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I did it for a change


Hi maewest how did your day go I think it was better than ours over here , wet and cold. Not a lot too say tonight with everyone away or going away.

boop2 (109 )    8:35 pm, 12 Aug




Boo Boop!


Hows it going on the Coast. Bit chilly here but not near as bad as was forecast! Maybe tomorrow. I will be crashing early tonight. Can hardly keep my eyes open.

maewest (79 )    8:35 pm, 12 Aug




It has been quiet on here


It must be that Joystik that uses up all the space!! They might get snowed in, in Queenstown. Wouldn't mind that! Hey my inbox is filling up fast!!

maewest (79 )    8:38 pm, 12 Aug






how is Ryan tonight? Good that he is eating, even little bits. Have you managed to get any sleep? Checked out your pics. Ryan still looks a cool dude with less hair.Is he coping with that okay? Love and (((HUGS))) to you both XXX

maewest (79 )    8:52 pm, 12 Aug




hello we have had such a good day


hes eaten toast,noodles,spaghetti,ice cream only small mouthfuls but its something his mouth is really sore still full of ulcers, hes such a good boy does all his mouth cares like he should. He dosent mind losing his hair this time the whispy bits that are there at the moment are so blonde. Nice to see him not so drugged up.

bogeyi (484 )    9:13 pm, 12 Aug






that is such good news. He is such a little trouper. You sound much better too. Let's hope the worst is over...about time! How long do they think it will take for the ulcers to heal? Hoping for an even better day for you both tomorrow. XX

maewest (79 )    9:21 pm, 12 Aug




good for ryan


nice to hear he is eating make you feel better to bogey. Have a good night.

boop2 (109 )    9:26 pm, 12 Aug




I forgot the most important thing we are


seeing neutrafils we are at 0.63....

bogeyi (484 )    9:29 pm, 12 Aug




Just had a text from


Paula. She sends you all her love. Josh is a lot better. Fortunately he only had a mild dose of chicken pox. She said she feels like she is going nutty, but was that already!!! They are hoping to be home on Monday.

maewest (79 )    9:30 pm, 12 Aug




Nitey nite everyone


Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow. Sonia, you have a wonderful holiday. Soak up that sunshine. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.XXXX

maewest (79 )    9:47 pm, 12 Aug






thats great news!!!hope those mouth ulcers clear up quickly now:))

janetmk1 (39 )    10:28 pm, 12 Aug




Hi All :o)


All packed :o) Just three things to add in tomorrow morning - easy! OK just repainting my nails now then off to bed. Thanks everyone, glad Josh and Ryan are both on the improve (YAY!) I'll be thinking of you all, while relishing quality time with my two darling girls (and Brent of course ;o). Nighty night all xoxoxoxo

soniat-d (153 )    10:33 pm, 12 Aug




Good Morning Everyone :o)


Have fun while I'm away ;o)

soniat-d (153 )    8:35 am, 13 Aug




good morning........we are not neutraphenic



bogeyi (484 )    8:45 am, 13 Aug




Sonia you guys enjoy long are you away for.

bogeyi (484 )    8:47 am, 13 Aug




10 days


back late 23

soniat-d (153 )    8:57 am, 13 Aug




hopefully we might be ready


to go home if all goes well....

bogeyi (484 )    8:59 am, 13 Aug




bugger didnt finish the sentence


around that date.......I would like to be home for tylers birthday

bogeyi (484 )    9:00 am, 13 Aug




Great news Bogey...


hope all goes well from now until the 23rd. Can relate to that. I was finished my radiation and made it home 3 days before my daughters birthday. Onward and upward now!

landylass (48 )    11:05 am, 13 Aug




I agree with early detection


Hi I'm 32yr old female,I don't have cancer of anysort, however my Mum was 1st diagnosed with breast cancer when she was my age, and had a mastectomy 2 christmases ago. My sisters and I all now have mammograms, and have been told that we need to do this every two years.My grandfather died of cancer, Aunties, Uncles. I just wanted to say hi, and yes cancer does suck

muzzr12 (12 )    11:17 am, 13 Aug



well sonia not long now until you board that


plane, oystik hope your night away was fun, paula hopefully we see you back on here in a few days. Hello janetmk1,landylass,boop,maewest and everyone else

bogeyi (484 )    12:05 pm, 13 Aug




hugs to all


Been a bit worried about this topic since i saw someone comment on how long it was - not a usual poster - so saved it all today and will save it each day just in case. Hugs to all. Trish

trishm (34 )    12:08 pm, 13 Aug






Thats great news !!! After all hes been through its nice to hear things are going well :))

janetmk1 (39 )    1:25 pm, 13 Aug




Thanks Trish


We would hate to lose it all again!!

janetmk1 (39 )    1:26 pm, 13 Aug




thanks trishm


hi janetmk1, just heard from Paula they are allowed home today.....yipee a good day all round so far..

bogeyi (484 )    1:27 pm, 13 Aug




that sure is good news...


I am glad the chicken pox was only mild. I was so scared for her after Ryans terrible experience with it.

janetmk1 (39 )    1:45 pm, 13 Aug






did you see the message from Luke?

janetmk1 (39 )    1:46 pm, 13 Aug




No............... but i saw it on another thread


that someone copied and pasted on there i presume he sent out a mass email to people that had emailed him????

bogeyi (484 )    2:50 pm, 13 Aug




yes , he did email


everyone who had joined his caring bridge site. I hope everythig works out for him in oz.

janetmk1 (39 )    3:14 pm, 13 Aug






back to the top :))

janetmk1 (39 )    4:24 pm, 13 Aug




that is great news bogey


that would be great for tyler to be home. How is the appertite today? At least today we have had good news with Ryan and Joshi just hope sonia can get over there and have a really good time.

boop2 (109 )    4:57 pm, 13 Aug




weeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaad an earthquake


I am stuttering a bit it felt quite big.That is good trish, thanks. Hi janet we are a small team at the moment. Maewest should be home soon. Terrible day here rain and hail.

boop2 (109 )    5:00 pm, 13 Aug




just read about luke


what an awful thing I don't know one way or the other hate to think that would happen someone lie, no I don't think so.twinkie knew him I think

boop2 (109 )    5:14 pm, 13 Aug




Hi boop Janet Bogeyi and all


Just finished my farm chores a wee while ago and am pleased to be inside now, weather outside is quite wintery ans I have to say it is not what we have been used to! Bogeyi, you will be pleased that Ryans Neuts are at last being able to be measured Oh ... I remember now I think you said he is not neutropenic now.. that is just excellent news.

farmerlloyd (24 )    5:16 pm, 13 Aug






What's going on up there ?? we don't often have earthquakes here in Southland ..and I'm quite pleased about that. I do not like the feeling they give me .Hope it was only a minor one with no damage ...

farmerlloyd (24 )    5:19 pm, 13 Aug




hi farmerlloyd a wintery blast here


today don't mind that but could do without the earthquakes.

boop2 (109 )    5:20 pm, 13 Aug




Hi Boop


Luke wasn't lying he just chose not to get treatment at wellington hospital because of the type of cancer Koen has, he wants to get him treated in oz and look at other options too. Plus he has friends and support over there so you can't blame him really.

janetmk1 (39 )    5:23 pm, 13 Aug




joystick hope yo,DIZEur family had a good time


get on here please it is awful where is everyone. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO MAEWEST, JANET, MERIDIAN, LANDYLASS, KIWIKAZ, BOGEY, DIZE okay I am sulking now will get tea. Love you all xxxxxxxx

boop2 (109 )    5:24 pm, 13 Aug




Hi farmerlloyd,


For a change we have had a beautiful day but now the sun is going down it is getting very cold. No doubt the rain will come back tomorrow if you guys have all had it.Poor lambs will freeze in the cold, I would be hopeless on a farm I would be bringing them all inside to sit by the heater!!

janetmk1 (39 )    5:26 pm, 13 Aug




Time for me to make dinner...


too boop, Boys will all complain LOL am making a salad and they hate salad!!!

janetmk1 (39 )    5:28 pm, 13 Aug




Nothing wrong with that Janet


You would be an excellent shepherd!!(Or is that shepherdess?) My early memories of lambing included hearing stories of one dedicated farmer who could bring 30 chilled lambs into his shearing shed ... then .. so this tale goes ... was able to put each lamb back with it's correct mother when the lamb was stong enough,using only his instinct to match them correctly ... and this was in the days before aerosol markers were invented. I think it may have been an old wives tale really .. But I remained in awe at this man's abilities until he died well into his 90's

farmerlloyd (24 )    5:36 pm, 13 Aug




Hi everybody


Back you all come!! Sonia is in sunny Fiji, Joystik probably isn't home yet from her weekend away, so we need to rally around and make this thread longer for Sonia. It is absolutely FREEZING tonight in Hamilton, with a bitterly cold wind outside. Brrr. Hope you are inside now Farmer Lloyd. Only 3 more days till we are off to the Sunshine Coast, can't wait.

dize5 (490 )    6:17 pm, 13 Aug




Guess what


anybody there im going to make you guess.

bogeyi (484 )    6:34 pm, 13 Aug




Hi Dize & Bogeyi


weather is pretty awful all over from what I can see. But I am sure sun will shine in a day or two. Hey that is great news for you to be heading to a warmer climate. A good time of year to be holidaying in Aus or the Islands I am sure. Hope you have an enjoyable time. I am no good at guessing things, Bogeyi. So I give up already ... Maybe somebody will be able to help Oh I can't stand it .. you will have to say !!

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:04 pm, 13 Aug




what bogey??


no good at guessing either - fingers crossed for good news!!

trishm (34 )    7:26 pm, 13 Aug






Is it Ryans white cells??

janetmk1 (39 )    7:35 pm, 13 Aug




wow farmerlloyd


what a nice man he must have been to take care of the lambs like that, but yes it does sound a bit like a tale. Though the mums know which lamb is theirs don't they? Sorry bit ignorant when it comes to sheep. But I love animals and regularly bring home a lost or injured think I am nuts lol.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:39 pm, 13 Aug






whereabouts in the sunshine coast are you going? I love it up there, beautiful weather and beaches.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:40 pm, 13 Aug






Bogey tell usssssssssssss!!!!!!

janetmk1 (39 )    7:42 pm, 13 Aug




Tell me Bogeyi....................................


I'm back!!!!

joystik (285 )    7:44 pm, 13 Aug






Hello Joystik


The weather finally turned wintery for Southland eh!!! But I saw the foreast is for some sun quite soon .Hope you had a good visit to Q'town. If you go back a fewe posts you will see how you were missed on the M/B last night

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:48 pm, 13 Aug




Hi everyone, we had such a BLAST up in Queenstown.


Stated at the Heritage Hotel at Fernhill. Really swanky place and fairly expensive I thought at $290 for the night!! But who cares....we dont ever stay at expensive places. When we got up there we met up withour friends and went straight up on the Gondola to the skyline restraunt for lunch. Just lovely. Then sat up there and waited for the snow to arrive. It did snow for a wee while, but stopped before much settled on the ground. We stayed up there until about 5.30, and then went back down to the hotel and had dinner in house. We had wanted to have dinner at the Skyline but they were completely boked out for a wedding party of 340 people!!

joystik (285 )    7:50 pm, 13 Aug




welcome back Joystik :))


ZZZWe missed you last night, it was soooooo quiet with out you!!

janetmk1 (39 )    7:50 pm, 13 Aug




oops ..


ignore the ZZZ dunno how they got there, I am the typo queen!!

janetmk1 (39 )    7:51 pm, 13 Aug




Awwww....... thanks for issing me so much......


Guess what???? The first thing I noticed in our Hotel room was the internet connection and my lap top was back at home!!

joystik (285 )    7:54 pm, 13 Aug




Yes Janet I always was


brought up to help save every lamb that was in trouble ( and still do that as does every farmer ) Only when I got older and became a farmer on my own account I noticed a slightly wercenary (?) side come to light in how I saw my stock .Even today I still want the best for my stock, but their value in $$ has started to feature more in my thinking. What I am trying to say is that if I can save this lamb or that lamb I now see it more in dollar terms than I did when I was footloose and carefree !! I hope that came out right !!?

