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hi bogey Iwill try



boop2 (109 )    3:20 pm, 7 Aug




well done bogey


I hate it when the others do it

boop2 (109 )    3:21 pm, 7 Aug




thanks boop


me to, they are always lurking.

bogeyi (484 )    3:25 pm, 7 Aug




Hi joystick


I am dying to have a ride on my bike sometime the poor thing is going rusty. Are you enjoying the real estate at the moment I can't get over the way houses are selling out country, still. We were so busy laying our pavers over 440 of them yesterday and I jst went out and my p.i.t.a .husband has the barbacue sitting wham right in the middle of them well I have news for him. I have lovely garden seats and pots to go there and that spoils the look of it. Men, couldn't you at times. Enough moaning we are getting some rain today too , we have been so lucky. Take care

boop2 (109 )    3:28 pm, 7 Aug




Hi maewest


you are a hard worker but having three days off in a row is better. Just had a ring from my precious wee grandaughter asking me to go to her ballet recital in December she is only four. Delightful, her other gran teachers her. Poor zinnie has two left feet at the moment but she loves it.Everybody is having a hard time on here at the moment it is heartbreaking. Takecare and have a good sleep.

boop2 (109 )    3:49 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Boop, nice to see you. I cant do anything in


the Real Estate Industry yet. First you have to get a job with a Real Estate Company and then they apply for your licence to practice as a salesperson. I think that takes 2 weeks. I just go out with my friend for fun at the moment. Have to go for another interview with the same company this week. Haven't heard what day yet, but could be tomorrow, hopefully. Another licencesee within the firm wants to see me as well, and I heard they were pleased with me so its all starting to look better. Then I can find Paula and Chris a farm. Sun is out here now too, but it has been a much colder day today, and we had quite a lot of rain this morning too. The bike ride was very chilly indeed!!

joystik (285 )    4:18 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Boop


No I dont get my wee man his own gel (gosh, he's such a mischief that he'd probably use the whole lot in a day). I actually use mousse in his hair cause he has very fine hair and gel is too heavy. My daugter also uses mousse because her hair is very curly in the front and straight in the back (?). Without mousse it's just a frizzy mess around her face ;-)

meridian1 (300 )    4:40 pm, 7 Aug






I too am so glad you got it. I hate it when others steal a hundy or a thousy too - thought it was just me being my old septic self lol. So glad Ryan had a little to eat. Yea now I understand how it is for you with your brief visits to the hospital with your other darlings it does suck!!! Poor you - cloning mightnt be so bad after all??? Give our love to Ryan and save some for you too xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    4:47 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Meridian and Boop


Just popped in to say hi - now I have to go cook tea. have a good night. xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    4:48 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Paula


How are you sweetheart? Poor wee Joshi. I bet he gets really frustrated. It sux that Joshi has this illness - for Cassie too, but on the upside, they have an awesome mummy! I hope Joshi is enjoying his new Xbox. Our kids have Playstation 2, and if he could Lennon would spend every waking moment playing Crash, or Scooby Doo or Madagascar ...... Phoebe loves The Sims, Singstar, Buzz and they both enjoy Eyetoy.

meridian1 (300 )    4:49 pm, 7 Aug






Thanks to you and Paula for thinking of me with my cough, but really it's nothing. I slept all afternoon, so hopefully that will fix me. I generally don't get alot of bugs and lurgies. There are far more worthy recipients of you concern on here. Our daughters do sound alike. Phoebe has always been the nurturing type. She used to get so frustrated when her brother was born (she was 5) that she couldn't do more for him. They do fight, but when they share those tender moments, it's just beautiful (and luckily they happen often).

meridian1 (300 )    4:55 pm, 7 Aug






I'm glad you are feeling a little better now, but please don't apologise for being upset. It sounds like Lydia is very intuitive! She is such a sweetie isn't she, and she also sounds alot like Phoebe. Even now she comes up to me and says 'your pretty mummy' and 'your the best mummy', all those little compliments I love to hear. Lennon has already started to be embarrassed about giving me a kiss when his friends are around, but Phoebe loves it, and doesn't care who is around.

meridian1 (300 )    5:01 pm, 7 Aug




Hi again bogeyi


glad you got the hundy - number 2000 - Yay. Happy birthday to Randall tomorrow (and to Brent). Crossing my fingers that Ryan has a good night, and that you get a decent sleep. Good to hear that he has eaten, albeit a small amount. I guess small is probably better after such a long time of nil by mouth. Love and hugs to you both, and to Birthday boy Randal, huggly snuggly Tyler, and goofball Kirsty. I love goofiness ;-)

meridian1 (300 )    5:08 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Meridian


Im good thanks. Although my friend said I looked like cr@p I guess a true friend is honest. I still have a cough and snuffle but feel so so so much better thanks you darling!!!!! I hope the sleep helped to make you feel a lot better. Have a lovely night! Oh and yes Josh loves his new xbox he can now play 3 of his games (thanks to Janet) which is better than none. Love to you all at your place xo

paulaxx (78 )    5:15 pm, 7 Aug






I bet the ride was a cold one. Did you have an icicle on the end of your nose when you got home. LOL. Hope you have a lovely WARM night, Im off to dish up the sweet n sour chicken and rice. Josh has hidden in his room, cant stand the smell of cooking. Do ya think he going to eat any of it???????????? Im guessing that a big NO! Bugga! Love to you, Kevin and Lauren xo

paulaxx (78 )    5:17 pm, 7 Aug




sonia, your email wouldn.t work


Hi sonia, sorry your email was rejected, just wanted to let you know coffee group at my house wed. Leona any time after school drop off

leonab (305 )    5:26 pm, 7 Aug




I am off for tea too


rest easy paula and bogey and I pray those wee boys will as well. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    5:29 pm, 7 Aug




Cheers Leona ;o)


Wonder why my email didn't work? Getting others... will send you one now ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:33 pm, 7 Aug




Hi all :o)


Nice afternoon :o) But my surgeon never called me back! About to call her on her mobile! It's a chilly night, will be back later :o)

soniat-d (153 )    5:35 pm, 7 Aug




Well jostik our weather


certainly hasn't improved, it is still raining, raining, raining. My husband went for his usual evening river walk (in the wet - he must be mad!!) but said a lot of river paths are under water, as the Waikato River is in flood. Please don't tell us in the morning that you are having sunshine again!!

dize5 (490 )    5:51 pm, 7 Aug




Just popped in for a minute


Chris is out tonight to a school Quiz nite. Im just off to read to the kidlets. Hope you got hold of the specialist Sonia - not fair to keep you waiting all day :0/ xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    7:07 pm, 7 Aug




ditto Paula popping in briefly


just sitting down for 5mins, Ryan has been real grooty this afternoon, his head has spent alot of the time in a sick bowl.....he has just been sick again out both ends and has a lovely long shower, looks better but wont last.....will hopefully post some pics tonight on photobucket

bogeyi (484 )    7:15 pm, 7 Aug




Hi there ladies :o)


Awwww Bogeyi, sorry to hear Ryans having a rough time - again! :o/ What I would do to take all that away from him. He's such a delighful child, doesn't deserve all this at all. How long is this expected to go on for? Do they have an estimate?

soniat-d (153 )    7:49 pm, 7 Aug




Just tucked


both the wee fraggles in. But alas they are both calling out already. Bogeyi poor Ryan. Poor you. So hard to watch, you must be wrung out. He must be exhausted. Truley SUX :( Love and hugs to you.

paulaxx (78 )    7:55 pm, 7 Aug




thanks sonia and paula


his tummy is sore and he has asked for morphine, so hes having a rest now......cracks me up when nurses come in and a little person asks for morphine sounds so funny

bogeyi (484 )    7:57 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Paula


It got too late by time I could make the call so I texted her instead. My text went "Hi Shaz Looks like my lumps R growing again?! Vernon gave me form for a CT, having that Fri morning. Do I need 2 do a CA153 also? Going to Fiji this sunday..." (had to continue in second text LOL)"...for 10 days, back on 23rd. Want 2 get any tests done this week so you can all discuss next plan of action b4 I return. Thanks Sonia td". Sent that at 6pm. Just got reply 5 mins ago "Hi Sonia No don't worry re Ca15-3 at present. Just do a CT - Most of all have a fab time in Fiji" I sure hope she calls tomorrow to discuss a bit further?! Oh well, no worries, am much calmer and resigned again now. It seems that I just need to have one emotional explosion after each bout of bad news, then seem to coast along... seems to be my thing ;o) Thanks all for your suport xoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    7:57 pm, 7 Aug




Actually Paula, it wasn't so bad out biking.......


I went round to the other house to see what Kevin was up to, and arrived just in time to help him lift the new stove and dishwasher from the garage into the house. He had spent the day fitting the new kitchen in, and it looks great. Have to get a sink insert next time we go to town, so he can fit that, before attaching the bench top. All starting to look good. Came on to rain while I was there so I out the bike on the truck and accepted a lift home.

joystik (285 )    8:00 pm, 7 Aug




Oooh I love new kitchens Joystik :o)


Brent said I can get a new kitchen if the other house sells :o) Can't wait!

soniat-d (153 )    8:02 pm, 7 Aug




Well Sonia, she didnt seem too bothered really did


she?? Maybe she will phone in the morning to discuss things in more detail and give you the oppportunity to do the same. Glad you are feeling better tonight. Gearing up for the birthday tomorrow I guess to and being very positive about things. I've sent you lots of warm caring thoughts and hugs, so I hope you are feeling better.

joystik (285 )    8:04 pm, 7 Aug




No Brent, not IF the other house sells, but WHEN


the other house sells. Think positive Brent, it will sell. Yes I love new kitchens too. We were only ever going to do this place up to on sell it, but as I see it getting closed to completed, I start to think, perhaps we should move there, so I can have the new house. But we probably wont, because we would ultimately like a place closer to the native bush somewhere, and that one isnt any closer than his is. Its on a 1/2 acre section or 2023 sq M.

joystik (285 )    8:10 pm, 7 Aug




Don't worry Joystik


We KNOW it'll sell! Its a gem ;o) We're doing a bit to it first though. Got it chemwashed today, then getting HRV installed, the painters in, new shower and stove, and redoing back deck. Then it'll go on the market ;o) So when was more referring to time-wise ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:16 pm, 7 Aug




I agree Joystik


My surgeon doesn't seem too concerned eh?! Hope she's right ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:18 pm, 7 Aug




Sorry Bogeyi..........I dont want to hear that....


poor Ryan is having a hard time. Thats just not fair. Hope he is feeling better after his nice long shower. And hopefully he will enjoy some restful sleep tonight, and feel better tomorrow. Can they give him better drugs to stop the vomitting altogether?? They tried all the useless ones on me first, and then when none of them worked, gave me that Zofran,that works really good for me, but they are pretty stingy with it only allow 6 per script!! Thinking of you Bogeyi and sending you both (((((HUGS)))))

joystik (285 )    8:19 pm, 7 Aug




OOOH I love Kitchens too


Am thinking if we dont buy a place with a house on it an dhave to build - Bring it on!!! Sonia - Alright for her isnt it!!! Sorry, but my gyney specialist would do the same thing to me and all I wanted was peace of mind. Totally different case I know to what you are going through. Ok, as long as you are comfortable with how its all going and can get on that plane on Sunday and feel the thrill of take off. It will be a wonderful holiday - I just got excited for you ;o) Joystik - man its frigid here tonight - the weather that is. Fire is roaring but this computer is in the cold end of the house so better not stay on too long. Real Estate Agent has a property to show us in Waimumu which would be cool, just a couple of hundy g's out of our price range lol. Think we shouldnt waste his time. There is one farm at pukerau with a house on it - will have to suss the kitchen though lol

paulaxx (78 )    8:20 pm, 7 Aug




Yes you should look anyway.....most things are


negotiable in the Real Estate Industry Paula, and you might get them down to meet more what you want to pay. I think I am on to a place with about 98acres and a house, but not just yet!! But its more over this way. Our weather is better here though, and I would have no idea of price either. I think its frosty out side, so it will be a ripper, with that rain to freeze as well that fell earlier today. Stay warm.....

joystik (285 )    8:24 pm, 7 Aug




I don't know if I'm comfortable with it LOL


Paula, but this is like round 3, all feels a bit familiar, and hey I got through the last 2 ;o) Ok my outlook looks a tad grimmer each time, but oh well... I'm clinging to the hope that Vit C and bracytherapy will do the trick. Am I dreaming?!

soniat-d (153 )    8:27 pm, 7 Aug




hi everyone


It has taken me ages to catch up on all the news. I think of you all often and send good vibes your way. Have a great holiday Sonia, I hope things go well on friday. Fingers etc crossed. Christine

gregp3 (6 )    8:32 pm, 7 Aug






Where are you going in Fiji?

scottygirl_1 (19 )    8:36 pm, 7 Aug






I can only imagine how it feels for you. You are doing all you can and deserve this peace of mind. Friday now, wait and see. I just wish that these people in the medical profession could just once jump over and see it from your/our side. Step into the shoes of one riding this wave and see what they would like done if it was happening to them and then accommodate. Oh well maybe now I'm dreaming lol. MMM Fiji. Cocktails, (non alcoholic of course ;o) or not) fruit, now I sound like your mum lol. It will be awesome.

paulaxx (78 )    8:40 pm, 7 Aug




I have posted some new pics


on ryans photobucket site of todays miserable day.

bogeyi (484 )    8:42 pm, 7 Aug






MMMM - sounds interesting??? Like to know more about that one when and if. Yes I spose we should go and have a look at Waimumu except its already out of our range and hasnt a house on so kinda dreaming again me thinks. Oh just bought a ride on lawn mower - can you imagine me hooning on one of them. Its a special deal dont pay till 2007 so havent got it till all the paper work goes through. Think it will be a hoot. Will save me a bit of time I guess. Hope the new place has a big lawn or that could be a joke! Our bossess had it in our contract that we had to have one thats the only reason we got one now. Oh well, time will tell.

paulaxx (78 )    8:44 pm, 7 Aug




No Sonia, you're not dreaming at all. Have to


always look at things positively no matter how much it seems to be something else. I must say the attitude of the specialist seems a bit complacent to me, but maybe its just her way of putting your mind at ease for the night. (((((((HUGS)))))))

joystik (285 )    8:45 pm, 7 Aug






Im off to check them out. Better grab the tissues too I think xo

paulaxx (78 )    8:45 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Scottygirl


Going to a hotel in Denerau (near old ond new Sheratons) called the Sofitel - quite new, and supposed to be devine :o) Yeah Paula, what the hell, think a few cocktails will be consumed ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:45 pm, 7 Aug




She's actually always like that Joystik LOL


Come to think of it... she's a glass-half-full gal. Need that at times like this LOL But I prefer the long detailed positivity, like I get in meetings with her, not the flippant texts LOL

soniat-d (153 )    8:47 pm, 7 Aug




Awwwww poor Ryan


Looks just awful, poor kid. (((((hugs))))) for a strong battler xoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    8:50 pm, 7 Aug




Cool Sonia!


