm, 30 Jul




ryans had a pretty good day


no reaction so far waiting to see if there will be any temp, had a sore tummy tonight so they said it could be mucusitis and it may not be.Not in any pain just drowzy watching TV. Joystik we love siting in the spa looking for satalites

bogeyi (484 )    9:47 pm, 30 Jul




Oh No the fire siren is going, and goin, and going


always a worry at this hour of the night. Takes ages to answer sometime too ad seems like its been going 10 minutes, but it never does go that long. The siren is very close to here so it always wakes you up in the night. Its stopped now.....thank goodness.....

joystik (285 )    9:47 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan, Its taking me a while to get..


round everyone tonight isnt it. Pleased its going a little better so far for Ryan. Just loved the pics of him, he looks so good for what he's going through. He's got a good attitude and the RIGHT attitude to get himself through this thing. Haven't stopped thinking about you guys all day and could still just picture Ryan, sitting on the stool in the shower with the water running over him. Sounds relaxing actually,but very much relief for him. The night sky is a brilliant work of art aye?? Doesn't take very long to spot a sattelite of 10 does it??

joystik (285 )    9:54 pm, 30 Jul




I hope you don't think I am crazy


But I like standing outside looking up into the night sky also !! Haven't done so much of that lately, but once our warmer weather comes I will. I thought I was a bit odd doing that .. but feel a lot better now !!! LOL

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:59 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Landylass, sorry you haven't had the best day..


ever today? I thought I wasn't going to either, but I feel good again now. Hope the birthday dinner went off a treat. How did the maths competition go? Did he vome home victorious? Is it between competing colleges?? I remember those competitions when Lauren was at Intermediate. Mr Tuffey was a great one and getting them all going into all those things. Laurens greatest achievement was probably a place in the science fair. Shes more of a 'hands on ' kid. She thinks she might like to persue a career as a Chef or a Florist! There's time yet. Hope tomorrow see's you feeling much better.....

joystik (285 )    9:59 pm, 30 Jul




No Farmerlloyd, nothing Odd about that at all....


We used to spend ages when we were kid doing stuff like that, but then I suppose there wasn't all the other entertainment laid on way back then, so you found pleasures in the simple things in life, that were put there for us all to enjoy. It was lovely up at Glenorchy at Christmas, out on the boat on Lake Wakatipu, just waiting for it to get dark enough to even see the stars and planets, and satelites. Darkness comes very late i mid summer down here doesnt it??

joystik (285 )    10:03 pm, 30 Jul




Maewest, you willbe able to observe all that night


time stuff as you travel too and from your work. You seem to leave in the dark and arrive back home when its still dark. Wont be for much longer though. The sun didnt set here til almost 5.30 tonight....YAY nearly spring. One of my Golden Hope Cancer Society daffodils will be out in bloom tomorrow, so it must be spring aye?? Hope you have had a good day anyway Maewest, and have sent all the taxi's to the correct locations. You busy little bee!! See you tomorrow....

joystik (285 )    10:06 pm, 30 Jul




Well Boop, rain for you too aye?? Your roses ....


would probably enjoy the wee drink anyway. Nice for you to have a quiet day with your visitors though. Did you see Ray and Sherri yet? I havent heard from her so dont know what shes up too, but I've just got this feeling they might just arrive up over your way, for GOOD! She really hates Christchurch, well the weather at least. Have a good sleep and see you tomorrow sometime too.....

joystik (285 )    10:09 pm, 30 Jul




Yes for sure


There are a lot of farmers who work on and on while that sun keeps on shining.( I used to be one and maybe still do from time to time ) It makes it very long days at work. I have been crafty for the past three years or so and asked contractors to help with those long days of tractor work. I find it is much less stressful ... until it comes time to pay the Bill !!!

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:12 pm, 30 Jul




I think


Maewest said she wll work through till 10.00 tonight ... Now there is a long day at work !!

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:13 pm, 30 Jul




Hi kiwikaz, hope all is well with your family too.


Sorry to see you got some bugs too, but like you say you will survive! I dont think mothers are supposed to get sick are they. I know with me, before I got this cancer thing, I had only had one day in bed in 14 years, so I consider that pretty good, for a country bird like me!! Hope your hubby has a good week this week and you and the kids too. Take care and keep up the good work......

joystik (285 )    10:14 pm, 30 Jul




Farmer lloyd,thats way too long to be at work.....


then she has to drive back out of the city to Rangiora or Wiapara or somewhere out there. You have a good sleep and a good day tomorrow too.....

joystik (285 )    10:16 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Meridian, where are you today? Must be having


the day off the board aye? Hope you have been having a big relax and doing something you enjoy. Maybe I will catch you tomorrow.

joystik (285 )    10:17 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Twinkies and Luke, hope your little people are


keeping you busy and off the messageboard. I've been thinking about you both and your little children, and wondering how its all going for you all. Hope to hear really good news real soon. Love to you all......

joystik (285 )    10:19 pm, 30 Jul




Yep thanks


Joystik .. I am a bit weary tonight so will bid you a good night also. No doubt the news you will bring tomorrow will be that you have a real estate job .. Wish you success Nite to you and everyone else. Nite

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:19 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Nicholas3, sorry to hear your news.....That was


where I was in March this year. I have since had a Bi-lateral Mastectomy, without reconstruction! I also had lymph node removal at the same time and 10 of 16 lymph nodes were already involved with cancer. I am now halfay through my 6 treatments of Chemotherapy, (FEC) and then will have I think 3 weeks of Radio therapy, followed by hormone therapy for 5 years. I have had a Mega Dose of chemo because I had a grade 3 tumor and lymph nodes, and have had virtually no side effects at all. I take a few supplements daily, and I believe that has paid a big part in my enjoying a reasonable run with these drugs.

joystik (285 )    10:24 pm, 30 Jul




Nicholas3, I have also found that knowledge is


power in these situations and the more you know and can find out, the better you are equipped to fight this thing. If you want to know anything, just ask, ask and ask some more until you get the answers! I found the Cancer Society absolutely brilliant and they have the most wonderful support people there too. It is all much easier to cope with if you have plenty of support from family and friends and lots of HOPE, FAITH AND LOVE in your life. Look forward to hearing from you again, and just ask if there is anything we can help you with. Take care, stay strong, and keep you sword up and FIGHT! (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:28 pm, 30 Jul




Righto, everyone, well thats me for tonight......


I must scuttle off to bed and get some much needed beauty sleep so I am ready to face my big Interview tomorrow. I see you are all tucked up in your beds already, and me, yes, I'm last on last off again!!! Sweet dreams, sleep tight and lots of love and warm thoughts to you all. See you tomorrow....xxxxxxx

joystik (285 )    10:32 pm, 30 Jul




good luck joystik


was going to bed but will wait half an hour he may be starting to spike a temp....

bogeyi (484 )    10:33 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Joystick ...


Might have missed you tonight, but it has taken me AGES catch up! I haven't been on since Friday, and wow - this thread has grown!!!! Anyway, good luck with your interview - but again, I don't think you will need it. Anyone who doesn't want you as part of their team would have to be MAD!!!

meridian1 (300 )    10:36 pm, 30 Jul




Nicolaas3 - sorry about your bad news


I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in November 2004 (age 34). If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask away, and I will do my best to answer. I would love to hear how you are going so please do post again! What sort of B/C do you have?

meridian1 (300 )    10:39 pm, 30 Jul






Your 1000th post was gorgeous - I'm glad you got it! The photos of Ryan are completely gorgeous! What a brave little smile. I really hope he (and you) have a good sleep tonight. Poor little Tyler - he's such a brave wee trouper to! I'm glad Kirsty had a neat time with her grandmother. Give Ryan a hug from me xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    10:43 pm, 30 Jul






How's your cough? I hope the chest infection has cleared - poor you! Good to hear the kids are doing well though. You will have to post a piccy of Cassielle with her earrings - I bet she looks adorable! Give Joshi and Cassie a hug from me please. xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    10:46 pm, 30 Jul




waves to meridian1


everyone else mst be having early nights....sensible

bogeyi (484 )    10:46 pm, 30 Jul




Yeah bogeyi


I think I would be a bit more sensible too if it didn't take me so long to read through the 4-5 pages of posts that have been added since Friday - it'll be 5000 again before we even realise. How is Ryan doing now?

meridian1 (300 )    10:48 pm, 30 Jul




Hi Sonia


Hopefully you are sleeping right now. I hope your back is feeling better! I would have loved to see swan lake on ice. It is quite different to ballet isn't it? I bet it was beautiful! My niece who is 12 does ballet, and wants to dance as a career. She is an absolutely beautiful dancer, and I get all teary every time I see her perform. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Sonia xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    10:54 pm, 30 Jul




just checking now



bogeyi (484 )    10:54 pm, 30 Jul




Kool, I will wait and see ....



meridian1 (300 )    10:55 pm, 30 Jul




staying around 37.6


he is just so peaceful fast asleep.

bogeyi (484 )    10:58 pm, 30 Jul




Hi to all you others ...