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:57 pm, 13 Aug




oops terrible typo



farmerlloyd (24 )    8:01 pm, 13 Aug




Thanks Janet, no I think I would take that prize..


for being typo winner of the year!! Nice to see you too. Glad Danny had a nice birthday too. You were asking about the heat pump. I just love it, although the one we put in here, we had actually bought to put in our Motor Home, and its really too small for this house. It does the job though with help from a night store, and and another electric heater when its really cold. Dosent completwly eliminate crying windows, but if it was say a 7kw model it would easily. This one is a 2.3kw. The best thing is no mess, no smoke and pollution, no dust and crap all over the hearth and no having to get wood, when you can be in Queenstown!!

joystik (285 )    8:02 pm, 13 Aug




oh yeah


I totally can understand that, as much as every animal is cute in their own way its very different when they are your income. We employ a lot of staff and we like to pay them well but at the same time it still comes out of your pocket,same as with the sheep, you like to treat them well but can only do that to a point coz it comes out of your pocket. All in the bottom line... if that makes sense!!

janetmk1 (39 )    8:03 pm, 13 Aug




Thanks for that joystik..


Can I ask what brand your is? the way I understand it is some are far better than others and some companies are better than others at sorting out problams with them.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:05 pm, 13 Aug




BTW Joystik...


Glad you had a lovely night away. Poor Sonia didn't get good news yesterday as you probably read. I think we all felt like crying for her.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:06 pm, 13 Aug




I read it Janet about Sonia and I did cry for her,


but yo know what?? I think she had an idea that thinks weren't quite 100% or she wouldn't have been asking for the CT early. I think woman especailly, have sort of intuition, when things arent right....I know I did. She is truely a wonderfulpositive and I'm sure she will eventually beat it, but she is really having to work for that good end result isnt she......

joystik (285 )    8:10 pm, 13 Aug




Janet ours is a Blue Seal, which is one that is


used extensivly and commercially throughout Australia and New Zealand. I got it off Trade me, for around $600, and as I said it was for the motorhome. The trader night_dragon sells heaps ofthem and pretty cheaply. Some of them are self install models, like ours, but other larger ones have to be installed at a cost of between $500 and $900 I believe......hope that helps

joystik (285 )    8:14 pm, 13 Aug




Farmerlloyd, nice to see you again. When I was


growing up we had a dairy farm, but did carry about 80 romney ewes and kept the lambs for feeding the family, and some to sell. It was always my job, from about 10 onwards, to look around the flock both morning and night, before school, to amke sure they were ok while lambing. Sometimes there wwre problems and some would be mis mothered or just weak for some reason, and they would always end up in our lounge by the fire until they were up and going good. My mum was very good to them and would get up during the night and feed them etc. So much was her concern, that the night our house burned down in sept 1976, the only thing she took out of the house, was an orphan lamb that had been in front of the fire keeping warm! Unfortunately she put it in it lovely warm box, beside the garage and the fire brigade drowned it, hosing the garage down. Sad ending aye????

joystik (285 )    8:22 pm, 13 Aug




great thanks Joystik


I will keep an eye on their auctions. i am also doing my kitchen up so have been pricing kitchens as well. We only brought this house earlier in the year and it wants so much doing to it. Its hard to know where to begin. We made an extra bedroom out of what was the laundry and we are putting in stairs to the room downstairs and what was going to be the laundry but have struck a problem there with drainage so back to the drawing board with that one!

janetmk1 (39 )    8:24 pm, 13 Aug




Hey Bogeyi, SO pleased to see that Ryan has got


some counts going at last, and is no longer neutropenic. Well done Ryan. He has turned another corner which is great news. What day is Tylers birthday?? Is he an August baby too, like me??? Hope things continue to go really well for Ryan. He deserves a good lucky break from from all this stuff bogeyi. Hey! What is your secret anyway???

joystik (285 )    8:25 pm, 13 Aug




Hey Janet I see there are some really good kitchen


buys to be had on trade me too. Well worth a look I reckon...

joystik (285 )    8:27 pm, 13 Aug






Thats so sad, I bet your mum was really upset.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:30 pm, 13 Aug




thanks joystik


I will keep my eye on them also, I really don't want to spend a fortune as I just like a plain tidy kitchen... the modern white look as opposed to the country look.

janetmk1 (39 )    8:33 pm, 13 Aug




evening all,


hey thats good news about ryan. i have been a blob doing not much today had a good night and a few laughs which was required. blew them cobb webs out. hubby had a good nite but came home early with his mum so i stayed on. weather wasnt to good though guess we have to have a turn. have a sick sheep tonite. just been out to check her. hope she will be ok . thats good josh gets to come home.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    8:34 pm, 13 Aug






glad you had a nice time in queenstown its nice to treat yourself occasionaly you deserve it. :) that was sad about your mums house and the wee lamb.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    8:37 pm, 13 Aug






sounds like you have a birthday coming up too i have miss 10 this week 17th and mine on the 21st. trying to think of something nice to do for her birthday she went to a party at the weekend they went to pulse (i never been there and didnt get to take her) but she said it was cool, they got hair crimped little coloured extension and some lip gloss etc. birthday girl got the works and they supplied party food as well.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    8:43 pm, 13 Aug




hi guys sorry have only just sat back down


Ryan got to go out of his room we even went out the double doors and for a walk down the ward, he had to wear a mask and there were hardly any visitors but he was out and about.. Joystik tylers birthday is sept 22nd

bogeyi (484 )    8:55 pm, 13 Aug




Thats really good news Bogey:))


I bet he thoroughly enjoyed that after being a prisoner in that room for so long!! Is he holding all his food in now?

janetmk1 (39 )    8:57 pm, 13 Aug




have just found out one of my sons


friends has acute leukemia, poor him, poor family, does anyone know anything about this disease???

kermitgreen1 (29 )    8:58 pm, 13 Aug




Wow what a story to tell Joystik


I had to read it twice just so I could take it all in !! I feel so sad that you have had the experience of a house fire . It is one of the worries of all rural people I reckon. I never want to go through that !! Before the days of rapid numbers and flash communication centres ( and yes, I know they have their shortcomings too ) it was a bit of a lottery if the emergency services arrived at the right address or not. Some may say it hasn't changed much.

farmerlloyd (24 )    9:17 pm, 13 Aug






its always a shock when you find out how old is your sons friend?? i dont know much about leukemia except that my friends husband was diagnoised with it at 28 and he has had chemo and all good now. he did get into the natural stuff and his wife swears by it. so long may it last for him she keeps him on a maintance programme and he is in a very stressful busy job.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    9:18 pm, 13 Aug




Kiwikaz he is 19


yes its a huge shock, i feel for everyone...

kermitgreen1 (29 )    9:30 pm, 13 Aug






good one do him good to get out of those 4 walls for 5 :) hope things continue on the up. I am in for a late night tonite hubby is tired afta the last couple of days he is still in bed from his after noon nap. takes him a couple of hours to get up . have cuppa, talk to dogs, have his tea, have his anti seizure meds. not that he has been eating much this week. right off food happier to have a coffee :(

kiwikaz3 (11 )    9:30 pm, 13 Aug




Ohh Bogeyi, that is just great that he has managed


to get up and about and out of that room called home for now. At what stage is he allowed home? And at what stage is the transpants considered a success? Its good to seem him making good progress in a forwards direction. Laurens birthday is Sept 18, same day as my dear Mum's,and my brother is Sept 23rd. Good time for babies is spring aye??

joystik (285 )    9:44 pm, 13 Aug




Hi kiwikaz, pleased to see you enjoyed your


night out last night, and hubby too. My heart really does go out to you guys - it must be so difficult at times. There are so many birthdays in august too. Mine is 25th, my father is 30th, auntie 22nd, step mother 24th, neice 6th, step daughter that died, 14th, Kevins eldest grandaughter 12th, and two in your family as well. What a busy time of year. Girls are starting to become interested i hair and makeup by ten arent they. I'm sure you will make her day very special for her - you're another great Mummy. ((((HUGS)))))

joystik (285 )    9:48 pm, 13 Aug




Farmerlloyd, you got it right about house fires


and living in a rural area. We lived 25 mibutes from the nearest rural volunteer fire brigade, and the night of the fire was also the night of the Fire service anual Caberet! So those two events shouldn't be put in the same sentence really. I must say they did their best but were too late to save a thing actually. Mum never got over it, and the shock of the whole thing was what triggered her cancer, which took her life slowly over the following 8 years. So sad.....

joystik (285 )    9:54 pm, 13 Aug




we will be here for a while still


although hes doing good we are no where out of the woods yet, Ryan is sitting next to me having toast and a milo all food is staying down still only small amounts but a huge step forward.

bogeyi (484 )    9:56 pm, 13 Aug




Hi kermit, sorry about your friend too. Always


very sad to learn that someone has cancer, but so many of them are very treatable and cureable now days, so there is hope. There are a few posters o here that know about Leukaemia that might be able to help you. I had breast cancer, so I know more about that sort than any others. Think positive and have plenty of faith, hope and love around. Take care and ((((HUGS)))) to you and your friend....

joystik (285 )    10:07 pm, 13 Aug




Oh dear me Joystik,


what a terrible ending .... But I somehow feel that a lot of her may be seen in the way you live and your love for life ( and she obviously cared for animals just as you ). Such a loss for you to have to go through, far too soon in her life.

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:11 pm, 13 Aug




Bogeyi, its great that he's managing to eat a ....


bit of food and keep it down too. He will get better quicker while he's able to do that. Are the other kids allowed in to see him yet?? You have probably told us all the pro's and cons, Bogeyi, but its such a lot to read through to find out what you said before. I'll just keep on sending you heaps of good luck and hugs and you'll be home by Tylers birthday. That would be so good for you all...(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:12 pm, 13 Aug






I will fess up. I had a leukaemia a few years ago. Quite a rare variety and very treatable so have only good things to say about how well I have remained. There are more than 100 different leaukaemias and I am sure you will find a few posters here who have more first hand knowledge of the condition your son's friend has

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:22 pm, 13 Aug




Yes farmerlloyd, that would be a good assumption


of me and the way I live my life. Mum didn't really have much of a life in a lot of ways, and she had lost the battle by age 48. That is too young for anyone - you haven't really lived by then in lots of cases, especially when you have raised 6 children, like she had. My daughter Lauren was born on her birthday some 7 years after she dies, and Lauren is so much like her in lots of ways, which is lovely too.

joystik (285 )    10:23 pm, 13 Aug




Hello Boop! Where are you tonight?? I see you


have been a bit lonely while I was missing in action!! I think its lovely that you all missed me so much. I must confess, I LOVE the pokies, but only go there with an amount of money that I am prepared to lose. Because I know all to well that they are there to make a bit profit at my expense. Kevin and I took $200 each, and Lauren gave me her $20 pocket monet to gamble. I turned her $20 into $50 so she was stoked, and we came out with about $120 over what we spent. So we were happy, and we dont do it often. Bit of a treat, as was the flash hotel!!

joystik (285 )    10:31 pm, 13 Aug




Where are you too Maewest? So you lot think


I do most of the talking on here aye??? I think perhaps thats right at times too. I love all you guys and chatting to you is high on my list of favourite things to do. I consider you are all my friends now, and I'm really chuffed that you noticed that I wasn't around to chat. Hope you have had a good weekend too..... Are you working tomorrow as well??

joystik (285 )    10:33 pm, 13 Aug




Joystik the kids come to ryans room


and I open the door so they can talk, we are in postive/negative rooms so when our door is opened all air is pushed out the door that way no bugs can enter. They are happy that they can see him and talk for a few minutes then they get bored.

bogeyi (484 )    10:36 pm, 13 Aug




Hi Landylass, been a bit cold in Oamaru today??