I saw that hotel being built last year and it looks great - very luxurious so enjoy it as much as you can in the circumstances. My best friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer today and has surgery on Friday. Not sure how bad yet.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    8:52 pm, 7 Aug




dize 5


hope you get some good weather tommorrow up in the north you sound like you are growing webb feet up there?!! its cold down here in the south tonite so maybe a frost again?

kiwikaz3 (10 )    8:56 pm, 7 Aug






just tears at my heart strings seeing him like that so can only imagine what it does to yours. Poor kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He really is a trouper though! Tell him I still think he is a dude even with a sickie container stuck to his face. He is a star!!! Love and huge Hugs to you both.

paulaxx (78 )    8:57 pm, 7 Aug




What kind of surgery is she having Scottygirl?


Do you know? (Lumpectomy / mastectomy / reconstruction?) Please give her my best wishes. My new bit of advice to women facing this for first time now is, forget vanity, makes sure a good generous margin is taken around the lump. Forget the cosmetic issues, worry about that once you've got the all clear ;o) My original surgeon thought he was being nice by leaving me some breast tissue, so the natural shape of under my breast remained (to make later reconstruction more even). We all kinda wonder now whether a complete, non-pretty mastectomy may have got all the buggers that were in my case left behind in that area... oh well too late now for me, just like to make others aware of that. My best wishes to her for Friday (remember I'm the rare exception, most women beat the monster first time ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:02 pm, 7 Aug






can't stop thinking about the two boys and there battle. what brave couregous little dudes they are, bogeyi hope your hanging in there too. big hugs to you both and we are all hoping and praying for a better day for you guys tommorrow,

kiwikaz3 (10 )    9:03 pm, 7 Aug




So whats the plan for Randall's birthday


tomorrow Janine? Present opening in the hospital? Just wondering. Kinda sucks for him I'm sure having his adorable son so ill on the day. Hope you guys manage to make it a good one xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:09 pm, 7 Aug




I'm not sure what type of


surgery as I'm a bit chicken to phone her - just texted her. She had her biopsy on Thursday, travelled to my 50th birthday party on Friday (Wgtn to Auckland) and didn't want to tell me about it until after but I knew there was something wrong. I am presuming by her lack of contact that the news from the biopsy is bad as she is a nurse who works in the plastic surgery/reconstructive area. I agree about taking it all - if it was me I'd seriously not care as long as they got it all. I'll let you know when I find out more.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    9:09 pm, 7 Aug




Aww try to overcome the chicken in ya Scottygirl


Just tell her your thinking of her and want to help in any way you can. Honestly at this stage, she'll be feeling overwhelmed, emotional, worried etc etc. Doesn't mean results are that bad, any cancer is bad! With each day, things get better, there'll be ups and downs... you're welcome to read my experiences of those early weeks, may help you understand what's ahead of her. Halfway down this page - god look how skinny I was then - damn chemo... ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:13 pm, 7 Aug






ive been sitting here reading all these threads,amazing,there is so many nice supportive people out there, it makes me feel so emotional,and so many of us out there that suffer on a daily basis, trying so hard to stay positive and yes cancer does suck.:( im 49 soon i hope to see my 50th,take care stay strong

reece47 (125 )    9:13 pm, 7 Aug




Hang in there Sonia!!


Gawd damn specialists really p**s me off. I really feel for you right now.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:22 pm, 7 Aug






Thanks for your supportive words. I would be lost now without all my friends in this thread. They are all amazing people alright. Take care

paulaxx (78 )    9:22 pm, 7 Aug




Thanks Janetmk1


I know, if they could walk a mile in our shoes...

soniat-d (153 )    9:23 pm, 7 Aug




Ok my friends


Thanks for being there as always. I am off to bed to read - sweetest of dreams to you all and stay strong! Nanite xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:23 pm, 7 Aug






thats for sure..

janetmk1 (39 )    9:24 pm, 7 Aug




nite Paula


Hope you have a good sleep :)

janetmk1 (39 )    9:24 pm, 7 Aug




Tell me about it Paula


Yes thanks Reece, the people on here are my rocks. Thats why I started the new thread immediately I realised the old one was gone?! Can't be without all you guys, how long will this last? Maybe time to start copying again...

soniat-d (153 )    9:25 pm, 7 Aug




Its goodnight from me too


Its a busy week and I've gotta start packing whenever I have the free time! But will pop in whenever possible. Thanks all for your support today - I'd not have recovered so quickly without you! xoxcoxcoxoxoxoxoxxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:27 pm, 7 Aug




night Sonia


Have a good sleep :))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:28 pm, 7 Aug






Is ryans site on caring bridge? I did have it a while back but can't find it now :(

janetmk1 (39 )    9:30 pm, 7 Aug





bogeyi (484 )    9:35 pm, 7 Aug




I forgot to get some wrapping paper


so the nurses and I have been cracling up cause I am going to use a hopital sheet/towel bed liner something from here...hahahaha I have a yummy chocolate cake being delivered from the chocolate cake company.

bogeyi (484 )    9:38 pm, 7 Aug




Thanks Sonia..


I will phone her tomorrow and yes, I have read right through your wonderful life story. How beautiful your wedding day was.. and your renovations. Then life throws you this curve ball - I just don't understand it.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    9:43 pm, 7 Aug




LOL Bogeyi


I am sure he will understand,will he come to the hospital for his cake with you guys? Ryan has probably heard it heaps before but I gotta say it, he has beautiful eyes. what gorgeous kids you have!! I hope tomorrow is a lot better for you both, its so horrible watching your child vomit and vomit when there is nothing in there stomach,Jordan is due to go through weeks of it soon so I can really feel for you guys.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:51 pm, 7 Aug




he will think its funny


yep hes oming in the morning dosent know i have ordered a cake. well im off for an early night i can see its going to be a long night..

bogeyi (484 )    9:54 pm, 7 Aug




Good night Paula and Sonia....hope you have a good


sleep and sweet dreams both of you.I have my interview at 1.30pm tomorrow, so I will let you know what happens. I got the notification from the REINZ today that I had passed and also from the Open Polytech too. Thinking of you all constantly - my friends .......

joystik (285 )    9:55 pm, 7 Aug




Nite nite to you too Bogeyi, and I hope its not to


long a night for you. Ryan is beautiful in his pics, and still looks great for what he has been through and is going through. Give him a wee hug from me and tell him he's doin great. You are too Bogeyi, but get some sleep wont you. Love to you both, and have a lovely day tomorrow with Randal for his birthday. Will be thinking of you.....

joystik (285 )    9:58 pm, 7 Aug




Hi Sonia


Have just updated myself on your website. It's a nasty and horrid journey and your mind is playing such awful tricks on you. Stay strong and boot those negative thoughts far away from your mind!I'll keep you in prayer tonight - Stay strong ((hugs)) Winnie.

winnie15 (119 )    10:03 pm, 7 Aug




Scottygirl, sorry to hear about your friend too...


best wishes to her for a successful outcome on friday. Its not always all bad, just bad enough! Good to stay as positive as is possible. Thanks for posting too. I'm off to bed now so I will wish you all a very good night, sweet dreams, and warm ((((HUGS)))), thats for you scottygirl, kiwikaz,Landylass, Meridian, Boop, Dize, Maewest, reece47 and Janet and Farmerlloyd. ....See you all again tomorrow....

joystik (285 )    10:05 pm, 7 Aug




OMG! Friends :o/!!!


Have organised a big dinner for all our friends this Friday, and 11 confirmed they'd come. Cool :o) So tonight one emails me complaining about what one of them said to her 2 years ago (which I knew about but assumed they'd moved on), and if he's attending (as he is) she won't come?! To me she says this?! Today!? I emailed her back just now, and told her to build a bridge and get over it LOL She got me on a bad day! ;o) How rediculous, I hope she still comes... we were just going to put them at opposite ends of the table for crying out loud!Hmph...

soniat-d (153 )    11:07 pm, 7 Aug




Oh BTW My new resolution for next three weeks


Is NO MORE FEELING THE LUMPS!!! Nope, what's the point, the CT's coming, feeling them and noticing anything won't change what happens so... ;o) Good thinking eh?! Night all xoxoxoxo (((((hugs))))) to all my new levelheaded friends on here ;o) xoxoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    11:14 pm, 7 Aug






HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT AND RANDAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Hope you both have a fantastic day. Hi Sonia and Bogeyi - wishing you the nicest day possible with your guys too. Love and hugs to you all xoxoxoxoox

paulaxx (78 )    7:58 am, 8 Aug




*joins in the singing*


Happy birthday to Randal and Brent. Have a great day Sonia and Bogeyi - Hi Paula! Lenny is off school today, I'm much better but he's got the cough now (bummer). Gotta go take Phoebe to school. Love to you all!!!

meridian1 (300 )    8:05 am, 8 Aug




Been catching up on the thread


Good luck for Friday Sonia and I'm glad you've made a new resolution about feeling the lumps. The mind can play awful tricks on us all. I certainlt have moments of paranoia especially when I am tired or stressed. As for those fueding friends, tell them to "get over it" and act their ages. There are far more important things in life. If adults can't sit at a table (opposite ends be it)they are not worth the trouble!!! Have a great trip to the tropics and get overdoses of R+R for you and Brent. Sounds like he needs some down time too!

zhapod (0 )    8:19 am, 8 Aug




Morning Everyone :))


Hope the birthday boys have a great day!! Its wet, windy and cold here today so I am staying close to the fire and getting the paperwork done. The boys have gone off to school moaning that its too cold to go to school, LOL, and Danny won't get outta bed :/. I will give him another 30 mins then try again. Even the cats are behaving strangely jumping around like kittens, only they are too big for that now so they look kinda funny.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:55 am, 8 Aug




happy birthday,


to sonia and bogeyi, hope you have a good day today with your husbands, wishing them both a happy birthday. bogeyi, glad you having a laugh bout your pressie last nite good to get a laugh. hope ryan didnt have to bad a nite and you both got some sleep.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    8:56 am, 8 Aug






i had a look at his caring bridge site and everyone is right he does have beautiful eyes. :) i got two girls home today with the bugs so better go and pay them some attention, hubby is good today too. had a good night sleep :) whoever said sleep was overrated was lying!!

kiwikaz3 (10 )    8:59 am, 8 Aug




Morning everyone......and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY


to Brent and Randal today. Hope you day is a happy one for both of you and your families. Hows young Ryan feeling today? Hope he had a better night last night and is feeling better today for Dads birthday. Hi Bogeyi, you're pretty organised aren't you, even down to the birthday cake. Hi Sonia, your birthday tea sounds like fun. Hope the guests can bahave themselves! Shame when people do stuff like that and involve YOU!! Wishing you all a great day anyway, and the kids too.....

joystik (285 )    9:00 am, 8 Aug




I totally agree Zhapod


I'me very disappointed in them - Lydias friends get over fights better than these "grownups"?! I'm just a bit gutted cos Lissa WAS my best friend before the big C hit, she's one of the ones that just fell off the radar. I can't be bothered with it all, whoever will turn up will ;o) Another pals just called saying he's bringing his new girlfriend so that'll be fun :o)

soniat-d (153 )    9:08 am, 8 Aug




Morning Paula and Josh. Hope you guys are


well and happy today too. Bit murky looking out here this morning but at least the sun is struggling through the clouds, and makes one feel better! Is it much the same out your way too? Stay by the fire and keep warm. We're of to town for the Interview at 1.30pm. Hi Kiwikaz, I agree, nothing beats a good sleep. Glad your man is feeling better today. Hope the weather clears and warms up a lot!! Talk again soon.....

joystik (285 )    9:13 am, 8 Aug






I hope you are feeling a bit better today. You are prbably going to think I am nuts for suggesting it but here goes anyway... when I was feeling really bad I went to see an excellent hypnotherapist, when I left there I felt so good about myself and the problem was kinda shuffled aside like a bill you have to pay at some point. I still knew the seriousness etc, reality was still there but the inner peace and serenity was the best feeling I have had in my life, it lasted for a few weeks. Its something I would totally recommend.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:14 am, 8 Aug