Boop, Janet, Farmerllyod, Maewest, Dize, Landylass, Luke, Twinkies. Some of you I don't know well, but I wish you all the best week. I had a nice weekend. Saturday I watched my daughter play netball (she won), then had an acupuncture treatment, did some shopping (new clothes - YAY), then went to a friends cocktail party - lots of fun! Today I woke late and slowly eased into the day. My kids were at their Granny's so I did grocery shopping then picked the kids up and stayed for a while, then out to my sister's where we buried our dog on Thursday. My BIL got his hot poker machine thingy out so the kids could design and make a grave marker for her - wasn't he thoughtful!!! We had dinner cooked for us which was lovely, and then we played a few games of Buzz on Playstation. All in all a lovely weekend. I haven't checked in here for a couple of days, but I haven't stopped thinking of you all!!!! XXXXXXX

meridian1 (300 )    11:02 pm, 30 Jul




Aww Bogeyi


That's good to hear!!!! As I said earlier, I hope you both have a good night, and I will check in tomorrow and see how you are. Heaps of love and positive thoughts going out to you!! xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    11:04 pm, 30 Jul




A quick hi and bye


from me. Been home half an hour and has taken me that long to catch up on the posts! Good luck tomorrow Joystik. Too tired to type tonight. I will catch up with you all in the morning. My thoughts are with you and Ryan, Bogey. I hope you both get some sleep tonight. XXX

maewest (79 )    11:18 pm, 30 Jul




And another fifty.......GOOD MORNING EVERYONE


Hows things all round the country this morning?? Hope you have all had a good sleep and ready for ewhat ever the day brings. I'm off to town for my Interview at 11am. Hope you had a good night Bogeyi and Ryan. Been thinking of you and everyone else too. Talk again soon.....

joystik (285 )    8:13 am, 31 Jul




i am sooooooooooooooo tired


GOOD LUCK JOYSTIK............... Ryan had an ok night spiked a temp early morning but only for a couple of hours around 38.6, much better than the 39.9 the other night. Have been up an down all night with toilet stops and it started the other en last night so waiting to see if its the mucusitis or not. I feel i havent slept for days, nothing a good long shower wont fix.

bogeyi (484 )    8:41 am, 31 Jul




Good morning Bogey


Oh no!! No sleep again. You must be feeling shattered. You cannot go on for weeks like this. You need your sleep to be able to cope with what you are going through. Pleased Ryans temp hasn't gone up further this time. When will you know if it mucusitis? How is Ryan now?? (((HUGS))) to you both

maewest (79 )    9:25 am, 31 Jul




Good Morning


Bogeyi you deserve a massage too after that long shower??? Any chance??? Hopefully soon you may be able to spoil yourself! I know what its like though in Christchurch the hospital organised one for me and I never got there. Thinking of you this morning - hope you both have as good a day as you possibly can. Love Paula and Josh xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:43 am, 31 Jul




Hi Meridian and Maewest


The sun is out and shining beautifully today. Hope you have a lovely day too. love and hugs to you

paulaxx (78 )    9:44 am, 31 Jul






Hope the interview goes well, just between us on here, you know after meeting Joystik ...I think Heather could sell eggs to a chicken so she is going to do so well at this real estate!! Love to you and looking forward to hearing how it all goes xxxx

paulaxx (78 )    9:50 am, 31 Jul






Hope you have a lovely time with your friend today and the girls are both well and happy. xxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:01 am, 31 Jul




always knew cancer sucked


lost my Dad and both inlaws to this monster and now have lost a great workmate and friend. She battled and thought she'd won after being diagnozed in 2001, only to find it'd come back in April this year. We work in Aged Care so loss of life or illness isnt something new but damn when its your workmate, 49yr old mother of teenagers and the sort of person who had so much positivity, humour and courage it sucks big time.

minx3 (0 )    10:10 am, 31 Jul






Thats so sad - (((((hugs))))) to you

paulaxx (78 )    10:18 am, 31 Jul




thanks paula


didnt expect a hug lol but ty anyway. Yesterday at work started out fine, Jenny was off the roster until next Monday, she was so determined to get back to work, none of us could raise a smile all day after finding out and the paitents were trying to cheer us up (not realising what had happened). Just so many emotions I guess, such a nice person, losing a workmate instead of a paitent, which is the norm, seeing ourselves in same situation and probably the last being that she arrested in ambo and husband was asked 'should we shouldnt we'? Husband told them to let her go, that was what she'd have wanted (couldnt imagine my husband being capable of making that decision in a few seconds). Jenny had breast cancer, none of us knew but she'd found out Friday she had a brain tumour as well. So I guess, after knowing what she was like, if it had to happen, then quickly wouldve been the way but still - damnit. Sorry for negativity to anyone coping with this monster disease. Some win some dont.

minx3 (0 )    10:27 am, 31 Jul




Good morning Paula


How are you feeling now? Is that cough still nagging away? How is Josh today? Think about you heaps.(((HUGS))) XXX Minx3..that is so sad about your friend. This monster just doesn't discriminate! It is so's scary. I now know so many lovely people who are all fighting away, but who are all so positive. (((HUGS))) to you.

maewest (79 )    10:31 am, 31 Jul






to all

minx3 (0 )    10:31 am, 31 Jul




Minx3 who knows


what is around the corner for any of us, cancer sufferers or not. We just have to embrace life and make the most of the time we have on this earth. Work will be strange without your friend. I too lost a work colleague and friend suddenly a few weeks ago.

maewest (79 )    10:35 am, 31 Jul




Aw minx3 and maewest


I'm so sorry for both of your losses. Big (((hugss))) to you both.

meridian1 (300 )    10:38 am, 31 Jul




Hi Maewest


Think I am on the mend. Thanks so much. Josh is still coughing a lot. Phoned the hospital and no blood tests till Wednesday. He will have some chemo then and maybe start on the other orals again. Thanks for thinking of us xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:39 am, 31 Jul






That is so, so sad.

dize5 (490 )    10:44 am, 31 Jul




Paula I'm pleased


that you are feeling better. Did the antibiotics make any difference to Josh? Boy those coughs have been lingering on for a while. Poor Josh (and you!) back into it on Wednesday. Will they still carry on even though he is still coughing?

maewest (79 )    10:45 am, 31 Jul




Thanks Meridian


He didn't have cancer, but was only 37. A long story but in the end he had a brain aneurism. Has left a big gap at work. Only have a small staff. They have replaced him now and life is settling down's just different.

maewest (79 )    10:48 am, 31 Jul






I know these jolly coughs are hanging on... I assume they will carry on, when I phoned this morning I asked if he needed a blood test prior to Wednesdays chemo and no he doesnt as this chemo doesnt really affect blood counts. So he will have a test on Wednesday and we will see if its all go for the continuation of the other drugs. They will consider the cough again when they see him no doubt? Is today a day off for you?

paulaxx (78 )    10:49 am, 31 Jul




Paula it just seems


odd to me that they will carry on with the treatment when he is not well. Let's hope you both wake up one morning and the coughs are gone...maybe tomorrow??? No, work today. 2-10pm, but then have 3 days off. Looking forward to getting out in the garden, pruning roses etc. There is so much to do out there I don't know where to start!! Beautiful day today..hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.

maewest (79 )    10:59 am, 31 Jul




Wonder how Joystik


is getting on. She has probably got her first listing all done and dusted!!! Hope you are having a lovely time with your friend Sonia and all the aches and pains are on the improve XX

maewest (79 )    11:01 am, 31 Jul






Thanks so much, enjoy your time

paulaxx (78 )    11:10 am, 31 Jul




Afternoon All!!!


Have been extremely busy & just had time to drop in and catch up on your busy lives. Sonia, I hope your back is feeling better and huge (((HUGS))) for Ryan, I hope you're feeling a little better. The photos broke my heart but what a trooper. Bogeyi, you are one fantastically strong Mum, sending you all the strength & love to get through this, you are not alone! Sending warm fuzzies to all and strength to fight the Monster! Have a great day! XOXOXOX

cole2 (367 )    12:24 pm, 31 Jul




Hi all


Had a great catch up with Nathalie this morning, like 6 years had just disappeeared, but not if you know what I mean. We've couaght up a few other times in last 6 years, but anyway, always seems like way back when. Lydia's home today, was all weepy this morning and not hearing well, so decided to keep her home. She played computer game while Nat was here. Emily's in fine form :o) My back is nasty, only a few hours to go *sigh*...

soniat-d (153 )    12:40 pm, 31 Jul




Sorry you had another bad night bogeyi


Don't know if this is a stupid question, but could Randall step in for a night so you can get a decent nights sleep at home? Don't need you getting sick from exhaustion my sweet... (((((hugs))))) xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    12:43 pm, 31 Jul




Must get back to my girls soon...