Seems like it was a bit chilly everywhere. The air is very bracing in Queenstown, to say the least, but it is lovely in the shops and the casino, so you lose sight of how cold it actually is. On TV 1 weather tonight, it said it was only 3 deg a 2.45pm and I find that difficult to believe actually. I would have thought more 8-10 deg. Maybe I have acclimatised already. Hope your tiredness is beginning to disappear by now. How is the knitting going? If the weather has bee suspect, then you have probably got heaps done. Take care and see you tomorrow. I've got a busy wee again with hospital visits, and will hopefully hear from the Real Estate Firm with their proposal!

joystik (285 )    10:38 pm, 13 Aug




Ok bogeyi, that like the room where Josh is when


he's at Kew. The sterile air is pumped in, and there are double doors that keep the crappy air out. Nice the other kids can visit but yes, kids do get bored in the hospital environment. Even Lauren got sick of sitting their with me. She wanted to roam about and make heaps of trips to the cafe or the shop!!

joystik (285 )    10:43 pm, 13 Aug




I was waiting for mae to come on also


just to say hi. But I am afraid the eyelids are starting to close.. so will say nite and look forward to this cold blast clearing the country real quick and better weather to follow. Hope your 7 hours went ok at work today Maewest

rubbi5h (25 )    10:43 pm, 13 Aug




Oooops This would look better with my name


At the bottom .. sorry about that .. My daughter just came home and sat down at pc ... signed in to Trade me on her account ... then I took overagain not realising it wasn't me any more !!! Sorry just to say hi. But I am afraid the eyelids are starting to close.. so will say nite and look forward to this cold blast clearing the country real quick and better weather to follow. Hope your 7 hours went ok at work today Maewest

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:48 pm, 13 Aug




See you again toorrow Farmerlloyd. Did you get


any snow today? We weren't here but I see something lying along side the bus tonight when we got home in the dark. Might be hail I thought rather than snow. What about the earthquake?? We didnt feel that either. Probably too busy watching what the pokies were doing!! Nite Nite....

joystik (285 )    10:51 pm, 13 Aug




have a good night farmerlloyd



bogeyi (484 )    10:51 pm, 13 Aug




Hi dize, no sign of you tonight either. I suppose


you will be busy hunting out all your summer clothing to take over to Aussie in a few days. I will see you tomorrow, and ohh....thanks for missing me too((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    10:52 pm, 13 Aug






easy done . i did the same thing myself at mums when i was up there.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    10:54 pm, 13 Aug




thankyou everyone ...


No snow here Joystik .. My daughter drove through to Dunedin for the day and was so excited driving through Clinton area ... Snow covering Clinton hill and all around that part of the country ... we saw snow on the hilltops around Gore area but was " gone by lunchtime " !! ( did I really say that.. No!! Dr Brash said it first !!! But it's true .. Nite all

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:55 pm, 13 Aug





Hello muzzr, and thanks for posting. The old


cancer thing seems to beat a terrible path through some families alright, like mine for starters. It pays to be on the lookout for it all the time, and especially if there is a family history. I would be hard to convince otherwise about family history. And with the incidence in NZ now being 1 in 3 there is a good chance that los of people you know will have it come visiting. Stay positive all the time and take care....(((hugs)))

joystik (285 )    10:56 pm, 13 Aug




and Bogeyi


sleeping alone again !! will that be a good night? NO My wife and youngest daughter off to soccer tournament in Timaru till thurs... Once Claire goes back to her flat this house will run on BOY POWER only .... the mind boggles .. this time it is nite nite ..

farmerlloyd (24 )    10:57 pm, 13 Aug




good nite all.


hubbys is up now so i am off he is going to have tea and hopefully not stay up to late. more snow around brrrrrrrrrrrrrr bring on the sunshine. dize i hope you bring some back from ozzie for us.. i may have to go over myself this week waiting to see how my friends get on at the specialist in brisbane. they will know when the op is, will go to give her some support as i dont want her there by herself. she has been such great support to me so now i can return the favour..

kiwikaz3 (11 )    10:58 pm, 13 Aug




That was certainly a well used phrase of DR Brash


wasn't it! Thats good, no snow for the poor animals. See you tomorrow....sleep well.

joystik (285 )    10:59 pm, 13 Aug




You're lovely kiwikaz to do that for a friend!


Its such astressful and traumatic time for anyone, and you know what its like and have empathy for others. Nite Nite....sleep well. Tis a bit chilly tonight aye....

joystik (285 )    11:01 pm, 13 Aug




Hi trishm, thanks for posting and for saving the..


thread. I also noticed that post and wondered about the significance of it. This is such a big responsibility to keep going while Sonia is out of the country. Hope she has the best holiday ever - she certainly deserves to have a lovely time....

joystik (285 )    11:02 pm, 13 Aug




Still no sign of you Boop?? Hope the earthquake


didnt do any damage. It was near Murchison I heard. Didn't feel a thing down here but it would have been a doozy in Buller, being that close. See you tomorrow....nite nite.

joystik (285 )    11:04 pm, 13 Aug




hi nice to have you back joystick


It sounds like you had a lovely time and made a bit of money as well. I thought of you when they said 3deg. in Queenstown and snowing did Kevin cope alright? I think you are right about sonia she had an idea.It is pouring here at prsent. Did you feel that earthquake? I hate them.

boop2 (109 )    11:04 pm, 13 Aug




Hi Paula and pleased you got to come ..


home today, but now I wont see you....DRAT!!. There will be other times. You must be busy tonight. Have you got lots of babies on the farm now?? Keeping your Mum busy too? I'm so pleased for Josh that he only got a minor dose of the spots! Has he made the elephant yet?? Have a good restful sleep in your own bed tonight at home with ALL your family. Love and hugs to you all.....

joystik (285 )    11:06 pm, 13 Aug




It is so good to have


you back chatting away to us Joystik. We truly did miss you. I am busy catching up on odd jobs tonight, getting ready to fly out. We leave at 6.10 a.m. on Thurs. flying FREEDOM from Hamilton. Don't imagine there will be any hassles with hand luggage here, but wonder what the story will be at Brisbane when we come back. We are getting a rental car at Brisbane and driving up to Coolum (yes, its near Maroochydore and Mooloolaba - someone asked) and will have the week there. Even though I haven't been talking to you all much tonight, I am still peeping into this thread all the time!! Hope Sonia is relaxing tonight in warm Fiji. Night all.

dize5 (490 )    11:07 pm, 13 Aug




farmerlloyd is very chatty tonight


I think a team from Buller went too the soccer tournament in Timaru. Hope they have better weather than we are experiencing. night FL

boop2 (109 )    11:08 pm, 13 Aug




No Boop its clear here tonight and quite cold I...


think. I dont enjoy the earth moving in that way either. Funny thing we were looking out the hotel window this morning and Kevin said "I wouldn't like to be in here in a good earthquake, these pre fab concrete buildings aren't good in earthquakes"!! There was no snow in Queenstown and only drove through some falling on the way home so he coped OK. I'm off to bed now so see you tomorrow.....(((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    11:09 pm, 13 Aug




Hi dize that trip sounds good


I hope you have a great time as well. They certainly have tightened up on security and were so lucky to catch those ones in Britain. Night dize catch you tomorrow.

boop2 (109 )    11:11 pm, 13 Aug




Nite nite Dize and Boop and Bogeyi and anyone else


still up and about, like kiwikaz and farmerlloyd, and Sonia might even look in.......Waves to Sonia in Fiji.....!! Might post a pic of us in the Gondola tomorrow if I can figure out how to scan it and upload it!! Tomorrows challenge.....I'll be up to it for sure..

joystik (285 )    11:12 pm, 13 Aug




I hate gondolas


they scare me silly went on the one at seaworld once, never again.

boop2 (109 )    11:13 pm, 13 Aug




kiwilaz how lovely of you.


where is landylass is she okay I hope her aches and pains are a bit better.Glad you enjoyed your night out.

boop2 (109 )    11:15 pm, 13 Aug




bogey that is great news


I guess you just take one day at a time but oh it is good to hear he is eating a wee bit.hugs and nite

boop2 (109 )    11:17 pm, 13 Aug




joystick my grandson


Braden is the 25th of August too, a great kid it must be the month eh?

boop2 (109 )    11:18 pm, 13 Aug




night maewest


can't wait up any longer. Hope you are okay. night

boop2 (109 )    11:19 pm, 13 Aug




night Janet will see you


tomorrow. Danny still progressing?I got a new kitchen catalogue on trademe last night there is a place in Auckland that delivers new ones all over NZ. Haven't checked it out yet.Some quotes we had were round 10.000 dollars and no way do we want to pay that.We have to invest in a new multi burner now and shift the hot water cylinder and discovered today that a part of our bathroom wall is rotten, another job. Our friend in CHCH has offered to come and do it he is a plummer so that is really good.Our rates went from 1200 to 1700 quite a hike. I think Buller had tyhe highest increase in Nz

boop2 (109 )    11:26 pm, 13 Aug




dont ya just love em


11.30pm and my boys awake saying i think im hungry, wodering what variation of toast he will have this time..

bogeyi (484 )    11:34 pm, 13 Aug




Oops, hi everyone


12....yes 12 hours today. It's taken me ages to catch up all your news today. Too tired to reply to you all but will be back in the morning. Bogey, great news about Ryan. Quite a breakthrough. Welcome back Joystik...we really did miss you. Boop, I felt the earthquake tonight too. Wasn't much, but still felt it. I don't like them either...who does!!! Kwikaz, glad you had a fun night last night. Do you good. Hi Janet, Dize, Landylass were busy on here tonight! And everyone else I have missed. Talk to you all tomorrow. Nitey nite XXXXXXX

maewest (79 )    11:34 pm, 13 Aug




Oh Bogey that is


just so good. I am so pleased for you. Huge ((((HUGS))) to you both XXX

maewest (79 )    11:36 pm, 13 Aug




Sleep tight Bogey


I am sure you will both sleep better now. XXX

maewest (79 )    11:37 pm, 13 Aug




just come back to


see if you are all tucked in. Lots of toast for Ryan I love cruchy peanut butter on mine. Night again

boop2 (109 )    11:53 pm, 13 Aug




hi boop


nup still here we are watching cartoons....

bogeyi (484 )    11:54 pm, 13 Aug




I am feeling sad and stunned


a friend was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer in bestest friend breast cancer in jan she has had mastectomy chemo and is about to have radiation she had 9 lymph cancerous nodes ..and now my daughters 45 yr old MIL has been diagnosed she went for first free mammogram on Monday..recalled Thurs scan and biopsy on Frid she has a 9mm lump on the lower quadrant of her breast.She meets with the entire team on Monday to plan her treatment. she said Breastcare have been wonderful..what is a low grade cancer?

cloffie (48 )    11:59 pm, 13 Aug






2nd friend diagnosed in March

cloffie (48 )    12:01 am, 14 Aug




Morning all esp. to you Bogey and Ryan


Look Bogeyi, I was a bit too talkative last night wasn't I. I really am pleased for you that Ryan is making the progress he is. Very best hopes and wishes that you have some more good news to tell us with each few days. Ummmm and my night wasn't so bad thanks. I slept like a log the whole night long...ready now for the busy day , see you all later

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:10 am, 14 Aug




Good morning everyone. Farmerlloyd, you are up


and off to your chores early this morning!! Rained quite hard here about 6.30, but stopped now and clearing awy nicely for a sunny day hopefully. Mid term break at Centrl Southland College today, so Lauren is sleeping in. Kevin had to have the truck at Vehicle Testing at 8.15 so no sleep in for us two I afraid. Have a great day wont you.

joystik (285 )    8:15 am, 14 Aug




Hello Bogeyi and Ryan.....hope you managed a few


rounds of toast at 11.30. Sounds good tome that you are hungry and wanting to eat again, that means you are getting better and fast aye. Hope you had a good sleep after that and you too Bogeyi. Do you still have tests and other treatments to do daily now or is it just lying there and getting better now?? Sounds simple put like that doesnt it?? I have appointments with the Oncologist and the Radiologist tomorrow in at Kew, so that will be a busy day again later..

joystik (285 )    8:18 am, 14 Aug




Hi cloffie and thanks for posting. Sorry the news


seems to be all bad at the moment. It seems to run like that at times. When the incidence is 1 in 3 you are sure to know lots of people in a lifetime that have or have jad Cancer though. I would presume that a low grade cancer is one in less danger of becomming a big problem. I think with Breast cancer there are 4 grades and the lower the grade, the easier to treat. Mine was a grade 3 so that wasn't such good news, but I am very positive that I will be fully cured in no time too. Stay positive........lots of cancer stories still have happy endings ((((HUGS))))

joystik (285 )    8:22 am, 14 Aug




Hi Maewest, do you have a day off today?? Or are


you starting work later in the day. It is a bit tiring reading thru 200 posts after a long day at the office aye? Did you get any snow in CHCH this time?? I heard that there was a good fall of snow in Otautau, where I live, on the news this morning. I dont know where it went cos there wasnt any left when we got home at 6pm. Cant always believe what you hear can you. Have a great day.

joystik (285 )    8:25 am, 14 Aug




Hi Boop, hope all is well in Buller today.