Good morning all


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boys. Sonia and Bogey, have a lovely day with your families. I love chocolate cake me a piece please!! Enjoy. How is Ryan this morning? Poor wee bloke. I felt so sad when I read what he had been through yesterday. Yes he does have beautiful eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I think it is true. You can tell how people are feeling just by looking into their eyes. I hope it is not too long before the XBoz is in use again. Thar will be a sure indication that he is feeling better. Big ((((HUGS))))to you all XXXX

maewest (79 )    9:37 am, 8 Aug




Sonia, I'm so sad


you had a bad day yesterday. Good girl for making a resolution not to feel those lumps!!! Hope you are feeling heaps better today. Love your girls. Even the littlies pick up your vibes. Dear wee soul (I think you said Lydia) for trying to lift your spirits. Enjoy your day with your family and especial the birthday boy. Special ((((HUGS)))) to you all XXXX

maewest (79 )    9:40 am, 8 Aug




It must have been the day


for it yesterday. I woke up feeling sad..not for me but for my boys who have been through so much. I woke up reliving that dreadful day nearly 4 years ago now. Dragged myself around all day and was really glad to get home from work last night. Feel much better today though after a good sleep.Onward and upwards!!!

maewest (79 )    9:43 am, 8 Aug




All the best for your interview today joystik


You will be fine, you have so much going for you. A tiny little ray of sunshine is peeping through here, let's hope it lasts. Have a good day everybody on this thread.

dize5 (490 )    9:50 am, 8 Aug




Joystik good luck for today


Hope your interview goes well. It sounds to me like you already have one foot in the door! You were very brave going out for a bike ride in the cold yesterday. It's freezing here today. Poor wee lambs in the paddocks. I have lit the fire and don't plan on moving very far. Kwikaz I am so pleased your hubby had a decent sleep and feels good today. It is amazing what a good sleep can do for you. Have a happy day. Janet have you managed to get Danny out of bed yet? It is so hard to get them motivated to do anything when they are in that frame of mind. Sounds like you are in for a few hard weeks with your boys. Don't forget to have a vent on here!! Interesting suggestion about the hypnotist. Wouldn't mind having a go at that myself! Love and (((HUGS))) to you all.

maewest (79 )    9:52 am, 8 Aug




Good morning Dize


Lucky you having a ray of sunshine (only 1??). No chance of that happening here today I wouldn't think. I have been watching a huge hare who lives in the paddock over the fence. He is huddled up in the middle of the paddock and looks like a bit of hay. Wonder why they don't seek shelter under a hedge?? You have a lovely day too. XX

maewest (79 )    9:54 am, 8 Aug




I've had a few friends and relatives who have had


a visit from the C. And it is so hard to know what to do when you're "so to speak" on the outside of the bubble. You have to understand everyone reacts differently. One of my relatives pushed us all away. Then as we later found out. They complained to everyone else how their family deserted them. A friend of mine, who only ocassionally called us then demanded all our attention.

zhapod (0 )    9:56 am, 8 Aug




And good morning


to everyone else. Yoo hoo...where are you all? Scottygirl, so sorry to read about your friend. We on here are all living proof that there is life after surgery and treatments. I hope you have given her a call. Some of my friends have never contacted me, I'm sure it's because they just didn't know what to say!! Just stay close to her and be her listening post. She will appreciate and love you for it.

maewest (79 )    9:58 am, 8 Aug






all the time. We are all different and it's best to be friends rather than at each other throats. I even forgave me relative, they do realise now what they did and we think it was just their way of getting attention from others just that little bit removed from the family.

zhapod (0 )    9:59 am, 8 Aug




Hundy for a the C suffers


Our thoughts are with you

zhapod (0 )    10:01 am, 8 Aug







zhapod (0 )    10:02 am, 8 Aug







zhapod (0 )    10:02 am, 8 Aug




Zhapod I guess everyone


reacts differently. I think after the initial diagnosis you are just in state of shock and just telling friends and family where you are at is hard. You don't want to bother anyone. But at the end of the day you just want to be accepted the way you are and it's the support from all these people that help you through it.

maewest (79 )    10:03 am, 8 Aug







zhapod (0 )    10:04 am, 8 Aug




Sonia the hundy is


for you XXX

maewest (79 )    10:04 am, 8 Aug




Haha Zhapod


you were too quick for me. We will be up to that 5000 again soon.

maewest (79 )    10:05 am, 8 Aug




That's right maewest


in the end all we all want is acceptance. The sad thing is that when things like this happen it can cause sooo much stress. My motto in life now is to tell it how it is then put it to rest. Good on you Sonia for standing up to you friends. I'm sure they won't stop being your friends.

zhapod (0 )    10:09 am, 8 Aug




Paula good morning


to you. Hope all is well in your world today. Hope those calves don't decide to arrive in this weather. Poor wee things. I'm sure that Joystik will find the perfect place for you. She is one determined lady. I hope Josh's aches and pains are not so bad today. Stay warm and have a lovely day (((HUGS))). Boop, good morning to you too. Have you got all those roses sorted? And is that bbq still sitting the middle of your pavers? I did have a laugh about that. Typical male!! They do some strange tings sometimes. You stay warm too...I suppose you are napping in that chair!!! Might do a bit of that myself later! Have a lovely day XXXX

maewest (79 )    10:10 am, 8 Aug




Hi Maewest


Sorry you had a bad day yesterday . :(( I think most of us get them for various reasons but you have been through such a nightmare.. I had a friend who did the same as your husband and I see his kids quite often and feel so sad for them.They unfortunately don't have a supportive mother, so their lives are a total mess.I am sure your kids are doing well as your obviously a great mum :)) I hope today brings more cheerful things your way :))

janetmk1 (39 )    10:11 am, 8 Aug




5000 is just small stuff now


With all the threadies and those watchers out there I'm sure you'll double that in no time.... Cancer may Suck but this thread keeps you all inspired and connected.

zhapod (0 )    10:12 am, 8 Aug




Thanks Janet. Yip I'm


a box of birds today. I was really tired, so that didn't help. It's just hard pushing all those things out of your head sometimes!! My boys (men! 25 & 21) are really good and have just got on with it. Brett, the older one,is having a baby in January with his girlfriend. He has probably struggled the most but has very supportive workmates as well who helped him through. Kieran graduated this year (Bachelor of Commerce). He is still at Uni this year and has a job lined up at Ernst & Young starting in Feb. I am just so proud of them both. Bugga the tears are welling up again!

maewest (79 )    10:16 am, 8 Aug




Awww maewest


Your gonna be a granny :)))))) I bet you will spoil your grankids to bits. Sounds like your sons have done really well, you must be so proud of them.

janetmk1 (39 )    10:35 am, 8 Aug




Hehe Janet


Yip a granny!!Getting the wool today to start knitting a shawl...that really will make me feel like one!!! Just made myself a big bowl of porridge...soul food! Really must go and have a shower and get dressed. Being really lazy today!

maewest (79 )    10:39 am, 8 Aug




Here is


a pic of them taken on graduation day in 'babies!

maewest (79 )    10:48 am, 8 Aug




finally I can get on.....what a hell night


poor Ryan had a shit night, about 10pm i buzzed the buzzer twice as Ryan was in pain that I have never seen him in was horrible, they gave him some morphine I have never heard him yell like that.About midnight we finally got to bed and he was up every hour to two hours going to the toilet his poor wee bum.The mucuositis is getting worse his throat is sore to swallow now so will see what they are gong to do. Gawd i am so tired today...

bogeyi (484 )    10:50 am, 8 Aug




Thank you for the birthday wishes for Randal


happy birthday to brent hope you have a good day.....

bogeyi (484 )    10:53 am, 8 Aug




Oh Bogey


that's awful. Hell it's not fair. The poor wee guy. You must just feel so helpless with all that going on. I think this question was asked they know how long he is going to be feeling like this? He will be drained..and so will you. My thoughts and love are with you both. ((((HUGS)))) XXX

maewest (79 )    11:05 am, 8 Aug




Oh Bogey


Poor Ryan. My neice went through this with her daughter twice and now her daughter is 20 and a picture of health! I can't imagine how hard it must be for you all.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    11:11 am, 8 Aug




Sonia and others with


breast cancer. My best friends got her results yesterday and she has two malignant tumours in her breast. Now all we can hope is that it is contained and non agressive.

scottygirl_1 (19 )    11:12 am, 8 Aug






you deserve to be lazy enjoy, had a look at your pics cool about being a grandmother are you excited??? happy knitting!! you must be so proud of your other boy graduating .. :) have a better day today.:)

kiwikaz3 (10 )    11:54 am, 8 Aug






oooh what can we say except we are all still thinking of you hang in there. you are doing so good . gee i hope he turns a corner soon. hope you both get a nap in today too. hugs to you both.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    11:56 am, 8 Aug




Oh Bogeyi


Man - Poor kid! I hate it when Josh cries in pain - we already feel powerless over this whole ordeal and yet Mums are supposed to fix it when it hurts. Bugger it. You guys dont deserve this. my thoughts are with you. Hoping for a better day/night for you xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    12:21 pm, 8 Aug






Heres a snuggly cuddle for you! Wow I would be proud too with those fine young men!!! Gorgeous photo, you are a superb mum. Sorry you were a bit down yesterday. Something in the air. Love and hugs to you xoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    12:23 pm, 8 Aug




Hi Janet, Kiwikaz, scottygirl


and anyone else. Busy busy doing the GST I like to get it done early as I never know what my life is going to get thrown again. Thank goodness I did the same last month as ended up in hospital and it would have been a rush. Thinking of you all. Scottygirl - what sad news. Shes lucky to have you as a friend! Hope everyones day is going ok. Love to you all xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    12:25 pm, 8 Aug




Hi all just had a quick read


only have a few minutes, sounds like yesterday was bad for several of us (((((((special group hug))))))) Here's hoping todays a better one ;o) Had my vit c this morning (went well, still a way from dose required to give full effect so there's still hope ;o) and picked up my CT scan gloop on the way home to collect Emily. Leaving in 1/2 an hour for the dentist (won't be fun!) then later this avo Back specialist appointment and this evening out for a fancy dinner (what to wear?). House is a tip yet again and nanny appearing in half an hour so better get moving, get some lunch in me too. (((((hugs))))) to you all xoxoxoxxoox

soniat-d (153 )    12:28 pm, 8 Aug




Here's the stupid email from my friend this mornin


"Sonia, As I said Ken might go - and as I said I cannot forgive such abuse which was not deserved or appropriate treatment from a so called "friend". Despite you having cancer and being able to forgive everything with a different perspective, I am not you and my not going is not to offend you in any way - it is me not wanting to sit there (albeit at the end of the table) pretending to be comfortable - not my idea of fun sorry. It would make things too tense. Sorry but I'll catch you another time. Have a lovely holiday." Good grief, I can't be bothered responding again. Her loss.

soniat-d (153 )    12:30 pm, 8 Aug




Sorry I'm going on about my friends


But I've known them all for 19 years, Brent's known 5 of them for 35 years! I adore them all, hate this :o( Anyway, onwards and upwards, sending big hugs to Ryan and Bogeyi, and Paula and Joshi - hope you boys get on OK today, in spite of everything xoxoxo Later all (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    1:04 pm, 8 Aug




Dearest Sonia


Six words come to mind - hope I dont offend you hun but for your friend ..... SEE YA WOULDNT WANNA BE YA. LOL. You my friend have better things to do with your time as I am sure you know. Hope you dont give her a second thought! Actually youve gotta laugh dont you. I keep getting stupid emails from someone re their tough life. OMG to just have their worries for a day. No idea, they have just no idea. All the best at the dentist. :O/

paulaxx (78 )    1:46 pm, 8 Aug






I hope my words didnt offend you. I just feel for you thats all - I am a sensitive person and am starting to get a back bone not a wish bone. I have worried about people and what Ive said might have upset them bla bla bla, I just hope this hasnt affected you too much. Sad she cant be there for you guys. Hugs to you ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))

paulaxx (78 )    1:49 pm, 8 Aug




Maewest :))


Thats a lovely pic of your boys,doesn't your son look very distinguised in his graduation garb :)) you must be very proud of them both :))

janetmk1 (39 )    1:53 pm, 8 Aug






I hope you guys manage to get some sleep today, the pair of you must feel like crap today :(( Sounds like you both need a good cry about now. Can they knock Ryan out for the night so you both get some sleep?

janetmk1 (39 )    1:56 pm, 8 Aug






you are so right, if thats one thing cancer does it sorts out your true freinds, and i feel like that now too i always use to worry about what other people thought, now i dont give a toss its there loss not yours. our real friends have put there lives on hold and made the trip from oz to support us through the hard times. thank god for real friends.:)

kiwikaz3 (10 )    1:57 pm, 8 Aug






Just let her stew in her own self pity. Its not your problem, sounds like she just needs to "wake up and smell the roses" As long as you guys go out and have a good time thats what matters :))

janetmk1 (39 )    2:01 pm, 8 Aug






Joystik I think it was you asking about how long.....its still going to get worse before its gets better, Ryans ulcers wont start healing until he starts to get neutrafils so the body can heal. He has slept today but I havent feel ok. Randal loved his clothes and cake, thought he will look trendy again. Ryan cant be knocked out because hes on just a huge amount of meds, he needs to pee during the night and be monitored. He is looking so green today

bogeyi (484 )    2:43 pm, 8 Aug






No words right now just sending you hugs and love xoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    2:48 pm, 8 Aug