So sorry, must finish now, sorry to be so fleeting. Weathers awful here, definately an indoors day...

soniat-d (153 )    12:44 pm, 31 Jul




hi guys.........Ryans really good today


sitting up eating lollies and pringles, even had breakfast. Yep Randal does do nights but at this moment and time I prefer to be here, I wouldn't be able to sleep at home....We tend to swap nights when hes better, when hes sick he wants Mum.Feel good had a long shower just takes longer to wake up.

bogeyi (484 )    1:15 pm, 31 Jul






youre so right, still have that gutted sad feeling and think we will for awhile as this was one woman who made sure you knew she was on duty when at work (lol) but it makes you wake up and realise how precious life is. Notice in paper from her family, could probably describe so many ppls in this thread - 'A beautiful postive person with a wonderful sense of humour. Jen put up a courageous fight'. Cheers to all, so wish they could allow drugs to be available in both Oz and NZ to fight this monster.

minx3 (0 )    1:17 pm, 31 Jul




Paula, Chris, Josh & Cass thank you


our parcel arrived today Ryan was excited, He just loved the watch and those skeleton soaps, we are going to play with the other 2 games soon, and chocolate yum. Will give kirsty and Tyler theres tomorrow when I see them. Josh.....Ryan loved the card, he said to me wow mum josh has neat hand writing an thought the picture was awesome. I hope to one day you guys can play on xbox. When Ryan was playing with the watch I could see his brain ticking on how hes going to trick the Paula have put some pics for you and everyone else on photobucket, i hope you guys can check it when ever you want, can someone let me know if thats possible or do i need to invite you each time.

bogeyi (484 )    2:54 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Bogeyi


I just checked and can veiw the new photos in photobucket. Ryan looks soooo rapt. What a lovely surprise for him - he sure deserves nice surprises!!! Glad you are feeling a bit better Bogeyi - I do hope you get a chance to have a decent sleep tonight. I had better go now, I have sleeping boys who are just about due to wake up. Hi everyone *waves*

meridian1 (300 )    3:10 pm, 31 Jul




forgot to say ryan is really good today


like nothing has happened to him....

bogeyi (484 )    3:16 pm, 31 Jul




Paula Josh and Cass :o)


We just received our parcel too! The girls are rapt - Lydia's holding on tight to the hair things and playing away with them, Emily's holding onto her packet and refuses to open it "No, like it like this!" lol - sooo cute. Lovely book too - thanks so much cute poems etc too you're such a honey :o) Not at all necessary but a wonderful surprise on this gloomy day ;o) Thanks Paula xoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    3:22 pm, 31 Jul




Awww thats so great that Ryans so good


today Bogeyi :o) That makes my day :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:24 pm, 31 Jul




sonia talk aboy gloomy alright


can see the motorway below us but not the city its a white out.... Hows the back?????

bogeyi (484 )    3:26 pm, 31 Jul




Hi afternoon all


Just popped in busy day today, weather is beautiful so doing washing (winter woolies), airing house etc. Had birthday dinner last night for grand daughter, great night out but paying today. Have to shoot away have CT at 4.45 today to check up on lumps. Take care all and be safe until we talk again. Hugs to all fighting this monster. Keep up the fight. Won't be long and we will be back to the 5000. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    3:27 pm, 31 Jul




Owwweeeeeee Oweeeee Owwwwweee Ow!


Back is killing me owwwweeee! Can't wait till appointment... The miracle worker - will definately take more care on stairs from now on :o/!!!

soniat-d (153 )    3:27 pm, 31 Jul




So true Icarus ;o)


Threads doing great. Excellent group on here now - hugs to you ALL :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:28 pm, 31 Jul




Oh hey Janetmk1


There are two people in the wellington area that do the VitC infusions... Dr Mark Austin, 11 Hector St, Petone ph 04 939 1299 and Tessa Jones, Karanga Clinic, 116 Owen Street, Newtown 04 389 0800. If they are too far away from you, call them and see if they know anyone closer, these two are the only ones in your wider area according to my crowd, but there could be others they don't know about. Another word for this is "chelation" btw. Good luck ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:54 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Sonia and Bogeyi


YAY - you got them I was just saying to mum I posted them on Thursday and wonder where they are? Thats so good and you are soooooooo welcome. Love and hugs to you xoxoxoxo Just going to check out the photos bogeyi

paulaxx (78 )    4:23 pm, 31 Jul




Oh Bogeyi


Josh and I have tears in our eyes looking at those fabulous photos. They just made our day!!! Thank you xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    4:28 pm, 31 Jul






Thanks for that Sonia, I know Dr Austin, just never realised he did them. :))

janetmk1 (39 )    5:04 pm, 31 Jul




My Cassielle's


ears. She was pulling such funny faces I think these two are ok, not very clear of the wee purple sparkly studs...

paulaxx (78 )    5:12 pm, 31 Jul






Just thinking about Emily holding on to her packet, how gorgeous. Glad Lydia liked hers too, children are so precious. Thinking of you and your poor back xxxx

paulaxx (78 )    5:13 pm, 31 Jul






What a gorgeous wee poppet you have!

meridian1 (300 )    5:16 pm, 31 Jul




Hi all :o)


Well I really did stuff my back with that fall. Upper and lower!?! Gotta have physio and more manipulation etc - hope it fixes by Fiji - still sore now, but different. Off for pain killers... Hope you're all having a good evening :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:38 pm, 31 Jul




paula i can see cass is very proud of her Just have to say thank you again. Ryan is eating mashed potato and eye fillet steak..

bogeyi (484 )    5:46 pm, 31 Jul




Gorgeous pics of Cassielle Paula :o)


She looking tickled pink with it all :o) Thanks for posting them :o) PS Em's opened her packet now too!

soniat-d (153 )    5:57 pm, 31 Jul






"hugs and prayers for you all" Cheers Trish

trishm (34 )    7:25 pm, 31 Jul




Thanks Trish :o)


So how is everyone tonight? I'm a lot more comfortable now, so either the manipulation or the pain killers worked (or both?) - guess I'll know in a few hours ;o) Got first massage tomorrow just after midday. Vit C in the morning.

soniat-d (153 )    8:00 pm, 31 Jul




So Bogeyi


Is Ryan still doing well? Hopefully you'll get a decent sleep tonight, we hope :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:01 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Joystik


So how has your days gone? Any more news on the job front? I don't have any pics of the house yet, but will post some later - fair bit of work to be done first - Brents even planning to install HRV system in it?! Anyway, glad to hear you had so much fun gardening the other day, sounds great - mine needs some TLC toute suite LOL When to find the time?

soniat-d (153 )    8:03 pm, 31 Jul




Wow Paula


So the chemos back on eh? Thats good from a "getting things going again" perspective. Hope he rides it out OK and that all goes well. Give him a big hug from me?

soniat-d (153 )    8:05 pm, 31 Jul




Wow I completely missed


that I scored the hundy LOL. OK its bathtime, gotta go!

soniat-d (153 )    8:06 pm, 31 Jul




omg so far I have a different boy


he is happy, has eaten, has cheek back in him.....Paula, Josh you should see him with that watch he is so funny, hes hiding it under the sheets waiting for our nurse marcus to come in.

bogeyi (484 )    8:17 pm, 31 Jul




Hi sonia and all and hi Janet


sonia gave very good info there.. also Tessa Jones is a wonderful doctor to see as well as she has a lot of other services on site...

missbehave (35 )    8:20 pm, 31 Jul






you liked the pics of Cass. Bogey isnt that wonderful Ryan is eating! I wish I could see the look on the nurses face when he uses the watch - lol. Glad it made him smile - that means the world to me. Hope you are having some chocolate tonight and relaxing a bit xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    8:27 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Sonia


Your poor back! Hope those pain killers kick in and give you some relief. How are Lydias ears? Take care xo

paulaxx (78 )    8:28 pm, 31 Jul




Lydia's in better form at the mo thanks Paula


Her hearing isn't up to par - definately still filled with fluid, but planning to send her to school tomorrow ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:30 pm, 31 Jul






You are still in my opinion one of the most amazing ladies I have ever known. You are inspirational and so kind and giving. thanks for the hugs for Josh here are some for you (((((hugs))))) have a nice night. xo

paulaxx (78 )    8:31 pm, 31 Jul




Thats so great bogeyi


Puts a smile on my face, he's a great kid :o) OK its storytime all later...

soniat-d (153 )    8:31 pm, 31 Jul




Awwww shux Paula Thanks :o)