You can certainly spend a lot on a kitchen if you have a mind too and a big cheque book. We have only put a small new piece, with 4 units, and a new bench and sink insert,and a new stove and dishwasher. That is along one side and the built in cupboards along the other wall we have just reapinted the same as the new cupboards, and put on the same handles to match. Looks great too. Got email from Sherri last night. They move over at end of September. She will be thrilled. Have you heard from her lately?? Have a good day wont you......

joystik (285 )    8:28 am, 14 Aug




morning farmerlloyd and joystik


Ryan has bloods taken twice a day they watch everything like a hawk, they are looking at his counts everyday and watching his kidney and liver closely as they have been high during treatment (alot of strain put on them with the meds) He is still on bucket loads of medications there is not 1 minute spare when there is nothing gong though his lines.

bogeyi (484 )    8:48 am, 14 Aug




Morning Everyone


wow its taken a while to read through the posts since last night!! Poor Sonia will have to read for days to catch up when she gets back. Weather is good here again today, just a bit cool, but sun is shining and birds are singing :))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:12 am, 14 Aug




morning janetmk1


it is gross up here rainy and yucky. Ryans neutrophils 3.47 omg.......

bogeyi (484 )    9:16 am, 14 Aug




Boop thats way more than I want to spend ....


I have seen some nice units for a lot less, I think as long as your prepared to put them together etc. you can save a bit of money. I have just replaced the hot water cylinder and moved it downstairs out of the way as it was in the kitchen and took up too much room in there. Sounds like you are having to do all the same things we have to.

janetmk1 (39 )    9:18 am, 14 Aug




Hi Joystik thank you for responding xxx


I have suggested my friend diagnosed on Friday link in to this wonderful thread.the love and support you have for one another is astounding.thank you.

cloffie (48 )    9:18 am, 14 Aug




Hi Bogey :))


you guys have a lot of rain don't you? Thats good that white cells are rising isn't it?

janetmk1 (39 )    9:20 am, 14 Aug




morning cloffie although my son has a different


diagnosis we have alot of friends on the ward with ALL, also Paula when she comes on im sure will help answer any questions you may have......this thread rocks.

bogeyi (484 )    9:21 am, 14 Aug




farmerlloyd :))


I don't think its a good idea leaving you guys alone!! Living in an all male house (even the cats are male, probably the fish are too) I wouldn't dare leave my house to them, it would be in pieces when i returned!! I brought a really nice floor lamp not long ago with beautiful tulip shaped glass shades and thanks to them having a cushion fight last night two shades were smashed. I must be used to it tho as all I said was "oh"

janetmk1 (39 )    9:26 am, 14 Aug




Hello everyone


WEEEEEAAAARRRRREEEEE BACK.... Bogeyi - wow, that is great news. Still rising. WAHOO. Hi to everyone - thanks for your messages and love and support. Josh is looking good today, pretty weak and tired but we're ok! I actually made good use of the time in hospital and feel quite rested. I havent caught up on the days that I missed yet, but will try to - it is getting busier on the farm everyday now. I dont have to go down and feed the calves till perhaps Thursday then its will be full on. Love to you all. xoxoxoxoxxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:32 am, 14 Aug






I am glad his neutrophils are rising, sorry for the ignorance, but how high do they need to go to be back to normal?

janetmk1 (39 )    9:36 am, 14 Aug




Hi Paula


Glad your home, its really nice to have you back:))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:37 am, 14 Aug




normal range is 1.4-8.7


they are really pleased so far

bogeyi (484 )    9:40 am, 14 Aug




Welcome cloffie


to this thread. We are all friends here, so feel free to share your sadness, have a vent, just say Hello, whatever. Your story is so very sad, but you will find support here. We actually have sun in Hamilton today!! It rained most of the night, so I hope I haven't put a curse on the weather by commenting on it. Have a good day everyone. Hope you have news of your new job soon Joystik. I will miss this thread like crazy when I am away for 11 days. It is amazing how many times during the day I pop over to the computer to have a "peep". Am I addicted? Probably. I am retired, so it doesn't matter!!

dize5 (490 )    9:48 am, 14 Aug




Thats awesome bogey


hes doing really well!! are his white cells still increasing too?

janetmk1 (39 )    9:57 am, 14 Aug



Lol Dize


retirement is the beginning of the best years of your life :))

janetmk1 (39 )    9:59 am, 14 Aug




Bogeyi that is really good for the neutrophils....


they can come back quite quickly once they begin to climb cant they. I know with mine I hade 0.2 one day and 1.9 the next. Anything over 1.75, I think they will give the chemo, thats in my case anyway. Is that the same for everyone?? Its all good news anyway. I thought things would be ever so busy where you are. Never a dull moment. I had to send the Queenstown pic by email, I think it was too big for on here.

joystik (285 )    10:03 am, 14 Aug



I guess I better...


get some housework done! Jordan has just started with vertigo, so its a month in darkness for him, hes not vomiting yet but can just feel it in his head that if he moves too quick or the light gets him he will get dizzy and vomit. Hopefully this afternoon he will be feeling a bit better and be able to eat a little as usually the morning is the worst and by late afternooon he can move around as long as the curtains are shut. I hope everyone has a good day, I will be back later :))

janetmk1 (39 )    10:05 am, 14 Aug




Was that another fifty just clocked up????


Hi Paula and Josh.....lovely to see you back too. Sorry my phone cut out when you phoned on saturday. I knew we were in a marginal area, around Five Rivers, but wasnt quite expecting for it to happen so suddenly. Glad you are back home again. How many babies now?? How long does it take for them all to calve?? How many cows are there in the herd? Am I allowed fifty questions?? See you again soon.....

joystik (285 )    10:05 am, 14 Aug




Happy house keeping Janet......I must go and do..


some more too. I have got the washing done and the breakfast stuff cleared away but thats all. Poor Jordan, I hope he doesnt get too sick. Hows Danny today?? See you again soon......

joystik (285 )    10:07 am, 14 Aug




Hi Bogeyi, Janet, Joystik


Joystik - we have about 12 babies now, calving should be all over by October. It is great to be home alright!!! Hi Janet - here you go again with the trying time huh? Thinking of you . Bogeyi - awesome!!!!!! Your right - this thread does rock!!! xo

paulaxx (78 )    10:30 am, 14 Aug




Wonder what its like in Fiji this morning?????


Bet its just lovely, and I hope Sonia, Brent and the girls are having the most fabulous time over there...

joystik (285 )    10:48 am, 14 Aug




Good morning all


It is just freezing here today. Just had a txt from my son. They are sitting on the balcony of their unit in the sun on the Gold Coast eating bacon and eggs!! Could do with a bit of that!! I have got my beanie on....inside!!!! The head still gets a bit cold. Still in my jamas though! Had better go and get dressed soon.

maewest (79 )    11:14 am, 14 Aug




Dize is there room in your


bag for me??? Only 2 more sleeps until you go? Lucky you. Joystik a snowy photo in The Press this morning of the road between Otautau and Orawia. Looks a bit chilly down there too. Farmerlloyd you will need to wrap up warm if you are out in you are paddocks today!

maewest (79 )    11:23 am, 14 Aug






Welcome back. We have missed you. You will be pleased to be home to your own bed. Thank goodness it was only a mild dose of chicken pox. Josh will be pleased to be home too. Bet the XBox is getting a thrashing already! Keep warm and I hope the weather picks up before you have to get out there with the new calves. This weather seems to happen every year just when all the new babies are appearing in the paddocks. Poor wee things.

maewest (79 )    11:26 am, 14 Aug




Hi Cloffie


You are going through a pretty miserable time at the moment. You were asking about low grade tumours. That is what I had but after surgery they discovered that it had spread to 3 of my lymph nodes. Hence chemo, radiation and Arimidex tablets. Your daughter's mil will probably be under Phillipa Mercer at Breastcare. I can only sing her praises. She will get the very best care there. Thank you for posting. Please join us here any time. It's a great place to have a vent and receive support.

maewest (79 )    11:30 am, 14 Aug




made the morning roll call for a change


great news bogey onwards and upwards. Joystick loved the photo Lauren has such a nice face you all look contented your kevin looks quite distinguished. Hi farmerlloyd are you a good cook and enjoy cooking for yourself? Nice to have you back Paula and Joshi. Hi dize we are surrounded by snowy hills today and it is certainly nippy.Hi Janet can,t they do anything for the vertigo my friend has it too but nothing like that. That ia awful for a young fellow. Maewest hi, that sounds great the bacon and eggs. Have you had snow falls around you as well. Hi cloffie it is cruel isn't it. I haven't cancer but lost my lovely sister last year and another sister has had bc she is a survivor , god willing.I have also lost my three friends one whose mum and mine were in the home together we were life long friends her and her sister were both dying of bowel cancer at the same time. It is in their family so many of them with bowel cancer.

boop2 (109 )    11:33 am, 14 Aug




Hi Boop


no more earthquakes..aftershocks? What are you up to today? Can't wait til next month when we are coming over on the steam train excursion. I am going to take the Friday off work which will give me a whole week off work. Just had that brainwave last night while I was beavering away. Yay next 3 days off. Hmmm, one of those will be spent catching up on housework!

maewest (79 )    11:34 am, 14 Aug




yes Maewest she is under Phillipa


and so are my other two friends.I had a feeling that was how cancer was were saying about your boy on the Gold coast..I have two daughters living in Australia [both chefs] one working in Surfers the other in Kingaroy..have spoken to both of them today and they are basking in sunshine!

cloffie (48 )    11:35 am, 14 Aug




Bogey and Ryan


good morning. Hope things are going even better for you today. What variety of toast did Ryan have for breakfast? Please tell him that salmon on toast is one of my very favourite far too much of it. Yum! Janet that is really rough condition that Jordan has. Must admit I had never heard of it before now. Is there nothing that can be done to make it easier for him...and you? How is Danny today? You sure have your hands full. Kwikaz how are things in your world today? When will you know if you are going over to Oz to see you friend? You will be such a support to them having been there yourself.

maewest (79 )    11:40 am, 14 Aug




thanks you ALL for posting for me.


boop yes it is rough..I am very lucky the monster has not attacked my own family..I can not even imagine where you girls get your strength from .The road you and yours have gone down are so rough an unfair..I dont wish to inject depression and pessimism into your thread..and I hope I havent.

cloffie (48 )    11:41 am, 14 Aug




Boop you have been


through the mill. You have probably mentioned all that before but I had forgotten..chemo brain!! Do you find when you start typing about all that stuff that it brings it all flooding back? Try not to be too sad. (((Hugs))) to you.

maewest (79 )    11:43 am, 14 Aug






not at all. By being part of this thread depression and pessimism are just not part of the equation. When we do feel a bit down we just come on here and those feeling just all disappear. Where do you live in Chch? I am out in Tuahiwi, near Rangiora. Work for First Direct Taxis in the dispatch room.

maewest (79 )    11:46 am, 14 Aug




maewest i am in North new Brighton


I own a swimschool main client base is those with special needs..I lived in Rangiora for 18 years when my children were young!

cloffie (48 )    11:48 am, 14 Aug






Good morning to you. Hope those aches and pains are better today. Have you started the shawl yet. I have already unpulled mine twice!!!! Lol. I'm right now, but it is going to take ages. It takes about 10 mins to complete 1 row!!

maewest (79 )    11:49 am, 14 Aug




Cloffie small world aye?