Hi bogeyi


I can remember 7 years ago being in hospital with Ryan and no one knowing if he would recover and if he did what sort of recovery he would have etc. I remember very clearly during this time just wishing he could be like other kids and do the naughty boy stuff. Well he had 5 years recovering and related to that he was sick for a year with another illnes and this year is his first healthy year since he turned 5. I now have my wish and then some ..hes the worst nightmare of a 13 year old you could imagine and the school has just rung to say he has another detention after school ...(lost count of the total this year)

janetmk1 (39 )    2:54 pm, 8 Aug




for stapling another kid with a staple gun...


he and the boy would have been fooling around with the gun as they have been gien detention for it before. He has been at school half the time the others have been there this year and is such a handful. BUT I love every minute of it and wouldn't change it for the world. One day you too will get to see your son change into this ratbag of a 13 year old and I am guessing will enjoy seeing him be naughty too. Hang in there bogeyi, we are all thinking of you!!

janetmk1 (39 )    2:58 pm, 8 Aug




Thanks everyone :o)


I agree with you all totally... done! Ok so back from dentist, two fillings (one was a re-do) not too bad actually, rest is demineralisation, which I can reverse - got the touth guard in now actually soaking them in the tooth paste - noone come to the door now ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:29 pm, 8 Aug




Oh Bogeyi


Poor Ryan, I can feel a respite coming, I really do. Hope its soon! ((((((hugs))))) to you and your brave fighter xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    3:31 pm, 8 Aug




LOL Paula


Man, we are so similar LOL! I used to worry about hurting others too (or trying hard to please), not any more (well not nearly as much anyway ;o) The email I sent to her this morning I would never have sent a year ago LOL. Its done. How is Joshi now? I've been thinking of him too today. xoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    3:35 pm, 8 Aug




Thats right scottygirl


Hope for the best (but prepare for possibly worse), best you can do. Many non-aggressive cancers out there. Met one this morning, big lump cut out, 3 nodes affected, not returned :o) She's vit c ing to be safe ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:38 pm, 8 Aug




Hi Kiwikaz3 ;o)


Glad you and your family had a good night - I totally agree, a good nights sleep is devine :o) Hey a lady beside me this morning - her brother had a brain tumor when he was 44 and was given 4-6 months, and he survived 12 years, healing beautifully. Apparently his saving was alternative medicine. I've always been wary of all that, but these days I ask what he used (for my friend and your husband) She's going to tell me next time. Probably something you've already heard about, but... are you interested?

soniat-d (153 )    3:44 pm, 8 Aug




Any news Joystik?


How are you today Landylass? Waves to JanetMK. Sorry all, gotta go, busy busy (((((hugs to you all)))))

soniat-d (153 )    3:45 pm, 8 Aug




Many kind wishes to you all


Sonia you have such a talented writing style I guess you are too busy to think about publishing some of this, I find myself going home and thinking about what you've wrote, and I feel like I'm intruding - like reading someone elses letters, you are all amazing ladies, Amazons even, if thats not too cheeky of me - it was certainly meant as a compliment, dont worry about your friend, even tho' you will - its not about sweatin the small stuff. Sleep well all 2nite, my very best wishes.

solarouge (48 )    3:47 pm, 8 Aug




thanks for the wishes guys


The one thing I feel sad about is Ryan has lost control of his life while being sick, He cant choose when to sleep,when to go to the toilet,when to go to a park, when to go to a freinds place,play sport,eat certain foods the list could go on for ages and ages. The one thing he can control is what he watches and plays....he loves family guy while some people think its not appropiate for kids the laughter that comes from his belly is music to my ears, like the shooting xbox games while I think should he be playing it???I also think what else does he have to do that makes him happy. His make a wish with surround sound tv and xbox was awesome this is in his room and he controls it no one tells him to stop playing or turn it down. I cant wait for the day when he can say Mum im going over to my frends place, where i dont have to leave an emergency contact in case of bleeding or worry about colds....where he can be normal..

bogeyi (484 )    4:16 pm, 8 Aug






I know that feeling only too well, wish I didn't but I do and I bet you do too Paula. That really is the hardest part that they can't do the normal boy stuff, the best part of their lives gets taken from them. But believe me when they get well enough they more than make up for it, but its soooo nice to see. On the rare occasion Ryan did go out to play with a friend I usually ended up having to go and get him early for one reason or another, so this is the first year hes really socialised with other kids and has done the "normal" kid stuff. It is heart wrenching though and a constant worry. I know what you mean about the xbox, Ryan played the playstation endlessly but thats all he had to enjoy. You are doing a great job Bogeyi!!!!

janetmk1 (39 )    4:54 pm, 8 Aug




Happy birthday to the two birthday boys!


Oh Bogey you are going thru the mill at the moment. Hang in there, you are a fantastic mum going thru all this with him. Its heartbreaking not being able to wave the magic wand when you child is in pain!

landylass (48 )    4:56 pm, 8 Aug




I was knackered after my day


in Dunedin yesterday. Poured all day and now doing same here today! Been to dietician this morning and have to have another blood test, only problem is I am bruised where they did one yesterday and can't have one in other arm. So got to go to Chemo Ward on Thurs and get them to do it thru my port. Got home and realised hubby going out of town on Thurs and I was going to go with him! Never mind, health comes first.

landylass (48 )    4:58 pm, 8 Aug




Sanp Maewest on the shawl!!!


Really got the knitting bug and bought a book of shawl patterns this morning. Nobody expecting a baby but will probably take me months making one. Great photo of your boys. You must be really proud of them. Congrats on becoming a granny in waiting! Kiwikaz hope the bugs leave you all soon. Don't want the whole house down with them. Hope the birthday girl to be is well over it by her birthday.

landylass (48 )    5:00 pm, 8 Aug




hi bogey


life is just so bloody unfair at times that kid does not deserve what he is going through. I couldn't find his new photos just the ones I saw with Tyler the other day. I am just lost for words . Sending all my love to ryanxxxxxxxx

boop2 (109 )    5:09 pm, 8 Aug




Hi maewest


why aren't I surprised at you having such lovely boys I knew you would. Aren't you just so proud of them my eldest grandson is at uni and he is just so nice. I know how you felt yesterday I will never come to turns with that if I live to be 100.I shifted the barbecue I could not get over that and he informed me he lived here as well, I replied keep this up and you won't. I still have two roses to plant. I am really enjoying the garden. You have a nice day here and be good maewest cause sometimes I think you are a lot like me.

boop2 (109 )    5:15 pm, 8 Aug




sonia your sword is slipping a wee bit


up and at them. Good luck for Friday it is too long to wait.I can imagine how you feel though. That friend of yours is pathetic if you don't mind me saying if that is all she has to worry about as you said build a bridge.Happy birthday to Brent. How is wee em haven't heard much of her lately?

boop2 (109 )    5:22 pm, 8 Aug




be back after tea


Hi landylass hope you come right I think your sense of humour will get you through. Hugs Boop

boop2 (109 )    5:24 pm, 8 Aug



boop there on photobucket


do you have the address if not send me an email and i can invite you.

bogeyi (484 )    5:30 pm, 8 Aug




Hi there everyone


Sword slips occassionally at times like this boop, but its fine, back up now ;o) To avoid any misconceptions out there, the lumps are DEFINATELY bigger, no playing with my mind etc. Just gotta hope they're the same ones, not new ones I guess. I'm really going to push brachytherapy now - stuff this poncying around, nuke those b@st@rds!

soniat-d (153 )    5:45 pm, 8 Aug




Well back from back specialist


Back is in great shape, holding together well, he was most pleased :o) Gotta be out of the door in 45 so gotta go now make myself look good ;o) Almost lost the numb lips now thank goodness, 2 lots of two lots of needles today (Vit c and fillings) - yay lucky me! :o/!!!

soniat-d (153 )    5:47 pm, 8 Aug




Hi everyone, this is another quick post from me...


sorry again!! Well I went to town and was Interviewed by another person from the same company, and then by the Principal again. At this stage it looks like I have got the job, but they are going to finalise the details of teritory's etc with the other salesperson in the area, BEFORE they let me know for sure. That will probably be in 2 days. It seems to be very long and drawn out to me as well, but they want to make sure its going to work for everyone before they ok it. They are not really keen on 2 salepeople overlapping areas, because of possible fall out!! So I guess you could say they are crossing ALL the T's and dotting ALL the I's before they finally say YES. So thats all I can report.....sorry!!

joystik (285 )    5:49 pm, 8 Aug




Have a good night Sonia....been thinking bout you


today too. Hope you're feeling better. Your friend sure takes the cake!! She wants to try a mile in some of our shoes, yours especially!! I've got visitors at 7pm so I better get off here and get dinner over with and cleaned up before they arrive. Hope the birthday has been special for Brent and for Randal too. Hi Bogeyi and to you all....

joystik (285 )    5:52 pm, 8 Aug






yes we are always interested in hearing anymore on beating the monster you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. hubbys tumor is a oliodendoglioma in case they ask as there is so many of them they have debulked the tumor twice but part still remains, ok thanks for that. :) i am off to get computer lessons from mr 13!! they know so much more than me its not fair.!!!!!

kiwikaz3 (10 )    7:27 pm, 8 Aug






Sonia, Have a wonderful night tonight. Thinking of you all the time. Josh is okish, thanks your a sweetheart. Just gave him some codeine for pain, it hurts to lie on the bed, his bones ache, his skin is sensitive you know how it goes.He has another rash all over him too, in the bath tonight he called out to me, it was a worried cry, he found some red spots and thought he had chicken pox, he was freaking out.I guess I may be to blame, making such a big deal about the whole thing. Well actually so did the drs etc so I wont take all the blame and I do know how serious it is. So he must have picked up on all that. Anyway these spots are small and red, no blisters yet so dont think its that. We have bloods tomorrow so will show the nurse. Hope you really enjoy your night hugs to you xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    7:50 pm, 8 Aug




Bogeyi & Janet


I so get what you said before, I would dearly love to give Josh the life he deserves. Just to see him playing and laughing is such a bonus. Tonight he was playing with Cass and he just cant do it for long. He said Cass when I say Im tired I just cant do it, she is so strong willed she wont take no for an answer, she still finds it hard to understand and because I have to step in its like Im making Josh more important all the time by saying Cass Josh has to rest let him. Then I try to make it up to her but shes only 5 and the more I give the more she wants and I am so tired. This is hard. But so hard for you at the moment Bogeyi :( Ahh thats my vent over, thanks for hearing me out and knowing how I feel. xo

paulaxx (78 )    7:57 pm, 8 Aug






Have a fab dinner tonight. Love to you all xoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    7:57 pm, 8 Aug




Awww Paula


I know your tired but you have the strength to get through it. The kids do get very jealous, they see their sibbling suffer and in pain, then turn around and make you feel like your neglecting them. I always got "Ryans your favourite" yet I would tear myself in half trying to give them all what they needed. In the end I had to sit them down and tell them straight coz I couldn't be wonderwoman like they seem to expect. In the end I used to take one out for lunch on their own to give them some quality time doing something they would like.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:23 pm, 8 Aug






hugs for you tonite. it hard thats what sometimes its so hard to stay strong and sometimes it does the kids good to see you cry and let them know you are human too. people use to say to me re hubby why let him do .....?? but i would say so much has been taken away from him i am not takin that away from him too. even when his head was all over the place, and it didnt make sense to the rest of us it made sense to him. janetmk1 i found making one on one for the kids was a good thing. something special that they wanted, to let them know i was still thinking about them too. yep its hard having your family all ripped up. cancer does sux.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    8:35 pm, 8 Aug




paula tell josh we are sending gentle hugs


well im stumped Ryan had a shower about 5.30 and has been sitting up in bed ever since, no nausea????im sure it wont last long but the last couple of hours have been good I dont feel so helpless would be nice if he stayed like this......we will see

bogeyi (484 )    8:41 pm, 8 Aug






I hope it lasts long enough for you guys to get a good sleep, you guys both need a break.Is counterstrike his favourite game? My son loves it and plays it online on the computer against other clans. I think your little lad would really enjoy it.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:16 pm, 8 Aug




Another busy day on here


it takes so long to catch up when you have missed a few hours. Bogey that's good news that Ryan is sitting up in bed. Long may it continue for you (and him too). Hope you both manage to get some sleep tonight.Hi Joystik, Hope you are having a lovely evening with your visitors. You would think the real estate co would have had the area thing sorted before they saw you today. Waiting, waiting....! I think it sounds like it will be all go for you. Paula...poor Josh It's just not fair on all of you. You are doing an amazing job just holding everything together. I think you and Bogey are just a couple of amazing people. I think of you all heaps XXXXXX

maewest (79 )    10:01 pm, 8 Aug




Kwikaz it must be


so hard on your family too. I can only admire you from a distance. I guess we all find an inner strength when the need arises, but it does take it's toll. I hope you manage to take some time out just for you. XXX

maewest (79 )    10:04 pm, 8 Aug




Sonia. a day of


poking and prodding for you! Hope it has made a difference. Unbelievable about your friend. I just don't get it. I have to say I totally with Paula's perspective on it. Her problem, not yours. I hope you are enjoying your night out.XXX

maewest (79 )    10:06 pm, 8 Aug




Hi Boop


I did have a giggle about you moving the bbq and your comments. What a hoot! Exactly what I would have done! Hehe. I still haven't finished pruning roses yet. The weather has been too awful for that.Love your jokes...thank you. Landylass I have got a book of shawls to knit as well. Can't decide which one to do though. Think I'll go for the double knitting one...less work!!I'm sure you will find a place for yours one day!! I haven't done any knitting for years, so this will be interesting. A beggar that you have to use your port again. Hope all goes well for you.