Not sure if I deserve THAT title LOL but thanks so much - makes my day, just like your lovely parcel did - bless you, you're so awesome too :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:33 pm, 31 Jul







paulaxx (78 )    8:46 pm, 31 Jul




Well both girls were in fine form tonight


Absolute angels :o) I just realised I haven't finished the Massey Research questionnaire (buried o this desk?! So better go finish that while pain free ;o) Have a nive evening all, sorry to those I've missed - I'll catch you all later xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:07 pm, 31 Jul




paula i am sending an email to you


i hope you can open it as its a video clip, this is for josh and you......will make him laugh made me laugh

bogeyi (484 )    9:13 pm, 31 Jul




I am dying to hear from joystik


all about her job interview. I trust that the reason she is not here telling all her M.B. friends about it, is that she out having a celebration dinner with Kevin. Come on, joystik, tell us all.

dize5 (490 )    9:14 pm, 31 Jul




paula i dont think its gone through


may be to big, I need to show you..hmmmmmmmmmm.Tried to load it up on photobucket and couldnt either, will have to put my thinking cap on.

bogeyi (484 )    9:30 pm, 31 Jul




Well hello everyone, what a busy day!!! And now


everyone has gone to bed and I've just arrived. Wow the interview was very long, almost 1hr 30 minutes. He asked lots of questions about why I wanted to be in Real Estate, and what I could offer to the Industry,What are my strengths, weekness's, etc. Then I had to fill out a questionaire thing that goes to an anaylist person in Hamilton to see if I fit the profile of what they want in their Office. The Principal that interviewed me was very good and said that He was pleased with me but I have to wait until Wednesday to see if he's going to employ me or not!! Seems like ages to wait but it will go quickly hopefully. My friend, who works for the same firm, took us for lunch afterwards, and said that the Principal told her I was very good, so here's hoping it leads to a good position of employment with them.... Sorry to keep you all in suspense all day ladies, and thanks for all you good wishes and support......

joystik (285 )    10:09 pm, 31 Jul




waves to joystik



bogeyi (484 )    10:11 pm, 31 Jul




Its been such a big day on here too while I've


been away. I see over 1200 already! Where are you tonight Boop? Probably watching the Ferns winning the Netball. It was rather a thrashing wasn't it? Maewest, I see you've got some days off starting tomorrow. Got anything planned while you dont have to work? Nearly whitebaiting season again - do you do that? We might all end up at Boops as soon as the season starts. Hi Cole, nice to see you again. Hope all is well with you and yours, and you too Trishm, thanks so much for popping in and posting. Its always lovely to see you all....Take care and sleep well.....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:14 pm, 31 Jul




waves back to Bogeyi............................


Hows things up there? So lovely to see Ryans pics and see him looking soo jolly good. He's just the bestest little kid - just like others have said, a real little trouper Bogeyi. You must be very proud of him. Makes me cry to even think of what he's going through, and you too.....Hope he's still feeling well tonight and manages a good nights sleep. Actually that would be good for you too about now wouldn't it??((((HUGS))))) to you both.....

joystik (285 )    10:18 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Paula and Josh , those pics of wee Cass are


so cheeky. What a wee doll she is. I think those kids are quite alike, especailly their smile - its just gorgeous. She is so cute showing off her ear-rings. I remember when Lauren had hers done and was always wanting to put different ear-rings in! You have all that to look forward too, but its fun. So Josh is back to chemo again on wednesday?? Will be thinking of you and wish you luck for that. Its been a while since hasn't it. The time has gone so fast though. I better go to bed, so will see you tomorrow, Take care and love to you all too (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:22 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Dize, no I wasn't out celebrating tonight, just


busy doing what I didnt do all day, while I was out having lunch after the interview! The work just waits til you arrive back to do it, doesn't it? There wasn't much to do, but I seemed to make it last half the night. Have to wait til wednesday to find out if I have got the job....bit tough don't you think?? Hope you have a good sleep tonight and sweet dreams. No star gazing tonight....its raining....

joystik (285 )    10:27 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Sonia, glad you had a lovely visit with your


friend. I have several friends that I dont hear from a lot, but every few years they come back into my life like they have never been away and its so nice. Thats just awful about your back....yoouuuucccchhhh!!! Hope its back to super fit by the time you go to Fiji. Thats only 12 days away now isnt it?? Hope your wee dolls feel lots better tomorrow too, well Lydia especially with her ears. Thats not nice either... ((((HUGS))))) to you all and see you tomorrow....

joystik (285 )    10:30 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Icarus, hope all went well with your scan. I


was thinking about you and wish you well for what ever has to happen next with your treatment. It always awful waiting for results and appointments etc, but we are all here and thinking about you.

joystik (285 )    10:32 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Minx3, I read your posts and cried for you and


your friend. That was so sad and made awful reading, but sadly is something that does happen sometimes with this monster. It happened to my Mum, and lots of other people I know unfortunately. Just be there for your friends family and take care of and (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:35 pm, 31 Jul




Hi Farmerlloyd, where have you gone tonight???


You have probably been and gone before I got here, seeing as I was so late. We had really heavy rain tonight, but it is clearing again just now. It was such a lovely warm nor west day and is supposed to be again tomorrow. I see there are quite a few more lambs around tody and calves too, so it must be spring. Hi missbehave, thanks for posting and your good wishes. Always nice to see others posting on here. Hi Landylass. Where are you today? Hope all is well wiht you and the kids have got over all their bugs. I guess you are busy taking advantage of the sunny warm day. Love to you all and Nite Nite.....

joystik (285 )    10:40 pm, 31 Jul




Waves to Bogeyi and Ryan..........................


and wishes them a very good nights sleep, and sweet dreams.....xxxxxooooooxxxxxooooo

joystik (285 )    10:41 pm, 31 Jul




Just popping in


before heading to bed. Yay 3 days off now. Bogey, so pleased Ryan has perked up tonight..long may it continue. Loved your pics. That watch will keep him and the nurses entertained for hours I would think!Sleep tight XXX

maewest (79 )    11:26 pm, 31 Jul




Nite nite to


everyone else. Joystik, glad your interview went okay. Boy what a long one! Only one more sleep after tonight until you hear. We all know that waiting is the hardest part!!! Sonia I do hope your poor back is feeling better in the morning. That fall certainly wouldn't have done it any good! Love to all XXX

maewest (79 )    11:29 pm, 31 Jul




I can't believe I have missed this thread!


I will have to catch up in the morning but will introduce myself now. My name is Birgitta I am 44 mother of a beautiful 4 year old Julia and Johnny who died of cancer Jan 2001 aged 10 months after a 5 month battle. My own mother died aged 38 of liver cancer. I found a lump in my abdomen about a week ago, had it biopsied today and am waiting for results - can't sleep. I'm also a nurse and worked in Oncology/Haematology Auckland Hospital for about 15 years but gave up when Johnny was diagnosed. I usually hang out on TM General MB and stumbled across this by accident and have spent the last 2 hours reading. Hope you don't mind a latecomer to this amazing thread!

corvette3 (1068 )    12:17 am, 1 Aug




G'morning Joystik


and to all who are about to start their day. I had an early night Joystik as I have a dipping contractor arriving this morning and I need to be up and out quite soon. I think you deserve your sales job Heather, the time you have to wait will be over in a flash. All the best and I somehow think you will have the job!! Welcome corvette3 ! I cannot help but be thinking of you while you wait for results . You have had more than your share of sadness due to this terrible cancer.

farmerlloyd (24 )    6:14 am, 1 Aug




Bogeyi and Ryan ,


Good Morning to you all. I am sorry I just haven't had the time to check if all is going to plan for you, but if so then you will only need to get through the next 24 hrs and it will be "T" day ! I hope you are getting enough sleep to carry you through .

farmerlloyd (24 )    6:17 am, 1 Aug




Paula and family,


Hi neighbour! Hope you are feeling a lot better by now, Paula. Antibiotics always take a day or two to kick in . Yesterday was a warm enough to be a spring day just so long as you could keep out of the wind. Say hi to Josh please.. You are in my thoughts, often .

farmerlloyd (24 )    6:22 am, 1 Aug




To Boop, Meridian, Maewest, Sonia and all of the


other lovely posters who keep this thread alive and supportive. I must bid you good morning and hope you all have a good day. ( Keep looking after your back Sonia!) I have to be off and chase some sheep !! Oh before I really go. I saw an advert in the Otago Daily Times for the Iam Gawler man I mentioned in the old post. He is to be speaking in Dunedin next Tues. A public meeting. I thought I might go along and hear what he has to say . The advert is headed up with the words ' Medicine of the Mind' Cancer, Lifestyle and Healing . This man should know what he is talking about. He had a leg amputated due to a cancer which he was told would take his life (that happened about 25 years ago) I have to rush off now ... that clock just doesn't stay still..

farmerlloyd (24 )    6:35 am, 1 Aug




Ian Gawler (spelling !)