Is your swim school based at QE2? We transport heaps of special needs people and I know a few of them attend swimming there. Hasn't the Nth New Brighton area grown?

maewest (79 )    11:51 am, 14 Aug




no maewest


i have my own indoor complex attached to my miniswim and you will" meeet me"

cloffie (48 )    11:54 am, 14 Aug




Wow Cloffie


you are amazing. What a rewarding business you run. Fantastic.I know all about you!

maewest (79 )    11:59 am, 14 Aug




thanks maewest


cloffie it is good to have you here you can vent and say what you like and no one thinks any less of you .You have to have an outlet somewhere and this is the place.HUgs

boop2 (109 )    12:02 pm, 14 Aug




Had better


go and get organised. Start work at 2pm. Will pop back in tonight after 10.30pm. Have a lovely day everyone XXX

maewest (79 )    12:02 pm, 14 Aug






i love what I do! must go now and do it right now! will catch up later.have to get in pool

cloffie (48 )    12:19 pm, 14 Aug




catch you all


abit later on xxxx

cloffie (48 )    12:20 pm, 14 Aug




Hi maewest and cloffie


You are most welcome to come and carry my bag maewest. Be at Hamilton airport at 4.30 a.m. Thursday. Is this a problem? (lol). Cloffie, my husband and I ran a milking machine business in Hamilton for 25 years and had a lot of business dealings with the Read family in Rangiora. They are still in business (Read Industrial) but sons and grandsons run it now. We retired 3 years ago, and the monster grabbed me last year (left breast) but we have killed it (surgery, radiation and now Arimidex). Lots of great survival stories on here.

dize5 (490 )    1:57 pm, 14 Aug




well i just had an experience that no parent wants


to see, Ryan has a drug ambisone mon,wed,fri over the lat couple of times he has had bad aches in his body starting in his legs working up his back to his arms, we pin pointed that it was this drug and the doc decided to run it over 2 hrs (as its painful). I went for a walk came back and ryan was crying (just started) within seconds hes screaming in pain he was on the bed crying and yelling he was just about crawling up the walls with pain, we stopped the drug as the nurse today didnt know he was getting pains with it before, doc came up and apoligised said that he forgot to put the plan in action for infusion over 2hrs. I have never seen Ryan like this beore it was just horrible, he was screaming he cant take the pain anymore, sobbing mummy mummy mummy (ryan never calls me mummy)and just sobbing with pain on my shoulder....god it was horrible he was pumping his morphine machine like mad but of course it only gives a dose every 5mins they had to give him tramadol took a good 5-10mins to work.

bogeyi (484 )    2:08 pm, 14 Aug




Randal was here today so he got to see


it first hand, hes not normally here when someting bad happens..

bogeyi (484 )    2:09 pm, 14 Aug




Oh Bogeyi that is just terrible. What a dreadful


to have happen to poor Ryan, just when he was starting to make really good positive progress. Someone forgetting to put a plan ito action can cause so much other stuff cant it. MMMMMmmmmmmm.......people!!!! Hope he's ok now and doesn't suffer anything to lasting, poor little chap. Give him a hug from me too......

joystik (285 )    2:25 pm, 14 Aug




Hey Boop, I must tell Kevin what you said!!


Thanks for your kind compliments anyway. You just get sat in that gondola and they poke the camera in the door and tell you to put your heads together and smile!! They usually come out quite drippy looking, but that one wasn't so bad really. Lauren looks quite like Gina did except different shaped eyes. Gina would have been 33 today........

joystik (285 )    2:28 pm, 14 Aug




Cloffie, your miniswim business is very........


interesting. What a busy lady you are too, and a special person to work with disabled people. My SIL came from Kingaroy and I went over there for their wedding almost 30 years ago now!! I was their bridesmaid actually. Not many people even know where it is....Hope you're having a good day too.

joystik (285 )    2:31 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Maewest, that picture was taken probably about


10 minutes drive west of here and the snow is quite heavy. But here there is absolutely nothing at all. But snow is known to be patchy isnt it. Its lovely and sunny here now too which is nice. I've just got back from a bike ride. Bit chilly round my chin!! See you later tonight.....

joystik (285 )    2:33 pm, 14 Aug




Maewest, we had bacon and eggs yesterday morning


at the Heritage Hotel in Queenstown and it was delicious. Havent eaten bacon for ages and ages. Just usually stick to my fruit and cereal for breakfast and Kev has his toast. So it was a big treat.

joystik (285 )    2:35 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Paula and Josh, I hope you are keeping warm


on the farm. Its lovely and sunny here just now and the washing has dried that I hung out side earlier. Might go out and clean out the glass house I think ready to plant it again. Hope you're having a great day.....

joystik (285 )    2:38 pm, 14 Aug




Waves to Bogeyi.......Is Ryan OK Now???


I hope he is. What a dreadful mistake for a DR to make. The treatment is bad enough without mistakes as well.......

joystik (285 )    2:40 pm, 14 Aug






bogeyi what a dreadful thing for you and ryan to go through. hugs to you both. and i hope no more of that.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    2:56 pm, 14 Aug






hi to you and josh glad you are home nothing like your own bed is there. you are going to be busy with the animals and the kids do you still have your mum visiting??

kiwikaz3 (11 )    2:57 pm, 14 Aug






i think your right this thread could be addictive but its so good to get such good support from everyone in here. i hope you have a great time in oz.

kiwikaz3 (11 )    3:00 pm, 14 Aug




well i am off to


light the fire as the weather has just pooped itself again. keep warm people and catch up later in the day. sonia i hope you are having lots of sunshine and lazyness,

kiwikaz3 (11 )    3:02 pm, 14 Aug




Joystik hes fine now


im having a strong coffee and hes eating chicken noodles and bread like they are going out of fashion, his mouth must be better. They have taken that drug off ryan and will start another one as he was getting pains before just not as bad as today......phew

bogeyi (484 )    3:24 pm, 14 Aug




Bogeyi I m so pleased to hear that. Do you just..


get Ryan food as he wants it, or does he ring the bell and someone get it for you?? Is there any sort of a set menu or can he have what he wants especially now he's not neutropenic anymore? Has the day improved there?? Its lovely and sunny here now still....

joystik (285 )    3:30 pm, 14 Aug




aw bogey


I am sitting here with tears running down my face that poor kid. I see he has improved a bit thank god for that. Big hugs bogey don't know what else to say.

boop2 (109 )    3:39 pm, 14 Aug




hi joystick


we eat a lot of bacon the only thing Malc can cook really is cheese and bacon on toast but sometimes I do bacon and egg for lunch. He can do more but hates cooking. I heard from sheri she is going to Charleston that is not to far away.Hope sonia is okay and really enjoying herself and those precious wee girls of hers.

boop2 (109 )    3:43 pm, 14 Aug




Hi dize and kiwikaz


what you doing today? I have just made casseroles steak and kidney with all the veges in. I usially do enough for two or three nights and then if I am busy outside don't need to worry about the meals. Does anyone live near Masterton? I have a meeting tomorrow about going up there on Waitangi weekend playing bowls. They have a maori tournament every year and next time it is up there. We only have three maori girls playing so they kindly asked me to join as you are allowed one pakeha in the team.We have to work out how to get there where to stay and all the costs. I will love it. Can stay on the Marae.

boop2 (109 )    3:50 pm, 14 Aug




sorry, usually is more like it


proof read I think.

boop2 (109 )    3:51 pm, 14 Aug




Yeah Boop they have bought the Motel there


at Charleston, and take over at the end of September. She hate Christchurch weather with a passion, and sometimes you cant really blame her can you. I love crunchy mouse traps with cheese'bacon and onion. I ordered one in Queenstown and it was made on a piece of bread about 1 inch thick which wasnt even toasted. Nearly gave me the flamin gripes! Do people not no how to even make a decent mouse trap anymore Boop????

joystik (285 )    3:55 pm, 14 Aug




Sorry, dont know anyone in Masterton..........


staying in the Marae would be alright though, wouldn't it?? So thats this Feb coming up?? Sounds like fun. Is that outdoor bowls or indoor??

joystik (285 )    3:57 pm, 14 Aug




Poor Sonia if she had to come back and read


20 pages of new posts!!! We are almost at another hundy.....who is going to get it???

joystik (285 )    3:58 pm, 14 Aug




Are you still there Boop or Bogeyi? Or will I ...


just do it???

joystik (285 )    3:58 pm, 14 Aug




Special post for Sonia on the beach in Fiji.......


A big wave to Sonia and family.......

joystik (285 )    3:59 pm, 14 Aug







boop2 (109 )    3:59 pm, 14 Aug




That was a wave of the hand ..................


for Sonia and family too......a nice friendly one...Sorry Boop...

joystik (285 )    4:00 pm, 14 Aug




well done joystick


It is out door bowls I just love it. I wish I could lose some weight though I feel I am fit enough but not slim enough. Sheri should be happy there I mean CHCH is my home town but don't think I could tolerate the weather there anymore. My Husband is a great cooker of mouse traps when I =ask him to get lunch or tea for a change it is mouse traps. Wonder if he could get a job in Queenstown

boop2 (109 )    4:03 pm, 14 Aug




I am off to find a dvd


called aTown LIKe ALICe a lady was talking about it in another thread and I loved that movie especially with Peter Finch.

boop2 (109 )    4:06 pm, 14 Aug




bumping because we are



bogeyi (484 )    4:39 pm, 14 Aug




We're GOOD alright Bogeyi!!!!!


Do you reckon we will have it to 5k by the time Sonia gets back???

joystik (285 )    4:50 pm, 14 Aug




worth a try i say



bogeyi (484 )    4:51 pm, 14 Aug






I liked the more recent Town Like Alice with Bryan Brown in it, and I forget the name of the Aussie actress in it, but I thought the Peter Finch one was a bit dated. Someone in an earlier post mentioned Kingaroy in Queensland (joystik?). I know it well as I used to live at Nanango, quite close to it.

dize5 (490 )    4:54 pm, 14 Aug




Boop, we could all get a job in Queenstown just


right now. There was a notice on almost every shop wanting staff of one sort or other. The Heritage Hotel was wanting staff, and the wee waiter that was on our table was a french canadian chap who was just here working for the ski season and is leaving on friday. The Skyline restraunt at the top of the Gondola, had a big wedding party of 340 and only had 3 staff and couldn't get any more!! It always seems to be a problem, and some of it is because it is so expensive to live there. The wages wont be that high I bet.

joystik (285 )    4:54 pm, 14 Aug




Oh Ok Dize it was probably me that mentioned it


earlier too. I have been to Nanango too. I liked it there actually, but have never been back. Might go again someday. Are you going to Kingaroy while on this holiday?

joystik (285 )    4:56 pm, 14 Aug




a very good friend of mine is second in


charge at the casino down there he loves it..

bogeyi (484 )    4:57 pm, 14 Aug




What's on everyone dinner menu tonight????