maewest (79 )    10:11 pm, 8 Aug






Thanks Janet, Kiwikaz, Maewest and everyone for just being there. Hey Bogeyi I will do just that. Hope Ryan is still feeling a bit better. Janet and Kiwikaz I know your right, tomorrow is another day and we shall face that one head on. Lots a love to all my friends on here. Nanite now xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    10:13 pm, 8 Aug




Nite nite Paula


You have a good replenishing sleep, ready for the day ahead.Talk to you tomorrow XXXX

maewest (79 )    10:14 pm, 8 Aug




Thanks Maewest


I think of you too - often!!!! Take care and I dont know where I'd be without the care and understanding I get from all of you - Thanks from the bottom of my heart. xoxoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    10:18 pm, 8 Aug




I'm off to bed too


Nitey nite everyone. Talk to you all tomorrow XXX

maewest (79 )    10:44 pm, 8 Aug




Hi All :o)


Finally home! Had a great night, flash room in midtown Ascott Metropolis Restaurant. Firts class food and service :o) Here we are having fun! Everyone's mixed up, Brent and I and my parents-in-law are the centre 4. Brents sister bottom right and Brents cousin bottom left, their spouses at the top ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:06 am, 9 Aug




Hello everyone


You will all be tucked up in bed I am sure. I have just returned from hearing Mr Gawler speak and I would like say I found the topics he covered to be very very interesting. He is strong on people using many different tools to deal with cancer. Conventional medicine,( chemo is very effective in some cases he says ) lifestyle, mental, spiritual and diet. However, he has some staggering statistics regarding the effectiveness of chemo in the more common cancers. If you are able to go along and hear for yourselves I am sure you will come away with plenty to think about afterwards. It is too late to go into details at the moment ... so nite nite for just now and see you again at a more respectable time

farmerlloyd (24 )    1:53 am, 9 Aug




Glad to hear it was so good farmerlloyd


Still planning to go tomorrow. Another hectic day today. Don't know how much I'll be able to get on here before I go, but will try! Will be thinking of you all constantly xoxoxoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:57 am, 9 Aug




Morning all


Off to drs with Josh for bloods and to check this rash!!! Sonia awesome photo what a great lot of happy lovely people. Glad you had a good night. Have a neat day all xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:34 am, 9 Aug




morning all


we had a better night, he is getting really bad stomach pains at the moment which will be from the ulcers in the stomach and all the meds sitting in there aggravating them.He was put on a morphine bolis machine last night so that was good. This morning he said his nausea wasnt that bad today (yet) I am so pleased because there is nothing you can do to make them feel better..

bogeyi (484 )    9:40 am, 9 Aug




Morning All


Still wet and windy here, but hopefully it will be nice by the weekend for everyone. Poor Ryan his stomach sounds agony. Is there nothing they can do about the ulcers?

janetmk1 (39 )    10:00 am, 9 Aug




hi janetmk1


no its part of the process from the toxicisity that is why he has the morphine, when the white cells start to reproduce then his ulcers will start to heal.....hopefully we will start to see something happening this weekend.

bogeyi (484 )    10:09 am, 9 Aug




Thats interesting bogeyi


That'll be exciting when the white cells kick in won't it? So thats what we should all be willing to happen? Will do ;o) Glad the night was bit better, had to be really, poor chap. (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    11:02 am, 9 Aug




fingers and toes crossed that it happens...


really quickly for him. Hes a very brave little boy. (((HUGGGSS)))

janetmk1 (39 )    11:12 am, 9 Aug




Hello ladies


well i havent got time to read all the posts since i have last been in but will try to keep up again now i am able to walk again, hope you are all well and getting rid of the nasties with sucess, keep smiling all loves and hugs lesley xx

pomegal (100 )    11:16 am, 9 Aug




Good Morning everyone! Just noticed that if I was


to wait 15 minutes and post it would be afternoon already. I am so wondering how I am going to fit work in. Just had a cuppa with the neighbour who found out yesterday her Auntie has breast cancer too. And another lady age 77, who live here also had a breast off last week! Hope everyone here has had a MAMMOGRAM!! If not Go and have one please. Both of these were picked up by self examination and confirmed by mammogram because they are both outside the age for the free screening. The neighbours auntie was found to have lumps in both breasts after the mammogram. Sad but true.

joystik (285 )    11:46 am, 9 Aug




Its been so busy on here since yesterday....


Sonia, glad you enjoyed your night out. You look fabulous in the pic and look like you were enjoying the company of a group of happy people. Hope you are having a good day today. Not long to go til the holiday now. Are you packed??

joystik (285 )    11:48 am, 9 Aug




Hi Paula and Josh, Did you have to go to Kew or


just to Gore for bloods?? Hope they can identify the rash and get it sorted promptly for Josh. Its such a beautiful day here today again. I love waking up to a day like today. Slept in this morning though.....forgot to set the alarm and no one else woke up either. I only woke when the cat started padding on my arm, and touching my cheek with his cold wee nose. He new we were late too.

joystik (285 )    11:50 am, 9 Aug




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan, hope today is a good day


for Ryan. Just wishing the cell building would accelerate so he can start to feel better quicker. Nausea is just gross, and once I realised that I could take the anti nausea drugs all the time to control it, I was like a new person. I found that I only needed them for about the first 5 days and it was gone anyway. Hope the birthday went ok yesterday. Wishing you a better day today....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    11:53 am, 9 Aug




Hi Janet, I would love to send you some of our


bright spring sunshine. I dont mind sharing it. You've been having a very wet spell of weather havent you?? How are the boys today? Hope Danny is feeling better. Been thinking of you all....

joystik (285 )    11:55 am, 9 Aug




Hi kiwikaz. Any babies on the farm yet?? Would


be nice for them to arrive while its lovely and sunny wouldn't it?? Pleased to hear things are rolling along nicely for you and yours. Takce care and Keep smiling wont you....

joystik (285 )    11:56 am, 9 Aug




Hi Joystik


The pic was not flattering of me LOL but thanks! Nope, not started packing yet?! Getting washing up to date at the mo! Got my packing list printed off, ready to start this evening ;o) Takes me 3 days usually, so should be fine (just!)

soniat-d (153 )    12:01 pm, 9 Aug




Hi there farmerlloyd, Pleased you enjoyed hearing


Ian Gawler speaking in Dunedin. I got onto the website, and also read a review in the news paper and was interested to read about the chemotherapy stats. In some cases the chemo only offers a 2% chance, and with the way some of the side effects are, at 2% you would be better to try something alternative wouldnt you?? I totally agree with the balance thing with the mental and spiritual sides of it. I can say for sure that its the balance and getting baggage sorted thats helped me through. Hope you're having a quiet day seeing as you were so late to bed last night...

joystik (285 )    12:05 pm, 9 Aug




Hi Sonia, yes it takes me a week to pack too...


I have to ake so much just in case usually. In the pic, is that your own hair now?? Seems to have grown a lot if it is?

joystik (285 )    12:08 pm, 9 Aug




Yep, my hair ;o)


Looks great now (not so much in pic!) not getting the comments I used to get with the wig LOL but I look totally normalish now, no scalp peeping through :o) That'll be you soon enough ;o) I'll try and get a daytime pic of me next few days and post that ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    12:10 pm, 9 Aug




Maewest, are you at work today or relaxing??


The thing was with the Real Estate thing was the the other chap that had to interview me yesterday had been away for 10 days and wasn't privvy to all the previous discussions. And although the big boss isnt really convinced that 2 of us should work together, the other guy thought it was a great idea. He was also much easier to talk with and discuss stuff with. He seemed more at my level somehow. I'm pretty sure I will be there but they are trying to plan the teritorys and the financial side of it all now. I've been thinking about you and was sad for you when I read your post a couple of days back about the boys and their dad. Its terribly difficult for you all. Lovely to see you will be a Nana quite soon. Something very special to look forward too....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    12:12 pm, 9 Aug




Sonia, it has grown very quickly then hasn't it??


Mine is growing too, and the new ones coming through are really dark, almost black, but a very dark red colour. I also have lots of fine downy stuff like a chicken!! I cant quite grasp how this happend when they say it will all go from all over, and it hasnt, and then I see its growing as well????

joystik (285 )    12:15 pm, 9 Aug




Hi Landylass, hope you are all rested and ....


recovered from you trip to town. Do you feel pretty good now since having the radio therapy, or still quite tired? Or is the tiredness because you are trying to fit too much into your day?? Hope all goes well with your blood test and dietician visit. Yes, health does have to come first, even if it gets in the way at times. I have chemo # 4 next week, so nearly all done for me too. Thinking of you often Landylass.....

joystik (285 )    12:19 pm, 9 Aug




hi scottysgirl,so sorry to here your friend got


the sort of diagnosis that none of us want. Hopefully she can get it sorted the best way as soon as possible. It is important to try and stay as positive as possible, and have the support of good people like you around her. Thinking of you and your friend both.....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    12:21 pm, 9 Aug




Gee Sonia, racing towards another hundy fast!!!


It goes up so quickly some days doesn't it?? Is it sunny today for you?? Beautiful here, but a -6deg frost first!!

joystik (285 )    12:23 pm, 9 Aug




Hey Boop, what are you up too?? Out in the sun


shifting that BBQ I bet. You just made me laugh so much when I read your post. If you day is like ours, you wiull be out enjoying it like I am going to soon. I'm off for a bike ride, and will call and see how Kevins getting on putting the sink insert in the new bench top. I would like to arrive once its in place, ust incase!! If you know what I mean... Have a great day Boop!

joystik (285 )    12:25 pm, 9 Aug




Are you going to hear Ian Gawler too Sonia??


The review I read certainly made it sound like he would be well worth hearing. Sometimes I think that perhaps conventional medicine is well off the mark, but when you dont know what time you have got to treat something, you go with what appears to be the quickest and best option. Its only whe you read the likes of Percy Westons book about how he treated his wifes and his own cancer, that you really get too thinking about other stuff....

joystik (285 )    12:28 pm, 9 Aug




Hi pomegal, I couldn't find the other thread....


best I have another look. Hows things with you?? Is the leg feeling heaps better now?? How much longer for the cast now?? Hope you are having a sunny day today. Take care and keep smiling....

joystik (285 )    12:30 pm, 9 Aug




Well I must go and see whats happening out.....


in the sunshine.....Talk again soon....

joystik (285 )    12:31 pm, 9 Aug




Another hundy for Ryan and Josh today....


((((HUGS)))) to you both....

joystik (285 )    12:32 pm, 9 Aug




Hey everyone, I just had a message from Paula.....


and Josh has been admitted with suspected chicken Pox! What a BLOW! We're all thinking of you Paula and Josh and hope you are better and out of there and better real soon....(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    12:45 pm, 9 Aug




Oh Paula


You must be thinking "what next?". I feel sad for you, but am sending warm vibes.

dize5 (490 )    1:52 pm, 9 Aug






oh no poor josh , if there is anything we can do please yell, hugs to you both. joystik no lambs yet just fat sheep in the sun. not having a good day either. hubby head all over the place today hard to handle some days. took him out for his blood tests this morning. how u doing today landylass?

kiwikaz3 (10 )    2:17 pm, 9 Aug






looks like you all had a nice time out last night good one.:)

kiwikaz3 (10 )    2:19 pm, 9 Aug






well roll on those white blood cells coming up and getting rid of the toxicity. hope those pains go away soon or the morphine does the job.have you got any sunshine up your end of the country?. not that you are probably outside all that much just at the mo?

kiwikaz3 (10 )    2:21 pm, 9 Aug




Hi Dize, have you got a sunny day yet??


Its beautiful here and I've just been for a big bike ride. What you been doing??

joystik (285 )    3:34 pm, 9 Aug




Hi everyone


This will be the last post I put in for a while. Am home packing for 5 days at least. They are fairly sure he has chicken pox, I asked what the big worry was with these kids and they said because it can cross over and affect the brain. Now Im thinking as he has been a little confused lately, just thought it was the bleed and all the treatment again. We will see. So my thoughts are with you all and I hope everything goes ok for you Sonia and you have a great holiday. Bogeyi love to you guys too and everyone else. Huge hugs and back when I can. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo p.s Im ok!!! :o)

paulaxx (78 )    3:53 pm, 9 Aug




Pretty grey here today guys


Well just got back from Dr Monica Lewis, the supplements guru (coincidentally wife of my Vitamin C doctor). She's way out past Swanson, major drive for me these days LOL. Anyway, appointment was at 12 so I took off at 11.15 and was in spaghetti junction committed to entering NW motorway, when I checked my diary for directions and I had the appointment time in there as 1pm. Doubting my brain, I thought "Oh no, I'll be an hour early" as I was driving down the motorway, thought to call to see if I could come early, but had no phone number down (unusual) so I got off at St Lukes, turned around and came home! Farted around for 20 mins, getting phone number, chatting on here etc then took off again. Well, just as passing St Lukes, the receptionist called to say "you missed your appointment, it was at 12!" Arrrrgh! She said you'll have to go home and Dr Lewis will do a short consult over the phone, so I got off at the next exit, headed back to town, while she was getting my home number, ...

soniat-d (153 )    3:55 pm, 9 Aug






then Dr Lewis interjected and said, no come in anyway, so I got off at St Lukes, turned around again and headed in! Arrrgh! *Rolls eyes* Got there in the end! Anyway, she suggested progesterone deficiency the problem (based on history) - had a thorough discussion as to why - so prescribed Progesterone Oil and DIM (Di-indol-methane). She reviewed my supplements and OK'd about half and dissed the other half (that impressed me actually, as she's into Usana so thought she'd insist I get all Usana!). So I'm keeping on with the Flaxomega, Oxyguard, Co Q Max, Melatonin (but quadruple the amount) and Lipoic Acid. I'm to ditch Super Calcium Complete, Active Womens Multi, Mineral Power, Coral C and CAA. I'm to replace those with the following Usana items: Biomega, Essentials, Selenium, Active Calcium and Magnesium.

soniat-d (153 )    3:56 pm, 9 Aug






Before starting the progesterone, tomorrow morning I'm taking a saliva 6- hormone test to check current levels. Will take 3 weeks to get results, then some tweaking could take place. Oh and she didn't sell the Usana items to me, told me to order them direct if I want ;o) So that's the new plan.

soniat-d (153 )    3:56 pm, 9 Aug




Oh Paula :o/


Bummer!!!!!!! We'll miss you, will be ages b4 we speak again... hope he recovers as quickly as possible, yikes bad timing chemo-wise isn't it? (((((hugs))))) xoxoxoxoxoxox

soniat-d (153 )    3:58 pm, 9 Aug




Sorry must really go start packing


if kids let me - hugs to all of you :o)

soniat-d (153 )    3:59 pm, 9 Aug




Gee Sonia, thats a bit of a big day for you again.