farmerlloyd (24 )    6:36 am, 1 Aug




Welcome corvette3


to this wonderful thread. Sonia started the first thread CANCER SUX and it went to over 5,000 and people removed it (God knows why) so she started this one. We love it, and have all got to know each other, and give help and love and comfort. Hope to hear more from you, corvette. We all have our worries and fears, and being able to chat to people who understand, is so good.

dize5 (490 )    8:20 am, 1 Aug




Thanks Dize5


Yes Welcome Corvette - how could you have missed these threads? LOL! So sorry to hear of little Johnny - my heart goes out to you - what a nightmare that must have been. Wishing you all the best with your diagnosis - hey, it could be nothing - just a harmless cyst etc?! I have suspicious lumps on my liver and ovary so know how you're feeling. The mind can sure go into overdrive, especially when you've already faced the worse-case scenario previously, the usual "it won't happen to me" mindset is a thing of the past. Hugs to you, I'm sure you'll be fine, we'll all send our most positive vibes your way ;o) xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:32 am, 1 Aug




Hey everyone


My backs pretty good this morning :o) Good ol' Dr James Watt is a miracle worker, thats for sure, I'd popped my spine is about 9 places?! Gotta get the girls ready for school - have a great day :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:33 am, 1 Aug




Thanks Farmerlloyd


Wonder if he'll come to Auckland? Looks like we big-smokers may miss out on something of huge value after all?! You'll have to let us know his big tips ;o) OK I'm off for my shower now and then straight over for Vit C - see you all later :o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:48 am, 1 Aug




Hey Bogeyi


How'd your night go? Hows Ryan this morning?

soniat-d (153 )    8:49 am, 1 Aug




Oh Thanks Maewest


I'm going to look after my back better from now on thats for sure! Looking forward to my massage/manipulation at 12.15 :o) OK bye all, have a great daym ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:51 am, 1 Aug




Good morning all, another beautiful spring day....


I'm going to shower soon, do th usual necessary only, housework, and then out in the garden. My 'Golden Hope' Cancer Society daffodils are out in bloom this morning and look fabulous. I have them in a pot on my wee deck. Only one more day to wait and I will know about the job, so thats not long. Hope you all have a good day.

joystik (285 )    9:22 am, 1 Aug




Maewest, hope you enjoy your days off. Dont


over do anything, just have some time out for yourself for a wee change aye?? Maybe a nice cafe somewhere perhaps? Wish I was closer, I would pick you up and go too......

joystik (285 )    9:23 am, 1 Aug




Howdy farmerlloyd, I hope you enjoy a lovely day


in the sunshine with your farm work and animals. Make you so glad to be alive on a day like today doesn't it. Take care and leave some work for tomorrow too wont you.....

joystik (285 )    9:25 am, 1 Aug




Hi corvette3, Welcome, and thanks for posting.....


I'm so sorry that you are yet another person that has been dealt a measure of sadness by this cancer thing. It does affect so many people now days. We will all be here, and thinking of you as you wait for the results of your biopsy, and hope and pray for good results for you. Take care, stay strong, and keep sword held high all the time, (((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    9:29 am, 1 Aug




Morning everyone


Sonia, glad your back is better this morning. Chris's was very sore last night and I told him about your think it helped knowing someone else out there was hurting too. Have a lovely day

paulaxx (78 )    9:30 am, 1 Aug




Hi dize, hope you have gota lovely sunny day too..


It makes the day seem so much better when the sun is out doesnt it. Already the days are drawing out aren't they. It is lighter so much later at night now, especially when the sun doesnt set until after 5.30.. Take care and do something just for you today.....

joystik (285 )    9:31 am, 1 Aug




Morning Paula and Joshi, Hows things with you


today? Off to Kew tomorrow for more stuff?? Hope it all goes well. Don't you let them keep you there will you Josh?? Have you eaten all those gross sour things yet? What do Gecko eyeballs taste like??? OHHHhhhhh Yukky.... I'm off in to the garden soon, so I will enjoy my day. Hope Chris's back is better today. Any calves yet? I saw some yesterday on the way to town and thought of you guys. Love and hugs to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:34 am, 1 Aug






Morning to you - thank you for your kind thoughts,yes we certainly had that Spring feel to the air yesterday, I cant believe its only 2 weeks until the calves start - yikes.. Have a great day.

paulaxx (78 )    9:34 am, 1 Aug




Good Morning Sonia, hope the back is much easier..


today. Be careful and dont do anything to up set it at all. Hope the Vit.C infusion goes better today and doesn't cause you distress. I think about you lots and worry about all this extra stuff that you are having to endure. Its not fair. Hows Lydia today? Hope she's back on top of the world again and off to school. Talk again soon (((HUGS)))

joystik (285 )    9:36 am, 1 Aug




Hi Joystik


Gheckos eyeballs are sour apple flavour - quite yummy in Josh's opinion. Chris has had a bad back for years, he did Motor Cross when he was a youngster and he is paying for it now :( no calves yet -- but wont be long then you wont see me much on here :( Have a great day. Love to you xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:36 am, 1 Aug






How are you today? Did you get some sleep? Chris did download a video clip once on the internet. Dont know which site he used though, it was similar to photobucket? Hope you are both good and today is a bit more pleasant weather wise to look at out the window. Thinking of you all the time - you guys made my day yesterday!!! Love to you all xoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    9:39 am, 1 Aug




No Good Paula, - Bad backs are such a waste of


good life. Kevin's has plauged him for years too. He had a spinal fusion that collapsed, so his is now in the 'just look after it as best you can and dont do any thing to upset it' category. Because there is really nothing more they can do. One person and 2 broken backs is not a good average. Happens when you work too hard too young before you are strong enough, and its all worn out prematurely....OHhhhh sour can you eat it Josh????

joystik (285 )    9:40 am, 1 Aug




Oh Poor Kevin


Not good at all - give him our love too. Waiting till next Wednesday with you xx

paulaxx (78 )    9:42 am, 1 Aug




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan. So is tomorrow the day then??


I guess that will mean that today will have extra things and treatments to be done will it. Cant get you guys out of my head, and have this beautiful picture of Ryan, to look at, which makes it all so real. Hope today is a good day for you both. Take care of each other, and just hang in there. You're a ROCK bogeyi!! Loads of love and hugs to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:43 am, 1 Aug




Where are you Boop?? In the garden first thing I


suppose? Maybe you have been called to do a stint at the Op Shop? Sounds like Ray and Sherri will be at Hector for whitebaiting season. Does it start on August 14th over there too? Or is it later? Thats when it starts down here. She said we could go to the bach and stay while the season is on. Hopefully I will have my new job by then.... You have a good day and take care too.....

joystik (285 )    9:45 am, 1 Aug




I just


realised I was a bit naughty and didnt introduce myself when Sonia started this new thread. So is it ok if I do it now... Im Paula - 36 and have 2 gorgeous children. Cassielle is 5 and Joshua is 8. Josh was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 95. Two weeks after commencing treatment Josh had a severe reaction to one of the drugs and suffered a massive brain hemmorhage. We are in and out of hospital and doing well at the moment. We hope to end treatment Jan 2008. We love this thread because of all the fantastic inspiration and loving support we receive. xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:46 am, 1 Aug




Hello Landylass, are you well?? Fit and frisky??


I'm hoping so. Haven't seen you much, but you will be busy now you're home. Hi Kiwikaz too, hope today goes great for you too. Hope the health for hubby is continuing to be ok. Hello Icarus, when do you get the results of your scan? Waiting, waiting, waiting - thats the name of the game isn't it. Thinking of you too. And also Cole, minx3 and missbehave, Trishm, Twinkies and Briyanna and Luke and Koen. Thinking of you all with warm healing vibes sent your way. Take care and (((HUGS)))) to you all....

joystik (285 )    9:52 am, 1 Aug




Waves to Paula, Chris, Josh and Cassielle.........


lovely to see you and have the best day ever......

joystik (285 )    9:54 am, 1 Aug




Good morning everyone


Have crawled out of bed to yet another glorious day. A load of firewood was delivered yesterday while we weren't here and he has dumped it front of the garage instead of where he was meant to! Guess waht I will be doing today??? lol

maewest (79 )    10:14 am, 1 Aug




Joystik you have


a lovely day in your garden. That's what I will be doing once I have stacked the firewood!! Of course you will get your job!! How could they even consider turning you down!!! Good luck. Farmerlloyd I have a smile on my face visioning you chasing your sheep around the paddock! Have a lovely day. Sonia hope the Vit C transfusion is going ok and that your veins are behaving themselves. Enjoy the massage too. Your poor body. Not long until your holiday...mmmmmm sun, sand and beaches. Yummy!