We're having Roast Beef with roasted Spud, pumpkin, parsnip and Yams, and steamed rainbow silver beet, carrots and brussel sprouts. Got to have these bloods right tomorrow or no chemo on thursday!!

joystik (285 )    4:58 pm, 14 Aug




Kool Bogeyi, he probably paid us out all our


winnings!!!! There are loads of Asians working in the business's, but thats ok, I dont have a problem with them at all.....

joystik (285 )    4:59 pm, 14 Aug




go hard and go strong!


i am in tears after reading these messages all to do with your own personal cancer suffering and fights.... i cant imagine what you are all going thru esp. those young mums out there, its my worst nightmare. i live in palmy nth and if i can be of helpt o anyone im here. ps i have 2 kids aged 3 & 5.

clcleggers (94 )    5:01 pm, 14 Aug




hi clcleggers


nice to see you in here, thats a nice offer from you....

bogeyi (484 )    5:04 pm, 14 Aug




thegeza just in case


you want to come in

bogeyi (484 )    5:59 pm, 14 Aug




Oooohhhhh joystik


I wish I was having tea at your house tonight. My mouth is watering!! No, not going to Nanango this time, just going straight up to the Sunshine Coast when we get off the plane at Brisbane, have a rental car waiting. We are going to the Eumundi Markets on Saturday, haven't been there before, they are famous. A girl (girl? lol - woman of 65) that I grew up with, is coming up to see us for the day on Monday. She lives in Brisbane so I am looking forward to that. Also my niece and nephew and their families are coming up from Brisbane on Sunday. We will do a lot of sight-seeing as well. We are taking a very dear lady friend with us too, she travels with us often. We eat out every night and just have a ball.

dize5 (490 )    6:07 pm, 14 Aug




Hi to you all-


Well here I am again been very busy for the last few weeks. House full of visitors and the baby is nearly here, only four weeks to go, so anti natal one night a week and midwife visits etc. So sorry to hear about Sonia's setback but she will be having a great time in Fiji my daughter just came back from there a few weeks ago and they loved it. Big day for me tomorrow with the secondaries, will be on the message board and let my good online friends know the results. How are all the children who have been so ill? I hope things went well for all of you. You are all in my thoughts. Will catch you all later going for dinner now and then anti natal. Cheers

icarus1989 (483 )    6:09 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Icarus, lovely to see you again. You have been


very busy haven't you. Good luck for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you and will look out for what you have to tell us tomorrow night. I have appointments tomorrow with the Oncologist and the Radiologist, to discuss my up coming Radio therapy treatment in Dunedin. The Oncologist visit is just planning for thursday's Chemo Transfusion, that is providing the bloods are ok. The baby arriving will be a welcome distraction fom all this other stuff. There are a few on here doing knitting for babies at the moment. Do you know the sex of the baby yet?? I didn't want to know when I had my daughter, but lots of people find out early on now days. ((((HUGS))))) for you....

joystik (285 )    7:09 pm, 14 Aug




Oh well, dinner is eaten and was delicious.......


and the dishes are done as well. Ifmy bloods aren't up to scratch tomorrow I'll go he! I had such a pile of silver beet and carrots and roast beef, but one thing its all pretty healthy,so I dont feel quite so bad.......

joystik (285 )    7:12 pm, 14 Aug




evening all :))


well it was a nice sunny day till early afternoon and it turned to crap,rain,wind and cold. Sorry to hear about Ryan suffering in so much pain. That is so hard for a parent to see. I am glad hes feeling better now, drs are just human but when they make mistakes on your child its very hard to be understanding.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:13 pm, 14 Aug




Hi clcleggers, and thanks for your lovely post....


That was very kind of you to offer help to anyne in your area. I'm right down in Southland so you are a bit too far away from me. Hope you have ad a lovely sunny day today. We had sun for more than half of the day, which was much better than predicted. Look forward to seeing you again....

joystik (285 )    7:15 pm, 14 Aug




Hi everyone


I may have talked too much last nite .. but I have exactly 1 minute before i am out of here for a few hours ... will check in later on , hope all your news is good .. catch you all later

farmerlloyd (24 )    7:15 pm, 14 Aug




Lol farmerlloyd


it was nice chatting to you last night :))

janetmk1 (39 )    7:17 pm, 14 Aug




Danny is back to ....


what has become a "Normal" life for him, but he sees the specialist tommorrow hopefully he can motivate Danny,hmmmm I doubt it though,it seems like a way of life hes content to carry on with :/ Maewest hows your partners son doing?

janetmk1 (39 )    7:20 pm, 14 Aug




Jordans illness is...


they think related to migraines as opposed to the vertigo adults suffer with that is lose of balance in the ear.It started when he was a baby and he had a torticollis which they now believe was related. At 3 he developed the condition he has now(benign paroxsymal vertigo of childhood).He has seen many specialists but the only one who has seen it before is in chch. We saw him at christmas time and he had only seen another child with it as severe as Jordan. Various medication has been tried with awful side effects so they are now looking at bringing meds one from oz. Because it is caused by something in the brain they can't be sure it is related to migraines so I always get "I think" at the end of any comment. The one hope is they expect him to grow out of it at puberty :))

janetmk1 (39 )    7:32 pm, 14 Aug






I didn't realise kingaroy was that close to gympie as I lived their 16 years ago. It was very cold there in winter and flooded quite a bit but I really loved the summertime on the coast.

janetmk1 (39 )    7:41 pm, 14 Aug




Wow, I shouldn't miss a day on this


thread as it takes too much catching up. Hope Sonia manages to log in over there in the sunshine or it will take her a week catching up when she gets back. Somehow I missed the bit where she had the phone call from Oncologist. Just had a reread after seeing someone posted she had bad news. What a bugger after the battle she has already been thru, but she is tough and can get on top of this.

landylass (48 )    7:43 pm, 14 Aug




Poor Ryan hope he is on the up


now Bogey.... what a thing to have to watch your child go thru. These kids are just true inspiration! {and their mums}. Bet you are glad to be home Paula. Seems to be appointment day tomorrow. I have to go to dentist to get the damage I did during chemo fixed. Might have to rob a bank afterwards! Maewest I haven't got the wool for shawl yet...just trying to finish another jersey & hat first. Haha you sound like me...knit 4 rows and undo about 10!!!! Nothing like a baby due date to make you get going!!!! Icarus good luck tomorrow. I have been knitting most of weekend but yesterday ventured into movies to do my first stint behind the counter since we took over. Both my kids were working so it was quite fun them training mum up!!!

landylass (48 )    7:50 pm, 14 Aug




The aches and pains


are slowly getting better so the supplements must be kicking in. We thought we had missed the cold winter blast here but it really kicked in last night. Miss17 had a teacher only day today so we both sat over the fire, her swotting and me knitting all day today. Mr14 was not amused at having to go to school especially as it was pouring when he left for the bus! Joystik, any news on the job front yet.... great you had a good time in Queenstown. Good luck for the next dose of chemo. You are on the downhill now to the finish.

landylass (48 )    7:53 pm, 14 Aug




I know how you feel Landylass.....I was away over


night to Queenstown and all sorts had happened. Yes poor Sonia isnt having a very good run, but she is a very positive person and she will fight this lot like she fought the last lot. I think she had a feeling things weren't good, like you do!! Well I certainly did, and I guess other people have that intuition thing going on. Hows the knitting progressing? Hope you have had a good day and have kept warm enough.

joystik (285 )    7:53 pm, 14 Aug




god I dont think my heart can take much more


was walking out the room and looked at ryan and one of his pupils is dilated called the nurse in a hurry and she came and did obs and called the doc, all I can think of is brain bleed or something bad as his platelets are only of the doctors asked does he have a scopeaderm (sp) patch on, yes he does so they think he has rubbed that and then his eye........god i hope so.But we are going down for a CT scan tonight....I feel i have aged 20yrs today.

bogeyi (484 )    7:57 pm, 14 Aug




Haven't heard Landylass, the Principal had to go


away again. Hopefully he applied for my licence to practice before he left. I gave him my letter from the Open Polytech to say that I was qualified, and another letter from REINZ stating that I had to get a prospective employer to apply for my licence. He asked if he could keep those papers and put them with my other stuff. They were supposed to be working out a proposal for me which of course I will accept, probably!! It will be when he gets back seeing as he's the boss. I'm busy this week with appointments and Chemo on thursday!

joystik (285 )    8:00 pm, 14 Aug




Bogeyi, that is awful!!..........


Which makes two awful things that have happened today! Hope its all A ok with the CT scan.....Thinking of you and sending you big ((((HUGS)))))

joystik (285 )    8:06 pm, 14 Aug





Bogeyi, Is a scopoderm patch an anti nausea


patch?? Just wondering but I think thats what it is. Hopefully what you said could have happened, IS what has happened.

joystik (285 )    8:12 pm, 14 Aug




Landylass, do you own the Movie theatre in


town?? Sounds like a good thing to me. Get to see all the movies, lots of times!! Can you knit in the dark?? I must have miss some stuff about the baby. When is it due??

joystik (285 )    8:14 pm, 14 Aug




hugs to all


Wow i am saving this thread each day - just in case - I worry just in case it disappears and it would be awful to lose it all again. You guys are great you have posted over 200 in one day!! well done...hugs to all Trish

trishm (34 )    8:17 pm, 14 Aug





look at Ryans photobucket site and see


our newest family member. Joystik yes anti nausea patch, will update tonight once we go down, will call us sometime.

bogeyi (484 )    8:21 pm, 14 Aug






You must be worried sick!!what an awful day your having, how long till the scan?

janetmk1 (40 )    8:22 pm, 14 Aug






would you mind if i checked out Ryan's website? I don't want to intrude so no probs if you would rather not. I think of you and Ryan often...cheers Trish

trishm (34 )    8:22 pm, 14 Aug




thanx Trish :))


glad you are copying it,would be terrible to lose it all. At least now thanx to you Sonia can still catch up if it does disappear

janetmk1 (40 )    8:26 pm, 14 Aug




thanks Janet


its a very small thing i am happy to do. It would be awful if we lost it while Sonia was away. I wish I could lots more for everyone here.

trishm (34 )    8:29 pm, 14 Aug






i meant to say "i wish i could do lots more" lol

trishm (34 )    8:30 pm, 14 Aug






I just popped in and ended up reading all about bits I had missed in the last few days. I know how you are feeling. Hanging out to hear from you later. Hugs my friend..... (((((HUGS)))))

paulaxx (78 )    8:36 pm, 14 Aug






As I said just popped in quickly, been trying to catch up, thanks so much to you all for thinking of us over the last few days. Joshi so tired at the moment. Hosp phoned and we have to go to Gore tomorrow for bloods (they could have done them at Hosp GRRRRR) to see what his counts are doing. Christchurch want him back on that chemo asap. Oh man this is such a roller coaster! You guys are so amazing. Love to you all. Thinking of each and every one of you xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    8:38 pm, 14 Aug




Oh bogey


What next? I bet your heart nearly stopped. Isn't it good that God made mothers strong, sometimes I wonder how you cope. It will be all worth it in the end, but we are all thinking of you and sending you love.

dize5 (492 )    8:47 pm, 14 Aug




Thought I would never have to post in a thread


about cancer... I have read through here and my heart is bleeding, my darlign fiancee was diagnosed 1 week ago with cancer... I am distraught....

thegeeza (25 )    8:50 pm, 14 Aug






hugs to you and your fiancee what type of cancer does he have?? I am away to oz tommorrow to be with my friends for a few days the mothers are taking over here for me. my friends hubby is losing his eye.

kiwikaz3 (12 )    9:04 pm, 14 Aug




I just love your newestfamily member Bogeyi!!!


I must admit, I was expecting to see a pic of a puppy though.

joystik (285 )    9:09 pm, 14 Aug




Tell Ryan that him and I both have about the


same amount of hair now!! Have you shaved his or has it just fallen out??

joystik (285 )    9:10 pm, 14 Aug






Hi Paula and Josh...was wondering what you had...


been up to today? So another trip in for bloods? If you have to go to Kew, I will be there at 1.30 pm for my first appointment, and then 2.40 for my dsecond one. Might have to fill in the space in between at the cafe. It will take you ages to read a weeks worth of posts. Been thinking of you guys lots today and nearly gave you a call, but went away on my bike instead. ((((HUGS)))) to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:23 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Paula


Nice to have you back :))what a shame you have to travel with Josh so tired. How long does it take to drive there?

janetmk1 (40 )    9:31 pm, 14 Aug




Hi kiwikaz, how long are you going to OZ for?