Awful when theres a mix up like that isnt it. Sounds like shes on to it with her changing all the supplements around. Do they blood test of how do they know what you are difficient in? I still take the CAA, Coral C, COQ10+Omega3, Flaxomega, and Vit.c. The Iron is finshed now, thank goodness. I feel better than I ever have I think, despite the fact that I'm having BIG amounts of Chemo. Just alwysa wonder what I would feel like without the supplements, but that I will never know, cos I'm never going to stop taking them to find out. I want to feel this good for ever!! Hope the packing is going OK. Think about you heaps... Hope your wee pillow arrives before you depart for overseas. How long are you away???

joystik (285 )    4:34 pm, 9 Aug






You will be better off in hospital if he has chicken pox, that is what started all my sons problems . The chicken pox virus attacks the brain, its not something you ever wanna go through. At least if Josh shows any sign of it you will be in the right place. I will be thinking of you guys

janetmk1 (39 )    4:36 pm, 9 Aug




Silly me hasn't gone packing yet!


Was just updating my webpage, as getting loads of hits (from friends and family I assume). I'm sure the pillow will arrive thanks, if not, our very good neighbours will be collecting our mail, watching the house etc. We're going for 10 days. (Oh, to any would-be burglars out there, monitored house alarm, don't bother! LOL). OK website loaded so am off now ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    4:39 pm, 9 Aug




Sonia,it should be there tomorrow hopefully......


I still have another if it doesnt arrive anyway, and I think the lovely ladies at the cancer society would give me one for you anyway, if I asked. You'll have a great 10 days in Fiji. I just got a brochure about winter cruises to the Islands, ex Auckland. Looks great!

joystik (285 )    4:43 pm, 9 Aug




Joystik thank you so much our parcel arrived


Ryan was groggy this morning when his dad opened it but a few hours ago sat up and said what did i get today, should of seen his face when he was reading the lollies elephant snot and the poo one he giggled, as for Randal omg you must know what hes like when he saw that choc bar he was like a child....hes a chocoholic, and my soap is divine when ryan was groggy he asked could i eat I havent spoken to the kids yet but asked Randal if he had given tyler and kirsty there gifts he said Kirsty got some girly things and loves them she is in the room playing, as for tyler I dont know if I have mentioned it but he is dinosaur/reptile/animal crazy he would have over 500 dinosaurs so you can imagine his face when there was a dinosaur egg in there but had to laugh when Randal was trying to explain that he couldnt have it today as it takes a day to hatch....wasnt to happy about so thank you Joystik for thinking of us you made our day.

bogeyi (484 )    5:04 pm, 9 Aug




Paula we are thinking of you and josh


I know how you must be feeling as we all get those talks from the docs about chicken poxs, sending lots of love and vibes your way...

bogeyi (484 )    5:06 pm, 9 Aug




right now to update our day


Ryan had a very groggy morning one of the meds makes him sleepy and of course the morphine as well topped it off.Around lunch time he was feeling better no nausea today just slight waves ever now and then.He ate a small piece of apple and s drinking lots.I have no idea where the day has gone as i have been on my feet all day most times back and forwards to the toilet as he still has the runs.Its no easy feat when he needs to go I need to unplug his 3 machines get hold of the 4 lines and steady him along.

bogeyi (484 )    5:14 pm, 9 Aug




Bogeyi, you are most welcome. I thiink about you


guys so many times during each day, and also your family not with you, and know how hard it must be. Lauren thought Kirsty might like 'scoobies', just a craft thing like macrame' usd to be. Funny though, I thought the dinosaur egg might appeal to that cheeky wee Tyler. Funny how you get to know what people like just by talking to them online... Paula said the same thing too. Glad it made your day, cos it made mine too....

joystik (285 )    5:46 pm, 9 Aug




Hi joystik


I am still here. We had brilliant sunshine all day here in Hamilton (needing sunglasses type of sunshine, wow). Tom decided he would prune the shrubs today, I was horrified, as he gets the snips in his hand and just will not stop, just one more big branch, lop, one more - well, you know the story. I was begging for mercy for the shrubs. To cut a long story short, whether the banksia roses and clematis vines will flower this Spring is debatable, and as for the silk tree - it is now half its former size. Tom is no gardener and I don't let him anywhere near the flower beds, but cannot keep him away from "tidying" the shrubs. Sigh!!!

dize5 (490 )    6:03 pm, 9 Aug




bumping, back to page 1



musicmumofone (8)    8:20 pm, 9 Aug




Paula, Sorry to read


your news. You will be thinking of Kew as your second home ! Hopefully Josh will get through this episode without too much trauma.. I do hope so.. thoughts and best wishes for you all .

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:34 pm, 9 Aug




thinking of you all. (hugs))))))....


take care everyone, you are in my thoughts. keep up the great fight. Love Christine.

gregp3 (6 )    8:35 pm, 9 Aug






What a day you have had. You may be pleasantly surprised when you attend Mr Gawlers evening tomorrow. He did some brief meditation execises with us and it was my first experince at such things .. I think he promoted the idea of up to 3 hrs per day of this !!! I'm not sure who amongst here could find that time each and every day !!!!

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:40 pm, 9 Aug




Hopefully in Fiji I can ;o)


Did he mention saunas?! Dr Lewis today said they are great for oxygenating the body (cancer hates that) so to try and do those while I'm there (and here too of course if I can). Still hoping to get to Ian Gowler. Thats the plan. Just trying to get my slisdes for my CT - booked to see Oncologist at 9pm tomorrow if no joy before then - that means no Ian Gowler (or I guess an early departure). Trying to avoid that. Got zip packing done this avo - girls too demanding... to thats me for tonight. Hugs to you all - keep the thread alive for us all ;o) xoxoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    8:50 pm, 9 Aug






I needed an easy day for sure. But the things I heard last night are still going around in my mind. Along with all that stuff I said he was promoting to help fight a cancer bug. I remember 2 other points One was for ladies with B/C to execise ( I immediately thought of you and your bike riding) do you know his statistics said a 40% reduction in the risk of the cancer coming back again if execise totals one and a half hours per week . and the second thing I remember was Support Group ... and I thought of here. This M/B fits the bill exactly don't you think ..

farmerlloyd (24 )    8:55 pm, 9 Aug




you may be away now Sonia


But YES sunshine and vitamin D is a plus .. so please, get your fill of sunshine ( Vit D) while away ... There were many references to B/C throughout his talk, in fact, there were hardly any of the other cancers mentioned, until question time .

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:03 pm, 9 Aug




joystik I wil make your day


I spoke to Tyler about 7pm he was in the car with his dad and kirsty and he proudly told me what he got in his package and THEN word for word what you wrote on the card it bought a tear to my eye what you wrote and how he said it over the phone....funny thing was he didnt have the card in the car with him but he started To Tyler etc etc it was so cute. And yes Kirsty loves scoobies you can tell lauren that they sound alike very arty crafty if there was a leaf on the ground she would make something out of it.

bogeyi (484 )    9:28 pm, 9 Aug






You and all of your family are in my thoughts as you manage your way through this long wait. Brave souls fighting battles which would exhaust the strongest of us ... and you are going through it all again! Best wishes for the day when you can tell us it is a success.

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:34 pm, 9 Aug




thanks farmerlloyd


how are you tonight??

bogeyi (484 )    9:46 pm, 9 Aug




Very well Thanks Bogeyi


I wish I could do more for you all up there... But just take it as read that there is never a day that you are not in my thoughts. I admire you all for the strength you show . We have had some wonderful days down here lately Boge( you will be aware of that ) and I feel sorry for all those places further north from us who have had more than their fair share of water !! I guess you are seeing everything from a sky scraper buiding ? I think out tallest building in Gore is about 4 stories high !!!

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:56 pm, 9 Aug




well im signing off for the night


hope everyone has a good nights rest.

bogeyi (484 )    9:56 pm, 9 Aug




So pleased to have made some little people happy..


Bogeyi. It really is a pleasure to me to give things to little ones especially and see the pleasure and excitement it brings them. Hope Ryan has a much better night tonight and is well on the road to recovery and going home again. Sending special love to you and yours Bogeyi, you are never far from my thoughts.....

joystik (285 )    10:40 pm, 9 Aug




Thinking of you too Paula and Josh in Kew ....


tonight. Hope you manage to get some rest and dont take too long to chase the spots away Josh. Lots of love to you both and keep on smiling Josh..... Nite Nite to everyone else, I'm off to bed now, and see you all again tomorrow....((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:42 pm, 9 Aug




nite everyone :))


I hope everyone sleeps well tonight, especially Josh and Ryan and their mums. xxxxxxx

janetmk1 (39 )    11:02 pm, 9 Aug




paula, bogey and sonia


you guys are having such a rough time lately I just can't begin too imagine what you are going through. My thoughts are with you all. Sonia please have a marvelous holiday and I wish you well tomorrow. Paula, poor wee Joshi I hope he is not too itchy.Sleep well in the hos. and rest if that is at all possible. Bogey that wee fella never loses his sense of fun does he? How much longer is he going to be there for? Big, big hugs to you all.

boop2 (109 )    11:19 pm, 9 Aug




Hi joystick,


never got back on last night but was thinking of you today and good luck with the job. That bike riding must be working you sound so good. Had an email from Sheri she is so looking forward to coming back here it will be lovely to have her. We are getting a new kitchen too, so far 3 quotes our neighbour told us of a place in Nelson, Kitchen Warehouse she said they are so much cheaper than here so thinking of a trip to view. My one here is disgusting. Everything we touch needs fixing or replacing we had the chimney swept today and now the wetback is leaking. These things are sent to try us.Do you know anything about Mitre 10 kitchens? HUgs

boop2 (109 )    11:27 pm, 9 Aug




hi maewest


you have had some rough weather over there. Have you got webbed feet yet. You will love being a gran, I do I have a plaque on my fridge saying "if I had known my grandchildren were going to be so lovely I would have had them first" Mitch , my youngest grandson was in the cantamaths team and they got 3rd out of 88 schools so was pretty proud of him.Glad you like the jokes some are so funny. night maewest have a good week. hugs

boop2 (109 )    11:33 pm, 9 Aug




Hey Dize


your Tom sounds like my other half he loves attacking trees anything over about three feet he wants to wap off I have to watch him like a hawk. Glad you had sunshine it has been really good in ther Buller again.

boop2 (109 )    11:36 pm, 9 Aug




Hi Janet


hows it going ? Danny alright today and has the new medication helped him? Hope you are okay you certainly are a wee treasure on here. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    11:39 pm, 9 Aug




Hi farmerlloyd


you sound pretty positive after going to listen to that man has he really got you thinking now? Hope you rweather is good. I saw on tele tonight that some farmer was selling wool for tennis balls I never knew they were made of that. Night.

boop2 (109 )    11:41 pm, 9 Aug




where is meridian?