maewest (79 )    10:19 am, 1 Aug




Bogey and Ryan


Hope everything is going well for you both..and Tyler too.Hope you had a good sleep??!!Love to you all. Hi Paula. Hope you are feeling better today. How's the cough? Are you and Josh still coughing in harmony?? What a beggar. Calving will be a busy time for you. As if you are not busy enough already. Loved your pics of Cassielle...she is so cute. Love the earrings. You have a lovely day too Paula and look after yourself XX

maewest (79 )    10:25 am, 1 Aug






What a rough ride you have been on. So sorry to hear about your little one. My heart just bleeds for you. As you will already know, waiting is the hardest part. I pray for a positive result for you. I can't believe you have not come across this thread before. It is an amazing place...full of support and love and a great place to air your feelings. Welcome XX

maewest (79 )    10:32 am, 1 Aug




Hiya Bettyboop


You have been very quiet!! Landylass...where are you?? Hi Dize, Janetmk1, Kelsall, Kwikaz,Nicolaas3, Fifie, Icarus and (oh, I must make a list!! lol!) everyone. Hope you are all having a lovely day. My thoughts are with Luke and Koen and Twinkies and Briyanna. (((HUGS))) to all. I'm off outside to make the most of this beautiful day. Talk to you all later XX

maewest (79 )    10:38 am, 1 Aug




Hi everyone


and thankyou for your welcoming messages. I was woken this morning by my Dr ringing to say the results are that ...... there was not enough material in the specimen so they now want to do an 'open' biopsy. Blah but I am resolving to stay positive and believe that this is a good sign. I remember a while ago looking in the parenting thread as it was an 'anniversary' for my son but couldn't find anything like this. sonia, I'm interested to know where you are receiving the vit C infusions - I have heard that there have been some astounding results with it but didn't know you could get it in NZ.

corvette3 (1068 )    11:44 am, 1 Aug






re Ryan's BMT for we never got to that stage but it was a possibility I faced and I admire your bravery. During Johnny's treatment I was SO tired all the time - Starship were great and I had a hospital grandparent but I remember the overwhelming exhaustion. What ward are you in? Is it the transplant unit in the main hospital - can't remember the ward no as they have all changed since I worked there, but if its the adult ward I know the Charge Nurse well - Helen. They didn't do paediatric BMTS in Starship (I don't think) then but maybe they do now.

corvette3 (1068 )    11:47 am, 1 Aug






Thanks so much for your caring words, yes we are still coughing. I just phoned the dr to get some more antibiotics as I just dont feel it is going away fast enough! LOL about us coughing in unison - we have done too! Yes calves - I am quite looking forward to feeding them this season as long as Josh stays well?? Have alovely day and love and hugs to you xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    12:32 pm, 1 Aug






I am sorry for your loss and am glad you have joined this thread. When will they do the biopsy? Wishing you all the best.

paulaxx (78 )    12:34 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Paula


thanks, biopsy scheduled for tomorrow. I've been trying to read all the thread but may have missed something - Josh had ALL in 1995? What happened after that? Seems like you are having a really long journey. Sorry I'm just not up-to-date - are you in hospital at the moment?

corvette3 (1068 )    12:57 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Corvette, wishing you a happy, sunny day,


and hoping you dont have to wait too long for your biopsy.

joystik (285 )    1:09 pm, 1 Aug




thanks Joystik


I actually feel quite cheerful and happy today - have resolved that whatever the universe cares to throw at me I know I have the strength to cope.

corvette3 (1068 )    1:17 pm, 1 Aug




Afternoon all....


haha I wasn't on here because I was still in bed until lunchtime!!!! Had a big cook up again yesterday and big family meal last night for Kylie 17th birthday so didn't have to resort to fish n chips & desserts! Going to a movie this afternoon so having a blob day today. Feeling heaps better so hopefully I am on the up now. Hang in their Nicola and Corvette, we have all trod that path and the waiting is awful. I always imagined Corvette that working in the "industry" must be a nightmare as you know more than the average person and can let the imagaination run riot.

landylass (48 )    1:17 pm, 1 Aug




Yo Landylass


And I thought I was late out of bed!!! I have been stacking firewood. Phew. My face looks like a beetroot! It is so hot out there!! About a third left to do. Will wait til it cools down. Will prune some more roses instead. What movie are you going to see? I guess you get to see all the previews. Pleased you are feeling better today. Its a good feeling aye?

maewest (79 )    1:20 pm, 1 Aug




Corvette good luck for


tomorrow. At least you didn't have to waait too long for an appointment.

maewest (79 )    1:21 pm, 1 Aug




Sorry to hear about your workmate


Minx. Its always that dose of reality that we hope we never have to face. Paula can't believe you are still fighting the bugs. Take care. My two are away back to school yesterday so I have escaped the bugs again! Thinking of you Bogey & Ryan. Joystik fingers crossed that you get that job. Farmerlloyd we live on the outskirts of town and often watch for space stuff so you are not alone. Nothing like sitting round a campfire watching for them too! Almost think summer is coming today, yet I see you North Island ones are getting rain. Will try and send up some lovely sunshine! Maewest.. how do you do those hours? Have a good day everyone.

landylass (48 )    1:22 pm, 1 Aug




Don't normally stay that late


in bed Maewest. Got up and had brekky and saw kids off to school and was feeling a bit tired and went back for what I thought would be an hour and woke up when the hubby arrived home looking for lunch!!! My body must have needed it though. Away to see Mrs Henderson presents before we final it. Beaut day here too and no wind today, should be outside spraying but it can wait!

landylass (48 )    1:25 pm, 1 Aug




Oh it's a doddle


Landylass....NOT!!! Lol!! Actually it's not so bad. I enjoy having 3 days off during the week. Enjoy the movie

maewest (79 )    1:25 pm, 1 Aug




Ooh I wanted to see that


but it has finished here. Will get it out on DVD sometime. It should be good.

maewest (79 )    1:26 pm, 1 Aug




We had a lot of elderly


ladies at a premiere and most just loved it! Only one complaint about the nudity. lol I am always finding out what I want to see has finished! I only get to see the odd preview.

landylass (48 )    1:31 pm, 1 Aug




We went to the movies


last Wed. Tried 2 different cinemas (2 different movies) to be told they started on Thurs. So just went in to the next movie showing at the Arts Centre. It was really good. Think it was called On a Clear Day. Bout a chap who lost his job and decided to swim the English Channel.

maewest (79 )    1:37 pm, 1 Aug




Just popping in


Hi all, Had the scan now the waiting begins. Will know results on August 15th in the meantime I just keep plodding along. Beautiful day in Christchurch today. Have been pruning roses this morning. What a sight old trackies and top big leather gloves so as not to scratch myself, takes forever to heal these days. Best wishes to all and a special welcome to our new members, you will enjoy our thread. Well away to finish the jobs outside. Feeling quite good today. Hugs to all. Be safe and take care until I hear from you all again. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    1:44 pm, 1 Aug




Hi ladies, I'm just off for a bike ride. Only got


2 roses left to do now and I am waiting to get the gardening sleeve first!! I know it was very naughty to do the others but once i started I couldnt stop,and I was very careful. Its so beautiful out side, cant sit in here. Hope its sunny where you all are too.....

joystik (285 )    1:58 pm, 1 Aug




Hi all, wow this thread has gone off today!


Massage was great - PAINFUL but did the trick. Have got to go back Thursday morning, I was tight as all over! Feeling just devine now :o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:07 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Corvette ;o)


Yikes open biopsy sounds ouchy - good luck with that - whens that happening? I'm doing my vit C infusions in Remuera/Newmarket at the Centre For Advanced Medicine, 110 Remuera Rd. 0-9-524 7743 If thats too far away, ring them and ask who else does it. I have heard that someone's starting up in Milford soon. Yep some great results, gives me renewed hope :o) It went well today except for the last 20 mins got a bit sore, we managed to slow it down and the pain eased - so much better than Friday ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    2:12 pm, 1 Aug




Sorry all


Gotta come back leter - still haven't had lunch and have got to collect Lydia at 3. Its started raining again dammit!

soniat-d (153 )    2:12 pm, 1 Aug




Sonia, its been like a sprin day in Southland.....


sorry you had rain again. But, dont you get on average 300 rain days a year?? Seems a lot, would that be true?? We had heavy rain last night but the day has been just devine.....Pleased the infusion went better today. Been thinking of you with your back and all going on....

joystik (285 )    4:18 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Joystik, I'm still trying to catch up with this


thread LOL! Yep it rains a lot here, not as much as in Seattle I hear LOL Wouldn't have a clue what out stats are though... I just hate it when it rains at school pickup time - means I have to drive instead of walk (track too muddy if raining) etc. At least its not raining too heavily ;o) Backs still good thanks (few twinges, nothing major) and Lydia's good, came home from school and asked for a rest so I guess her body's still catching up a bit.

soniat-d (153 )    4:25 pm, 1 Aug




Damn Icarus


I'm going to be away when your results come in - best of luck with those - fingers and toes crossed ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:27 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Maewest