Thats a lovely thing you are doing for your friend at such a low time in her life. Hope you have a good trip and we'll see you when you get back. Thinking of you all and ((((HUGS)))) to your friend as well....Take care...

joystik (285 )    9:35 pm, 14 Aug




Hi thegeeza


what type of cancer does your fiance have?

janetmk1 (40 )    9:38 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Joystik


Was just thinking about your treatment tomorrow. Hope it goes well. Shouldnt have to come to kew. Whoops maybe I shouldnt have said that, dont want to tempt fate. I will be there on Wednesday though, not with Josh I got my follow up appointment from my mammogram and ultra sound. Hugs right back at ya - hope tomorrow goes ok.

paulaxx (78 )    9:39 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Janet


How dya be??? Im going to head off to bed soon, trying to get early nights in even with mum here, although I am sure we could sit up and chat the night away. I know I have to stay on top of things and definately notice how different I feel without my sleep. Thinking of you too. xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:41 pm, 14 Aug




Hello to you thegeeza, thanks for posting....


I am so sorry and can understand the devastation you will be feeling. That feeling will pass, in time as you get in to finding out more about the condition, and the treatments etc and will be replaced by other feelings. Try to stay positive and ask lots of questions. Knowledge is power and thats what you need. Thinking of you both and sending you lots of love and ((((HUGS)))))

joystik (285 )    9:42 pm, 14 Aug




For Sonia


Thanks for the text to let me know what has been happening with you. I hope you are relaxing and enjoying Fiji. I think of you all the time. love to you all xoxoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:43 pm, 14 Aug




Paula, I've just got the planning appointments


tomorrow and then the chemo on thursday, dont know what time yet. No, you wont be a Kew tomorrow, its not your turn!! You got more babies today?? Hows Nana enjoying life on the farm?? Is Teddy warm enough with his short hair cut?? You can get wee coats and jumpers for wee doggies. Perhaps he needs a wee tartan coat? I think about you guys heaps. Love and big ((((HUGS)))) to you all.....

joystik (285 )    9:45 pm, 14 Aug




ok we are back and there is no obvious


signs of bleeding.....phew Doc thought there was no reason to put him through the trauma of injectiong the dye as nothing showed up......hes sitting here eating toast and a milo like all is normal

bogeyi (484 )    9:49 pm, 14 Aug




Hi Joystik


mum is great. Do you know I havent even stepped foot on the farm yet. I know my time will come soon enough so I am making the most of just being back at home. I think Chris said 29 odd calved now. Nearly a row in the shed lol. The real estate agent gave us a hint of another couple of properties to have a gander at. Oh and do you know what - I think of you all the time too. xo

paulaxx (78 )    9:49 pm, 14 Aug






OH PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats a relief. Keeps us on our toes this journey we are on doesnt it. Love and hugs to you both xoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    9:51 pm, 14 Aug




I woke up this morning and I was 35


I now feel 85, told ryan hes aged me today. Joystik i knew you guys would think its a puppy......just mother gone mad and nothing better to do. Trishm ryans site is if you go down the bottom you will find my email addy send me an email and i will invite you onto his photobucket site to..

bogeyi (484 )    9:52 pm, 14 Aug






Hugs for RYAN AND BOGEYI. Have a restful night and know we are thinking of you all the time too xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

paulaxx (78 )    9:52 pm, 14 Aug






I made three weird puppets for Cass whilst I was in with Josh last week. The things you do. LOL xo Mel is cute I bet he is as sweet as ;o)

paulaxx (78 )    9:53 pm, 14 Aug






Glad everythings fine with Ryan, kids do take it in their stride and let us do all the worrying!!Guess thats what mums are for :)) I hope you guys have a good nite sleep.

janetmk1 (40 )    9:57 pm, 14 Aug




sent that pic to my family members


introducing the newest member, my sister emailed back great another person to buy birthday and xmas presents for, I told her shes easy to buy for justa shrp knife and some napkins...she emailed back MURDERER

bogeyi (484 )    9:57 pm, 14 Aug




nite everyone :))


I hope everyone has a good sleep.Hi maewest when you get back from work, sleep well :))

janetmk1 (40 )    10:04 pm, 14 Aug




Bogeyi, I am so pleased that all is well with your


Ryan. Thats enough to make anyone age 50 flamin years. I aged about twenty for you Bogeyi. Well, both of you need to have a good restful sleep after the day you have had. Thats where I'm hading off to now too. See you all again tomorrow sometime...Loads of love and hugs to everyone......

joystik (285 )    10:16 pm, 14 Aug




Hope you have a good nights sleep


now Bogey.... tomorrow is another day and may it be heaps better for you. Kiwikaz have a good trip. I guess the fact you are going means its not been good news. When will you be back? Bugger you will miss her birthday on Thursday, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Just as well mum is there at the moment. Joystik perish the thought... no babies on way! Just got the knitting bug and got 2 stepsons married so guess it will happen one day. Takes me that long doing a shawl I thought I had better start early. Yeah we part own the local movies. I picked up the purchase contract for it after I had my mammagram then ultrasound and knew I needed more testing. Dashed to the lawyers then went back for my tests. Talk about a big day. We could have chosen not to go ahead with it but at that stage I didn't know I had an agressive cancer. I couldn't see any point in putting out lives on hold on a heap of maybes.

landylass (48 )    10:30 pm, 14 Aug






busy night sorry, i am away till sunday i will be worrying bout everyone at home and miss out on miss 10s birthday day on thursday. will have to make it up to her next week. they bit upset tonite i going back to oz without them. bogeyi, glad you ryan is ok. tell him a joke what side of the chicken has the most feathers? Well its not the inside !! hubby was telling his nurosurgeon that one last time they where knocking him out. ( he said thats enough from you go to sleep)

kiwikaz3 (12 )    10:36 pm, 14 Aug




landy lass


hello . gee sounds like you had a day like me crazy. been nursing a sick sheep, running round town getting 50 jobs done and now i am ready for bed head off in the morning. the cancer is in the eye and they remove the eye its a primary cancer and is quite large but enclosed he may not have to have any more treatment.

kiwikaz3 (12 )    10:40 pm, 14 Aug




landy lass


not sure how it effects his vision for driving or if hes like hubby and no more not sure yet.

kiwikaz3 (12 )    10:41 pm, 14 Aug




anyways people


i am off to bed, i have kept meaning to put this into the thread to see what you all thought. have you heard of dr john holt in perth australia he uses radio therapy on tumors with alot of success. anyways i think he is retired now and they have continued his work google radion therapy institute in perth. seen him on tv just after hubby found out about the brain tumor. been doing it for about 30 years. and they want to investigate it further and continue his work.

kiwikaz3 (12 )    10:48 pm, 14 Aug




right im shattered and am going


to bed, see you all in the morning.

bogeyi (484 )    10:51 pm, 14 Aug




Have a good trip and take care...


the kids will get over you going on your own. At least you have been thru the mill in Brisbane and know what your mate is going thru. Good luck and don't worry about everyone at home... they will cope without you. Its only a few days. We had to delay Mr14 birthday this year for a week because of me having chemo and he was ok about it. You have now got an extra week to figure out what you are going to do for it!

landylass (48 )    10:52 pm, 14 Aug




Hi bogey


you will be glad when today is over. I think I feel drained too after all Ryan has had today.night

boop2 (111 )    11:00 pm, 14 Aug




Have a safe trip kiwikaz


Glad you are a bit better landylass. Joystick sounds like you have a busy day tomorrow. Thanks for the info Janet I understand it a bit more now. Dize have a great holiday and enjoy the sun. Thinking of you sonia

boop2 (111 )    11:05 pm, 14 Aug




Everyone is running away to the


sun boop! Have you got over you shake rattle & roll?

landylass (48 )    11:07 pm, 14 Aug




hi landylass


yes I have it only lasted a minute but that was enough. They are all leaving us I am not going back to Aus until I see a bit more of the North Island never been to Auckland yet. Night landylass

boop2 (111 )    11:25 pm, 14 Aug




Hi everyone


Finally home and now my turn on the computer.(He's been on it!) Haven't caught up the days news yet. Hope you have all had a good day.

maewest (79 )    11:27 pm, 14 Aug






Hi all. Ive just skipped through this thread, missed the 1st it mustve been a doozy. Im a solo mum with two healthy children...occasional asthma. Im one of the lucky ones so far. All I have is an overactive thyroid. Although breast cancer is in my family. Two Aunts passed on. One fought hard after a masectomy, was well off and had reconstructive surgery, implant. The other wasnt financial, fell into depression. Gee, dont mean to sound grim. Just that its truly AWESOME to see the support out there. BIG HUGS TO ALL. Someone said SWORDS UP...SUMS IT UP!

benhui (104 )    11:44 pm, 14 Aug




Oh Bogey


What a day you have had. You are allowed to feel 85 after all that!Have a good sleep and hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Paula what a pain having to go back to Gore. You will be tired too. Some roller coaster you and Bogey are on. Warm (((HUGS))) to you both, and the boys of course. XXX

maewest (79 )    11:44 pm, 14 Aug




Hi there Benhui


thanks for posting. It certainly is a great thread. We have all made lots of new friends on here and the support is amazing. Please call in again.

maewest (79 )    11:46 pm, 14 Aug






have a safe trip across the ditch. Your friends will be so pleased to see you. And a birthday party to look forward to when you get back. We will miss you on here. XXX

maewest (79 )    11:49 pm, 14 Aug






best of luck for this week. Man, you are nearly there. Hope your bloods are okay tomorrow..I'm sure they will be after that meal!! Hi Boop, the bowls trip sounds fun. Something to look forward to in the New Year. Icarus, good to see you back. Good luck for tomorrow. Look forward to hearing good news tomorrow night. Janet, thanks for the info. Roll on puberty! Paul's son is hanging in there...good days and bad days. He is still far from right and I do wonder if he will ever return to his former self.It's such a shame.

maewest (79 )    11:53 pm, 14 Aug




Good luck for chemo Joystik


Keep your beetroot and brocolli intake going!! And flax seed oil tablets. I know everyone has something to say about what to eat, etc, but I made an effort of these, and always had good bloods for chemo

hardyro (2 )    11:53 pm, 14 Aug






so pleased the aches and pains are getting better.It would be fun working at the cinema. Lol about the knitting!! Haven't had to unpull any today. I'm glad Ive got a few months up my's going to take that long to finish it!!

maewest (79 )    11:54 pm, 14 Aug




Meridian, when are you back?