Hop you are okay.

boop2 (109 )    11:42 pm, 9 Aug




Hi landylass


are you well? Did you have your massage I certainly hope it helped? Some sunshine on the old bones is great so hope you get plenty of it.

boop2 (109 )    11:45 pm, 9 Aug




Hi All :o)


I'm sure going to miss coming on here! Hectic morning again, took me ages to generate the required amount of saliva for the 6-hormone test, while getting kids ready for school!? Anyway, off for back manipulation now (won't lose it today I promise - feeling good :o), then dropping off sample, and scooting around getting a few things for the trip (got a list), then collect Emily, put her to bed, then pack... There's the whole oncologist visit questionmark to throw in too. Thinking of you ALL today, wish I could mention each and every one of you but outta time (((((hugs))))) xoxoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    9:01 am, 10 Aug






hi all how are we all today. very crunchy frost in the south this morning but will be a nice day.not a good day night in my house. hubby very moody we all walked on egg shells thats the worst part watching our happy go lucky dad turned into grumpy, nit picking , stranger.but its another day today. hope those we boys are doing ok thinking of you all and mums too. hugs :) sonia hope your day is going better today sorry had to giggle at you yesterday going backwards and forwards.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    9:29 am, 10 Aug




omg what a night


crap,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap,crap, crap........................

bogeyi (484 )    10:34 am, 10 Aug




Good morning everyone....another beauty in the....


deepest south. Sorry Bogeyi that you have had a bad night again. Hope things are getting better as the day moves on a bit. (((HUGS))) to you. Had a txt from Paula. They have stopped all Josh's meds again, and it seems he does have chicken pox. I guess they will keep him in Kew while he has that to monitor his progress. He's in the best place whilw he's not so well. Love to you both Josh and Paula. Hi Kiwikaz, thinking of you too, while you endure the pain of what this monster does to a family. It's so hard at times, I know. I watched my mum go through it all too, 3 times in fact!! Beautiful day though...((((HUGS)))) to you and yours.Hi Landylass, hows things with you?? Have you tried out your newly acquired Bar Licence yet?? Hope all is well and you are taking it easy....

joystik (285 )    11:06 am, 10 Aug




Hi Dize, I think chopping trees must be a man.....


thing to do. I have to watch here too. Especially anthing near the driveway, none of which I planted either. I would no better than to plant anything that could at any time scratch the paint on a vehicle!! I hope you have got a day like us today....its just beautiful here following about a -6deg frost. Hubby is taking me out for lnch to Colac Bay shortly, so I better be ready when he arrives back...Have a great day.

joystik (285 )    11:09 am, 10 Aug




Hi Sonia, you will need a holiday by the time you


leave at the weekend. You are always on the go to one thing or another. Still its good to be busy and getting stuff done. Good luck for the Oncology appointment. Hope it all goes well for you. And of course for the other things you have on like packing etc. Much easier without little people helping too!!

joystik (285 )    11:11 am, 10 Aug




Hi Boop, hope its sunny in Buller today.........


We have put a Mitre 10 kitchen in the place we are renovating and it seems to be good. his one came assembled which suited us better, but you can buy them as flat packs and assemble them your self if it in your scope! They didnt have many standard colours, maybe about 6, when we ordered ours, but I think you can get lots of others, but of course they are more expensive. The bench top is the most expensive bit, especially if it had to go round a corner! That place in Nelson would be well worth a look though. And actually, I have seen some almost new kitchens here on Trade me for a fraction of the cost. Might have to head back to CHCH with the trailer and 'jimmybar' to get one though. Have a great day.....

joystik (285 )    11:16 am, 10 Aug




Hi farmerlloyd, that was interesting about the


exercise thing. I do ride the bike somewhere most days, and most people up the street say, 'why dont you get a little car'!! Thats not the idea, I dont ride cos I have to, but because I want to. Maybe it not all the supplements that make me feel so good, but more a combination of the other stuff I'm doing as well. I'm a much less stressful person that I used to be too, because I make myself that way. I dont let stuff bother me like I used too. I dont know where I would fit in 3 hours meditation a day though!! It would have to come out of my Computer time, and that wont happen, well not all of it anyway.

joystik (285 )    11:20 am, 10 Aug




Hi everyone else, hope you are all having a great


day. I'm off out for lunch now, so see you later.....

joystik (285 )    11:20 am, 10 Aug




Hi everyone


Just popping in briefly. Beautiful day here and off shortly to have lunch with one of my 'new' friends. Sorry, couldn't get on here yesterday. Paul's kids were here and hogged the computer. I have spent the last hour sorting the computer out...getting rid of all the nasties!!!! No, they weren't on the porn sites. Lol!

maewest (79 )    11:39 am, 10 Aug




Bogey, the day can only


get better for you. Sounds like you had yet another sleepless night. Big ((((HUGS)))) for you and Ryan. So sorry to hear that Josh is back in hospital with chicken pox. What a bugger. Damn this disease!!!! Kwikaz, things been pretty rough for you too. Hope things improve as the day goes along. ((((HUGS)))) to you too.

maewest (79 )    11:43 am, 10 Aug




Sonia another busy day for you


I had to laugh at you trying to get to your appointment yesterday. Good luck with your appointment tonight. Hell, you don't need all this while you are trying to get organised for your holiday. Take care XXXXXX

maewest (79 )    11:45 am, 10 Aug




And to all the rest of my new


friends on here...Joystik, Boop, Landylass, Dize, Farmerlloyd, Janet,Meridian. Sorry, the brain has gone blank. To you and all those I have missed, have a lovely day. Will try and get back on here tonight. Think we need another computer!!!!

maewest (79 )    11:48 am, 10 Aug




Hi all very quickly


Yes that whole business yesterday was hilarious - gotta laugh! Finally today met the other mother at Em's creche that has breast cancer (scarf etc gave her away! ;o) I was told about her months ago (but privacy laws meant they couldn't say who she was) I ended up telling them to give her my contact details. Anyway met now, she's 3/4 through FAC or FEC (? forget) like some of you ladies had. She had lots of questions. We'll get together after I get back. Yep madness trying to pack with all these appointments, birthday dinners etc. HELP!!! Oh well, have always made it there in the past ;o) I'll be fine, but must go! Sorry about your crap night bogeyi, oh no. (((((hugs)))))

soniat-d (153 )    12:50 pm, 10 Aug




Oh my back is getting better, loosening up


Went shopping this morning after the manipulation, got more travel bottles from Plastic Box, New clothes and swimsuits etc for the girls (Lydia keeps outgrowing her clothes!)and a quick supermarket shop. Not bad for 3 hours!

soniat-d (153 )    12:52 pm, 10 Aug




Hi everyone


Boop, that was very sweet of you to miss me - I am fine. Can't stay for long because I have a wee boy being dropped of at 1pm. Bogeyi, sorry you had another crap night. Am constantly thinking of you guys. Sonia - get those bags packed girlfreind! Maewest - the picture of your boys was great - you must be very proud. Joystick - sounds to me like this job is yours - you go girl! Kiwikaz - hope your day is good, and the girls are over their bug. Sorry you have had a tough time lately - thinking of you heaps! Farmerlloyd - sounds as if Ian Gawler (is that right?) had some very interesting ideas. Janet, I hope the new meds are helping Danny. I guess it is a bit of trial and error. To everyone I have forgotten *waves* a big huge HI - HAVE A GREAT DAY. and finally, if anyone has contact with Paula(maybe you Joystick)please tell her I send my love, and a great big snuggly huggle for Joshi. I hope he had no complications and gets over the chicken pox quickly.

meridian1 (300 )    12:53 pm, 10 Aug




That should have read


I hope he HAS no complications, not HAD. Blimmin typos !?%$#!??

meridian1 (300 )    12:55 pm, 10 Aug




Sonia - Just to say


have a wonderful holiday in Fiji, I'm soooo jealous, its beautiful there and I know you'll love it, big wishes for gorgeous sun and fun :-)

solarouge (48 )    1:09 pm, 10 Aug




I'm just going to play the proud mummy for a mo...


so bear with me. Phoebe has just got the results for an English exam she did a month or so ago. It is the University of NSW exam which do inernational competitions and assessments for schools. You get notified of their acheivement and how they compare to other NZ students in the same year. Phoebe got a distinction (the only one in her school) and her score was 'better than or equal to that of 97% of yr6 participants in New Zealand'. I'm not sure about other schools, but at Phoebe's only the more acedemic students are offered the chance to participate. I am so proud of her!!!

meridian1 (300 )    2:16 pm, 10 Aug




Meridian,that is wonderful news. You must be so


proud of your Phoebe. She sound like she is quite a scholar already. Is that Std $ level?? I still get a bit mucked up with the year thing. I will pass your messsage on to Paula and Josh. I dont know how long he will be there for but I guess until the spots are gone and he is over it, seing as there can be complications. You enjoy the rest of your day.

joystik (285 )    3:22 pm, 10 Aug



Hi Maewest, I just thought you must be working....


seeing as you usually are!! Is it lovely and sunny there today too?? It is here but we went to Colac Bay, just past Riverton for lunch and it was very cloudy there. But then its coastal there so they get the first of the weather. Its still sunny here but the clouds are buiding her a bit now too. Lunch was just lovely. Open chicken sandwich served on crunchy potato wedges, drizzled with lemon olive oil.....mmmmmmm tasty and a lovely glass or 2 of Five Flax Sauv Blanc to go with it. How spoilt am I???? Hope you have had a ood day too....

joystik (285 )    3:26 pm, 10 Aug




Meridian, that is supposed to read std 4.....shame


I don't proof read before I hit the send tab instead of after aye!!

joystik (285 )    3:27 pm, 10 Aug




Hoping Joshi & Ryan and feeling


better today. Still no news on the job front Joystik? Have had a miserable couple of days, yesterday I as so sore I went downstairs to the freezer and wondered if I would get back up them! Had my blood test this morning and was neat going into the chemo room and knowing I wasn't staying! Also saw my GP as had to get a med cert and he tells me these symptoms can last months. Got some supplements today, cost me a leg and a arm but I'm out to prove my GP wrong!!!! Good luck tomorrow Sonia with scan. Beaut day here today but really hard frost this morning. Fiji sounds wonderful!!!

landylass (48 )    4:16 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Maewest,


I got the Shepherd Shawl Collections No 1 Book. I'm going to make Shawl 3 with the fern lace border. I made Shawl 4 for myself years ago and it took me ages and I thought I would be having kid no 6 before I ever got it finished! I would love to have a go at a circular one but have done one before and found it harder knitting on a circular needle and getting near the finish the weight of it was getting me. Much easier to do it in bits and sew together.

landylass (48 )    4:20 pm, 10 Aug




Hi everyone


thanks for asking about danny Boop,hes made a small step forward,albeit a small step, its still a step, he actually got in the shower without being told to, hes shaved his hair short. I brought him some clippers and suggested he may like to shave it to break the habit he had of pulling it out :(( He also trimmed his beard, changed his clothes and as its his birthday tomorrow made the decision of what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner. :))

janetmk1 (39 )    4:32 pm, 10 Aug






Sorry to hear you had a bad night. How are things now?

janetmk1 (39 )    4:34 pm, 10 Aug




One day at a time


eh Janet. Each small step is progress.

landylass (48 )    5:18 pm, 10 Aug






how are those sick girls today?

landylass (48 )    5:18 pm, 10 Aug




thats for sure ...


landylass :))

janetmk1 (39 )    5:37 pm, 10 Aug






sound like you had a nice lunch good on you that five flax is a nice drop!! any news on wee man josh?

kiwikaz3 (10 )    6:15 pm, 10 Aug




hi everyone


landylass. girls are better today and went back to school. hope your feel better today. have u thought of trying vegie juice. fresh stuff into a juicer with beetroot i was doing it for hubby and it sure does give u a lift. carrots celery beetroot and a apple was nice. had a wee nap myself today to deal with the night shift.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    6:19 pm, 10 Aug






thats great you must be so proud, girl power go girls!!! just taken miss 10 down to get a pressie for a birthday party on saturday, miss 5 had a hissie fit because she thought she was missing out on getting something until i told her its not for miss 10! miss 10 has a birthday party friday nite. netball saturday birthday party in the afternoon and pot luck tea at the community hall with another friend on saturday night. bless her she has a better social life than me and of course she wants to do it all.!!!

kiwikaz3 (10 )    6:23 pm, 10 Aug






hope you have a good day in your house tommorrow :) and your son has a nice birthday.

kiwikaz3 (10 )    6:26 pm, 10 Aug




Yeah kiwikaz ...


I know what you mean! It gets a bit like that doesn't it. Phoebe wants to have some friends over (about 5-6 she says) for a karaoke party (she had a karaoke machine, and we have singstar on Playstation). What a hoot that'll be. She wants them all to stay over and sleep in the lounge - haven't said yay or nay to that part yet. Her dad suggested she wait until it was warmer, then they could all have a swim as well - her answer "we can spa!" Can just imagine them all lined up in the spa pool being waited on and acting like little ladies - I will have to take some piccys when it happens and show you all.

meridian1 (300 )    6:33 pm, 10 Aug




Poor you Landylass ...


You get those suppliments in you and prove that GP wrong! I think that Joystick is proof that suppliment can make a big difference!

meridian1 (300 )    6:35 pm, 10 Aug






Happy birthday for Danny! It is great that he is showing some pride in his appearance - that's gotta be a positive step! GO DANNY!!!!!

meridian1 (300 )    6:37 pm, 10 Aug




Hi folks


On a lighter note, will tell you about my day that didn't quite work out. We booked a trip with our travel club to go by bus to National Park, & take the train back to Taumarunui, to have one last experience of the famous Raurimu Spiral (as the trains between Auckland & Wellington finish for good on Sept. 30th) then bus back to Hamilton. Got all the way down there to find there had been a goods train derailment near Taumarunui last night & all passengers are being bussed over the Spiral section!! So we drove home again in the bus, a long, long way for nothing. You've gotta laugh! Bus driver was livid that the railways didn't notify him, as they knew at 7 p.m. last night.

dize5 (490 )    6:40 pm, 10 Aug




Oh Dize


what a disappointment. How annoying that the bus driver wasn't informed. How long did you have to travel by bus?

meridian1 (300 )    6:44 pm, 10 Aug




thanks Meridian and kiwikaz


It sure is nice to see him smile sometimes, he has a lovely smile and i didn't realise how much I had missed it. I am also pleased he has picked up before Jordan is bedridden with vertigo. I have brought Danny a lot of pressies and some I know will make him happy so hopefully he will have a good day :))

janetmk1 (39 )    7:37 pm, 10 Aug






That must have been frustrating, will you be rebooked to go on the train?

janetmk1 (39 )    7:39 pm, 10 Aug




I guess your packing Sonia :))


You must be getting very excited by now and I bet your girls are jumping around all over the place with excitement. I hope you have a really great time in Fiji. Enjoy your time lazing around with your girls and hubby in the sun.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:44 pm, 10 Aug




Evening all


Had a lovely afternoon with my 'new'friend. Cuppas and scones. Sonia you have a fabulous holiday. Hasn't it come around fast? We will moss you so much on here. We will do our best to get it cranking up to next 5000.

maewest (79 )    8:44 pm, 10 Aug




Landylass, snap again!