Thanks for the kind thoughts :o) Sorry to hear about the firewood thing - what a major pain - hope you're looking after your back moving it all!?! We ditched our fireplace a year ago and got a gas one - soooooo glad we did that (although getting gas to the house turned into a MAJOR). I was hopeless at starting the woodburner, mainly cos Brent never bought enough kindling. Thats my excuse anyway ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:31 pm, 1 Aug




hi all we have had a hit night and day


will update soon, paula can chris remember what he used i would love josh to see it, i tried to send but its something like 2000 odd kb

bogeyi (484 )    4:32 pm, 1 Aug




Oh no Bogeyi :o(


Just when things seemed to be going so well... :o( Will await your update... (((((hugs))))) xoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    4:41 pm, 1 Aug




cheers Joystilk


Jen was a amazing person, it truly was a privilage to know her and work with her. Its ppl like her that made you want to forget all the little things in life and just get out there and live and enjoy every damn second. Cheers all.

minx3 (0 )    4:42 pm, 1 Aug




well were do i start


last night about 11pm ryan was sick and up came the NG tube, nurse tried to put it down but he couldnt (he was beside himself), that nurse was the noisiest nurse i have had he banged and crashed (typical male...sorry)about 2.30am his blood pressure was 158, so i was wide awake concerned had to wait half an hour to get it rechecked, it was 169 so then we have to wait for a bloody doctor which takes about 45mins, finally he was charted more med (the whole time he is fast asleep).Lunch time they tried the NG again twice no luck, by this time he is yelling,screaming,kicking, hit me in the arm, tried to bite me???(never have i seen him like this)and really angry....I ended up walking out crying, with lack of sleep was all to much. Was going to try a third time but decided it was to stressful for him, they will try on thursday with some drugs to relax him.

bogeyi (484 )    4:48 pm, 1 Aug






you all make me feel so lucky bout my situation, my son has a tumor attached to his optical nerve in his brain , it is benign which is so lucky and hasnt been a problem for 6 yrs now he has just started chemo and will continue this for 6 mths to see if it works. he is living in chch with his dad luck he has a great dad but i am on the other side of the country with other son , real hard would rather b with him but curcumstances dont allow i go all the time to see him but he is my baby even though hes 13 and it breaks my heart. I look at all of you and think you are all so brave and it could have been worse for me. I am just getting used to not having him here with me, i feel like i have lost control of him and scared they wont look after him like a mother does.

nova12 (28 )    4:50 pm, 1 Aug




OMG Bogeyi


What a complete an utter nightmare! Poor sweet Ryan, I can totally understand how he would have been feeling, his reactions were purely out of angst, must have been soooo hard for you to see that though. You're a GREAT Mum Janine, I know that he knows that the whole time, his emotions just got the upper hand at crisis time :o/. Crickey, hope they can get the tube down next time, poor kid, I sooooo fell for him, and you - You can never get too many((((((hugs)))))) can you? I'll keep sending them regardless, hope you feel them xoxoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    4:55 pm, 1 Aug




Oh bogeyi


I felt so sad when I read your letter, loving thoughts to you. You are a mum in a million.

dize5 (490 )    4:56 pm, 1 Aug




in saying this ryan had had an excellent day


so far, just the NG tube wasnt good.He is happy and laughing good to see........

bogeyi (484 )    5:04 pm, 1 Aug






I'm so upset for you. I got a lump in my throat when I read that you left the room in tears - my heart is aching for you and Ryan. (((HUGS))) and more (((HUGS))) - I wish they were real ones!

meridian1 (300 )    5:04 pm, 1 Aug




Good to hear Ryan had a good day ...


I hope you are feeling better to bogeyi!!

meridian1 (300 )    5:06 pm, 1 Aug






xx for sonia

miked10 (273 )    5:09 pm, 1 Aug







miked10 (273 )    5:10 pm, 1 Aug




yeah miked10


xxx for sonia - and bogeyi, paula, joystick, boop, janet, farmerlloyd, maewest, dize, landylass, luke, twinkies and all the other posters on this thread - both visitors and regulars - oh and xxx to you to miked10 for recognising the AMAZING SONIA!!

meridian1 (300 )    5:13 pm, 1 Aug




Ohhh Bogeyi, I just feel so much for you........


its so hard to watch your baby got through stuff like that at any time, no matter if they are 3 or 13. Those NG ubes are just awful to get down. A lady with me in surgucal said she reckoned it was the most awful proceedure she had ever experienced awake,so it would be just gross for poor wee Ryan - little man.. Just give him a big hug and tell him he's doing great stuff. And bogeyi, you are too....Stay strong and keep collecting all the hugs we're sending your way.......((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    5:16 pm, 1 Aug




still sounds tough nova


being at a distance.. x and evening all

missbehave (35 )    5:29 pm, 1 Aug






Best wishes for biopsy. Josh was diagnosed in 2005. Hope your night is restful

paulaxx (78 )    5:32 pm, 1 Aug






I feel so much for you guys! I remember the nurses trying to do something to Josh too and I could tell he was beside himself - I too left in tears! You poor darling. Sending you heaps of love an dhugs and glad your day today was better xoxoxoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:33 pm, 1 Aug






Here is a link to the site for posting vid's. Hope it works... Chris says it takes a real long time to add a clip and the clips he used where only about 2 mins or less???. Good luck.

paulaxx (78 )    5:36 pm, 1 Aug






What a situation you are in, must be very hard. I am sure the hospital staff and everyone will realise what a special boy he is with two special parents even though one is not present all the time. They will treat him fabulously if you are going to CHOC so have faith he will be looked after :O) Best wishes for you and your son.

paulaxx (78 )    5:40 pm, 1 Aug




Hi Sonia, Joystik and everyone


Josh is a little out of sorts this afternoon, not sure if its because he realised earlier that we are off to the hospital again tomorrow. I think he had put it out of his mind for a while. Still we had a nice day - beautiful weather at the mo. Long may it last!! Love to you all - off to sort dinner. xoxox

paulaxx (78 )    5:42 pm, 1 Aug




Oh Bogey you nearly had me in tears


reading that! OMG what an ordeal. Any chance you can get away from the hospital for a few hours break? BIG [[[[HUGS]]]]

landylass (48 )    5:43 pm, 1 Aug




Summer feels like its just


round the corner today. Went to movies this afternoon and it was so nice when I got home I decided to do some spraying out in garden. Having a real blob day today. Leftovers from last night for tea tonight. Might have to do some work tomorrow though! My rhoddies and camelias are about to burst into flower....makes you feel good to be alive!

landylass (48 )    5:45 pm, 1 Aug




Good luck tomorrow


Paula with chemo starting again. Hope you are feeling better soon. Glad to Sonia you got some relief from the back and Lydia is better.

landylass (48 )    5:46 pm, 1 Aug




Thanks Landylass


Yep glad thats on the mend - my lumpy area is still worrying me however I have to say - feels tight as, I know that feeling... have been telling myself its just in my head but... no... just left a message for my oncologist to call me - see when next scan is planned, think we should bump it forward... one lump is still very easy to feel - hate that!

soniat-d (153 )    5:57 pm, 1 Aug




Yes I'll be thinking of Josh tomorrow Paula


Hope, hope hoping it goes as well as possible. Swords up!

soniat-d (153 )    5:58 pm, 1 Aug




Oh Nova


That all sounds very hard... wishing your son all the best with his treatment. Thanks for posting - come back anytime ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:00 pm, 1 Aug




omg guys i did it check out photobucket


i had to click on my left mouse button to play it, can anyone else see if they can get it to go.

bogeyi (484 )    6:02 pm, 1 Aug




ok need to click where it says and it


may take a few seconds

bogeyi (484 )    6:03 pm, 1 Aug




landylass yes went out today for a walk


enough to get fresh air and recharge. Paula im sure this video will make him smile.

bogeyi (484 )    6:07 pm, 1 Aug






what ward are you in?

corvette3 (1068 )    6:23 pm, 1 Aug




The clip works for me bogeyi ;o)


It was cool to see him again - Em asked to watch it twice ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    6:27 pm, 1 Aug




corvette we are floor 7, ward 27b



bogeyi (484 )    6:28 pm, 1 Aug




for those who dont know paula and josh


sent some goodies to us, one thing was a watch for ryan which burps,farts,snores and coughs, that is why his hand is under the sheet why hes making the dog do that stuff...classic

bogeyi (484 )    6:31 pm, 1 Aug




for those who dont know paula and josh


sent some goodies to us, one thing was a watch for ryan which burps,farts,snores and coughs, that is why his hand is under the sheet why hes making the dog do that stuff...classic

bogeyi (484 )    6:32 pm, 1 Aug




Thats cool :o)


I thought it was the dog doing that LOL

soniat-d (153 )    6:35 pm, 1 Aug




HI bogeyi


Yep thats where I spent about 5 months in various rooms. At that time Vicki Dolphin was the Charge Nurse but she left. There were some great nurses though - Raewyn Pukas (I used to work with her in adult haematology) - is she still there? Our consultants name was Ruellyn and Peter Browett - any of them still round?