Wanted to chat to you about the tram flap op. Getting mine done on the 20th Aug.

hardyro (2 )    11:54 pm, 14 Aug




Hi there hardyro


so many theories about what to eat. Have heard about the beetroot thing. It's hard to find an appetite during chemo, although our darling Joystik doesn't seem to be having any bother with that! You go Joystik!!Well I'm off to hit the hay. Can hardly keep my eyes open. See you in the morning.

maewest (79 )    11:58 pm, 14 Aug




The geeza


Just be there for your fiancee, listening, shoulder to cry on is all important. Be strong, and even the strongest have their weak times. Make sure you have support, and let others not forget you. My partner has been fantastic, but has his sad times, and is too proud to ask for some support. Don't be. Also, my partner always says, "if we get through this, we can conquer anything".. Show us your stuff then, we can all get through this.

hardyro (2 )    12:01 am, 15 Aug



I'm with Joystik


Didn't lose my appetite either with chemo. Ate everything! And put on 10 kg during treatment. All good reserve for upcoming surgery. Oh and plenty of tummy for new breast. Plastic surgeon agreed there was "plenty". Ha.

hardyro (2 )    12:05 am, 15 Aug




starting chemo today


well the day has finally arrived,and i have to tell you all I'm very nervous about it all.i was OK with the fact i had stage3 ovarian cancer but yesterday they told me I'm stage 4 (advanced)as it is now on my lungs.this blew me away and I'm feeling very fragile tears just a blink away all the time.i think my nervousness is all about the unknown .well i better start getting ready for the long trek to waikatio hosp.hoping everyone has a great day ,God bless you all.Angie

yawhwat (64 )    6:41 am, 15 Aug




good morning yawhwat


sorry about the news that its advanced I dont know much about treatment for ovarian cancer but we are here to support you in your treatment.Good luck for today..

bogeyi (484 )    7:32 am, 15 Aug




Hi Yawhwat, Not such good news for you but it


could always be worse, so look on the bright side. Yes, its the unknown that scares us and makes us fragile at times. I have to say that I was very anxious going into my first chemo, but I have number 4 of 6 on thursday, and it really has treated me well, with almost no side effects. Try and keep up a positiveness as much as possible and you will fly through it all. Good luck and lots of love and hugs for today......

joystik (285 )    8:35 am, 15 Aug




Hi Kiwikaz, have a good trip today and we will see


you back sunday or monday. The family will be fine.....I will send them some ((((HUGS)))) to keep them going!! Take love and (((HUGS))) to your friend too. See you again soon...

joystik (285 )    8:36 am, 15 Aug




Hi Bogeyi and Ryan...hope you two had a decent


sleep last night. Today is bright and beautiful here with a good white frost. I better hit the shower and then off to town for appointments. Have a good day wont you and NO more dramas today thanks. I cant afford to age another 10 years today!!

joystik (285 )    8:38 am, 15 Aug




Good Morning Paula and Josh......Bet its beautiful


on the farm today?? Good luck with your bloods today Josh. Hope you all have a lovely day. Thinking of you all....

joystik (285 )    8:39 am, 15 Aug




Hi Dize, you will be doing the last of your packin


today ready to take off early thursday is it?? Hope its sunny in Hamilton today too....

joystik (285 )    8:40 am, 15 Aug




Another Hundy aye!!! How good is that......



joystik (285 )    8:41 am, 15 Aug




Hi Landylass, sorry I jumped the gun a bit on the


baby thing! Just an asumption because you are knitting a shawl, but you're on to it, seeing as they take so long to do. Best of luck too with the movie theatre business. They seemed to always be busy when we lived there. It will be too sunny for knitting today though, you will want to be out side. See you again soon....

joystik (285 )    8:45 am, 15 Aug




good morning everyone :))


lovely day here today. Just got Ryan to school, Jordan is still asleep thankfully,better for him to sleep as long as he can.Danny is off to the doctor and I have to agree with you maewest, I am starting to feel Danny will never be like he was and it is a big shame.

janetmk1 (40 )    9:05 am, 15 Aug






I hope you and Ryan have a good day today with no more scares!!

janetmk1 (40 )    9:06 am, 15 Aug




Paula, Joystik and


everyone with appointments today I hope they all end with good results. kiwikaz, stay strong for your trip, itsd going to be a tough few days for you. Dize have an awesome time in oz, wish I was coming to that warm sunshine coast with you :)) farmerlloyd,meridian,boop,landylass and everyone else I have missed have a great day :))

janetmk1 (40 )    9:10 am, 15 Aug






This ones for you, hope your having a wonderful holiday, lots of love to you and your family xxx

janetmk1 (40 )    9:11 am, 15 Aug




Hi Janet, hope today is a good day for you and the


boys. How are Jordan and Danny today? Hope all is well, and you have a great day..

joystik (285 )    9:36 am, 15 Aug






Hi my friend - thinking of you heaps. Just wanted to send you some love and hugs. ;o) Hope you have a nice day.

paulaxx (78 )    9:36 am, 15 Aug






hope your night turned into a really restful evening and you got some decent sleep. Thinking of you all the time xoxoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:37 am, 15 Aug






I see you are going to Waikato Hospital for your treatment, who is your specialist? I had Leanne Tyrie and she was lovely. Are you from out of town? Will be interested in hearing from you, as all this time I have been posting there has never been anyone else come on from around the Waikato. When I was having radiotherapy last year, they were doing 180 treatments EACH DAY at Waikato Hospital, to say nothing of all the chemo. THAT IS A LOT OF CANCER!!! It SUX.

dize5 (492 )    9:38 am, 15 Aug




Maewest, Boop, FarmerLloyd, Meridian, Landylass


Dize5,Joystik and everyone else. Hope you have a really nice day, the sun is shining. Take care love to you all xoxo

paulaxx (78 )    9:39 am, 15 Aug




Hi Boop, never been to Auckland aye?? I've been


couple of times but must admit I didn't linger there too long. It was quite out of my league, being a bit of a country kid at heart. Much to busy for me. You will have to go one day just for the experience. Have a great day....

joystik (285 )    9:39 am, 15 Aug




Thanks Paula and to you to.....a sunny happy day


that to you all, even teddy!!

joystik (285 )    9:40 am, 15 Aug




Hi maewest, you'll be at work with your knitting


by now! I'm just waiting for my washing to finish so I can get it on the line before I go to town. Take care and smile!

joystik (285 )    9:41 am, 15 Aug




Farmerlloyd, you must be flat out with your farm


chores this morning. Hope you have a good day too....

joystik (285 )    9:41 am, 15 Aug




Hi Dize5


yes I'm off to Waikatio as soon as my other half gets out the shower.My Dr is Ian Kennedy and he seems very nice.we travel from Taumarunui to the hosp so its quite a trek.well i really have to go so ill post when i get home tomorrow and tell you how it was.Angie

yawhwat (64 )    9:49 am, 15 Aug




Hi everyone


So much to catch up with! Lots of tears for lots of setbacks :-( My brain is far too fuzzy at the moment to remember all the bits I wanted to post as I read through. Poor little Lenny woke in the middle of the night with earache, and he took four hours to settle. He still has a sore ear now, but in the light of the day is a little happier. There is a large amount of waxy discharge from his ear. Will take him to the doc to get it checked out.

meridian1 (300 )    9:54 am, 15 Aug




Good morning everyone


Snap Meridian. We need to take notes as we are reading through all the posts! You will be tired today after not much sleep. Hope the doc can get the ears sorted out for you.

maewest (79 )    10:00 am, 15 Aug






You must have been absolutely beside yourself with worry. I think the hardest thing in the world is to see your child in pain! My love to you and Ryan!! I have so much respect for you girls with your sick boys (bogeyi, paula, janet ...). I thought last night with Lenny was bad, but it's not a patch on what any of you girls go through on a daily basis. I am so glad that Ryan seems to have turned a corner (apart from the last two nerve-racking events). xxxx

meridian1 (300 )    10:01 am, 15 Aug




Hi Maewest


He is a lot better this morning. Unlike his sister, Lenny doesn't complain when he is unwell, just gets on with it usually, so when he does complain I know he is really hurting. It's good to see him smiling this morning. Still in his jammies.

meridian1 (300 )    10:03 am, 15 Aug




hey dize1 what a small world !


one of the Read sons purchased our house in Charles Street in Rangiora when he was a newlywed in the 1980s..we moved to Ashley just out of Rangiora!

cloffie (48 )    10:03 am, 15 Aug




Lots of people


with appointments/treatments today. Joystik those bloods should be fine after that HUGE meal last night! Josh and Paula..bloods for you too. Hope its all goes well. Why didn't they do that before they sent you home from hospital? Yawhwat, not such good news for you. Try and stay strong...I know that's a hard thing to achieve especially when going in to first chemo. Hope it all goes well. You have probably left already but I found chewing gum helped while the chemo was being administered.Some of them affect your taste buds instantly. Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. (((HUGS))) to you all

maewest (79 )    10:04 am, 15 Aug






I'm back now if you want to talk.

meridian1 (300 )    10:04 am, 15 Aug




re my friend newly diagnosed with BC


I tried to link the friend up that has already had surgery and chemo ..due for radiation with the newly diagnosed one and sadly she appears not too keen to meet her..I hope that changes because ND has so many questions.

cloffie (48 )    10:06 am, 15 Aug




Cloffie good morning


that is a shame. Your newly diganosed friend is probably still in a state of rocks your sock off! She will probably come round to talking to your other friend as time goes on. On our road (Tuahiwi) there are three of us within a 4km stretch and 2 others that I know of (Ashley and Kaiapoi). There are probably heaps more too.Scary stuff!

maewest (79 )    10:10 am, 15 Aug




Bogey and Ryan


A very good morning to you both. Hope all is well in Room 10. What's on the toast this morning? What's the favourite? Hope today is a good one for you both (((HUGS)))

maewest (79 )    10:11 am, 15 Aug




Sonia Helloooooooo


We miss you already. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family in sunny Fiji.XXX

maewest (79 )    10:13 am, 15 Aug




Righty ho


Off to the doctor at 11.15 with Lennon. Better get him dressed I suppose. Talk again later! Love to you all.

meridian1 (300 )    10:16 am, 15 Aug




Hi Janet


Yes we alway hope that these boys will fully recover from depression. It is just such a long, slow road. Sometimes flashes of the old spirit come through, so there is hope. I still think the biggest problem is keeping them occupied, but they have no motivation to anything. Josh has been a couple of times to a local rest home and helped with games etc. I can't imagine what is must be like living with vertigo. How does Danny cope with it? Does he phsyce himself up when he knows the condition is about to return? And how does Ryan cope with it all? (Sorry about all the questions!)Have a lovely day Janet. Think about you heaps (((HUGS)))

maewest (79 )    10:21 am, 15 Aug




Hiya Boop


What are you up to today? I'm going to get over there and visit you one day...look out!!!Still overcast here. Hope the sun pops through later. You have a lovely day whatever you are up to. XXX

maewest (79 )    10:23 am, 15 Aug






I guess you are busy with your sheep. Sounds like you have better weather for that today.I bet you have the best kept flock in Southland! Front page of The Press today..big pics of neglected calves and sheep. Would make you cry. if you can stand to have a look. You have a loverly day too.

maewest (79 )    10:27 am, 15 Aug




hi maewest


I am here I think I et up later than everyone else(lazy)Watch the eggheads in the morning and one Question was who said"why don't sometime you come up and see me"no need to tell you who I thought of.What a glorious day here in the Buller I will go out and do something, Have a great day.

boop2 (111 )    10:28 am, 15 Aug




Hmmm looks like


I'm talking to myself. Off to get dressed and enjoy a day off. Housework...ugh! Gotta be done though. Talk to you all later XXXX

maewest (79 )    10:28 am, 15 Aug




I am here I am here


waves to maewest

boop2 (111 )    10:29 am, 15 Aug




Boop, there you are


Haha. Yip she said some profound things.....profound? Yes!!!I have just got to find some energy to get on with things. I would rather just sit and knit at the moment!!

maewest (79 )    10:32 am, 15 Aug




Waves back


Oh bugga the housework. Just made another cup of tea. I like slothing around in my jamas!!!

maewest (79 )    10:33 am, 15 Aug




Hi every one


Hope our wee Ryan is good today and bogey gets too look 21 again.Hi Paula and Joshi missed you two so nice to have you back.Hi landylass hows the aches and pains. hi Janet how is Jordan ? Lets hope Danny gets a good report.Meridian nice to see you sorry about your wee boys ear that is so damn painful. Hi farmerlloyd and his sheep I bet the sun is shining on them today. Joystick will miss her bikeride today.

boop2 (111 )    10:34 am, 15 Aug




I have to move too


I can see the other half looking at me thinking are you still sitting there

boop2 (111 )    10:36 am, 15 Aug




Haha Boop


tell him to look the other way!!!He could be outside looking for a new place for his bbq!! Lol!!

maewest (79 )    10:37 am, 15 Aug






not very good news for you but there is so much hope on here hold that sword high and fight. Good luck with your treatment. Hugs

boop2 (111 )    10:38 am, 15 Aug




ha ha that's a good one