I have bought the same book and am knitting No 6/blackberry stitch. It was hard to decide which one to do...they are all gorgeous. I have made a is going to take a while. Man, I hope those supplements do you some good, you poor old thing. I have been achy, but nothing like that. Which supplemets did you get? Janet, I'm so pleased for you that Danny made an effort today. Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow for his birthday.

maewest (79 )    8:47 pm, 10 Aug




Thanks Maewest :))


Talking about knitting, a friend is having a baby and I was thinking of doing a really small cardy but you guys having got me thinking about a shawl for the baby. Does it take much longer than a cardy or jersey?

janetmk1 (39 )    8:55 pm, 10 Aug




Kiwikaz, I hope things


are better in your house tonight. Interesting about the vege juice. I bought a juicer when I was having chemo last year. The juice is lovely, but I haven't been able to face it since!! Will have another go at it one day. Meredian, you will be just so proud of Phoebe. Sounds like the sleepover will be a ton of fun. Look forward to seeing the pics.

maewest (79 )    8:56 pm, 10 Aug




Hehe Janet


I haven't done any knotting for years. Yes I think the shawl will take quite a bit longer. So many stitches!! I chose one of the easier ones in the book (I think!).

maewest (79 )    8:58 pm, 10 Aug




OMG that's meant to be


knitting! Mind you knotting might be quicker!! Lol!

maewest (79 )    8:59 pm, 10 Aug






Think I will stick to a cardy then coz she won't get the shawl in time :))

janetmk1 (39 )    8:59 pm, 10 Aug




Hi there Joystick


Your lunch sounded scrummy. Have you gone off any food? I couldn't stand the smell of most things cooking... that's why I bought the juicer. I think I lived on soup. Gidday Bettyboop. A new kitchen sounds great. Was thinking of doing something along those lines myself but have just discovered we are going to need a new roof this summer...there goes the kitchen!!! Hope you have had a lovely day too. That bbq hasn't mysteriously reappeard in the middle of your pavers has it???I'm back to work tomorrow morning. Will check in tomorrow night.

maewest (79 )    9:02 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Landylass, you have been having a bit of a hard


time havent you. I really do swear by the supplements that I am taking. I just got mine in bulk from Health house in Tauranga, and just take the 3 they recommend which are CAA, Coral C Calcuim, and COQ10+Omega3. I take one each of those every day as well as 2 flaxomega, and a vit.C. I was on Iron, but thankfully finished that on Monday after 3 months. I have had almost NO side efects at all from the chemo, and cant see any other reason. Even the Oncologist (a different one from Dunedin) made me have a complete physical check up last time because she has never seen a person with No side effects. Not even 1 mouth ulcer! I would be pleased to hear how you get on. Supplements certainly cant do you any harm but could be very beneficial.....

joystik (285 )    9:03 pm, 10 Aug




Joystik your progress has


been amazing. It has to be the supplements. I was advised not to take anything during chemo!!! You have just shown all those experts otherwise!

maewest (79 )    9:05 pm, 10 Aug




Maewest, I havent gone off any food at all!!......


I was always convinced from all the talks prior to starting the chemo that I would be as crook as,but nothing at all. Sometimes stuff like sweet and sour meatballs make me think I shouldnt be eating it, but I just carry on and it goes!!! Dont want the anorexia to set in!! Dont thibk theres much chance of it happening.....Enjoy your day tomorrow wont you. Happy knitting too....I love knitting but Kevin hates seeing me knitting so I dont do it much. When I start something, I cart it everywhere with me til its finished and it drives Kev off the head!!

joystik (285 )    9:08 pm, 10 Aug




Yeah well, stuff the experts anyway. Mind you....


my Oncologist had a look at what I was taking and said, thats all good stuff, dont stop taking any of that. I'm seeing Dr Perez on Tuesday again so he will be interested to see how I'm going now I'm over half way...

joystik (285 )    9:10 pm, 10 Aug




Hi bogeyi


I wonder what sort of a day you are having thinking of you and ryan.Please let it be better than the night, Hugs to someone who deserves heaps more.

boop2 (109 )    9:12 pm, 10 Aug




Maewest, you know what an expert is dont you??


X is nothing, and a spurt is a drip under pressure!!

joystik (285 )    9:12 pm, 10 Aug






I have to toally agree with you, I don't see how so called experts can tell people not to take suppliments, when they have been proven to help. LOL thats funny about your knitting, I gotta admit I am a bit like that, once I start something I don't like to leave it till its finished

janetmk1 (39 )    9:12 pm, 10 Aug




Well maybe your story


may make them start advising patients to take supplements. I just couldn't stand the smell of meat cooking at all, especially during the first week after treatment. Love Kev and the knitting. I am getting a hard time already....tough!

maewest (79 )    9:14 pm, 10 Aug




Paula txt me before and sends her love and hugs to


you all. She thinks Josh will have to stay 5 days anyway. Her Mum arrived tonight to help out for a couple of weeks or so. Of course its such a busy time on the farm just now with calving just starting.....

joystik (285 )    9:14 pm, 10 Aug




Lol Joystik


I like that! Poor Paula. Is she bearing up okay? What a run these kids are having. It's not fair. Hope things are a bit better for you and Ryan tonight Bogey. Big ((((HUGS)))) to you all XXX

maewest (79 )    9:17 pm, 10 Aug




poor paula


glad her mum is there to help out. Gosh our wee boys are a worry aren't they. You just feel so helpless.

boop2 (109 )    9:18 pm, 10 Aug




I used to take knitting in the car and be doing it


everywhere, and whe we would stop I would always be saying 'I just need to finish this row or what ever' Did his poor head in. Then he told me it was only for Grannys, but he forgot that he has got 8 grandkids of his own plus 2 others by different relationships, so I guess they are mine too.....Now there is a great grand daughter too, so I better get the needles out of the mothballs and get on with it....

joystik (285 )    9:18 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Boop hows things with you?? Hope you're not


working too hard up there. Man we have been having great weather here. There was a bit on the news tonight about the unbearable winter we have had in this country, but Southland wasn't included I dont think. Ours has been so nice and I think quite mild. Hard frosts but beautiful sunny mild days....

joystik (285 )    9:21 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Kiwikaz, have you been to the Pavillion at.....


Colac Bay before for a meal?? It is really lovely. We go out there quite often really and just lovel looking at the sea while we wine and dine....

joystik (285 )    9:24 pm, 10 Aug




Wheres Sonia tonight?? Hope she has had a good


day. I bet you are packing still so everything is done in plenty of time. Or were you going for your Oncology appointment tonight???

joystik (285 )    9:25 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Dize, bet that was a big dissappointment


about your trip. If you went for a train trip a bus would be a big let down. I wouldn't be surprised if that service from Auckland to Wellington wasn't bought up by someone and revived at a later date. It seems to be very popular, but I guess not popular enough. We went on the Taerei Gorge train trip down here from Dunedin and that is a brilliant trip.....

joystik (285 )    9:29 pm, 10 Aug




Huggggs to Paula and Josh


Thinking of you guys, hope your not too itchy Josh.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:30 pm, 10 Aug




Maewest, Paula said she's ok but I haven't seen


her. Shes such a lovely lady. But I guess she is used to all this disruption in their lives. Its just so not fair is it. I feel so guilty being so well and able to do just everything that I have always done, and see the way other people and especially what these poor kids have to put up with.....

joystik (285 )    9:32 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan, hope things have been better


for you today. Been thinking about you during the day.......(((((((HUGS)))))))) to you both...

joystik (285 )    9:34 pm, 10 Aug






Hope everything is okay with you guys!!

janetmk1 (39 )    9:37 pm, 10 Aug




Janet, just great to see your Danny making some


positive progress with himself!! Thats got to be a good sign for all to see, and something that must please you a lot. Hope it continues. How old is he tomorrow?? Got anything planned for him??

joystik (285 )    9:40 pm, 10 Aug




I dont know if these ideas will help or not ......


I have heard of good success with some cancer suffers trying selenium. Selenium can be poisonous in big doses but supplemented correctly it might be worth a go, my mother has lung CA and is taking Magnesium, I am going to try the Selenium on her after I heard of a man shrinking his bowel cancer tumor by using it. It is an interesting story..... My other thought is the power of meditation. Even just concentration on the breath and inhaling deeply can really help. I strongly urge any of you suffering to try meditation. After having had a very bad time over the last two years and having always thought of meditation as something alternative people did, I can really recommend it and even if it doesnt help cure the illness it will help you cope in a positive way with the stress and very alone times you will have. Love to you all especially you Sonia, I think this is a very therapeutic way of dealing with the illness and opening up to others and their pain. Take care.

infinityjrc (15 )    9:50 pm, 10 Aug




joystik spoke to kirsty tonight


and she ask that i thank you, she said she got a little bag and today she opened that bag and found $5 gawd her eyes would of been like

bogeyi (484 )    9:56 pm, 10 Aug




hi joystick


yes we are working hard trying to get it all done before the bowling season. You are doing so well it seems carrying on as normal. A dear old friend of mine from Hector has gone to live in Invercargil with her daughter she is 86 I love her to bits her daughter-in law is a real estate agent down there as well I will try to find out who she works for. I know her name is Fay M. does it ring a bell? I am presuming you are by there as I don't know that area. How is Lauren?I think we will go to Nelson about the kitchen as now we need a new fire. It never rains but it pours here we had the chimney cleaned and after he left we discovered the wet back was leaking so had to get that shut off and were told our fire was on it's last legs.Oh well

boop2 (109 )    9:56 pm, 10 Aug




Hi bogey


how's it going?

boop2 (109 )    9:59 pm, 10 Aug




Hi maewest


that was nice you went out with your friend it helps blow the cob webs away. Good luck with the shawl I could never tackle anything like that much too big. I am going to have a day off tomorrow and have coffee with my sis. when she get;s to town. I have my com. all to myself as other half won't evn turn it on.

boop2 (109 )    10:03 pm, 10 Aug




Janet I just hope


you have a lovely day with Danny and he enjoys his presents at least he has perked up a wee bit. Have a great day. Hugs

boop2 (109 )    10:05 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Boop


A new fire hmmm. They don't come cheap. You won't have to worry about regulations there will you? We don't here...yet! Lucky you, a new kitchen. We are in an old house which still has the original kitchen cupboards, Oh well, they will just have to stay for a bit longer. You have a lovely relaxing day tomorrow.

maewest (79 )    10:08 pm, 10 Aug




kiwikaz I do feel for you


what a hard row to hoe you have. Does your husband realise that he has changed or is he too sick to be aware of it. Love to you all . Have you some photos of your wee ones to go on here would love to see them?

boop2 (109 )    10:09 pm, 10 Aug




Infinityjrc, thanks for


posting. I have heard about selenium and meditation helping. Lots of different theories about what and what not to take. Apparently all NZers should be taking selenium...lack of it in our soil.

maewest (79 )    10:10 pm, 10 Aug




thanks maewest


we really need the kitchen this one is revolting. I am off to send you some more jokes if you are ready for them.

boop2 (109 )    10:11 pm, 10 Aug




I took selenium for years for my arthritis I don't


know if it helped to be honest.

boop2 (109 )    10:13 pm, 10 Aug




Hi meridian


glad you are okay. We had another lovely day here we are so lucky.I think the mainland is the place to be , down south and the west coast. night

boop2 (109 )    10:15 pm, 10 Aug




Farmerlloyd I have


sent an email tonight to the organiser for the Ian Gawler lecture. A few of us going to attend I hope. Hope you have had a good day too.

maewest (79 )    10:16 pm, 10 Aug




now for my update


our night was abosolute crap last night we only had a few hours sleep, ryan was on the toilet every hour going sometimes twice his mucositis was also really bad enough that he woke up twice chocking on his saliva. This morning he was shattered wouldnt have a sleep i think his body was so exhausted he couldnt sleep, finally after a nice long hot shower 1.30 he fell to sleep and slept for 3 hours woke a little then went to sleep again woke a little and then another sleep. He is still really tired but looks so much better, his mouth is full of ulcers and sdown his throat so he is sore but handling it very well....they have taken him of his NG feed as that was making the runs worse so i feel tonight will be better. I am suctioning his mouth to get the mucus out as he cant swallow as it hurts.

bogeyi (484 )    10:16 pm, 10 Aug




hi Boop


look i am on the phone at the moment but can i suggest you try glucosamine for joint complaints,,

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:18 pm, 10 Aug




Hi Maewest


That is really good news.. hopefully Sonia will have been be able to have heard tis man tonight .. i just do hope...

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:21 pm, 10 Aug




Thanks Joystik and Boop :))


Yes its very nice to see him improve a bit after 8 months. He turns 20 tomorrow, I am hoping to get him out for lunch but will wait and see how he feels. If he wants to stay home I will get some movies and pizza for lunchtime. He loves homemade burgers and asked for them for his birthday dinner so thats easy. Hes never been the sort of kid to ask for much unlike his brothers who expect mountains to move LOL... but I will try my best to give him a happy day :))

janetmk1 (39 )    10:21 pm, 10 Aug




Hi all just back from Ian Gowler ;o)


Saw whole thing, great. My big things to focus on are more sunlight (vit d - Fiji will help there!), increase exercise, r