corvette3 (1068 )    6:41 pm, 1 Aug




ruellyn is still here, dont recognise the


nurses names....lockie,scott,david,nicloa,jess here in clinic still

bogeyi (484 )    6:44 pm, 1 Aug




Who is the Charge Nurse now?


actually now I remember they did the BMT's right up the far end of the ward. Do you have a hospital grandparent - one of those voluntary people who come round and help you out? I had a great one called Sue Easteal.

corvette3 (1068 )    6:44 pm, 1 Aug




yes we are up the far end in the 3 BMT units


new charge nurse (cant thnk of here name family is close but saxton has come to visit

bogeyi (484 )    6:47 pm, 1 Aug




Oh yeah


Lochie Teague is the consultant, I always liked him. Yes I remember Jess, It was 2001 I guess nurses do leave after awhile. Re the NGT - do they want it in because he is nauseated or for feeding?

corvette3 (1068 )    6:49 pm, 1 Aug




hes eating fine but if he gets mucusitis


he will need it..

bogeyi (484 )    6:51 pm, 1 Aug




Nicola ....


is she quite young with brown curly hair, pretty eyes, been there for awhile?

corvette3 (1068 )    6:51 pm, 1 Aug




Hi bogeyi


OH they say laughter is the best medicine so Josh and I should be right now. That is so funny - you have no idea how good I feel knowing it gave him some pleasure. Thats hilarious! The way he moved the dog, Ryan your gorgeous!!!!!! xo

paulaxx (78 )    6:57 pm, 1 Aug




One thing I really learnt being in hospital with


Johnny was how incredibly vulnerable you are as a patient (or patients mother). After 20 years of nursing I'm sorry to say it took me a personal experience to be able to be a 'good' nurse and of course after that I couldn't nurse again. I had this feeling that I had to be 'nice' because if the nurses liked me they would be nicer to Johnny. But I believe that they can do alot of unnecessary stuff because the rules say thats the way it should be. For eg. I bet there is some protocol that says a BMT patient always has to have a NGT and so they will have wanted to replace it come hell or highwater regardless of the actual need for it.

corvette3 (1068 )    6:59 pm, 1 Aug






ahh 2005 that makes more sense - one of your previous posts says 1995 and i was trying to figure out how he could be 8! did he have the spinal chemo?

corvette3 (1068 )    7:02 pm, 1 Aug




corvette nicola is the bmt nurse



bogeyi (484 )    7:04 pm, 1 Aug






Whoops - I must has pressed the 9 instead of the 0. No wonder you were curious lol. Yes he did have the spinal chemo he has had quite a lot of that and now gets it every 12 weeks. He has been off treatment 3 and a half weeks now, will have to get used to dishing out the meds again. If his counts are up tomorrow...

paulaxx (78 )    7:08 pm, 1 Aug




I'm just trying to figure out if I know her


could do, anyway, sounds like you've got them sussed. I once made such a fuss they called a Code Orange and I had a security guard called up to quiet me down. when I think about it now its quite embarassing but I had just had enough of being the nice mummy.

corvette3 (1068 )    7:12 pm, 1 Aug






not that its much consolation but I was always told that if your child has to have cancer ALL is the 'best' one to have blah. In fact my next door neighbour who is 35 had ALL as a child. Here's hoping Josh feels better soon - do his counts have to be up for more chemo?

corvette3 (1068 )    7:18 pm, 1 Aug




why is that all men find


farting so funny? My husband at age 46 laughs his head off at anything that farts, a farting watch would send him over the edge!!

corvette3 (1068 )    7:20 pm, 1 Aug






He can have Vincristine tomorrow cos thats not count dependant. But the other oral ones that he has had to have every day and one once a week have had to be stopped. So just waiting to hear when he can start again.

paulaxx (78 )    7:30 pm, 1 Aug






This is a link to Josh's website if you are interested... Have a good night

paulaxx (78 )    7:51 pm, 1 Aug




night everyone


i have an early start with tyler needing to be here by 7am, so to everyone that has been a great support..THANKYOU I feel I have been through the wringer today so will hit the sack early...sweet dreams all

bogeyi (484 )    8:36 pm, 1 Aug




evening all


beaut sunny day here in the south today, just popping in to say hi had a busy day today.bogeyi thinking about you and ryan sending you lots of strength and courage tommorrow hope it all goes off well with a positive outcome for you all. paula good luck tommrrow for you and josh too back on the treatment?hard to put the hat back on again and remember all the meds? In the end i was having bad dreams stressing if i had done them all right . as the pill book got fuller and fuller with each seizure.(and chemo) so in the end i handed them over to the chemist to do and pick them up once a week makes life a little simpler:) hope everyone else has had a good day.landylass dont feel quilty bout sleeping in. if you need it just do it!!( i know eaiser said than done when you are a mother!)

kiwikaz3 (10 )    9:05 pm, 1 Aug




Goodnight Bogeyi, best of luck ;o)


Is it still on for tomorrow? I was thinking cos the tubes out it would be delayed? Or is it back in now? *Rushes back to check previous posts* Anyway, will be thinking of your two lovely boys tomorrow - all the best :o) xoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    9:14 pm, 1 Aug




Same for you Paula and Joshi


All the best for tomorrow! What a day it will be for you all! I'm having a quiet one, hosting coffee group (second attempt LOL) but will be thinking of your boys often ;o) xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    9:16 pm, 1 Aug




Hey Sonia


Thank you so much, I will tell Josh to put his sword up Enjoy your coffee group. ;o) xxxxxooooo

paulaxx (78 )    9:22 pm, 1 Aug




Nanite Bogeyi


You guys are very special and Chris, Cassielle Josh and I all wish you and your family especially Tyler and Ryan the best for tomorrow. We will be constantly thinking of you! I hope you get some rest tonight xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:25 pm, 1 Aug




Nite Bogeyi and all the best for tomorrow


I do hope it goes well for your two wee men . To Paula and Josh my hopes for your time at Kew goes well also. Joystik, I just do hope you can put us out of our misery after tomorrow by telling us you are now an "agent". And I think Corvette has a big day tomorrow with your open biopsy (whatever that involves) so all the best for that procedure . I hope everyone enjoyed the most wonderful day in the South today. The best spring day we could wish for. As everyone says... it makes you glad to be alive . North Islanders who have been getting rained on will just have to wait for the sun, I'm sorry !!

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:56 pm, 1 Aug




Even you Boop,


May have been getting rain instead of sun. If not today, then it was in your forecast for tomorrow. But sun will surely follow and spring is almost here

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:59 pm, 1 Aug






Did you hear me roaring at the dogs first thing this morning ? I can often have a bit of trouble when my young huntaway gets started on his chores. He is a bit rough around the edges of the mobs he chases and often sends the odd sheep at high speed away from the mob, in fright! After he runs a bit of steam off, he is really a joy to work with. We had a lovely day down here for everyone doing outside chores and all of our dipping was finished by lunchtime.

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:06 pm, 1 Aug




All the best for tomorrow joystik.


We are all thinking of you. As soon as you get the job, come on board and tell us as soon as you can. Goodnight everyone. Still raining in Hamilton, so no lovely sunsets for a few days. Never mind, they will be back. Swords high!!!!!

dize5 (490 )    10:44 pm, 1 Aug




Thanks ladies for all your messages again........


visitors again tonight so no sign of me on here till now, and now its bed time again. Especially thinking of you Bogeyi and Ryan and Tyler as you do the BIG one tomorrow. And of course Kirsty and Daddy at home as well. You're all doing a fantastic job and I just know it cant be easy most of the time. Also, Paula and Josh off to Kew in the morning to resume treatment. Special thoughts and warm hugs to you too and of course Cass and Chris too. Would love to nip in and see you but it will be another day I'm sorry. You're all very special people in my circle of friends....(((((HUGS)))))) special big softy ones for you all.....

joystik (285 )    11:05 pm, 1 Aug




This thread has been fair buzzing along today.....


and I dont have time to catch it all just now, but you are all my friends on here and I wish you all the sweetest of dreams, and the most restfull sleep,and until tomorrow.....god bless you all and sleep tight.......(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    11:07 pm, 1 Aug




good morning everyone


im up sghowered and dressed and waiting for tyler and randal to arrive so i can sort tyler out for theatre. Sonia yep all go ahead the marrow goes through his hickman line like a transfusion, the NG tube is just his feeding tube. Paula and josh good luck for today. Hello joystik,landylass,boop,farmerlloyd twinkies,maewest and whoever else forgot.

bogeyi (484 )    6:23 am, 2 Aug




Ryan is still fast asleep


we had a good night last night, blood pressure got upto 174 :/ at one stage, I feel like I had a good nights sleep..

bogeyi (